Magpies modern classics – Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle.

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The next stop in our look at some of Newcastle greatest matches of recent history takes us to Anfield for a game that will be remembered not only by both sets of fans, but by neutral fans all over the place.

It is still to this day widely regarded as one of the best matches in Premier League history, despite fact we came away from Anfield with no points and having suffered a severe dent to our title ambitions.

A young Robbie Fowler gave Liverpool the lead on 2 minutes before our very own Les Ferdinand levelled the score at 1-1 eight minutes later. Newcastle went 2-1 up on 14 minutes as David Ginola found the net and sent the away side in at half-time with a result that would have been ideal to get our title chase back on track.

Robbie Fowler scored again 10 minutes into the second half to level the scores only for Faustino Asprilla to restore the Newcastle lead soon after. Stan Collymore drew Liverpool level again on 68 minutes before the moment that haunts me to this day happened.

Heading into stopage time with the score tied at 3-3, Ian Rush and John Barnes combined on the edge of the Newcastle area and somehow managed to get the ball across the box to Stan Collymore who smashed the ball into the back of the net and give Liverpool a lead that we were unable to come back from.

Pure heartbreak, although it is hard to feel bitter about the result. On the night, it was two teams who went hell for leather against each other, and unfortunately Newcastle came out second best. At one point in that season we had a 12-point lead at the top of the table, which was eventually eroded away as Manchester United clawed their way back to the top and take the title.

As I said, I’m not bitter. But the following, now very famous, line of commentary will be forever etched on my brain;

Liverpool lead in stoppage time….

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51 Responses

  1. I can’t watch it, I know it was a great game but I can’t watch it, it hurts, it’s a morale crusher.

  2. I’m a Liverrpool fan
    , i was watching it with two of my bro’ (both Reds) and we could not believe what was happening. A great, exciting game, it’s a shame there had to be a loser. what a great goal from Ginola from the pass of the match by Ferdinand. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Can hardly bear to watch it again. Agree with you Munich Mag, remember feeling numb as well at the end. Didn’t we get beat off them 4-3 again soon afterwards, as I remember thinking lightening doesn’t strike twice – it couldn’t be another 4-3…..

  4. we didn’t deserve anything from the 2nd game. shoulda won this one though.

  5. geordie deb says:
    May 30, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    “I remember thinking lightening doesn’t strike twice”

    It can strike many times with Keegan.

  6. I remember this game vividly, but cannae remember the second 4-3 defeat, when was that again ?

  7. ehh, how cant yous remember the second 4-3? it was the very season after this one, couldnt believe it happened again, now after that one i was numb!!

  8. still cannae remember it, wuz stuck offshore I think. Who scored then Asprilla a hat trick or Gilespie et al ? Cannot find nowt on Youtube..

  9. Malchick has it right 3-0 down to draw 3-3. Then lost in stoppage time again :(

  10. Munich Mag

    Complete disbelief at the same scoreline.Best to try not to remember it

  11. Its still painfull to watch this game I was with my Bro surrounded by scousers finding it almost impossible to sit on my hands everytime we took the lead with an odd elbow dug into my Bro’s ribs. But he had the last laugh as I still get ribbed about it ever since, then it was made worse the next season when it was the same score the only good point being 2nd time round was that my Bro had a bet on the 4-3 scoreline so it was a free but abusive weekend for me.

  12. In that 2nd game we almost snatched a point with Centre Partin’ in the dying minutes (he didn’t even really know much about it if you watch closely). Would have been a travesty we’d got a result but you don’t think like that as a supporter. When Fowler scored the winner in injury time, I was probably as gutted as the one the previous year and which helped to take the title to Old Trafford.

  13. Aye Bowburn, the ball just rolled of his shin, then he hoofed the microphone behind the goal :lol:

    Then we conceded again :(

    Fecking hate Liverpool :twisted:

  14. Yaalreet Geordie Deb, I’ll follow your advice and leave it at that ! No point in spoiling my Sunday night, I’m gonna have a dose of my favourite classic Toon 3 Barcelona 2 Champs League before I hit the sack…ya beauty !

