“I’m sure we won’t go down” – Danny Simpson speaks.

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Positive words from Danny Simpson.
Positive words from Danny Simpson.
Danny Simpson has been talking to the local press today, and he seems dead certain that Newcastle can avoid relegation next season, even if we play with the same squad we had last season.

We are beginning to hear from players about how they think we will do next season and both Ryan Taylor and now Danny Simpson have kicked off the pre pre-season tubthumping already.

The critics, much like last season, are out to get at Newcastle, but I guess that nothing ever changes on that score, and that should be used as a motivational tool to spur the lads on next season. It has been said before that whilst this current Newcastle team may not perhaps have the players with the individual quality that the relegation side had, it is still a better team. Put it this way, would you say that this current team would surrender as tamely as our multi-million pound no marks did on that fateful day at Villa Park? I wouldn’t, and I know they would fight and scrap until the last whistle. It’s that determination that fills me with the hope that we can avoid relegation next season.

“I’m sure we won’t go down – the only thing we can be is confident after what happened last season,” Simpson told The Journal. “There’s no point in being in the game if you’re not confident. We have a good side as it is and we have already proved people wrong.

“Everyone was saying we wouldn’t go up but we loved proving people wrong, and when we hear people saying that we are going to be one of the favourites to go down it really motivates us. I think throughout the squad there are points to be proven and the more we hear that we’re certainties to go down, the more that will fire us up and get us up for the challenge.”

That is good news, and it’s something that will need to remain prevailant next season as things will no doubt be tougher. That determination will need to shine through at times as we look to bounce back from defeat rather getting stuck in the same kind of rut we got stuck in last time round.

We are fortunate to have a lot of leaders at Newcastle, and we have a lot of players that have played the vast majority of their careers in the Premier League. That experience can only be a good thing as it means that the style of the Premier League will not come as a culture shock to our squad, and we should be prepared for it.

“You look through our squad and there are big players throughout it,” Simpson said. “Kevin Nolan has hundreds of Premier League games and so does Steven Taylor, Alan Smith and Joey Barton. It’s a good squad and that’s why we should be confident.”

“As long as the team is together and pulling in the right direction we can do it. We have international experience and big players like Jonas Gutierrez and Fabricio Coloccini, which not many teams that come up from the Championship will have.”

I agree with Simpson, although I also think we need the squad adding to in case of injury, and in some cases to bulk up our starting eleven. It’s a shame that Simpson will miss the start of the season with his injury as I genuinely feel that it was this nasty niggling injury that was causing his drop in form towards the end of the season, and surely the length of injury lay-off incurred points towards that?

At the end of the day, and much like my team, I am not resigning to defeat yet. Not whilst there is everything to play for!

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117 Responses

  1. i have been saying for last 2 years the standard of world football is going down hill. we should and will have different winners of the prem league in the next 3 years.which will make are task easier to stay in the league.it doesnt hold any fears for me if we put the same effert in like we did last season any team is can get beat.world cup has proved my point the standard of players the money they get paid.city this season will find out big time the players they will buy just going their for the wages and sitting back and do nothing.

  2. Shame Mrs Carroll hasnt got the same determination about not going down, poor Staylor wouldnt spent the last few months eating out of a straw…;)

  3. asim………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..your a shlong!

  4. I was tempted to put a bet on Man City winning the league next season actually, but they were only 6/1, 5/1 since the fixtures were released, nee point now, still think they will be up there like…

  5. This is will be our starting II and bench vs Man u first game of the season;

    S.Taylor Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    Routledge Nolan Smith Jonas
    Keane Carroll

    Subs; Krul, R.Taylor, Samuel, Guthrie, Barton, Wiess, Lovenkrands.

  6. Keane? Which part of “thank gawd we won’t be signing any more over-the-hill, expensive big-name players” isn’t going in??

  7. asim says:
    June 26, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    You know fck all about football, so just go suck ya self off – Again.

    Whumpie says:
    June 26, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    …And you’re no fcking better!

  8. wehey !!!…I like it here !

