Newcastle in the market for nearly new Boyota?

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The Boy-ota in blue.
The Boy-ota in blue.
Newcastle are apparently interested in bringing Manchester City’s Young Player of the Season, Dedryck Boyota, to St James’ Park on a season long loan deal.

Why, I don’t know, but it is a story that has been doing the rounds for a few days now, and after the stunning revelation about Newcastle in todays Sunday Sun, it could actually be an avenue we end up exploring. I’ll pick holes in the Sunday Stun later on, but for now lets focus on the boy Boyota.

As mentioned earlier, Boyota managed to bag the Man City Young Player of the Season award despite only making seven appearances in the first team. The 19-year-old defender from Brussels seems to have impressed boss Roberto Mancini enough to start putting him into the first team, with perhaps the most notable of his performances coming against Manchester United in the semi-final of the Carling Cup, which does sound promising.

But getting back to the whole loan vs permanent signing thing, do we really want to be loading up on loan players who will more than likely sit on our bench? I’m not denying that the lad may have potential, and I am sure some obliging Man City fans will be along to tell us just how promising he is, but he is not going to get the chance to develop at St James’ Park in what is likely to be a battle against relegation.

A move for Boyota would be of no benefit to the player, to Man City, or to us. Can you really see him getting a game ahead of the players we have? That will be no good for the development of the player in my opinion. I could be horribly wrong however, and he could turn up on Tyneside and show our lot what defending is all about whilst breaking into the first team and becoming a key player, you never know eh?

It could be these sorts of loan deals that we are relying on, according to the Sunday Sun. Those who know of the Sunday Sun, know what it’s all about, but for those don’t, it makes The Beano look like serious journalism, especially with regards to all matters NUFC. It’s stories are often lacking any form of substance or material to back them up, and again they haven’t disappointed. Today they claim they now know Newcastle have no money to spend by saying:

“Newcastle’s hierarchy this week confirmed – in contacting newspapers to deny numerous transfer stories – that the “no capital outlay” referred to in their recent five-year mission statement DOES mean that they will be making no cash signings.”

Interesting stuff, but lets put some logical though on the stuation. Firstly, why would the club contact newspapers to deny something when they have clearly stated they will not be denying or confirming anything unless it is through official channels?

Then you have to ask, why are the Sunday Sun the only ‘paper’ to run with the story? Especially when the club have apparently contacted more than just them. Could it be the need for a sensational story to sell the paper? After all, they do have to compete with far bigger publications on a Sunday, and sensation sells.

Then you have to look at the fact that the Sunday Sun is on the St James’ Park banned list due to it’s previous inaccurate reporting of goings on at Newcastle, along with The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, so why on earth would the club even bother to contact them at all?

The mind boggles eh? Just like some of the minds at the Sunday Sun!

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104 Responses

  1. I!ll just 2nd the mind boggles,could be they are looking for some kind of reply,as there getting nowt now

  2. I suggest and all out ban on tabloids such as the Sun, Mail etc. We should’nt even discuss, blog, Skype or even think about the garbage they write.
    Stick to to the facts. The Blog yesterday was superb!

  3. Hi chaps,

    Boyata is a good prospect. I watched pretty much all of the games he played in the first team for us last season.

    He was crapping himself before kickoff in the semi, you could see he was breathing deeply.

    After that tho, he was calm and assured and dealt with pretty much everything that was thrown at him. This was the same inb every other appearance.

    He seems to be able to read the game well and has reasonable strength for his age.

    I have not seen him in a scenario where he needs to use pace, so i cant comment on that. He must have a bit about him tho to have made the step up from our academy.

    He would be a squad player for you i would imagine, and a more than capable deputy when called upon.

    Its only the same as what he is at our place and to be honest he would get more chances at yours.

    If the move helps you guys out then id be all for it.

    Hope this is helpful.

