More of the Williamson’s, less of the Marcelino’s.

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Williamson: Settled Toon nicely.
Williamson: Settled Toon nicely.
Mike Williamson has been somewhat of a revelation since his arrival on Tyneside, which is more that can be said for other more high profile names that have had the chance to wear the famous Black & White stripes of Newcastle United.

Williamson was signed by Portsmouth in September 2009 but was subsequently forced to play in the reserves as the financial rot set in at Fratton Park. That meant that the South coast club couldn’t afford to pay any more of the fee owed to Watford if he made a first team appearance, which was a shame on a personal level for him but ended up being beneficial for us.

When the new season starts and August rolls around it will see Mike being given the chance of playing top level football for the first time in his career. Again, the ability of Mike to be able to make the step up has been cause of debate between some fans. Some argue that he hasn’t played top flight football for a reason, others say he was just unlucky at not getting his chance last year with Portsmouth. Given that he hasn’t put a foot wrong, other than on his surf board, since he has been here then surely he deserves his shot at the big time, and I will be backing him to succeed.

Williamson has been viewed as somewhat of a bargain basement capture, a tag that is probably quite appropriate given the alleged fee involved but is a tad unfair when it comes to comparing the price with his ability. Over the years we have wasted so much money on dross signings for defence such as Marcelino, who is probably still nursing a sore thumb as long as he is getting paid somewhere, Jean-Alain Boumsong and David Rozehnal, who all spring to mind.

Which leads me to my point. Spending a truck load of money on a player doesn’t guarantee that the signing will work out, we should know that most of all. What does matter is making sure that a new signing improves the team and is signed on merit, not reputation. Players like Wayne Routledge, Mike Williamson and even Danny Simpson have improved us as a team, although Simpson has looked questionable in recent weeks but he did look a lot better earlier in the season.

Leon Best is perhaps the most unsuccessful signing of the season for us, although I would like to see how he peforms once he scores a goal for us. There must be something there as he still gets called up by Trapattoni for Ireland. Hopefully with a goal and some confidence we can see him kick on from there. Despite being one of his critics, I would love him to shut me up with his goal scoring exploits on the pitch. Here is to hoping!

We know there isn’t going to be much cash made available this summer, certainly not figures like £20 million anyway, so on that basis it’s imperative we spend it wisely on players who will add to what we have already.

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107 Responses

  1. This guy sums up the worse aspects of NUFC fans.
    When he arrived people were like ‘who?’ or ‘im uninspired by this signing’
    In the short time he has been here, I feel more assured when he plays then when Steven Taylor does!
    This is the type of buy who is stable and solid, and will help us gain survival in the Premiership, not, as you say, the Marcelinos, and long may the ‘uninspiring’ buys continue I say.

  2. I think toon fans realise now that just because a player costs 10m etc,does,nt mean he will be a sucsess.It will be interesting to see how Williamson does next season,he looks good,but that was in the fizzy pop league.HWTL.

  3. @2… i think you are wrong, we still have loads who want the big name dickheads. i am pleased we are done with the owens and shearers of this world. nowt but ego and hassle.

  4. craig chisolm: “shearers of this world. nowt but ego and hassle.”

    Shearer-ego and hassle? What the feck are you talking about you clown.

  5. wltoon is not just williamson how he does next season its the hole team.but i do think the prem is in decline and it should and would be easier for us next season to stay up. if we cant finish in front of west brom or the other fizzy pop team then we dont deserve to stay up. only 1 team who went up last season came back down.but i would like talyor to play from the start because of all the players who got us relegated he was the only 1 who was keeping us going and felt real sadness when we went down to me are best defender and play him right back then we would have a decend back 4. but carrol in that league will frighten the life out of all the defenders in that league becasue this year more then any other years back 4s have struggled at the back from set plays and corners that could be are main weapon next year.

  6. @3…your just the type of supporter the fatman likes.

    …the only place we’ll be going with a team full of £1 million pound players is back to scunny ect.

    ..wl toon is 100% right.

  7. @6…. you need to go and look back through our last ten – thirteen year history and look at the best and worst signings and then come back to me with a valid statement my friend!

  8. @7…like i say a team full of bargain basement players will get us heading only one way….south my friend!

  9. komfort says:
    May 15, 2010 at 12:43 pm
    @7…like i say a team full of bargain basement players will get us heading only one way….south my friend!

    South towards london? Wembley? Get in!!!!!

