England prepare to do battle with the Germans.

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England v Germany is one the most recognised fixtures in world football, and it has created it’s fair share of headlines over the years, although irritatingly most of those have been in favour of the Germans.

However, this Sunday England get the chance to level the scores up a little and send ze Germans prematurely packing to their no doubt already reserved poolside sun loungers. As the match edges closer, I thought it may be a good idea to give England fans some classic memories of matches between England and Germany, and where better to start then back in 2001?

That was arguably one of the most memorable England peformances of recent times, and I don’t think anyone expected that result at the time. England had limped into the game and the Germans were threatening to run away at the top of the qualifying group. Hmm, England limping into the game, Germans being superior, kind of sounds familiar to the situation that both teams find themselves in now, doesn’t it? I hope that the end result is the same!

Ok, ok, perhaps I am being greedy, and I am certain that England fans would be happy settle for a victory, any victory rather than another 5-1 mauling, although admittedly it would be nice if the game panned out that way.

You can keep up to speed here with the usual pre-match speculation and preview as well as the all important match banter and match review AND of course all the latest news from Newcastle United here at nufcblog.org. Let’s face it, England could just as easily face elimination themselves this weekend, so I am going to make the most of it whilst I can before all that is left is focussing on the domestic season ahead.

Come on England!

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220 Responses

  1. Germany started well but looked a shadow of that team in their last match, it will be tight but we will get through, i have a tenner on the Argies but will be happy for that to go into the bookies pocket if we get through the next stage.
    Oh how i wish it was the snidy cheating Portugese we were playing, what a horrible bunch lead by that arch villain cheating diving twat ronaldo, i would love to see a John McNamee special cruncher going in on him putting him into the stands

  2. Let you off then toonsy mate :grin: just heading out for a few well earned ones.

  3. BBB – Did you see some of the Portuguese antics? Chasing the ref waving an imaginary card, diving, play acting. Ridiculous.

  4. well done toonsy now u only have another 36765676863 too go too catch ed judas harrison up :lol: and that was just last weeks blogs :lol:

  5. Batty – :lol:

    I don’t have unlimited time, or the urge to rewrite newsnow everyday ;)

  6. I want Spain to go through in 2nd place in their group. Spain v Brazil in the next round, and one of them has to go :twisted:

  7. It would be nice but I dunno if I could see Chile getting a draw with Spain like. Would be the perfect scenario though!

  8. I tink Spain could struggle. From what I have seen, Chile play kind of the same way as the Spanish, and have more pace. How will Spain cope with that?

  9. I like Spain, got a bit of a soft spot for them, probably because it’s the only place I can afford to go on holiday :(

  10. Toonsy-I think it will play to Spains advantage to be honest. They said they were pleased to hear that Chile would come out and attack to try and win the game. Rather than planting 11 men behind the ball they’ll leave spaces that the likes of Xavi and Villa will exploit. Right now, one on one I wouldn’t be betting on Villa failing to take his chances given the current form he’s in.

  11. I know, I’ve been on holiday to Birmingham before :D

    The canal boat broke down under some shitty railway viaduct in Nechells. Dead classy it was, although with Villa Park only spitting distance away, I found it hard to resist the urge and had to go and piss on it!

  12. Yes I am. Anorak at the ready, or an umbrella at least. Not having the dirty yam-yam’s chucking cups of piss on me :lol:

  13. evening every1

    well for some reason i fancy our chances on sun ;) dont know exactly why, just the players kinda seem very relaxed about it, they dont appear nervous as in previous meetings.

    bloody hell brummy 4 ya hols toonsy ? weird destination, unless u have family there. still im sure u will make the most of it m8. bet youve bored the pub senseless with that barge break down saga eh ;) lol

  14. My gaffa is a wolves supporter, he’s trying to get me to go in the southbank with him, no chance, I’ll be piss dodging with the rest of the toon army. Away supporters should never be in the lower tier IMO

  15. Never used to be, but they moved the away supporters a few years ago. Toonsy you still not going to home matches?

  16. Espana look like they mean business today.

    Hope they draw this and the Swiss win.

