The loan Ranger?

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Ranger to be loaned out?
Ranger to be loaned out?
Nile Ranger now appears to be a likely candidate for the St James’ Park exit door during the summer as a loan move is being lined up for the 19-year-old striker, according to his agent.

Having being thrust into first team action early on in the season due to injuries elsewhere in the squad, the feeling was that Ranger could have a bright future ahead of him as he displayed some great hold-up play whilst plowing a lone furrow up front on his own.

Unfortunately his finishing wasn’t as good as the rest of his play and he was unable to bag his first competitve goal in a Newcastle shirt until December. Having said that, the lad has scored goals at all youth and reserve levels and has even impressed for the England Under-19’s. But that hasn’t stopped him falling down the pecking order at St James’ Park fuelling rumours that his alleged playboy lifestyle away from the pitch has been affecting his application during training.

“Obviously, Nile has total respect for Chris Hughton and it is entirely up to him what he decides to do but the indication that we have been given is that he will be going out on loan next season,” said Ranger’s agent, Nick Rubery, who also added:

“It is totally up to him. But I think the thinking is that he needs first-team football to progress and that he might not get that in the Premier League which I think is understandable. I think it would probably benefit him if he went out on loan to experience first-team football. It has been shown to work in the past with other players and it’s a route open to Nile”

For once I actually agree with an agent and believe a loan deal would be in the interests of both parties. It doesn’t look like Ranger will play many games in the Premier League, so why not send him out on loan somewhere to sharpen his skills in a competitive environment? I would also make sure one of the terms of the deal would be an option to recall the player if needed, you never know when he may be needed.

Ranger is still only young, but despite that there is a feeling that he may well be drinking in the last chance saloon with regards to his football career if rumours are to be believed. He has already been rescued from the scrapheap once after his release from Southampton where he earned the label of being a ‘bad boy’, and that is on top of his stint in a Young Offenders Institute for playing his part in an armed robbery.

Chris Hughton would have to choose any loan destination carefully, preferably with the destination being away from London and it’s bright lights and temptation to slip into old habits amongst some of Nile’s old crew.

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59 Responses

  1. Well were obviously in a position to let one of our strikers go out on loan.

    I’m sure Best will do a stirling job as a replacement.

    Although I would rather have Best out on loan than Ranger.

  2. Stu – What are you spitting the dummy for? Other teams are strenghtening, so what can we do about it?

    Ah yes, moan on the internet, that’ll sort it!

  3. Anyway, work calls. Catch you later if you haven’t slit your wrists through clinical depression.

  4. toonsy – I’m just making the point that people on here are constantly trying to tell me that teams won’t be strengthening as much this summer.

    It’s just bullshit! The cost of getting relegated is too great for some teams!

    Not us it would seem.

  5. Having Best and Shola as immediate replacements for Carroll and Lovenkrands in the Premier League scares me. Shola has proved for how many years that he’s a joke at the highest level? Best was being laughed at in the Championship with us, so how is he going to look against the top defenses and goalies in the world??

    When I look at it from that regard, it seems that we do require a good striker this summer. What can we do about that?

  6. Forgot to mention that I have accepted that we won’t be strengthening this summer to the degree yjay I believe we need.

    So what’s the point in moaning about it? There isn’t one!

    But I will be making my points when I’m proved to be right.

  7. I am happy that Ranger will be loaned out to a Championship club though. He needs the first team experience and would it would be great to see him starting to see some of his potential. Would love to see a Championship club relying on him and seeing him as their best striker.

    It could happen, right?

  8. Good call Big Dave. Brighton were impressed with his speed on the wing, but that’s about all we ever saw from him too. I really hope that he can start stepping his game up. He’s definitely not ready to provide wing support in the Premier League, so I would think we would have to loan him out to a side that is desperate for a quick winger.

  9. Good article Stu. It really would be completely stupid if our squad wasn’t beefed up a little bit in very key areas.

  10. Stuart79 @7

    Perfectly reasonable point(s)…

    But don’t forget – this is the smiley STEPFORD blog!

    :) :)

    Don’t ruin everybody’s Friday. And always wear your toon beany!

    :) :)

  11. What about putting Ranger out on loan to a League 1 side? Remember, Championship is where he struggled to impress. If he sets the world afire there, maybe when he’s brimming with confidence and a renewed sense of self, he can come back to the Toon and demonstrate his talents in the prem. Just a thought.

