A walk in the Park? QPR 0-1 Newcastle United.

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A beautiful strike from the Great Dane!
A beautiful strike from the Great Dane!
As I took my seat at a rainy Loftus Road, it was amongst the home supporters, so it was always destined to be something of a quiet afternoon for me! As we waited for the game to commence, I reflected on my first visit to see the team in the capital this season, the 6-1 thrashing by Leyton Orient, and how far they had come since that time under the leadership of dynamic duo, Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood. From an uncoordinated rabble that was riven apart by division and lack of leadership, to a cohesive unit.

After a minute’s applause for recently deceased QPR legend, Tony Ingham, the kick-off was taken. There was some excitement as Newcastle went on the offensive almost from the off. Wayne Routledge fired in a cross, which was headed behind the goal by QPR’s Leigertwood. The resultant corner was also dropped invitingly into the area, this time by Guthrie, but the effort was cleared. A few minutes after this (about five oir six minutes in after checking), Guthrie attempted to supply Ameobi with what would have been an excellent chance, but the ball was out of control, which may have had as much to do with the highly ‘greasy’ playing surface as anything else. Around a couple of minutes later, Routledge made a decent turn and shoot, but, alas, he fired stright into the arms of the QPR goalkeeper, Radek Cerny.

After ten or so minutes of minor excitement though, I soon sank back into my reverie, for, to be honest, the play was pretty pedestrian and boring for most of the first half, and the above mentioned pitch conditions didn’t help a great deal either. It seemed to be very slippery, with news earlier that it had to pass an inspection before the game could go ahead, and it was still raining to add more fuel to the fire.

Conditions apart, it also had the feel of a ‘dead rubber’, with both sides having little to play for. With Newcastle having already acheived what they needed to for the season, their performance generally had the feel of a training game at Benton as they went through the motions somewhat. After all that though, there were still points of interest. For example, QPR had their chances too, which brought out an encouraging performance from Steve Harper’s goalkeeping understudy, Tim Krul, who parried or smothered whatever what the “Hoops” had to throw at him, taking his rare chance in the first team goal with great aplomb. All in all a great improvement on the last time I saw him at Leyton, where he and Fraser Forster seemed to spend most of the game on all fours, fishing the ball out the back of the net! Back to this game though. Wayne Routledge and Joey Barton also deserved some credit for providing much of the creative impetus for the Magpies in this pretty dour first half. As the first half was drawing to a close, a very respectable free kick cracked off by Guthrie saw Cerny needing to give the ball a good fisting, only for Guthrie to take possession again, feeding Best who shot wide. Enough of the first half though, time for a drink. A non alcoholic one unfortunately by order of the doctor. But wait! The first half wasn’t quite over after all! Some mischievious Geordie with a whistle brought the first half to a false end, persuading Danny Simpson to pick up the ball. Referee, Darren Deadman, decided to resolve the situation with a ball drop.

The second half certainly had an exciting start, as Leon Best threads a pass through the QPR backline to Shola. As the Fenham Eusebio attempts to pick up the ball for what would have been a clear scoring opportunity, ex Magpie, Peter Ramage, slid through Ameobi, and was consequently sent off with a straight red card. “This should open up the game a little” I said to myself, and so it did! Well, a bit anyway.

Shortly after that (after 52 minutes to be precise), the Great Dane himself, Peter Lovenkrands enters the fray, replacing Leon Best who seemed to have picked up some kind of mild knock. Meanwhile, both sets of fans started giving a good account of themselves, with the QPR lot (with one silent Geordie in the middle of them all!) getting behind their ten man team, and my estranged compatriots just seemed to be enjoying the party after a campaign well fought by all sides, players, management and supporters.

Getting back to the pitch though, The Hoops show that their threat hasn’t been completely extinguished, despite being a man down. About an hour into the game, QPR’s Hungarian striker, Tamás Priskin, shoots wide when he should have passed it really.

Tens minutes after that came the main event of the afternoon, as Joey Barton and Peter Lovenkrands show the Championship what a bit of Premiership quality in front of goal looks like. Barton laid off a ball very nicely into space, with Lovenkrands pouncing on it and dispatching a remarkable chip past Cerny for the only goal of the afternoon.