    Freakin 30 degrees in Munich, just sweated 3 hours in the garden and now wor lass has gone to the beer garden. What did I do wrong ?

  9. Toonsy

    Why did my wink not work, Ive been waiting for the op to get a Caroll & Taylor blow job reference in and youre feckin site ruined it… :(

  10. @29….kin el, Chewlsey are gonna look good in that kit next season..the new tight fit look…shirtlifters..

  11. agree on that one boys…I blame it on the ball, the feckers need to learn how to kick the freaking thing..

  12. I blame the players….there was a quote from Lampard saying when ya kick the new ball its more of a true flight!!!!…….surely on the ground it makes no difference only in the air should it swerve more and even then apparently it’s only at the few stadiums at altitude.I can remember them whinging about exactly the same thing at the Mexico world cup.

  13. Frank Lampard remarked: “It’s a very strong ball, true to hit.”………………we used to switch from casers to penny floaters and take 10 minutes to adapt.
    All the teams have had he chance to use and train with the ball since at least december,so only themselves to blame if they didn’t grab that chance.

  14. richietoon, I read last week that the World Cup ball has been used all season long in the Bundesliga, whereas the rest of the teams only got to use the ball 3-4 weeks before the WC started. Still bollocks if you aske me, the players are paid millions of quid a year and some of them still coudn’t hit a barn door.

  15. I know bundesliga used it forat least part of last season as did other leagues but they were all offered it from Dec.I read England turned it down because of being sponsored by another company!…..but like you say it shouldnt take a proffesional footballer long to adjust to a new ball…..they’re all round the weight and size is within FIFA specs as always.Its easiest to blame the new when things go wrong.

  16. kin el, some numpty just walked past wor hoose blowing one of those vulvawatsits. Loud as hell, it must be horrendous to be surrounded by 20,000 of the things !

  17. both Richietoon !… I hope I don’t make a twat of myself at the local the morra. It’s all down to Capello and the boys !

  18. hows that toonsy WW3 ? no danger of that mate, I think we’re all in the same boat and want England to win, end of story….I hope..

  19. Can I just say that at 1pm tomorrow I will be entering a watering hole on the Quayside to get absolutely battered on a cocktail of lager and lager.

    That should set me up nicely for the match and if we don’t win I won’t remember it so I won’t feel as bad. On the other hand, I will Sky + it so if we win I can watch it.

    There’s just something about watching England in the WC in the pub – Especially if we win!

  20. hiya munich, hows u today ? sat in a beer garden? there will be some buzz watchin the game in hunland, right in the thick of it ;) nice1 m8 ;)
    am watchin game have 2-1s each team n 2-2 yes getin here we go lol 1-1 now

  21. Get in there Stuart79, go for it ! Watching footy on the Quayside with barrels of beer, mint. I have the feeling that the majority of the male part of England, plus a few lasses as well will be in a severe state of blooterdom tomorrow afternoon.

    From my experience watching the Toon or England, the build up to the event is often better crack than the event itself, as it normally all ends in tears.

    If we win….wehey, Mondays engineering meeting should be colourful !!! If we lose…er…hilfe..!

  22. cracking game innit
    i really fancy england turning over germany, 2-1 or 3-1 that is the gonna be the crack, u will be toasting my prediction this time tomoz lol ;)

  23. What does anyone think would happen if we got to the final? Would the Monday be made a bank holiday? I think it would have to be, and I know some places ;) ;) that already have plans in place to give the workforce the Monday off if England reach the final

  24. Yaalright johnny, alls well in Munich mate, thanks. 30 degrees scheduled for tomorrow, so we need to get down to the beer garden early, it’s important to drink plenty of liquids when the weather is so warm..wehey….
    Think I’ll have a couple of snecklifters later this afternoon to calm me nerves. Cannae wait man. Where are you watching the match, are you in the toon ?

  25. I’m leaving it til aboot 2 cos of work the next day but I shall be partaking of several cocktails of the same variety as Stuart.COME ON ENGLAND.