  17. Nice positive energy stuart79, with your help England will win, Jesus loves you brother and so do I.

  18. Stuart-spot on mate. They look a very capable side so far. Movement has been excellent and they pass the ball quickly and accurately. That sanchez is already showing he’s up for it and could cause a serious problem. 21 playing at Udinese, these are the type of player we should be keeping tabs on.

  19. Evening Lads whats happening, Richie me ole bean my tip is dont gamble its for mugs ;)
    Toonsy I take it you will be taking a well earned rest for a day or so now that you got the record of BBM :)

  20. Fantastic from Villa. Just a brilliant finish, split second decision and its bang on.

  21. only once in a blue moon Dave,few things going for me this week so maybe worth a punt.Thought I’d ask the experts tho cos I kna nowt.

    Canny goal like

  22. The decision from the goalkeeper was stupid, there was a defender with Villa and he was up there by himself. He came so far out to try and clear the ball and it went wrong. Dont think there was any need for him to be there.

  23. How can the bull not get in this Side, He is miles better than Capdevila, Keepers just cost Chile the game what a twat

  24. BIG DAVE see gilly has knocked back contract over your end and is leaveing club,will he be missed?

  25. Lads did the blog go off on anyone else mines been off for the last 10 mins or so ?
    Jay Jay alls good mate whats the craic with you all good I hope ;)
    Ice hows you Buddy, Gilly was told that they wanted to pay as you play him and he didnt like that as it was a local taxi firm that was paying his wages 100k a year. But from they sacked the manager last season ( Alan Mcdonald) Gilly hasn’t got a sniff he is supposed to be a big head cu nt, I know he has been slapped a few times while out in Belfast drinking thinking he is the main man :lol:

  26. BIG DAVE aye my site kept off too,be that toonsy,(got blame someone),gilly got what he needed then,heard you were the main man ;)

  27. Yeah big dave it went off on me as well mate, I’m good thanks mate, the bro was other last week, had a great time, wish everybody else over the water was having such a good time.

  28. Hope some of you lads are still about cos I’ve got a very serious question that needs to be answered asap

  29. I was working late lastnite so never got on here but must say the Italy game was a cracker and the Danes and Japan was good 1 too that Honda boy was a canny player.

  30. morale officer- lmfao

    Seriously- how does the 10 german bombers chant go???? I’m gonna get a pub started on it come sunday.

  31. can’t get youtube at me graft like. nivvor did let us log onto anything fun like.

  32. Jay Jay is he back over here again ? Its starting to kick off over here a bit with the dissadents I blame OHurley ;) did you see how he greeted me the other nite, then fuked off so I couldn’t reply

  33. There were ten German bombers in the air,
    There were ten German bombers in the air,
    There were ten German bombers, Ten German bombers,
    Ten German bombers in the air.

    Aaaaaand the RAF from England shot one down,
    And the RAF from England shot one down,
    And the RAF from England, RAF from England,
    RAF from England shot one down.

    Change the number accordingly as you go Ohurley lol.

  34. Big Dave-

    HAHAHAhA!!! It’s cos ya deserved it like, ya silly protestant sod!! :D

  35. Thanks lads!! I’m gonna get a bunch of American lads singin’ it like hehe. Piss the Germans off reet and proper ;)

  36. icedog-Wish i had a lass to keep me entertained mate! haha. I’ve been catching alot of the world cup and whenever i’ve been on its been well quiet, I was on for Algeria like but i just had a radgie cos we were shite, lol.

    How you doing anyway mate? Any players at the WC caught your eye?

  37. Nice. Pulled up youtube on the old iphone. That chant is mint. Gonna get it started up. Maybe even with a fine Geordie accent to go along with it hehe;)

  38. Aye Ohurley,all the best English songwriters are drunken football fans :lol:

  39. Ross-

    Algeria’s goal keeper caught my eye. He took an absolute bombardment from the US and kept his heed level the whole match. I don’t blame him for that last goal at all.

    Also, despite Nigeria’s woeful campaign, Danny Shittu looked pretty solid at the back.