A couple of minutes later, QPR attempt to prove that there’s still life in the old dog yet, as Jay Simpson breaks through to attempt a chip of his own past Krul. Krul was well up to the challenge though, and the threat is extinguished by the large frame of the Dutchman.

Shortly after, Routledge, Guthrie and Barton once again show some Premiership class with an excellent attacking move. Routledge made a great pass which Guthrie gently knocs into the path of Barton, who sadly couldn’t convert.

Moving on, my telepathic relationship with Chris Hughton came to the fore. I was just thinking “stick Vuckic on Chris, so I can have another look at him” and lo and behold, a large young Slovenian starts readying himself for action! Gatesheed’s favourite radgie beanpole was also warming up, and both trotted on to the pitch in due course.

The Slovenian Pedro almost made his mark immediately, as Routledge laid the ball into the young maestro’s path about 10-15 yards from the goal. Vuckic adjusted himself to take the shot with his favoured left foot, and rattled off a curling shot which ends up just wide of the post.

All that was left was a Ryan Taylor booking, another decent stab from Lovenkrands, saved by Cerny this time, and the general party time atmosphere among the Toon faithful, with much singing and general good spirits. Finally, the “Proud to be a Geordie, We’ll support you ever more” banner was unfurled, under much happier circumstnces than the last game of our previous season at Villa Park. A fairly fitting end to the season.

Howay the Lads!

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49 Responses

  1. Hmm. A lot of innuendo in there, Worky. All this talk of players on all fours, or players cracking off, or fisting 8O

  2. U half talk a lot of shit! Routledge is poor, a shit jermaine pennant. Watch nxt year he will flop lyk at villa nd spurs. If we ad a striker the game wud ave been over! Gd luck fighting relegation (y)

  3. toonsy says:
    May 3, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    “Hmm. A lot of innuendo in there, Worky. All this talk of players on all fours, or players cracking off, or fisting”

    All fours? Cracking off? Fisting? Are they ‘rude’ in some way, Toonsy? Please forgive me if they are, as I am very naive in such matters.

  4. Stevo says:
    May 3, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    “U half talk a lot of shit! Routledge is poor, a shit jermaine pennant. Watch nxt year he will flop lyk at villa nd spurs. If we ad a striker the game wud ave been over! Gd luck fighting relegation”

    Well. all I can say is at least we’ll get a shot at the PL next season ;)

  5. workyticket says:
    May 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    “All fours? Cracking off? Fisting? Are they ‘rude’ in some way, Toonsy? Please forgive me if they are, as I am very naive in such matters”

    I suppose it’s how my smutty mind interprets such things :D

  6. Stevo says:
    May 3, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    “U half talk a lot of shit! Routledge is poor, a shit jermaine pennant. Watch nxt year he will flop lyk at villa nd spurs. If we ad a striker the game wud ave been over! Gd luck fighting relegation (y)”

    You should try some adult literacy classes, Stevo. They will make your feeble attempts at put downs far less embarrassing.

  7. Stevo, it’s been like that all season mate. You’re a bit like us in many respects. You’re owned by a billionaire and skint too!

  8. I love a bit of banter with opposing fans :)

    There is only one though :(

  9. Stevo ole son, you really should engage your brain before starting to dribble down your chin.
    And text talk is the sign of a moron and….hang on, you ARE a moron aren’t you ?
    Hence the verbal diaorreah ?

  10. toonsy, I’ve been away for a couple of days. Little bit too much drink though and I am now suffering!

  11. Stevo..well done you’ve just proved the ‘missing link’ is no longer missing!!

  12. tad worried regarding CH… yes of course he deserves his chance in the prem with his team and yeah we’ve done well this term, but i cant help thinking that we’ve not conceded lots in the CCC due to our oppositions attackive play not being great, rather than our defence being impenetrable, and likewise our strikers being adequate against CCC defences.

    ok, its not all down to chris and the team needs to be improved… but his style has not always being whats needed… rarely this term have we cut defences apart and shredded a team as a whole… the matches have been quite droll and we’ve nicked the odd goal… our opposition in the prem will be a different kettle of fish