  10. komfort world football is not the same any more! the players are average at best who cost loads of money and dont care the wages they are paid are a big problem and the standard is dropping each year thats why big money is paid for ronaldo kakka of this can buy good hard working players if u look and become top players.people dream and these are big team fans and media who make me laugh they are in for the cream of europe but each year none of these players come or are going to like david villa .

  11. aye toonsy nowt to do with fatso was it ?….look at it like this if you replace colo , jonas & jose with £1 mil players what chance would we have of surviving next season ?

  12. Komfort – I agree, we do need players. But who says we are going to sell anyone?

    On the flipside, probably 2 of our best signings over the last few season have cost less than half a million between them, Bassong and Lovenkrands.

    There is quality out there that doesn’t cost the earth. We just need to find them. Spending money doesn’t guarantee that the player will work out, we should know that more than anyone.

  13. komart stop talking sh..t these clowns were shit in the prem so they are decent players now becasue we are back up. so u have just made youself look a fool becasue they cost what money u think we should pay enough said.

  14. there’s a seat in my local beer garden with my name on it so i’m going to park my arse on it & spent some of my future winnings….

  15. Komfort:

    Bassong, NZogbia, Solano… did you know who any of these players were? Had you heard of any of them?

    Owen, Luque, Kluiverts, (are probably the three biggest names we signed after Shearer) – all were complte and utter flops…

    Then again, it didn’t take a genius to know that those players were all waaaay past their best and we were paying for the names.

    Bellamy, Dyer, Cahill, Lescott, Bale, Huddlestone, Keane, Crouch, Jagielka, Jenas. These are just of few examples of players who did well/are doing well in the Premier league that came from the Championship.

    They weren’t expensive, but they were young and had ability.

    Problem I do understand from Komforts side is, that we used to have the pulling power to be these players first choice behind the big four…
    We are no longer in that position…

  16. Freddy Adu wouldn’t ct it in the Prem. Not built for it physically in my opinion.

    This is the same Freddy Adu that was touted as the next big thing and earned sponsorships with Mike as a 12 year old, only to be dropped from the when thay realised they spent a load of money on a ‘product’ that doesn’t exist.

    Does well fro Benfica, but I doubt he would handle the batterings in the PL.

  17. @4…. it is you that needs to brush up on your nufc mr, not me. who did we flog to bring in shearer?? it was andy cole. andy cole was a better striker than shearer. thats not my own thoughts either, they are the official stats.
    When did our bubble pop in the prem… the next full season that we had bought shearer. class striker, awesome infact. just too much ‘my way or the high way’ with shearer. he was so big he divided the dressing room every season because everything was wor al’s way only.. for instance bellamy and many others falling out with him. Shearer needed a bigger club, a club where he would not have been the be all and end all. He should have went to man utd and we should have kept wor andy. no ego, no hassle and more prolific.

  18. Toonsy @ 12 have to disagree with you on that Lad. I honestly think the turmoil caused by the KK fiasco caused 90% of the shit, IMO if KK had of stayed that £100+ million team would have been top half maybe even euro placed. I know some of the players in the end looked like they didn’t give a fuk but you cant always blame the players when they didnt have a foggy idea what was happening. one minute they have KK then CH then JK then CH again then AS to me thats what relegated us not just the players

  19. i believe this player got the potential like many ghana star, he got bags of trickly to get into the box to make things happen.

  20. Dave – So if that team was a European candidate, and the managerial merry go round contributed to it’s downfall, would it be reasonable to suggest that a team that is not a million miles away from being the same side as the one at Villa Park, could have enough to stop up providing we have a stable management next season?

  21. We got relegated last season for two reasons – we sold our better players and replaced them with inferior players and they had a different manager every week.

  22. good old saying “you get what you pay for”…if ashley buys cheap it will get us in to major trouble,we will be relegated,now im not asking for 10 + mill players,just a bit of ambition from our fat controller

  23. Toonsy I honestly dont think we are far away from having a half decent team. but of the top of my head we are missing the likes of Milner, Duff, Nzog, Bassong, Beye, Martins

  24. Stuart – Who did we sell?

    Milner, which many people said at the time was a good deal at £12 million.

    Given, who wanted to go and had been hawking himself around prospective clubs for months before he went. Admittedly we still got a poor price for him mind.

    N’Zogbia, who I don’t think anyone was too bothered about seeing the back of at the time.

