Enrique Calls For Backup As Colo Turns Down Real!

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The bull wants reinforcements!
The bull wants reinforcements!
On another slow Newcastle United news day, Jose Enrique has urged the club to capitalise on the fantastic start to the season by adding the extra players needed to give us the best shot at finishing the promotion job off.

It appears Jose is fearful of the fact that losing too many players could jeopardize the Toon’s lead at the top of the table. The former Spain Under-21 international added:

“We need new players, some have already gone.”

“We’ve got a good squad, but when people go then we need to get replacements.”

I’m sure Enrique would be alluding to the likes of Marlon Harewood and Zhurab Khizanishvilli who have both returned to their original clubs. It does seem though that Jose is remaining generally upbeat about the manager’s chances of bringing in the required players. He added:

“I am sure that Chris has this situation already in hand – if he wants my recommendations I hear that Lionel Messi and Ronaldo would be great signings!”

“It’s a big club with a lot of fans and we’re a good bet for promotion.”

“There are Premier League players who want to come here now because they want to come and play at our fabulous stadium, it’s unbelievable.”

“But I think Chris has done an excellent job so far in adjusting the team for this division, and I’m sure he will continue to do that.”

I’m sure we are all in the same boat. I’d like nothing better that getting in the right kind of players that would get us back up to the premiership at the first attempt, something that back in August looked a million miles away! I do however wonder who these Premier League players are? One player that Jose Enrique does seem to want to keep hold of, is young on-loan right back Danny Simpson, saying:

“I’d like to see Danny stay here but it will be up to Manchester United to make this decision.”

The club are reportedly making an effort to secure Simpson on loan until the end of the season before re-evaluating the option of signing him permanently in the summer. I’d personally say sign him up now! He seems like he is an honest, hard-working lad and has hardly put a foot wrong all season.

Aswell as Enrique’s call for new signings, Newcastle we’re boosted further by the news that Fabricio Coloccini is happy on Tyneside and isn’t contemplating leaving! The frizzy haired Argie said:

“Maybe the club have received some offers, but we spoke together, and it was more important to stay – for me and the club.”

“That’s something that I wanted to do after last season. Playing in the lower league has been different, but it has made me appreciate playing at the top level.”

“But I told Chris Hughton my intentions and how I want to help us get back to the top. Chris is a very good man.”

“He’s a good manager, but more importantly also a good man – we see that in the games.”

“I wouldn’t leave – even for Real Madrid!”

Good words from Coloccini, a player that has surprised most of us and been excellent so far this season, although for the price we paid and wages he costs then he should be good! It certainly seems that both of these players have good words to say about manager Chris Hughton, praise for him was evident from both of them and they both seem happy enough. Lets just hope this transfers onto the pitch in our next league game against West Brom, especially now our lead stand at just 5 points in the table.

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42 Responses

  1. Daan4tooN says:
    January 11, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    “Is’nt the gap 5 points not 2 and we have a game in hand on Forest?”

    You’re right Daan4tooN.

  2. “i wouldn’t leave – even for real madrid” – & i wouldn’t hump cheryl cole even if she begged me……

    …the lying get.

  3. “i wouldn’t leave – even for real madrid” – & i wouldn’t hump cheryl cole even if she begged me……

    …the lying get.

    ha ha class!

  4. If you want to leave you get abuse, if you say you dont want to leave you still get abuse, you dont say anything at all you still get abuse, whats wrong with some people?

  5. Would`nt leave even for Real Madrid ?
    Dont hold your breath on that happening buddy.
    Listen the guys on big money, both he Jonas and Enrique and going nowhere as long as the`re being paid.
    They make the neccessary noises every so often, love the club, want to bring us back to the big league etc.
    Lotta bullshit, but hey they all do it !
    Would`nt be here if they had a relegation clause in their contracts, so Ashley got stuck with them and unlike those who did leave, would`nt make that kinda money elswhere.
    Is what it is !

  6. T-F I have said that before, and if they do say something they are then told to stop the talking and do what they get paid to do. lol they cant win no matter what.
    Jay Jay seen that lastnight I think he would do a decent job but I would say there will be more experienced managers interested aswell, wonder if Big Al will try for it ;)

  7. Brian laws is the bookies favourite followed by lee, be great to see him have a go at premiership level, he has done well at huddersfield learning the trade, wish him all the best whatever he does, always a legend in my eyes.