  13. eastend toon, true some of the matches havn’t been great but everyone rave about how good WBA’s football was!! They scored less and conceded more and don’t forget most teams we played just packed their midfield and defence which never makes for a good game.None of us knows for sure how well our players will perform next season,but I think we’ll be ok.1 more point last year would have kept us up,the team we have now is as good player wise and streets ahead attitude and team spirit wise in my opinion.We’ll be ok.HWTL

  14. toonsy and worky-From the last article Re shirts, I too am a fan of the fitted Puma shirts. I think a slightly fitted, plain shirt looks quite smart for fans, but like you say Worky, on the slightly larger lad who enjoys a pint or three, they might not look fantastic, lol. Spurs had a shirt a few seasons ago that looked quite fitted, was very plain and i really liked it.
    I love what Umbro have done with the two latest England shirts, I think the old school, smart look is really good. I’ll probably buy both for the WC. However, from what i’ve seen of the Puma templates for the 10/11 season, they seem to be on the slightly baggy side. Given the fact i’m a lanky bugger, something that fits my height normally ends up looking like a tent on me, haha.

  15. I’m the beer or 3 man so no tight fitting tops for me.Thats why I can’t wear England rugby shirts anymore since the players decided to get fit!!

  16. i’m like you Ross… tall and gangly sod!

    have you seen man u’s new kit… laughed my head off!

  17. richie-I think we’ve maybe discussed the rugby shirts before, lol. They’re in the same bracket-They might suit a professional athlete who’s 15/16 stone of solid muscle, but sadly your average bloke gets the short end of the stick when you’re asked to shell out 50 quid for a lyrca shirt, lol.

    Eastend-I’ve seen what is apparently man utd’s new kit? With the white stripes down the arms? Didnt like what i saw to be honest, but then again anything involving manure or the scum I will put down as nonsense even if its an apparent fashion masterpiece, haha.

    The only decent thing i’ve noticed about the Puma templates i’ve seen so far is that they’re relatively simple, hopefully ours is the same. As long as they dont play around with the stripes, Keep it simple, no silly flashes of colour here there and everywhere i’m fine.

  18. Evening chaps! Just recovering after getting back from the smoke today.

    The best of the action was when ‘man of the fans’ Steve Wraith started knocking seven bells out of one of their lot in the South Africa Road standard and then got launched five rows and eventually chucked in to next my pals in the away end.

    It could easily have kicked off where we were in the Ellerslie Road stand but I tried to be respectful. Although Whumpie was slightly less diplomatic…

    The game was pretty poor at times and they should have scored a couple. Krul pulled off a ridiculous save at the end but it was offside anyway. The ‘Best’ thing Leon, did all day was pull his hamstring. Liked the look of Vuckic when he came on, plenty of confidence on the ball.

    Good trip overall.

  19. Anyone watching Carlito’s Way on Sky Modern Greats? Great film.

    Best part of today was hearing Hughton say that Vuckic will play a major part next season. I’m sure that was music to the player and fans’ ears alike.

    Also, was nice to hear Krul speak. He seems to have calmed down and realised that it’s best for him to just be patient and wait for his chance.

  20. aye richie… proper sh*te… if you go to page 4 of that thread you see man u’s… looks tired and jaded

    carlito’s way is a great movie… also, have you seen Millers Crossing? another classic

    re: keepers… they shouldnt get too stressed, they should know that their careers are different re: the rest of the team… longer shelf life etc… most high end keepers don’t hit their form until mid to late 20’s at best

  21. eastend-The Spurs one is real. Photo’s leaked from their launch a couple of days ago

  22. Carlitos Way is a crackin film. Got it ‘plus’d’ already but haven’t had time to indulge yet.

  23. I obviously spoke to soon regarding Puma not doing anything daft with their collars on this years shirts aswell. That Cov shirt on the final page of the forum looks like a 9 year old has got to it with their safety scissors.

  24. yeah Ross we talked about the rugby shirts before I think.lol.
    Eastend..agree manure one is horrible

  25. gabriel byrne.. if thats the right spelling.. but a great film… not a movie, a film

  26. fundamentally about how a man holds his own and looks after himself in a cut throat world…

  27. ok then your geordies your renound for not talking properly haha, you lot are too cocky you were poor against us, if we had a striker it would have been 3 nil like when we battered you at st james park and you got a lucky equaliser!

