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“I’m sure we won’t go down” – Danny Simpson speaks.

June 26th, 2010 | 117 Comments |

Positive words from Danny Simpson.
Positive words from Danny Simpson.
Danny Simpson has been talking to the local press today, and he seems dead certain that Newcastle can avoid relegation next season, even if we play with the same squad we had last season.

We are beginning to hear from players about how they think we will do next season and both Ryan Taylor and now Danny Simpson have kicked off the pre pre-season tubthumping already.

The critics, much like last season, are out to get at Newcastle, but I guess that nothing ever changes on that score, and that should be used as a motivational tool to spur the lads on next season. It has been said before that whilst this current Newcastle team may not perhaps have the players with the individual quality that the relegation side had, it is still a better team. Put it this way, would you say that this current team would surrender as tamely as our multi-million pound no marks did on that fateful day at Villa Park? I wouldn’t, and I know they would fight and scrap until the last whistle. It’s that determination that fills me with the hope that we can avoid relegation next season. (more…)