    Chicharito from Mexico is looking class too like.

  40. Yeah big dave he’s back over there now, but my family has been involved in a bit of shite over there. The dissadents are arseholes, they want to take steps back instead of foward.

  41. ROSS saw a few mate honda,m!bia this guy on wing for chile ect,but with our cash looks like samual,sampras,o!brian all the dregs like for us :(

  42. Richie-

    All the best American songwriters are drunk football fans too lol! Different kind of football like, but same result haha

  43. OHurley I dont mind ye calling me your “Orange Bastard mate” lol, its funny the way ye can have a bit of banter on here with folks youve never even met in person. that is one of the good things about footie it can bring you together which is the way it should be ;)

    Ice fat lad Nolan is learning from his pie munching master mate MA

  44. Big Dave-

    Truth, mate. You know I’d have your back in any pub anywhere in the world. Even though you are an Orange bastard :D

    I’m not even religious, btw. Just like razzin’ ya hehe

    I DID grow up Catholic, but majored in philosophy in college. Made short work of my organized religious convictions. I’m also a Mason, ha! Means I’m officially excommunicated from the catholic church and no longer buddies with that Jerry clown pope they set up ower there like.

  45. Jay Jay hope nowt too serious mate :(
    Icedog im sure OHurley will like me saying there is a few decent players from the US of A

  46. Aye Ice i liked the look of Honda. I’m sure Liverpool tried to nab him a wee while ago like. Some of the mexicans looked good. I liked the look of Dos Santos early but obviously he’s a spud. Bradley from the USA has really caught my eye. Looks good with the ball at his feet and has a tank in him, can run forever by the looks of things.

  47. O!HURLEY thinking of starting to get a whip-round going to get some cash for c.h.to get a decent player,sure big dave will put in hes worth a few quid :)

  48. Big Dave says:
    June 25, 2010 at 9:26 pm
    Jay Jay hope nowt too serious mate
    Icedog im sure OHurley will like me saying there is a few decent players from the US of

    icedog will not like

  49. Ross@74 that was a good one mate, excellent laugh and stuff, well done, that as really funny like well done mate like, well done…like, excellent like….totally cool like mate…

  50. Ross says:
    June 25, 2010 at 9:36 pm
    Really liked the look of Affelay aswell but obviously he’s just a dream, lol.

    nightmares not dreams for us m8 lol

  51. Yeah, Michael Bradley would be a great addition to the team. Of course, he’s gonna play harder, fight harder, and beat some ass for the US of A, but I think he’ll still fight hard and play tough for the Toon. Especially when he realizes how awesome we are :)

    And Ice-

    It’s a simple fact. The USA is beginning to produce some high quality players. Landon Donovan is about as good a winger as I’ve seen.

  52. Ohurley,its ok m8 me and dave just joke with each other(got to pamper these rich guys)seen a lot better players than donovan but does give 100% like

  53. Munich-Ohurley enquired about the words of the song, I posted them. Wasn’t intending to offend.

  54. Yaalright OHurley, just a bit mate, this old Ingerlund bollocks gets on my tits at times…

    I actually think we’ll turn Germany over this time, no Ballack, probably no Schweinsteiger, I think we’ll turn Germany over…Sunday is the big one, cannae wait !

  55. Aye! I’m wearin’ my Toon strip to the boozah on Sunday to cheer on me British cousins, proper like :D

  56. Ohurley-As i’ve said before, being in Scotland I will be keeping hush like. My mates try and get me to go and watch the game with them in a pub but there’s always a chance of it ending in tears. I’d have to sit in silence for 90 minutes, keep a straight face and get out the pub sharpish if I failed to do so. Alot easier said than done a few pints down.

  57. Ross-

    I know the feeling, mate. I feel that way when the University of Tennessee plays the University of Alabama in college throwball. Me and all my mates are from Tennessee, but I pull for Alabama cos that’s how I grew up. When we go to the booza to watch the games, I’m always the only one cheerin’ for the boys in crimson (BIG rivals ower here like) lol. Kinda like a Newcastle fan living in Sunderland. Not that bad though..

