Would you have Habib Beye back?

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Beye - In less bench warming times...
Beye - In less bench warming times...
It looks like our former right-back, Habib Beye, will be moving on from Aston Villa this summer.

The Senegalese defender joined Aston Villa in the aftermath of relegation with the player saying that he had to move to save his career. He has made six appearances since his departure from Tyneside, with most of them being from the bench, and has had to play second fiddle to a central defender playing at right-back all season. Now his time looks to be up at Villa Park, the 32-year old will undoubtedly be looking for another club where he can ‘save his career’. It’s widely percieved that we need a right-back, perhaps a starting right-back, but definately at least a back-up for Danny Simpson. So what would your thoughts be with regards to bringing Habib Beye back to Newcastle?

I know, I know, a lot of you will be saying that it isn’t going to happen, and it probably wont. But from a cost perspective, would he be a cheap enough prospect for us to buy? We sold him for £2 million last summer, and after taking a year out to complete his tour of substitute benches throughout the country, would be available for less than that now. So from a cost perspective it would work as a short-term measure.

But there is more to it than that. A move for Habib Beye would cause controversy between fans, with some feeling that he is a good player regardless of the circumstances in which he left, whilst others feel the way he moved away from Newcastle was below the belt.

Lets not forget that this is the player who released a statement on the clubs official website saying that he was comitted to getting the club back into the Premier League. Yet when the chips were down and we got thumped at Leyton Orient back in pre-season, Beye was one of those player who walked out when confronted by his team-mates who held a meeting and wanted to know who wanted to be at Newcastle and who didn’t.

“If you don’t want to be here, then leave,” was the cry from senoir players like Alan Smith, Kevin Nolan and Nicky Butt. Habib Beye got up and left.

So how would that be viewd by the Newcastle players who stuck with the club, got there heads down and did the dirty work of getting us through the season? How on earth could a player who jumped ship like a deserting rat when things got tough be trusted by his team-mates to perform when the chips are down, which they will be at points next season? How will Danny Simpson, who would be in direct competition with Beye, feel about being dropped in favour of someone who thought he was too good for the Championship?

Well that is one side of the argument. The other side would be the fact that Beye was always a comitted player in his time in the Premier League with us, and he turned into quite the fan favourite. He has demonstrated that he can play Premier League football, and at 32 he surely has at least another year left in his tank, especially with his lack of football?

There are arguments on both sides, but the first priority must be to ensure we keep our team-spirit intact, and with Beye being cited as one of those poisoned influences in the changing room, it’s hard to see how it could be maintained if the Senegalese defender ever did end up back on Tyneside.

We held a vote on this very subject some time back, and the results were pretty well split. When asked if you would have Habib Beye back on the cheap, 54% said yes, whilst 46% said no. So now it looks like Beye has the entire summer to try and find a transfer to another club, and to pick a vast collection of splinters out of his arse, I felt that perhaps now could be a good time to revisit this subject.

Discuss away..

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74 Responses

  1. if hughton decides he’d be ok then that’s good enough for me. don’t hold anything against him for being sold to villa. r we so sure that’s how it really happened at leyton orient?

  2. Really liked him as a player & always seemed to give his all for the toon. If he was one of the bad apples there’s not a chance that the players would want him back, but there is also the chance that he was just one of the few players other clubs wanted unlike…..well quite a few others. What is it about the french (senegalese) players?

  3. if he’s been sat on the bench for a year he’s probably sh1te now anyway. smacks of the olivier bernard situation. best off looking elsewhere.

  4. He wasnt good enough to help us stay in the premier league …. he walked out when we needed unity … need i say much more ??
    Rot in Brummy Hell Traitor!

  5. the club is going in a different direction now and this little split arse should not be part of it. Van Arn Holt showed how its possible to get a really assured, young, committed full back on loan, this what I think CH will do again.

    “I remember the aftermath vividly. There was a lot of talk, there were players saying they did not want to leave, they were going to stay and get the club back into the Premier League.

