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Scenes like this have been familiar this year.
Scenes like this have been familiar this year.
Those are of course opening words to a ditty that started being sung by the Toon Army in the stands at grounds up and down the country soon after Newcastle United secured their promotion back to the promised land of the Premier League.

We can look forward to playing the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, and probably getting played off the park again, but it doesn’t matter. The fact is we have earned the right to pit our wits against the eilte again. This season has been fantastic on so many levels, even if the opposition has disappointed at times, and for many reasons this is a season I will look back on fondly. There isn’t much that will beat that winning feeling, and it’s a feeling we have experienced 30 times this season. We haven’t always played like Champions, but the feat of scoring the most goals and conceding the least throughout the season should tell it’s own story – we have been a cut above the opposition for the majority of the season. Sure we have been outplayed at times, we have also been awful at times, but it didn’t matter in the end. All that matters is getting points on the board and, by hook or crook, it is something we have done remarkably well this season.

We had been a Premier League team for a very long time, 16 years in fact. Of course it came to an end last season, and not many of us knew what to expect this season. There had been various mutterings about the league being ‘one of the toughest to get out of’ and questions were asked as to whether our ‘overpaid prima-donna’s’ would be able to handle the physical nature of The Championship. We got through it, and left some moaning about our own physical approach.

Whether by accident or not, we appear to have fallen upon a formula that has worked from the off, and I see no reason why it can’t continue to work. Hard graft and determination have seen us through the majority of the season, the ability to wear teams down and nick a goal from nothing has been key on more than a couple of occasions. Well that is what Premier League teams do isn’t it? We have never really looked like losing at home all season, aside from the odd draw of course but we can’t have things all our own way. Week in week out we have had to deal with teams who treated playing against us as their cup final, 46 of them in fact, and we only lost 4.

Through all the fantastic games this season, we must also spare a thought for our opposition. The majority of them are proper fans who, much like us, follow their team regardless of any lack of glory and it’s been a privilege to spend time with them this season. Some teams went beyond the call of duty with their hospitality, remember Plymouth a few weeks back? How about Barnsley who gave us a startling 7,000 tickets? Granted, they gained financially but they still didn’t have to turn Oakwell into near enough a home game for us. What about Peterborough? That was the best trip, I’ve ever been on! Even Cardiff and Forest away was a good laugh. Fans of other Championship teams, if you read this I would like to say thank you to you all.

So what about next season then? Pfft, that’s next season. For now let’s try to remember the good times. The winning feeling may not be as prevalant next season so it would be rude to ruin what we are feeling right now. That is not to say we shouldn’t be looking forward to next season, of course we should. Every fan of every team wants to play against the best in the land. Luckily we get the chance to do that, but only through what we have achieved this season.

Let’s not forget about it so easily!

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41 Responses

  1. Yep, the article sums it up nicely. I am rally going to miss the honesty and openness of all things Championship and I fully expect to enjoy next season a lot less, with all the cheating, politics, cup-buying and stupid, fickle, crowing fans.

    My thanks and great respect to the FCC clubs. Great lot.

  2. Where are icedog and Big Dave? People will start speculating about the pair if they keep on disappearing together ;)

  3. Toonsy, spot on.Some great times like,5 non stop minutes of “oh Shola Ameobi” at Peterboro,7000 Geordies bouncing up and down as they “pogo if ya love the Toon”.
    Also great banter with the opposition fans home and away,I’ve enjoyed it and sad to see it gone but the EPL is the only place to be,bring it on.HWTL

  4. Getting back to the winning feeling has been the biggest buzz this season. coming down the steps after matches I was no longer considering jumping like 2008/09 season.
    Praise to the championship teams and fans only arseholes were a few random cardiff fans who came looking for scraps.
    Teams were neat and tidy but had no real class in the final third of the pitch.
    Au revoir championship. Now for the premier league then champions league.
    Just joking

  5. toonsy-The second video is priceless, everybody in full song and you standing looking slightly confused throughout it all, haha. Top notch!

  6. Ross – I really didn’t think I was that drunk!

    Oh well :lol:

    I blame the Charters beer festival ;)

  7. Didn’t know toonsy is that handsome.

    Was expecting a Mike Ashley like.

    :lol: :lol:

  8. Great write up toonsy,
    What i liked best was the way we’ve ground out results when needed, like any good team does.
    All the while playing in ‘cup finals’ & coming through on top, mostly. Like any good team does.
    & Best of all doing it ’til the very end, to the final whistle. Instilling ‘winning is all’ mentality.
    Even going for the win yesterday, for the ‘ton up’ & the amazing traveling fans.
    Loved some of the refreshing craic from proper fans, there as much for the love as glory. Will always have respect for PAFC.
    Well done to ALL the lads/lasses involved with the club.
    Some great records.
    A winning mentality has been established, keep it going lads.
    Roll on next season!

  9. @Toonsy: ;) ;) ;)

    @richietoon: heard it will be delayed after World Cup.:(

  10. @Toonsy: ;) ;) ;)

    @richietoon: heard it will be delayed till after World Cup.:(

  11. AoD….cheers,I can’t believe there’s no pics on the internet yet(genuine ones).

  12. It must of been class at PA watching the lads seal it,i was at grimsby the last time we done it 92-93,i think it was.The KK team that went up then were a total contrast to CHs team of now,KKs team was full of goals and pace and great to watch, but were dodgy in defence,CHs team are more patient,robust and solid but not that good to watch,which team was the better? i wud go for the KK team but not by much.and dont forget the KK team finished 3rd their first season back in the top flight,we all know though,that the prem is a far tougher proposition now.which of the two teams would other readers pick?