  26. Munich-Not great but not all bad at the same time. Nothing to say he’ll be 100% fit, just need to pressure him early on. In saying that, it would be better if he was injured given the fact that they seemingly have no one else capable of effectively playing the DM role in the squad?

  27. im glad Simpson will miss the start of the season as it will mean Hughton will have to either sign a better RB or give R.Taylor a fair chance. Either wayits win-win coz Simpson is cover in the prem league IMHO.

  28. richietoon says:
    June 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm
    Frank Lampard remarked: “It’s a very strong ball, true to hit.”………………we used to switch from casers to penny floaters and take 10 minutes to adapt.

    <<<< lol penny floaters rememeber them well

  29. Munich Mag says:
    June 26, 2010 at 3:49 pm
    kin el, some numpty just walked past wor hoose blowing one of those vulvawatsits. Loud as hell, it must be horrendous to be surrounded by 20,000 of the things !
    <<< ya should off ran oot and stuck the nut on him

  30. was watchin the game munich ;) very good entertainment, nd won 10-50 so alls well here m8.
    ttt truth i prefer watchin the game indoors munich, watched the last1 at folks, had a bbq, some stellas, doin the same on sun, our kid is comin rnd so thats wat im doin. cant be arsed with watchin england in pubs m8. the coast is where i live, shields munich ;)
    yea apparently its forecast here for a scorcher n all. have u read much about the game ? whats the vibe in germany then munich?

  31. Johnny – Keep your vibe on hold temporarily, I have a match preview coming up ;)

  32. nice1 toonsy ;) got 2 say ive really enjoyed this wc, excellent footy, some poor refereeing, poor ball,noisy horns, but the african vibe has been lush, really lovin it ;)
    Batty hope ur good n had any bets today then?

  33. well i got that 1 n all, so heres hoping toonsy. had alot of luck so far with 2-1, but must say im thinking of backin 3-1, mmm. lol

  34. Nah, basically I put a bet on every game as soon as I know what they are all going to be. So I put a result and score bet on every group game, now I have done for the last 16 now I know all the teams etc.

    Only a quid a time just to keep me interested and give me something to cheer for. But because I am doing a score it means that I win enough each time I get one correct, so in the whole WC so far I am still up.

  35. batty@77, me heeds warmed up for the morra neet mate, there’ll be nowt the matter if they get up to there tricks the morra, they’ll be blowing their vulvawatsits from unexpected orifices …..

    Wor lass just gave me the crack from the front page of the Munich Evening paper….”Good bye England”…. cnuts, they’ve started it already !

    Come on England !

  36. Yalright Johnny, was just down Tynemouth way last week, had a great 5 days in the toon !

    Hope you have a great time the morra for the match. The crack here in Germany is good, excitement is building. Will catch the Jurgi Löwe interview on tv later, and come back with a full report from the front line…

  37. yeah thats basically what im doin, so far still in the black. gave myself 20 quid to play with, lost 1st 2 bets, then got into a little stride ;)
    im same just quid bets, then when i won other night i went 2 quid bets, lost so was on 1-50 today lol. aye its all jolly japes innit ;)
    even got myself a ladbrokes card, points make prizes n all that lol
    say a little off topic but any1 see the gorillaz set on bbc last night? pure class, there playin the arena, £45, think im gonna go :) never seen them, but caught blur on the modern life is rubbish tour ;) but if u not seen check it out on bbci player, worth the effort.

  38. I’ve not seen them myself, but I hear there is nothing to see as such as they are all cartoon characters. The graphics and stuff are supposed to be good though.

  39. no u see mick jones nd paul simeon, nd all the band nd string section givin it everything,the anime is above them on screen lol were really top drawer nd they managed to get loads of original guests theyd recorded with, shaun ryder, snoop dog … just excellent nd worth watchin.
    am lookin forward to this game, only seen 1 ghana game, nd didnt think much. i hope the africans wins ttt truth,
    havent seen any team ju ju Drs yet tho ;( maybe thats why they havent been as successful, not enough Ju Ju ;)

  40. johnny says:
    June 26, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    “maybe thats why they havent been as successful, not enough Ju Ju”

    Still time for tragic curse or spell to rear it’s head yet mate ;)

  41. johnny-From what i’ve seen of Gorillaz live they look brilliant. I have mates who’ve seen them and said it was top notch. Technology will only improve with every tour like so the visual aspect is only gonna get better aswell!