  4. I said it wouldn’t be too long before a Man City fan comes along. Cheers for the info fella :)

  5. You must be a right knob to buy these shite papers, but they sell millions, this can only mean England is a nation full of twats :shock:

  6. Jay Jay – Have to meet for a session sometime (beer, not sex). Quite fancy a night out in Broad St!

    Rooney showing his childish side again then!

  7. FSOTC – It’s because us English get everything our way all of the time :roll:

  8. what crap will gabbidini spew out tomorrow night on the radio about his beloved darren bent. no chance of going to south africa.
    mind you there are six or seven others on that display want to be worried.
    one thing for sure the spanish and brazilian coaches won’t be losing any sleep after watching that rubbish

  9. Icedog – Don’t like Honda, not my kind of thing. Gutted people haven’t picked up on my subtle headline :(

    Subliminal advertising :D

  10. Fsotc I think rio is utter shite. If they were ever fit woodgate and king the best two centrebacks IMO

  11. Not to say bad about england team,but they seriously can’t make it at international level when doing penalties~~~

    Do they really need a coach for that department???

  12. I don’t know FSOTC but I don’t think he should play anywhere for England mate.

  13. Struck lucky with that OG. England seem to have misunderstood what Japan are all about.

    Ask anyone who has seen tham and they will say they are energetic little rascals who dont give a team any time on the ball, same as S Korea.

    Yet we set the team out originally with very little pace?

  14. Wow… Its beening very encouraging to see the amount of opposition fans that have come on the blog to wish Newcastle luck next season.

    This includes, Spurs, Man City, Arsenal, Wolves fans… I have really got to say that it makes a nice change.

  15. JJ – they are only wishing us luck because we are an easy 3 points for em next year :D

  16. JJ that’s because some opposing fans are intelligent enough not to read all the made up crap in the press about us.Like us every teams fans have they’re fair share of idiots but most football fans are good craic.

  17. Hmm, been relatively calm today so far.

    Ashley is ace! :lol:

    Joking, before WW269 kick off ;)

  18. Whey almost time to adjourn to the bar after watching the chaps chalk up another much deserved victory ;-)

  19. Whoa, England ish way way too lucky. two own goals by Nippon.

    Anyone cares for a japanese newcatle player??? :lol:

  20. how the hell heskey gets a game beats me,as comm says hasnt scored a goal since feb ffs

  21. Beer time and I’m not going to try to come home until I can no longer remember where I live!! I love Bank Holiday weekends :-)

  22. Well,If he does come on loan,we can assured him,he will not be sitting on bench anymore. :lol:

  23. City – Has your owner got an equally rich brother that would be willing to invest in us?

  24. Without clicking on it, it’s the pic of him in a Newcastle shirt with the army isn’t it? ;)

  25. Actually,if i rmb correctly,is during Ashely era there was once a rumor that we are trying to get beckham right???

  26. Newcastle United Women’s Football Club would like to invite applications from suitably qualified individuals for the following vacancies…

    * * 1st Team Coach
    * * 1st Team Assistant Coach
    * * Assistant Goalkeeping Coach

    Anyone got the qualification and potential??? ;) ;)

  27. AOD – Have you seen them? The only one worth a bit of fun with is the goalie :lol:

  28. Calm down toonsy, you already have your missus and louise Taylor on the go :grin:

  29. I know worky, worrying he felt the need to clarify his position there mate :grin:

  30. i see we are due 12 million quid now from the final installments of previos sold players. plus we have lost butt and pancrate – who cares i know – but – we really do need to spend some fcuking money. we could just spends that 12 million we got coming in and not touch ashleys precious 60 million bonus for prem promo. ffs… do something fat ash!

  31. Good to see you guys back. Well done.
    Re ‘The Boy Otter’ as the commentator in the semi v Rags insisted on calling him he’s looked very assured in his appearances last season and in no way out of his depth. It would be foolish to view him as simply a bench warmer – at Carrington they regard him as a major prospect and Scarf Ace thinks highly of him apparently. Trouble is when Lescott is fit and Boateng arrives we are pretty well stocked for CBs. Kompo should be a shoe in, leaving one place for Lescott/Toure/Boateng plus Richards and Onouha if they stay so as the other MCFC guy says he may have more of a chance with Toon than us.