  15. Bowburn for me the 2nd 4-3 was easier to take as in my mind I didn’t expect to win :( as for ol ‘Centre Partin’ I dont think he was the best of players but he was allways one of my fav’s ;)

  16. Can we have the 4-3 against Man Utd at some point toonsy? Paying special attention to the Keane/Shearer spat which resulted in the daft twonk getting sent off!! I’ll enjoy that one.

  17. Just saw on, it’s the anniversary of the death of a former player –

    “1895 Dick Little. Born, Ryton. (1912-19)
    You’d have thought he’d just stick with Richard….”


  18. Bowburn – Woeking on getting some more clips. Some guy I know is hopefully ging to know summit up

  19. Keane getting sent off was a master stroke and real funny to watch, keane was a player I couldn’t stand but to be fair he was a cracking player and would run through a brickwall for the cause.

  20. I did say when I first started outting these up that they wouldn’t all be rose tinted :lol:

  21. “I did say when I first started outting these up that they wouldn’t all be rose tinted”

    aye, show the old blackburn 2-1 classic defeat while yer on, sure we’d all wanna see fenton’s goal again…hmm

  22. Toonsy
    These clips are great. What about the Leicester game where we beat them 4-3 at SJP? Great game

  23. toonsy says:
    May 30, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    “Bowburn – Woeking on getting some more clips.”

    Toonsy, when I dig out old Magpie clips, we always win and get a nice trophy at the end. ;-)

    Just saying, like.

  24. Toonsy

    ‘How about…………. a game where we got pummelled?’

    What as a potential taster of things to come?….

  25. Toonsy @ 31 that was a cracker mate Al really got under his skin, ye could almost see Keanes horns popping out of his head :lol:

  26. Ahh Worky. My clips dont need tins and whistles and bells to invoke memeories.

    Good job really :D

    Deb – The Leicester game is one I have got. Plus Tottenham where we won 7-1 and a couple of the gooduns from this season like Cardiff.

  27. While Keane was undoubtedly an outstanding and influential leader and a canny footballer, he was also a horrible ****. He ended and attempted to end careers. Which is why I could never have any respect for him.

  28. Late 90s was when Muzzy Izzet and Matty Elliott couldn’t stop scoring for Leicester wasn’t it?

    If I remember rightly, RobbieElliottsRightFoot got the first in that 4-3 game?

  29. Correct Bowburn. Then Elliot, Claridge and Heskey 8O to our them 3-1 up. Big Al did the rest.

  30. there’s been a few classics against leicester. 5-4 at st james’ back in the late 80’s. and the win at filbert st to avert relegation.

  31. Aye malchick, I was in the Paddocks for that 5-4 game. Midweek if I recall or at least the floodlights were on by the end. If I remember rightly, we beat Derby in similar fashion around the same sort of time but I reckon that was in a cup game.

  32. Yep undoubtably one of the best ever games, it still hurts and i believe a draw would have been the perfect ending.
    On saying that, what are our expectations this coming season against Liverpool ?
    Or for that matter Blackpool, at least we had a team then !

  33. Can’t watch it either. But it’s interesting that most recent classic games were played when KK was the manager.

  34. The second 4-3 was under Dalglish as was the Barcelona game….who’d have thought eh?

  35. It’s true that dalglish was the manager for the second 4-3 & barca game but it was mostly kk’s team & he hadn’t had the chance to ruin it. Look at the team’s dalglish & souness inherited & what they did to them!

  36. Just a bit of philosophy… Wonder how many Liverpool fans would have reversed the scores if they could, knowing we would have won the league instead of Manure?… Things might have looked different today for all 3 clubs.
    On one hand they win the game known as the best in the premier league history, and on the other their hated rivals fails to win the league which would perhaps result in upturns in fortune for NUFC and LFC since Man Utd might have failed to estaplish themselves as the force they became… Just one game i know, but moments like this can shape futures i believe.