    “When the s*** hit the fan, they wanted to jump ship.”

    “it was just words, empty words.”

    Kevin Nolan

  6. No, we dont want Judas back!… Although I hope we sign Boyd now when we have the chance. I think he is keen to join us, and I know he can be a big men and maybe appear in the 9 for us! He is one of the best strikers on our continent! Sign him CH!

  7. I always say, never look back, so on that principle, I wouldn’t take any player thats left us for another club, whether it was their decision or not!!!

    To be brutally honest, name me any foriegn player that we’ve had who’s been totally commited to the B&W shirt?

    You could even say that about some of the home grown players we have but at least players like Smith, Nolan, Butt, S, Taylor Harper didn’t just ship when things got hard & we weren’t in the PL anymore, they stuck with us & made it their No1 priority to get us back up, anyone who jumped ship can just drown imo :)

  8. Boyd a number 9? Don’t talk utter shite. He’s a shit player for a shit team in a shit league in a shit country.

  9. I wouldnt have him back either , showed his true colours last summer by all accounts , plus as mentioned beofre the team spirit is going to be very important next season n wouldnt want anyone coming in who may disrupte that in anyway,

  10. I loved Beye as a player for the Toon……have him back? thanks but no thanks.

  11. Aye,I believe someone on here has mentioned him before once or twice like ;-)

  12. Cyprus-Toon

    You must be very young.

    ‘To be brutally honest, name me any foriegn player that we’ve had who’s been totally commited to the B&W shirt?’

    What about Philippe Albert and Nobby Solano? Legends

  13. Kris @ 9 – Are you actually Kris Boyd? ;)

    Mick @ 8 – I was looking fro them quotes to use but couldn’t find them, so cheers :)

  14. Toonsy I hope it is the real kris Boyd, perhaps he got my message, one of the best striker on our continent? What a tool :grin:

  15. ahh here, man, and here’s me thinking I was original with the name ‘mick’ lol
    Changing my name now like

  16. No to Beye. He’s done nowt all season and was just another one of the dickheeds who promised he’d stay before legging it at the first opportunity. I’d like to get them all together in a group to be honest, just to hear their pathetic excuses!

  17. Mick – Change your name to ‘I love Ashley’, I gurantee that would be original ;)

    Ross – I’d like to get the all together, it’s easier to aim the car at them then ;)

    That was a comment in jest by the way, before people foam a the gash and get on my back.

  18. The car one more than anything ;)

    No doubt someone will be along to take it literally and say how preposterous it is that I wish to injure/kill a group of footballers.

    You guys should write ‘blogs and see what it can be like. Putting yourself out there really makes you a target at times ;)

  19. No thanks Toonsy,I believe I speak for us all when I say we’re more than happy for you to be the target mate ;-)

  20. I thought Clarence Acuna liked it here and always tried,maybe wasn’t given much of a chance though.

  21. I can’t find a link for Acuna’s goal v dirty Leeds…looked flukey but was pure skill imo

  22. I’m not for one second saying we should bring him back, but sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture.

    We keep being told that the club is being run as a business, maybe he didn’t have much choice and had to go. We all know contracts are not worth the paper they are writen on anyway.

    Also, we have to remember that most of the playes are not fans of the club, its a job to them. Maybe coming to the end of their carrers or at least late in the day anyway, they have to go to whats best for them before they hang up their boots altogether. I think as fans, we ned to see past our love of the club and see a players point of view and not hold it against them, unless of course they slae us after they have gone.

    Story in the Shields Gazette, looks like Caroll is going to be given the number 9 shirt. Qoutes from CH saying that he was top scorer in the league and come July could be the player who could handle it

  23. so the media all recieved letters from ashley and co saying there is no money to spend on players,if true.

  24. Don’t know what to think about cash not being spent on players, still going to wait to see what happens by mid Aug, sure we will have a fair idea by then

  25. Lie Hitman, you know that, and it was reported yesterday by the Sunday Sun. Why are they the only ones to run with that story? Why would teh club deny something when they said they wouldn’t? Why is the Journal saying something different today?