  12. i think we should think twice about bringing people just because its the done thing and others are. we MUST bring through a couple of the young guns as otherwise what is the point in everything!!
    Mike Ashley will not spend any money to buy any players, its not going to happen. loan deals yes, freebies yes, thats it though! so this being the case do we want some cast off from another club or do we want to try out lets say harris vukic first? we have one or two like harris that are meant to be the dogs testicles. blood them in. i would take my chances with a young starlet from our own system rather than a has been only here for the pay check.

  13. best shouldnt and wouldnt get a game.if ch thinks he is ok then he better get his p45 becasue he will get u sacked. the guy is a complete loser and people who think he will be ok then please stop dreaming.

  14. We should bring through some young uns, yes. But we cannot build a team round them. Especially considering we don’t have enough good ones. Let’s not forget we couldn’t even finish above Rotherham or Hartlepool in the reserve league.

    Does that sound like a recipe for PL success?

    Now just to make yet another brilliant point, look at Middlesbrough – The 2nd best youth academy in Europe and look where it’s got them? You know why? Because they depended on them for everything! Youth academies should suppliment the first team not be the whole first – Wish it could be but no club in history has ever had a succesfull team full of academy players.

  15. for those that are wondering about lualua, he is trying to get a permenant move to brighton at the moment gus poiet? wants to keep him down at brighton and they are talking to newcastle about money at the moment, this was the situation as of yesterday not sure if there has been further developments i will try to find out.
    P.S unfortunatly i live down on the south coast (would be so much easier coming to games if i wa back home!! :( )

  16. I’d heard Lua Lua had been shipped out on loan because he was getting his head turned by the bright lights of the Bigg Market and in turn his attitude was beginning to suffer as a result…. wonder if Ranger is going the same way….

  17. Lua Lua is crap…….Stop believing that he will come good, he is in a league that he has been okay. Trust me, Lua Lua making it in the EPL? No chance. (heedles chicken comes to mind)

  18. I think the problem we are now developing is that for the first time in years, we have some youth players who are getting recognised outside Newcastle for there skills. This in relation with the long term knowledge of their existence artificially enhances the reputation of said youth players.

    The names of Kazenga LuaLua, Ryan Donaldson, Haris Vuckic, Tamas Kadar, etc. have all been about for a few years now, even if they are all still very young. As such, a lot of people are blinded to the fact they aren’t too good.

    Tamas Kadar is the only youth player I can say, hand on heart, could take a starting place and I wouldn’t worry too much. Every other youngster would fill me with dread or severe unrest unless surrounded by older players.

    Familiarity doesn’t mean they are good – it just means you are aware of them. If Vuckic was THAT good, how did we get him over Real Madrid and Chelsea, etc.

  19. Similarly, if Vuckic was shite then why are the likes of Man Utd still after him, and still scouting him?

  20. Stuart@19

    I agree that you cannot build a team around young ‘uns, but you have to give them a chance some time.
    I’m sure we’ll sparingly blood the best young players this season, if they are good enough they’ll get a start.

    As for citing Middlesbrough’s youth academy getting them nowhere…hmmm not quite sure to be honest…

    Stuart Downing 12 million
    Lee Cattermole 4 million
    Jonathon Woodgate 8 million
    Adam Johnson 18 million (?)

    not too bad….right up MA’s street !

    Toonsy @24
    Vukic to Manure…maybe Steven Taylor’s dad is Vukics agent ?

  21. Munich Mag – Wheres all that money got them? Mid table in the championship, that’s where!

    They stopped spending any money when the youngsters came through, thinking they didn’t have too. They have a net spend of 3m over the last four years!

    But let’s not miss the point. The club are saying were going to be relying on our academy players instead of buying players, but their not even good enough to compete with Rotherham and Hartlepool reserves.

    How can they be expected to do a job in the PL then?

    Their not all that so somebody at the club is bullshitting somebody


    They mention Everton as an example – They seem to forget that Wolves didn’t GIVE Lescott to Everton nor did Millwall GIVE Cahill away either!

    Johno Toon says:
    May 15, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Just as long as you’re happy not spending a single penny for the next five years – As for the next five years we will be losing money so we won’t be in a position to buy anyone.

    Where do you think we’ll end up?

    Oh sorry, we’ve got an abundance of brilliant academy players – NOT!

  23. the bookies have lost the plot…..chelsea starting on -2 goals to beat pompey crimes @ 13/10 !!..

    …with asda selling beer cheaper than pop & paddy power giving money away it would be wrong not to take advantage.

    ..a thirst free weekend & a pocket full of candy lies ahead.