  58. So anyone know who Capello has selected to play in the squad on Sunday? Hopefully Defoe up front?

  59. Ohurley-It’s a shame but it happens sadly. Alot of lads I talk to up here are really decent when I mention Newcastle, most of them saying we were their second team etc throughout the “Entertainers era”.

    As for Defoe, I think he has to play. The Germans arent exactly the quickest back four around, especially at CB. If we can keep the ball on the floor and feed the likes of Defoe, give him something to chase, he will win the foot race.

  60. Richitoon, how ya doing mate. Hope all is well with you. We had a great time in the Toon, stayed in Tynemouth, blue skies, great time had by all. Just did the family gig, low profile and all. Wor lass loves the toon, treat with great Geordie hospitality by all. Must admit I was even prouder to be a Geordie than before. Great stuff.
    Sunday against the Jaarmans is gonna be mental, I cannae wait. Bit like Christmas when you were 8….! What’s happening in the toon ? Where is everyone watching the game ?

  61. I don’t bother looking for any impressive players at the WC. No point, we couldn’t afford any of them – Just depresses me!

  62. STUART79 could be right m8,worse still reading some of those reports on here who we could get,perish the thought

  63. icedog aye she is….hopefully I’ll reap the benefit later ;-)

    Munich…I’m well,glad ya had a goodtime…….everyone loves Newcastle :-) even my German ex still lives over here.Wor lass loves the city and the people too she’s always raving about it when we go to Spain to see her family.I’ll probably watch it in the pub in my village,might have to give mesel a late start on Monday tho!

  64. I’ve noticed South African authorities have warned England fans to get to the ground early and get a seat on Sunday, before there’s a fckin towel on them!

  65. excellent Richietoon. Good to hear that your lass loves the toon too, to be expected though I suppose. Hope the real England turn up on Sunday and we can turn them over. Should make for an interesting Monday morning at work !

  66. Nice one Stuart79 !! The old sun bed towel joke is a classic…nowt wrong with that !

  67. Aye we both love it but might be moving to Spain soon :lol: ..if things work out that is.

    Aye it wont be much fun over there if we lose.I’ve a good feeling tho,think we’ll beat them.

  68. Richietoon, good luck with the big move to Alicante, hope it comes off for you’s. I’m pretty cool about the Germany game to be honest, if we lose so be it…but I think we’ll do it this time. Freakin fed up getting the old “England cannot take penalties” bollocks stuffed down my throat..

  69. Cheers Munich.
    It was just on tv before that the England team actually has a better success rate than Germany with pens and James has saved more than the German keeper!!

  70. I made a comment that couldn’t offend anyone and it doesn’t get through, yet call somebody a spic and that’s alright? Why bother?

  71. 8:45 I made a comment about rascist remarks and not one person joined me in condemning it, really dissapointed in the people on the blog, thought we were better than that, especially after our stand against the old firm the other week :(

  72. Aye ya reet jay jay,don’t think anyone meant to offend although calling a Spaniard that is no different to calling a coloured lad the N word.I think the German songs are more humour but even they can offend.I was married to a German and it’s water off a ducks back to me cos had 11 years hearing it and even joining in with it,as long as its done with humour from both sides then its just banter,but obviously there’s a line

  73. Jay Jay – I know you didn’t say owt wrong, I meant the about the whole situation.

    I don’t think any nastiness was meant by Stu or CC, and I don’t think it was meant in a racist way. Much like I am sure we will hear Kraut or similar over the weekend. Going by what they both post usually I would pretty much say that it was meant as banter, and not in a derogative way. That’s my take on it from reading back over ot properly as it’s not like they launched into a tirade or owt.

    Having said that, it was still over the line from the both of them. Apart from that, there aint a lot else I say other than ask them to watch their remarks in the future, although I am sure they will both be on in a bit to have their say.

  74. jayjay dont think stu meant out init , it wasent aimed at rich >>> spic yank pom jap aboot the same

  75. mornin,like I said I don’t think anyone meant to offend they were one off remarks meant as banter(imo) by 2 different people which I dare say most have us have said something similar at 1 time or another.As such I wasn’t offended,if it had been something prolonged then it would have been different but don’t think either lad is like that at all.