    Will try and catch their set on the iplayer i reckon.

  42. Ross@72 I agree mate. Kedira plays defensive midfield too, but he aint anything special. Schweinsteiger is the play maker, we need to get in his face from the off.

  43. nice1 ross. ive got there albums coz ive always been a damon albarn/blur fan, from shes so high, theres no other way to present. am also a big mick jones fan, so im gonna go nd see them, just made my mind up, im gannin ;) bring it on, happy dayz lol ;) been reading that Big Audio Dynamite r gonna reform nxt yr, have yet to see mick jones live ;( but thats about to change ;)

  44. Johnny-I’m only 22 so i missed “Brit Pop” in it’s prime if you will, lol. Think Blur are special though, massive Oasis fan aswell, really looking forward to Noel’s solo stuff.
    Love the first Gorillaz album aswell, havent had a chance to listen to the new stuff though!

    Munich-To be honest mate i’m quietly confident regardless of Schweinsteiger. I dunno, just got a feeling that something could click for us. Thats what im hoping for anyway. Shame i’ll have nee one to celebrate it with up here!

  45. Ross – Just to point out, it is illegal to like both Blur and Oasis. I realise your age comes into play, but those around at the time (like me) can confirm that you are one or the other, not both ;) :lol:

  46. dont think plastic beach is as good as previous stuff tbh ross. still good tho.

    yea schein nd whose the forward olli ??? dark hair,scored in 1st game

  47. :lol: Toonsy,aye another blast from the past…….It was Oasis all the way for me tho must admit I did get a Blur album or 2 later on.

  48. Rich – I was Oasis, and never liked Blur, or Damon Albarn until they split up. Now there is no Blur I don’t mind him :lol:

  49. I’ve said before ya’ve never lived til ya’ve sat cross legged on the NAAFI floor watching Bucks Fizz :lol:

  50. Would they not let you drink it? Tight fcuks! :lol:

    Off topic, glad to see my old man returning to normal. Hopefully he will come for a pint or three tomorrow.

  51. lol wat footy teams would those two bands be ? my m8 was at the riverside when one of them came on witha man city shirt, didnt go down very well, stuff thrown at him, gets 1 in the head, nd finish gig after 20 mins lol
    saw pop will eat itself at riverside nd similiar thing (apart from footy shirt ) happened, stuff thrown about nd wayne got a split heed,the tall 1 asks if a Dr was in crowd, lol, left with blood drippin everywhere.
    were geordies
    were mental
    were off were feckin heads
    lol. my m8 went to see peter hook do a talk at sage about his new biography, nd he reckoned he hated playin in the toon. i kinda know wat he means tho, some shit gets really tribal, even when ur not aware.

  52. lol….I would have preffered that sort of fizz……we were allowed 2 cans of beer tho.

    Didn’t kna ya Dad had been ill mate…..if your buying,he’d be mad not too.

  53. Nah he hasn’t been ill as such mate, just a lot on his mind over this Saville report that has just come out.

  54. Ah reet mate….say no more,nowt’ll happen imo……..he’d still be mad not too if your buyin ;-)

  55. I can imagine,ya scared of ya hands anyway never mind having to put them in ya pocket :lol:

  56. Aye, to give that £20 to your charity I had to make some cutback, and unfortunately the mrs had to go :lol:

  57. since my previous comment will be moderated out, I say this:

    Go 3 Lions. Closest thing to USA now. F’n Ghana. We lost to a f’n 3rd world country. fml.

  58. OHurley,following ya national sides like following the Toon mate,they build ya hopes up then bring ya crashing down. Cheers for 114 mate.might be on later if I can still walk.