  8. Skysports are reporting that Notts Forest have made an enquiry for Victor Moses. If they can, so can we! He would be awesome to have as a new nr. 9.

  9. Clakey would be better off waiting a while & sticking at what he’s doing, a really good job at ‘uddersfield.
    Could be too soon for the step up to a struggling team, then his name gets tarnished if they go down.
    & probably gets the sack.

  10. um, don’t notts county have a transfer embargo in place since they just got served another winding-up order by the taxman?

    even if not, i can’t see an up and coming player like moses being willing to go to notts county, they’re an even bigger mess than we are at the minute.

    still not a patch on portsmouth, of course!

  11. I havent seen anything of this Moses player but everyone seems to be after him but is it the same player who was kicked out of West Ham a few year ago for some knife crime or something?

  12. Excellent, my typo got changed!

    My excuse is that 2 is just below the 5 on a numeric keypad :D

  13. Re Moses – Apparently Man City are weighing up a bid. If they got him they would send him straight out on loan…. with West brom being mentioned. Someone should get hold of City and throw our name in the hat for that option. I think thats the onlt way we’ll see him in a Newcastle shirt.

  14. TOONSY spot on m8,thing is who is at sjp,all seem to be in LV,left puppet to deal with press

  15. If he moses want to play first team football he’d be wasting his time,adebayor, bellamy, sant cruz, tevez, robinho, caciedo or whatever his name is out on loan as well. The lad would go there and rot, if he does go to the prem he should go somewhere he will not stagnate as a footballer.

  16. moses would be a good signing but ashley won’t pay out the money, i think we might get beckford (not that i think he’s a really good choice) and we might get harewood and maybe a leftback on loan, i think the deal with simpson will be done in the next day or two and that will be that

  17. It’s more a case of : Can NUFC afford moses or whomever?
    It’s not just the fee, it’s the pay etc too.
    We are championship at the moment.
    It would be great if we were minted & could just buy our way out of this league, but that’s not the case.
    Then there’s the waiting for players to gel & bed in.
    The more you bring in a once the more that’s the case.

  18. jay jay is spot on. A City move for Moses would not be ideal for a guy of his age, and the competition he would be up against in Adebayour, Robinho, Tevez, Santa Cruz is also too much. At Newcastle he would be vying for a place in the starting XI, and hopefully he could promote with us. Moses and Simpson signing for us would make me very happy. But we seem to be messing around in Vegas, rather than signing new players.

  19. Cant see Moses going to us. I could see him going to City, being sent out on loan and not much else happening. Look at Sturridge, they’ve flogged him to Chelsea and from what i’ve seen and heard he’s a serious talent.
    He wont be coming to us i dont think sadly. I also have my doubts regarding Beckford. Can see loan signings only. Is this whole MA in Vegas thing confirmed? i havent seen the story?

  20. I’ve been secretly hoping we’d have a cheeky go for Moses, but have learnt over the last few years not to hope for any sensible desicion to come out of the club. Moses is exactly what we need. He plays best on the right wing,(although he can operate up top) which is obviously the position where we are short,. Pancrate isn’t good enough, r Taylor, despite his effort doesn’t have the quality or pace and Guthrie needs to be in the center of the park.
    In fact I simply can’t understand why hughton is trying to sign a striker and centre half.. We have four strikers currently,. One of them first choice England u21 choice, and nile ranger needs games to develop.. This season is the ideal time. Stick Carrol and ranger up there together with two wingers (jonus and Moses) and let them fill their boots! With strolla and loven cover. On top of that I simply can’t see anyone breaking up the coko and s Taylor partnership, so injury permitting we are fine there,. With tamas to cover.
    In my opinion (it’s seems obvious!) we need to sign up d Simpson, bring in a cover left back and most importantly a young flair right winger, who can cross the ball, exite the toon and pitch in with a goal or two( think ruel fox!) the good thing about Moses is that, he’s gonna be very capable of stepping up to the premier league… When the time comes.
    So there we are… But remember, I honestly expect nothing sensible to happen.

  21. Moses , a very talented 19 yr. old, destined to be a big name, probably be snapped up by one of the top sides.
    Believe both Man citeh & arsenal have watched him and are interested.
    Anyone signing him for 5m. or less, would be getting a bargain.
    Afraid he`s too expensive for us , these days.
    We only pay minimum wage.

  22. Chuck,
    is that national minimum wage?? like £5.50 per hour if so sign me up i’d pull the shirt on for love not for the money :-)