  76. Morning folks – what times the kick off tomorrow – need to find somewhere to watch the match – havent been able to find live footie on hotel TV? If we get through what day is the next match?

  77. Sorry but I will not bow to the policitally correct pricks that we have in the world at the moment.

    It is no different to Aussies calling us Poms or Yanks calling us Limeys.

    Get a life!

  78. Mornin Stu……..it is different as it is only used purely as an abusive term the others arent but like I say I wasnt offended cos nobody said it in an attempt to offend…………..anyway,never won a penny on the horses :-( and thats why I divnt bet

  79. Stuart79

    politically correct, what do you mean by that mate ? I call it politeness and timing. What if someone called you a fooking daft Geordie, is that ok, just banter ? Just add alcohol and everything goes ballistic, look what happened on wor blog a few weeks bag with the USA – Ingerlund thing…

    From my experience over the last few years, the Shermans, Scandinavians, French and the Germans are all a lot more laid back than certain English speaking parts of the world.. this caustic humour is the domain of the brit male, through in the Ozzies there too….

  80. I wonder why Tierry’s gannin to see Sarkozy, maybe Carla’s gonna give him a shoulder to cry on ?

    There doesn’t seem to be much disharmony in the Jaaarman camp, but there will be on Sunday night when we’ve fettled them !


  82. No… don’t need to.

    I have a natural hatred for Terry, Rooney, A Cole, Johnson, Gerrard, Lampard, etc with them coming from Manure, Chelski, and Liverpoos so its easy for me to hate England too…

    When Shearer, Ferdinand, Dyer, Batty, played for them, I actually supported them. But now, can’t stand them!

    Same goes for Portugal. Hope both get thumped ;)

  83. who will ya follow after sunday when Germany’s oot JJ :lol:

    how was thw match yesterday?

  84. Why Richie , are they gona pull out after beating England?

    In the rare event that happens, it’ll be Chile or Argentina Richie.

    Although I had my Spanish gear on at last nights game, because I needed a bini and scarf – it was freezing.

    Also I wanted both Spain and Chile through. Great Villa goal too. Spain will beat Portugal and forfil that goal.

    Then I’ll back Jonas and Messi or the Chileans, because their fans are amazing! South American fans are the most passionate I’ve seen so far. Especially those two countries. Just amazing. Even in defeat!

  85. JJ @161, I know what you mean mate, bunch of overpaid, unsympathetic prima donnas. By the way you omitted my favourite Leo Ferdinand, diamond geezer like…not…

    TBH I follow the Toon nr 1, then the England team, probably like a lot of club supporters. It’s just that the World Cup knock-outs bring out the nationalstic side of us all… Come on England !

    Now an England team full of Geordie boys..Gazza Beardsley Waddle Shearer etc, managed by the legend…now that’s more like it !

  86. lol….no JJ just really think we’ll beat them.

    It was never a sending off yesterday like imo.

  87. Munich Mag says:
    June 26, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Look, I will call Germans, Jerry’s and Spanish, Spics if I want – I don’t do it to offend, I do it for humour. If that offends anyone then tough!

    There is always somebody who is the butt of all jokes. Irish, fat, gay, Geordies or Mackems.

    People need to get a tougher skin I’m afraid.

  88. Ye, I have my roots in England so they have been my second team to support in the past. But, I just can’t bring myself to support those players I’ve been hoping break their legs through the Premiership season. ;)

    When Shearer was captain. England was an easy choice to support. But until they got some Toon players I have no affinity for them not being English. Of course you guys should.

    We might get involved in banter, but I would have less respect for you if you guys weren’t behind your country.
    Regardless of the sport! Its your country.

    Makes me angry seeing South African born Portugese people support Portugal ahead of their country of birth! What has Portugal done for them? Different story if they second choice. If you get where I’m going.

    If you arn’t proud of where you live. Then FO to another country and go live there! They all could, but they won’t.