    Granted, Milner has really pushed on at Villa, but he wasn’t that exceptional here was he? Given is a great shot stopper, and was a great servant, but is Harper really so much weaker? N’Zogbia, well it was only a matter of time before Real Madrid came calling for him and he wanted out. We got Ryan Taylor who again people thought was decent business at the time.

  25. Sum ppl really talk rubbish on here, why wud we sell are better players jus to bulk up the numbers in are sqaud, its all bout survival ppl need to get real if u fink ashly wants to go bk down how the hells is 5 year plan ever gonna wk if we get relegated, n frankly dissapointed with the lack of faith ppl r showin the current squad ability name me a better squad in the bottom half of the prem

  26. davy, ashley had a 5 year plan when he first bought the club,and we all know how that turned out :)

  27. Off topic, but I switched my internet browser to Firefox and it’s loads better than IE.

    Finally took the pip with IE as i spent an hour writing a blog only for the program to freeze. Result = wasted time :(

  28. Yea aknow apart from sum poor managerial appoints n selling milner i really havent got a problem wit ashly running my club, n am still waitin for u doom n gloom merchants to tell me man 4 man who has a better sqaud than us in the bottom half of the prem n the reason am waitin coz there isnt one so why the hell ppl fink we will go down is beyond me

  29. Dave – Aye it’s similar. A little different but it’s easy to work out. You still get favourites etc, only they are called bookmarks.

    It seems faster and more stable than IE.

  30. Unlucky Hitman. My Nokia whatever it was fancy e-mail thngy went through the washing machine cycle in my trouser pocket. Ruined :(

  31. @35 here we go again,so,by your assumption we dont need to buy anyone because we should finish at least 10th,it does,nt work like that,and besides,its not about who u have in your squad its how they play as a team,if it was about big names we would,nt of went down.

  32. il give it a shot toonsy,cheers..
    the problem we have is how many of our first team are good enough for the prem.

  33. Given, Nzogbia and Milner were our best players! Tell me who we replaced them with and if they had better seasons than the ones they replaced.

    But let’s not forget Emre. Parker and Dyer the season Before. It’s been a slow deteriation of quality in our squad since Ashley arrived.

    But in my opinion if Milner, Nzogbia and Given had stayed we wouldn’t have gone down. Probably would have this season though.

    Oh and I certainly didn’t feel Milner was a good deal! Considering we never replaced him. I don’t blame Given for wanting to leave. He had some very unpleasant things to say about the regime. He seen the iceberg!

    Shame some on here cannot see another one – Only bigger this time!

  34. Been totting up the appearances of our team. Over 1400 PL appearances between them in the top flight.

    Not too shabby and looks like experience wont be a problem next season.

  35. Toonsy can ye use firefox without uninstalling IE meaning if ye just close all firefox internet windows, can you then just open IE

  36. theres alot of talk about milner going to manu for 25 mill,so NO it wasnt a good deal

  37. Dave – Not sure. I installed Firefox and it overwrote IE and became my default browser.

    What you worrying about? There is nowt to it mate, honestly.

  38. Big Dave,wor lass says you can have both IE and Firefox on at the same time nae probs.

  39. Milner n given werent good deals i agree buy nzogbia good player but all he ever talked bout was playin somwere else, but how can u even say dyer he has hardly played since he left, n no its not a case of i fink we hav better players than other teams so we shud finish higher, i fink we will finish higher bcoz houghton has installed a real work ethic n never say die attitude, aknow we were in a lesser division last year but was the first season for years ive seen the players look like they really cared, n as for ashly am no ashly lover but the facts r he is the owner n we cant do anything bout it, so i jus say save judgement on the team christmas u can usualy tell by then which way its gonna go

  40. stuart79 but so has all the top teams in the prem have gone that way so we are all in the same boat. are liverpool chealsea manu and arsenal better teams now. they are indecline as well as u put it. so every1 is catching up with them becasue the standard is dropping in the prem.till these players attract top notch players the standard will keep dropping given more teams chances. at the moment their is no chance these player are and will come becuse just the media make out these clubs are bidding for these players which is crap all these top teams do is buy the prem players for big prices.

  41. “I’ve spoken to them and I know they are all looking forward to it especially someone like Alan Smith. He’s a big Rangers fans so he is desperate to play at Ibrox.”

    Never knew Alan Smith was a big Rangers fan? Who’d have thunk it eh?!

  42. Actually, I’m with Stuart on this one.

    Milner left because we wouldn’t offer him a contract on the same terms as Taylor (even though he is probably a better player).