  24. Craig

    From my blogging experience, I’m 100% sure that nobody that frequents these blogs has a “mate in the know” as nobody has ever come close to speculating correctly on the ins and outs of players at Newcastle…

    Not saying he didn’t sound convincing. But people like to convince themselves.


    Do you have to put a negative spin on everything!
    Nowhere does it say that CH will look to sign these players for free… Cahill and Jagielka cost in the region of about 2mill pounds.

    What the article suggests is that if a player of that callibre is available at reasonable cost in the championship, Houghton will look to bring them to Newcastle. Maybe this will involve a small fee and the loaning of Ranger, or Foster etc. But it should be comforting to know he plans on bringing someone in…

  25. 32 JJ says:
    May 15, 2010 at 11:15 am

    I’m 100% sure that nobody that frequents these blogs has a “mate in the know” as nobody has ever come close to speculating correctly on the ins and outs of players at Newcastle…

    That is everyone but Craig :)

  26. Well, let me give it a go then…

    I’ve heard it on very good authority that Krul will not be going anywhere next season.

    If I’m right then I’ll be the first ever :-) and you’ll have to take my word for it when I got a scoop on the transfer activity…

  27. JJ says:
    May 15, 2010 at 11:15 am

    I’m only going off what the club have said – No money to be spent. Now unless he’s planning on selling someone (Which we cannot afford to do) he will only get free transfers.

    If you can find a positive spin on getting free transfers from the Championship then so be it – Good luck.

    I didn’t pay over £1500 for a 3 year season ticket to see us get relegated, get back up and then bring in free transfers from the divisions below.

    Sorry if you’d have spent money too you’d feel the same.

    Ashley was slagging FFS off for spending future revenue – He has done exactly the same with the season ticket money!

    Sorry but a club which is going to average 50k should be expecting more than free transfers – I don’t accept ‘just staying up’ as a target – Not good enough.

    The running of this club is not good enough, the comminication is a joke, the fact that we have a wealthy owner is completely pointless.

    Were the only club in the world who has been bought by a billionaire and become poorer!

    He’s got to go! He’ll take us back down – We’ll become the next yo yo club (if were lucky).

    We will achieve nothing more than mediocrity under this regime at best.

    We won’t achieve anything just promoting our average youngsters (Vuckic ex) instead of buying new, better players. We won’t achieve anything looking for free transfers and loans – Where’s the long term strategy bringing in loan deals?

    We have one scout – Yeah just ONE scout! Who is he, Superman?

    We have an inexperienced manager that is being asked to keep a newly promoted football team in the PL without spending a penny! He is being hung out to dry by the regime – Like every other manager they’ve employed.

    It will be Hughton who gets the sack come Xmas if were bottom end of the league – Does he deserve that? Does a man who has shown incredible dignity and humility deserve being hung out to dry in fron the entire football world? NO!

    Were going nowhere and were going there fast!

    I hear all this ‘We cannot spend what we haven’t got’, well what the hell is the point in having a wealthy owner if he’s not going to improve things on the pitch by speculating to accumulate? Especially when that man is as hated and brings complete embarrasment to the club everytime he moves!

    It’s not good enough for a club with such a huge fan base, it’s not good enough with 50k people going every home game and it’s just not good enough for us to accept mediocrity!

  28. its not going to take a genius to work out that man utd need a keeper who is full of potential and on the fringe of first team regular footy. Have you not noticed that manure have just sold foster to brum for 5 million and that van der sar has only a one year extension left and oh yeah… happens to be dutch and a mate of krul! We will see pretty soon lads. It all fits to me like.

  29. Now there was two people with inside information ;)

    I bow in your never ending source of knowledge and power , is your brothers best mates uncle a football agent that keeps you in the know JJ? R Does your Girlfriend dog walker also walks dogs for Newcastle utd stars?

  30. stuart,your the only one on here that talks sense,the rest of yous have your heed buried in the sand,were fked with ashley we will be fighting relegation next season is going to be a fkin nightmare

  31. JJ… i am kinda split on this whole issue. The main thing and one what loads of people (mostly the press) needs to get their heads around is that all this talk of ‘ooohh in the prem they are going to kill us blah blah talk’ is nothing more than that. People seem to have forgot that we have spent 16 years in the prem and have spent a blink of an eye away from it before going straight back up, breaking several records along the way. I dont buy into this whole masss hysteria that it is going to shock the shit out of us. We are still a prem team, we have never stopped being a prem team. Lets put it another way, if we had gained promotion to the prem via the play offs etc and jsut scrapped in then we would all be saying, christ we need to invest. Ok, if we then went out and bought, colo, taylor, jonas, barton, nolan, lovenkrands, carroll, routledge, harper etc we would all be saying, wow, there are some good solid players there, i think we will hold our own!! I do think we need a player who can play left or right though to challenge / back up routledge and jonas. maybe also a right back.