  89. “People need to get a tougher skin I’m afraid.”

    Couldn’t agree more Stu, the world is too damn sensitive and politically correct. We are losing our sense of humour.

    The day we can call each other what we want, and laugh about it rather than get up tight, the world will be a better place.


    No, it wasn’t. And that Chilean defence was very impressive. Especially Waldo Ponce. I tell you what, he made Torres look stupid. And Villa did nothing either when he moved to striker.

    Walde Ponce would be a great signing for the Toon.

  90. You should only be offended if it was meant in an offensive way,which it wasn’t.

    whats a “bini” JJ ?

  91. Stuart it’s all yours mate, I’m not asking you to remove the words Irish, jerry, fat, spick, gay, makkem out of your vocabulary… If

    The term politically correct means something different for each individual.

    By the way I have a real tough skin…I need to have cos I cannot fight to save my life !!

  92. toonsy says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:38 am
    Cacau is ruled out tomorrow then.

    Is he in their best team?

    They could also be without Boateng and Schwinstieger.

  93. Stu – Klose is back, so I doubt Cacau would start, but it’s an injection of pace from the bench that can’t be used anymore! Pace is my real worry against our defence.

  94. Deb – It’s 3pm KO (UK time) tomorrow, and if we get through the next game will be next Saturday against either Argentina or Mexico.

  95. Morning toonsy…

    Cacau probably would make the first team, but Klose is back after suspension. Funny really as Klose has been on the bench for FC Bayern all season. He’s not the player he was, but still one to be watched. Schweinsteiger missing would be a blow for the Jaaarmans, though Tony Kroos his earmarked replacement is a great player, though young and has little international experience..Boateng not so, overrated imo. Either of the replacement full-backs, Badstuber or Janssen, a fast winger could get after them. I would imagine we’ll start with Milner perhaps.

    A big threat comes down the right, Philip Lahm is one of the best attacking right backs in the world imo, he’s like a freeking Duracell bunny, always on the move !

    Sunday will be wor day, 40 years of hurt…come on England !

  96. Cacau out is good news for us- you’re spot on toonsy, he’s exactly the sort of player that would cause our defense trouble from the bench.
    If Sweinsteigers also out then that is seriously good news for us- he’s their engine room and possibly their most influential player in the absence of Ballack. With any luck Barry will keep Ozil fairly quiet…

  97. Surely the constant use of words like Kraut and references to the war with headlines like achtung in our national press, Even the constant don fabio stories which is offensive in Italy as the mafia is no laughing matter are worse than a light hearted comment on a internet blog, Toonsy wrote ze germans and made reference to reserving sun loungers abroad is he racist ?

    Spic or Dago is a word used to describe slimy latinos and IMO Busquets reaction in the champions league semi and Torres getting the chilean lad sent off made them slimy cheats.

    Should i be offended every time shows like Family guy portray english as posh people wearing bowler hats, carrying umbrellas, drinking tea and having double barrelled names.

  98. toonsy,were you on footymad,where they were talking about,changing god save the queen to a new anthem?my dad told me we he was a youngin it was land of hope and glory.

  99. TROJAN – Aye, I said we should have a JLS song for our national anthem, to go with the nations obsessiveness over celebrities

  100. Cacau is definitely out, nowt about Lahm on the German web sites, though looks like Schweinsteiger and Boateng will both start. Question is how fit are they ? Özil is the one to watch, the creative spark, though a bit light weight and can hopefully be muscled a bit out of the game. Marin and Kiessling on the bench, two other fast and tricky forwards…

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Lahm and Ashley Cole up against each other, immense !

  101. I’m unsure as to who would be best against Lahm, in an attacking sense. Gerrard would at least chase him, but then it takes him out of the game pretty much. Joe Cole doesn’t have the pace to worry him I don’t think. Milner would be ineffectual on the left…..

  102. cc @166…dead right, offensive, but that’s the English red top newspapers. Just having a bit of a larf, good for the English jingoistic side of things…

    I wonder if most of Scotland are cheering for Germany ?!