  13. Big Dave says:
    May 3, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    “Toonsy another good article oh and that left arm of yours looks real naff”

    Needs more work done on it, at mates rates ;)

  14. WLtoon – There is a poll on the right hand side about that very thing. And I wrote an article about it.

  15. You must have had a hard life mate ye can see your bald spot in the 2nd clip :lol: or maybe its the blog is putting years on ye ;) and no probs with mates rates, oh and have you seen any decent clips of the trouble at the Owls game I heard Clint Hill got punched a few times but never seen owt

  16. Richie-me and toonsy were talking about this the other day, apparently the kit launch was postponed due to the volcanic ash. I imagine the kits will be with the club now but if there’s no promo shots been taken yet then it could be a while yet. I too am surprised that something hasn’t leaked yet, they’re really keeping it under wraps. The new spurs puma kit leaked the other day but it was a photo a fan managed to take at the photo shoot for the launch. its nice like.

  17. Dave, you hear about the trouble at Luton today aswell?

    Cheers about the bald patch, I blame my old man for that. Although my hair has lasted longer than his ;)

    I just have a thin crown, that’s all :lol:

  18. Toonsy
    Hey! probably your best piece of work yet, congratualtions, wordsmith !

  19. toonsy says:
    May 3, 2010 at 8:39 pm
    Dave, you hear about the trouble at Luton today aswell?

    Cheers about the bald patch, I blame my old man for that. Although my hair has lasted longer than his

    I just have a thin crown, that’s all
    >>>>>Otherwise known as a monkeys arse lol. No offence meant Toonsy, keep up the good work mate.

  20. Chuck says:
    May 3, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Hey! probably your best piece of work yet, congratualtions, wordsmith !”

    Thats twice in two weeks there has been a comment like that from you. Stop it, Chuck. I’m not used to it and it freaks me out ;)

  21. Toonsy,
    Wait until you get to my age, when I look in the mirror, I see me dad staring back………scary.

  22. Ross-cheers,yeah I got the email from the club about the original photo shoot for the launch that was postponed.Would be nice to get it as I may be moving out to Spain,will miss the football though if I go.It was the same when I was in Germany with the army,missed the Toon nmore than the family.lol

  23. TGS – Luckily I look nowt like either of my parents, which is slightly worrying but never mind :D

  24. Toonsy-The scenes with the Luton fans and York players are pretty depressing. Frustration, yes…turning on the opposing team is a bit too far though! However, I doubt the small number of away fans who were still in the ground just a matter of metres away helped the situation much, there will have been some serious abuse hurled between the two groups lol.

    Richie-Just have one of the family mail one over mate! On the subject of Puma, I’ve just seen the new Hibs away kit, and they seem to have done away with their strange collars/necks and random flashes of ill fitting colour dotted all over the place for this seasons templates. Surely a good sign!? lol

  25. Ross……Probably just order online if I do go,what chance of Ashley refunding me for next year’s season ticket if we decide to go?….slim to none.

  26. toonsy-Really!? Is that it going on sale in July, or it being revealed in July? Annoying if we see nowt till then like. Given the fact the season is over, you’d think they could release pictures of the shirt, even just on a bloody hanger, lol. Obviously the club themselves wont want it getting out until the promo shot with the lads wearing it, but i’d have thought it would have leaked by now.

    Richie-Cant see you getting cash back for your season ticket to be honest. Best bet is to flog it to a mate at a discount price so it doesn’t go entirely tits up for you. The money wont be as enjoyable as SJP though sadly!. I hope for your sake you stay, lol. Unless you fancy the change?

    As for Adidas’ efforts with next season’s kits, some of those too are awful. Just seen Stoke’s home kit and it’s terrible to be honest. Looks like 3 shirts sewn together into one and their fans dont seem too happy with it either. No stripes on their arms, none on the back. It’s red and white so i hate it regardless, but their lot arent too keen either, haha.

  27. Toonsy-Fair play mate. I wouldn’t take it as gospel, what with all the rubbish you usually spout ;) haha. Kiddin on! Suppose we just have to wait and see. Watch it be visual vomit and a complete anti climax, lol.

  28. Ross – I hope it’s not one of them tight ones. I don’t like them, football shirts should be casual.

    Although if they were skinny tops it would be like ‘hello, welcome to the gun show’ BOOM BOOM :lol:

  29. Ross……yeah I think you’re right.I’ll write to them explaining the situation but like you say will probably have to sell them(I have 2) discounted to mates with the proviso I can use them when I’m home.
    If I go over I’ve already lined up a team to watch FC Torrevieja……just won’t be the same though.

  30. toonsy says:
    May 3, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    “Ross – I hope it’s not one of them tight ones. I don’t like them, football shirts should be casual.”

    Puma stuff tends to be very fitted and tailored for the more sylph like form, Toonsy, that’s why I like it. Their shirts look great on professional athletes etc, but they do look a bit daft on fat beer drinkers though.