  28. Stevo
    we missed a pen in tat game at home to – if that went in we’d have won!
    yes we have not played ‘arsenal type’ football this season, but in a division which requires points accumulation and wins, we have done that; most wins, most goals, fewest defeats, fewest goals conceded and on and on and on.
    u may have a chance under neil warnock for next season, so stop whinging about the seson gone, u had a chance to get to play-offs at half way stage and blew it!! look to your management and owners for a reason why u didnt get there!

  29. Stevo – It’s a shame a season is over 46 games and not 2, and takes into account what actually happened, not what could have happened had you had a better team.

    I’d give up mate, your starting to sound like a sore loser.

    “ok then your geordies your renound for not talking properly haha”

    It’s ‘renowned’, you cocky little shite!

  30. Toonsy-if we really wanted to be d!cks, we could just just inform Stevo that said sentence is full of grammatical errors. Quite ironic when he’s trying to bash our lingo. You clearly haven’t got a grasp of the English language in general stevo!

  31. Aye Ross, but we’ve got nothing to be bitter about, unlike wor stevo ;)

  32. 6 out of 7 dwarfs surveyed said they weren’t happy.

    We believe Stevo to be very happy due his clothes and footwear being exempt from vat.

    Comments Welcome.

  33. BBM @ 19: Me?? Less diplomatic??

    Ok, may have just yelled and stood up at the goal, right in the middle of 10,000 Londoners. A bit. Nice lot, fortunately. Could sing, too, once they got going.

    As you say – the game was mostly dreadful and with that excuse for a pitch it was a bit ‘keystone cops’ at times. While QPR deserved more, it’s not our fault if they couldn’t hit Mike Ashley’s arse with an arse-seeking missile.

    I also got the impression that if he’d needed to, CH could have brought on the people necessary to bury them properly anyway.

    It may have involved 12 hours of travel, and it may have been to London (pleh) but a great trip. Shame the ‘Toon’ pub was so crap, but the other dozen or so we found were ok.

    Managed to stay awake enough to drive most of the way home yesterday, but eventually gave in and dozed in the back watching ‘Up’ with wor sprog and let the missus (very cute chauffeur) do the rest. Back to reality now; at least until the WC starts.

    Engerlund Engerlund Engerlund….

  34. Stevo is, I believe, the QPR ‘care in the community’ project.

    He is special.

  35. if i want to be intellectual i will , but i cba with u geordies! half of your players are poor! leon best shocking, routledge, great profit for us, ameobi what an immense player haha, dont worry we will get promoted next season!

  36. was in the ellersie rd when your fan of the people got in a ruck, just a question why is the chairman of your supporters club sat in the home end ? cant he get a ticket? he was out of order as i had 3 of your boys sat next to us and they were no bother, he got what he deserved to be fair when hje went flying over the seats, he could have made it uncomfortable for all the othe rnufc fans in the crowd!!!

  37. Stevo – Ameobi? Isn’t that the one that reject Ramage couldn’t catch so had to hack down?

    If he was as shite as you claim then Ramage should have left him run on goal as he would have missed. If we are so poor, why did you lose?

    You posted at 12:17? You must have a teacher training day son.

  38. Sorry to rain on your parade Geordies but, as a neutral at Loftus Road on Sunday, I was surprised at just how poor NUFC were. Even though you understandably had your foot off the gas, this was not a performance that would get you any kind of a result in the Premiership. If you don’t make some major investment (you need at least one decent striker, to bolster your midfield and most Prem strikers will carve straight through your defence on this showing) you’ll be coming straight back down. Speaking as a Hammer, even our deardful team this season would have ripped you to shreds. Ashley needs to splash the cash or you’re down!

  39. Stevo, if half our lads are poor players and they still finished with 55 more points than the saps you put on the pitch, I hate to think how you’d describe them!

  40. yh qpr are rubbish london calling lool! still newcastle fans think they’re better than what they are, thank you hammer wel said! you need to spend 20 million or byeeee

  41. Who is to say we wont spend £20 million?

    Come on brains, how many of our team on Sunday were first team regular starers? Only half of them.

    Feckin ‘lool’, are you a retard? Did it take your carer 3 hours to type from your last message?

  42. look at the message b4 u nob it took 2 mins ha. still you will be fighting a relegation battle next year, and we’ll be goin up so its kl, were gna be back where we belong and our support belongs