  103. divnt let it bother ya CC,llike I’ve said we’ll all have used words that others find offensive.It was banter,not meant to be offensive and therefore shouldnt be taken as such……….now if ya got called a mackem,whey that would be just too much ;-)

  104. Munich @ 192 – Scotland will no doubt be willing us to lose. I said the other day that Scotland are the Sunderland of nations.

  105. Richie

    Like i said i didnt do it as a dig at all spaniards i was referring to Torres and Busquets who are cheats, But i love the moral high ground lads who werent so disgusted when toonsy wrote “Green error hands yanks a point” after the usa match…

  106. Aye the Scots, support Scotland and whoever England are playing against !

    Just read an article in the Jaarman paper, apparently Diego Maradona and Pele have been at handbags at twenty paces. Diego apparently told Pele he should go back into the museum ! The guys mental ! But to be honest I reckon Maradonna was the best “footballer” ever, some of the things he could do with the ball were immense (and with his hand the little sh*t).. Pele was great, but a different kind of player, Maradona was better than Pele imo.

  107. CC says:
    June 26, 2010 at 11:45 am

    “But i love the moral high ground lads who werent so disgusted when toonsy wrote “Green error hands yanks a point” after the usa match…”

    Divvn’t get me involved man :lol:

  108. true CC but then yank is an american term,there was even a newspaper for us soldiers during the war called yank,but like I say no offence was meant and none was taken,we all do it.the worlds full of double standards unfortunately.It’s all banter on here tho,thats why we’re on here.Like batty at 198,thats for humour………with the added bonus of being true :lol:
    just joking incase anyone’s offended ;-)

  109. Batty – Is that a man? “He” appears to have had his man bits replaced with a camel toe! :lol:

  110. Oh aye, I’m everyones favourite target. Can start an argument in an empty room me like :( :roll: :lol: ;)

  111. Not being neagtive or owt, BUT, if we do get knocked out tomorrow and the pub decides it’s a good time to play Chumbawumba – Tubthumping after the match then I may well go on a murderous rampage :mad:

  112. looks like Andy Townsend to me, I saw a lass in Tynemouth last week with the same haircut…

  113. toonsy…you need to start training to go into “Krishna Dude” mode for tomorrow afternoon mate. You’re the Überblogleiter, we divvent want to lose you ! Though I reckon you’ll be alright, I can feel it in me bones, the morras wor turn ! Come on England !

  114. Whilst we are ganning out about stereotyping, and as JJ is following the Germans, I feel that now is the time to register my dismay at the lack of headline from the World Cup.

    Just looking at the England base in Bloemfontein, and it is bloody remote, so why aren’t our players getting eaten by lions? Or why isn’t the team bus getting charged by rhinos? Why aren’t there monkeys in the hotel room robbing Rooneys wallet? It’s stories like that that are needed ;)

  115. Munich – I will be pissed up blogger tommorrow mate as I will be in the pub :lol:

    I will still be keeping an eye on the place whilst in the pub though ;)

    I should appoint a moderator just in case :lol:

  116. “Why aren’t there monkeys in the hotel room robbing Rooneys wallet?”

    Law among equals…

  117. CC – It’s a serious question. I can see the whole thing plying out in my mind now. Rooney has the piss ripped out of him by the press for being outsmarted by a cheeky monkey, gets all radge, goes out to play Germany, loses his temper because he forgot to cancel his Barclaycard and smashes straight through a German player with two feet. Red card, World Cup over……. :lol:

  118. alright Toonsy, watchyersel though.

    I’ll be doon the village beer garden with some ex-pat friends watching the match, so I’ll be off-blog. Will appear later the morra neet, hopefully euphoric, pissed and writing complete bollocks as usual..

    Regarding Wayne Rooneys Barclaycard, it sounds to me as if the British Media have nowt to write about regarding the England team. Usually they make stuff up or start on the WAGS….

  119. its a german female runner from the 80s marita koch and it looks like shes got 1 as well :lol: riches ex wife

  120. nice one Batty that’s some camel’s toe, “she’s” got..
    The East German athletes from the 80’s had been doing more drugs than feck !