    NZogbia was only lippy because Duff was always getting selected ahead of him or he was being played at left back?
    Who wouldn’t be… He is a far better winger than Duff and he isn’t a left back.

    Given, Toonsy, is a far better goal keeper than Harper!
    I can’t understand how the two can even be compared on playing ability.

    Since then, Beye and Martins have also left. And IMO they were are best players at the time.

    So if you take Given, Beye, Milner, NZogbia, and Martins.
    I’d have those players back in a heartbeat!
    Funny thing is… they’re exactly the players we are lacking… a good right back, wingers, and a pacey striker. Given is the world class goal keeper.

    If we had ’em back, we could challenge for a top 7 place. Without them. We are hoping for survival.

  43. JJ agreed some good players there,but we had them last year and didn’t challenge for top 7 and N’zogbia was mouthing of for a move long before Duff came on the scene.I agree Given is the better keeper and maybe we would have got the extra point we needed if he had stayed until the end of the season,which is what he should have done if he had any feelings for the club(imo).Personally I wouldn’t want any player back that jumped ship last season.

  44. I would take Given n Milner back maybe at a push beye but Duff martins n n’zog Id stay clear of

  45. Right asim, you say that Chelsea, Arsenal, and Chelsea are all in decline. What this summer if you think that.

    You also say that other clubs are catchin them up – Can you explain how were going to catch them up on free transfers and loans for the next five years?

  46. My point is they’re all better than what we have now in those positions.
    And the reasons we failed to break into the top seven were not the players:

    We had no leadership at all ie: Michael Owen

    We had no system: we played 4-4-2 4-3-3 3-5-2 4-5-1 all under Keegan, Kinnear, Calderwood and Houghton and Shearer.

    The club was for sale then it wasn’t then it was…

    It was as bigger mess as you can imagine.

    We sold those players in January. So we were without them for half a season. And we still only got relegated by one point?

  47. @48…. na mate, it was shearer. cant you recall, we were all on the steps of st james after keegans head for selling andy cole. He came out and said we just had to trust him on it. thats when shearer was bought. Les was already there with andy and i may be wrong but i think les only had one full season with shearer and`was then sold on alas.

  48. Craig – Ferdinand was here for a season before Shearer, and was signed after Cole. Cole and Sir Les never played together and he was the replacement for Cole.

  49. @68…….Cole left in Jan 95,Les came in the summer of 95 to replace him.Shearer didn’t sign until the following year so Les was signed as Cole’s replacement mate.I think that’s all correct but don’t hold me to

  50. No no… you guys have got it all wrong…

    We were interested in Andy Cole, Joe Cole, Cartlon Cole, Ahsley Cole, and Simon Coleman but when Sir Bobby came over he figured this Cole but be a good player so he had him scouted and we signed Carl Cort. Who was actually meant to be Jason Euel and none of them ever played for Newcastle after Cole’s departure…

    Hope that clears things up for you! ;-)

  51. Kevin prince boateng would be a crackin signin for us!!! Kid has everything, ticks all the boxes. Would rather him than o hara but both if we can??

  52. I am commenting as craig chisholm knows sweet F A about football from reading his comments, that is all. Hahahaha

  53. MUNICH MAG said that weeks ago m8 worse player on the pitch when last i saw him,TOONSY thought he was canny,mind he was pis—- at the time with his rellys

  54. O’Hara and Robbie Keane.

    I’ve been saying it all along, Robbie Keane is key to our survival next season.
    He’s a prolific goal scorer, and has the experience to carry us through the season.
    Carroll and Keane would be a cracking partnership upfront, and with Jonas and Routledge in support, we’d have a very threatening predatory force up front.

    Let’s not beat about the bush. We have no money. Let’s get rid of Stevey Taylor for £7-8 million, and put the funds straight back into the market, with the purchase of Keane.

    Otherwise, we don’t have very many options. Cleverley on loan for some much needed flair. Welbeck wouldn’t cut the mustard.

    You all know I’m right, so I’ll just take my bow now.

  55. thinking of placing a bet newcastle to finish above 16th. 25 quid for every place they finish above. Lose 25 if they finish 16th. Lose 50 if we finish 17 and so on.