    Stop trying to stir shit man ;)

  26. It’ll be interesting to see how beckford does in the Prem, Leeds fans said delph was better and he looks crap at villa IMO

  27. Aye Hitman ;)

    Nah, I covered it yesterday and raped the Sunday Sun whilst I was at it ;)

  28. He had his time and he done well, but bringing him back will just cause trouble.

  29. Jesus, see the ‘no capital outlay’ subject is doing the rounds on Ed’s blog again, can we make a pact never to talk about it ever again?

  30. Beye can go jack himself off for me.
    Don’t ever want to see him in black n white again.
    Press are still pushing the Boyd story. Why would we want him. Surely Ranger is a better option and loverboy, shoala never let us down last year. Seen the guy play many times and he just stands on the penalty spot. Not what the premier league is about. Defence starts with the front men closing down and this guy couldn’t run a bath never mind run about the pitch

  31. Luque was commited for two wonderful and productive years ^^
    About Beye, CH won’t bring him back, at the moment it looks like CH is good at bringing in players who actually want to play for the club, Beye hardly hits the profile.

  32. Typical kinda story(not you toonsy)about the Toon here. We know nowt about what’s happening, so let’s re hash, regurgitate, & angle on about ex players coming back.

    take one step back, then go f*** yourself in the face.

  33. CLiNT – It was mentioned that he was leaving Villa, so i just wondered what people would think about him coming back more than anything. Not that there was any firm hints to say he would ;)

  34. Nah, I doubt it. Too old for one, or too old compared to the players we apparently want at the club.

    I was getting in there before the link arose, which it will ;)

  35. Aye,
    & blotted his copybook with the fans.

    Oh hell aye, that & dafter ‘stories’ will come to the for in due course, no doubt.

  36. Any news on the new kit – see the pictures but what about a release date etc,

  37. A proven EPL player, why not if he was free.
    Admittedly, he has left us in a somewaht disgrace way…

  38. NO

    Time to move on . We stay up with a good team spirit. Never look back they say .

    he had his chance and blew it . Tough .

  39. beye was a fav of mine but he alas showed his colours when we got relegated. its going to be another long hard slog and fighting relegation all season this time round too… we just dont need a quitter in our ranks. cant afford the luxury.

  40. No way. Look whos laughing now. I loved Beye in black and white (sunday monday Habib Beye, classic) but fck him, the rat jumped ship when he could have had a great season in the championship and been back in the prem with another full season of english football under his belt. Instead he put a nail in his coffin, or bench, as it were. Tosser can follow insomnia to wigan for all i care.

  41. If he can’t get a game for Villa, he’s got no chance of getting a game for the Toon. We don’t need him when we have got Simpson and Ryan Taylor. Tooooooooooonnn!!!

  42. I would have him back. I think he was one of the few players that actually did the business for us during our relegation premiership season.

    A lot of the players that stayed with us from the premiership were those that needed to reaffirm themselves as quality players eg Nolan, Smith, Barton.

    Beye was playing well, and other teams knew that and came in for him during a time when the future of Newcastle united as a whole was looking fairly grim!

    Anyone with any ambition would have left. I don’t blame the lad.

  43. Dunno. I’d rather not take him because it would undoubtedly cause issues in the dressing room. Surely we could find somebody else to either step up and take the starting stop or cover for Simpson.

  44. Cant believe some of the vitriol directed at Beye.
    Some of you people had better grow up and realize how things work in this world.
    Lesson one= footballers have a limited career, therefore they have to maximise their earnings.
    Lesson two= badge kissing, etc. is part of most players act as is such statements as “I love the fans, they are the best in the world”.
    That usually lasts untill they move to another club, it`s the same act , different club, got it so far ?
    It`s not really personal and most would like to play for big clubs and live in cities like Barca, London, Rome, Paris, who would`nt ?
    None of it`s personal, just business, OK !
    Now i would like to see Beye back, believe he could do a job for a season or so and we do need help there.