  32. well thats even better toonsy. 13 million would do me just fine… every one is a winner, ashley keeps his 60 million and we get a decent kitty. ALL of us would be happy with that.

  33. Craig – That is what i reckon will happen. There doesn’t need to be “new” money paid out if it is already coming into the club, does there?

  34. Toonsy

    As this blog seems to be going nowhere, thought i would bring something to your attention.
    No black male likes to be called BOY, it`s a put down once commonly used here in the US and S/Africa.
    Stemming from slavery and aparthiet, which if you think about it is self explanatory.

  35. Well I was unaware of that, but it wasn’t meant as a derogative term, just referring to his age (19) and a double-barrell of his actual name (Boyota)

  36. Jesus, Chuck, you are one hypersensitive boy, sorry,guy. Soz if I caused offence mate but ‘Boy Otter’ indeed came from a mispronunciation of the lad’s name by a commentator. Also ‘boy’ is very common in English football (please don’t upset MY sensibilities by calling it ‘soccer’) parlance. The original of this was, I think, Terry Venables’ remark that ‘the boy Lineker done good’, a phraseology that’s been copied ever since – with no reference to slavery or apartheid meant or assumed. It also fostered a Monty Python piss-take and a song by Billy Bragg (no mean man when it comes to anto-apartheid).

  37. Craig
    It`s obvious you have`nt a clue as to what is or is`nt politically correct, so please don`t embarrass yourself.


    Oh! excuse me if Terry Venables said it then it`s ok!
    I believe he has made a few other gaffes in his time,which we wont go into.
    But if your argument is based on a combination of what Terry Venables said andy Monty python.
    Need i say more.

  38. Toonsy
    I realise it was a play on words BOYota and quite innocent,
    Never the less, used in reference to black men, it`s considered insulting and a put down.
    If what i`m saying appears to be extremely correct to some and by the replies it obviously is, only goes to show how some (Not You)still have a lot to learn.

  39. Aye, as I said Chuck, I just didn’t know. Im a young’un ya knaa (ish) and was wrapped in cotton wool as a kid ;)

  40. chuck says:
    June 1, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    I realise it was a play on words BOYota and quite innocent,
    Never the less, used in reference to black men, it`s considered insulting and a put down.”

    Statler, you seem to have overlooked the fact that his surname is, actually, “Boyota”. Are you saying that he shouldn’t have that surname because he is black? If you are, surely that’s a little racist in itself?

  41. Workey

    I`m saying neither actually!

    What i am saying is simply that the term “boy”
    used in reference to any black man is insulting and a put down.

  42. chuck says:
    June 1, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    “What i am saying is simply that the term “boy”
    used in reference to any black man is insulting and a put down.”

    I know, Chuck, but we aren’t all from Alabama, and the surname “Boyota” isn’t a perjorative term for anyone.

  43. WORKY might be lost off here,but people are not back to this racist thing,thought you nipped it in the bud ?

  44. Worky

    You looking for a debate here ?

    Let me explain what i said to Toonsy, simply his use of the term “boy” in reference to Boyota, as i understood it, was a simple innocently stated wordplay (boy-Boyota)
    I was`nt getting on his case, simply informing him that to use the term in reference to any black man was both insulting and a put down.
    And one does`nt have to be from Alabama, to know that !

  45. CHUCK one things for sure i wouldnt kiss yours,find your lines of thought a bit “sick”,but if thats what floats your boat go for it sure you will find a few mates to chat to in the sewers of the good old U S of A it stands for ass doesnt it

  46. Just shows how lost I was, I thought it was a play on the words “Newcastle in the market for a nearly new Toyota” No

  47. Workey

    No! true the name Boyota is not a perjorative, unlike say names like Balls or Lipshitz. (joking)
    However no one other than yourself brought it up, dont get your point.
    My reference was solely to toonsy`s use of the term boy in reference to Boyota, which as i stated was used in innocence.