  56. Whats this all aboot ?
    Did`nt realise we had so many fans with inside personal info. in regard to why players left.
    He was looking for a move as early as….Given.
    He was waiting for Real Madrid to call…Martins.
    He was upset at having to play LB….N`Zogbia.
    He wanted to be paid the same as Taylor…Milner.
    Most of this info is garnered from that most reliable of sources, the tabloids, to repeat them does`nt give them any more credence so why bother.
    In case you are still believe Shearer was Andy Cole`s replacement Mr Chisholm, you`re wrong again, it was Sir Les.
    And the theme of this blog, which boils down to, can we buy good players cheaply ?
    In general, the answer is no, most players have their evaluated price, of course there have been exceptions to the rule, N`Zogbia, Bassong, but the attitude from a lot of fans here is that we can, hope y`all are not disappointed with this summers crop.

  57. Given was actually proven to be seeking a move in a court case soon after he left us.

    “Given and Drury met on October 13, 2008 when the goalkeeper was over in Dublin on international duty. The court papers say that Given first instructed Drury at a meeting at the team hotel in Portmarnock, to seek out new clubs from a shortlist he had drawn up.”

  58. More importantly, I think there should be a blog about how much of a good football scout I am..

    Read the above on Keane. It’s absolutely spot on. I really know about this sort off stuff.
    If you want any more tips, let me know.

    I am the Toon army.

  59. No I don’t. I dont think we could afford his transfer fee, or his wages. Plus I think he is on the decline as a player.

  60. Toonsy are you mad/drunk?
    His wages, not a problem. He will be willing to come back to the prem to prove himself and his class for less than you expect. He has bundles of class – you don’t lose that as a player. He performs well when he’s a big fish in a small pond. Liverpool didn’t suit him. Toon will. As I said, get rid of Taylor, and then wham bam thank you ma’am, we have a brand new spanking top of the range Irish striker scoring week in week out.

    Admit it, I’m right… Go on…

  61. Nope. How much would you speculate his wages and transfer fee to be?

    Bear in mind a £10 milion deal to Villa has been agreed according to sources?

  62. I’d take him on 35,000 and £8 million transfer fee.
    Villa don’t need him.

  63. Villa don’t need him…. in your opinion. If you thin Keane will sign for anyone for 35k a week then your clearly on the pisstake.

  64. He’ll definitely take it. He knows we’re a big club, and he has a point to prove. It’s a big opportunity for the fella.. And Villa don’t need him. Fact.

  65. “We’re a big club”

    And we moan when we get called delusional. We are a recently promoted team, with a big stadium. That is all. Fact.

  66. Big club, because of our fan base, and our attendance. He is an arrogant bugger, he knows the crowds we attract, he will relish in it. He wants to be deified and that’s what we’ll give him. Also Hughton has the Spurs link. Come on toonsy, just agree with me man, you know I’ve hit the nail on the head.

  67. Nope. I would rather we debate about realistic targets.

    Nicky Maynard would be one, he is from Bristol ya knaa ;)

  68. Also I’m disappointed with your negative attitude about our club. Describing the toon as a team that simply has a “big stadium”… you should be ashamed. We have heart toonsy, a lot of teams don’t, but we do. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and I’m bloody proud of it too.

  69. Aye, nut don’t you think that has been part of pur downfall? Don’t you think that has been why people have wanted to leave us before, because they aren’t goo enough for us and get the flak we think they deserve, yet go on to prove to be good players elsewhere.

    It’s not being negative. Its called being realistic. Realistic enough to realise your prolific striker has a scoring rate of around 1 in every 4 games in recent years (aside from the mickey mouse SPL).

    For the money he would cost, that simply isn’t good enough in wages and a transfer fee, that simply isn’t good enough.

  70. Now you mention it, I think Maynard would actually be a pretty solid piece of business. Risky, but I like it. Good shout toonsy, even if we might have to wait to agree about Robbie Keane when he wins the golden boot for us next season!

  71. If Keane does that for us next season, I will be heading to either Fenwicks or Grays Monument for a show of public exhibition :)

  72. I also think that Kevin prince boateng will also be a good buy. He is young and daring good height and built. He can be slot side by side with nolan if ever need him to be in the middle of the field.

    Kevin prince boateng (Attacking Midfielder L/R/C)

  73. Got to agree with you toonsy. I’m tired of this “big club” stuff, its now just a stick that the media use to beat us with. We are bigger than some clubs & not as big as others, but does it really matter? It doesn’t give us a right to success. Some players will be inspired by 52k @ sjp & others can’t cope & feel the wait of our expectations & heaven help a player who doesn’t make an immediate impact or for what ever reason a section of our support don’t like. I want a team I can be proud of with motivated players who want to bring some success & I’m not botherd if they cost £10 mil or £10 or if we are a big club.