  32. Stu – Mirandinha still does a bit of scouting for us, thats 2. Plus I am sure we have others ;)

  33. first time aye went to wembley was when mirandinha scored that screamer for brazil,many moons ago

  34. Hitman – Mirandinha was frustrating and brilliant at the same time, if thats possible :D

  35. Stuart…

    I agree, Ashley should invest, but you can’t change what is going to happen. So if Houghton can find two or three players in the Championship, of say Ledleys ability, and get even one loan signing in then its better than selling to get players in. At least we’ll have a bit more depth.

    As for the youth being talented, that talent only really shines through when they start playing with experienced players – hence the reason why so much talent gets missed.
    So we’ll only really find out how good or bad our youngsters are when they get a run with the seniors in the first team.

    Also I agree about the season tickets. I’m sure that money has been spent. But on the plus side. At the end of this season – if we survive we’ll have even further revenue to look forward to.

    Its going to be a massive season for us!
    And as much as I agree with you that we should invest. How can we if the money isn’t there!

  36. Craig. I just think with van der Sar only having a year or so left. Fergie will be looking for a more experienced Keeper. Yes he is looking to sell Foster. Because he has Kuszack. And I’m sure next season we’ll see him sign a BIG NAME goal keeper. Someone like Buffon.

  37. I’ve said it over and over.

    Our squad is decent. But we NEED a right back and a versitile winger both of decent quality. Then a pacey striker. Those three would see us safe. As things stand, its going to be touch and go if we stay up, so I can understand Stuarts concern.
    If we stay up this season. We will grow. If we go down. We will do a Leeds. No doubt about it. We’ll go into Administration…

  38. our squad isnt big enough,a few injuries and were fked,ashley knows this but will do nowt to sort it,this man is gambling with our prem status

  39. foster has already gone to brum. so they defo will have another keeper coming in and i dont think it will be a huge buffon type dude either. i think krul will go. as for dipping into the ccc for players hughton has already said there are some gems waiting to make their names and he rightly pointed to moyes at everton as its where he does half his shopping, he found that ugly twat lescott there and others too. Why are we writting off ccc’s top players in favor of more known established names?? it would appear lads that we have learnt nothing from our previous big signings as 80% of them were dog shit if we are honest. Also most of our good players have been ‘who the hell is he’ type players. We have to trust the manager to do the right thing and blend youth, shrewd buys along with some of the good prem players we already have.

  40. Thing that worries me is…


    or or or or
    Simpson____S Taylor___Kadar____????????

    or or or or
    R Taylor______Smith_____Barton___??????

    ——– Carroll—-Lovenkrans———
    or or

    Who plays right back? Simpson is not ready yet?
    Who covers for Enrique on the left?
    Who covers for Jonas on the left?
    Who gives us pace up front if Lovenkrans is injured?

    Its not just injuries, but there is no competition for places in these positions.

    We NEED, first choice, right full back, a winger and a pacey striker…

    If we covered those weaknesses, I’d feel confident, but as things stand I don’t… And I do understand the concerns, but I have to believe, its obvious to Houghton too and we will bring in someone, even if they are loan deals or free signings.

  41. thats what i have been saying all along, our main area we need to look at is RB and a wide man who can play right across the park from right to left. Someone like milner would have been great. I was pissed whern we gave him away but i recall everyone saying good riddance. crazy!

  42. Well Craig,

    If Fergie offers us 4Mil for Krul and we use it to bring in Hutton. I’d be very happy… Foster will just have to step into Krul’s shoes.

    Having said that we only got 6Mil for Shay right? So what 500k for Krul?

  43. jj,

    i dont rate given as high as i do krul tbh. also krul has a full career in front of him. its an old arguement over given, he was a great shot stopper but not a great keeper.
    i would rather keep krul as a good keeper is massive to a team. remember who shagged out man utd were after schmichael left, they were lost man. its only been since they got in van the man that they have enjoyed stability. look at arse when seaman was there and now this bloke they have now is a joke. now, i think we need to keep krul and mix it up with him and harps next season. harps is what, 36 or 37?? we cant let krul go, not if we are planning for future.

  44. Ye ins:

    Van Aanholt (loan)
    Hutton (loan)
    Vela (loan)
    Ledley (free)


    Xisco (1.5mil)
    Ranger (loan)
    Lua Lua (500k) = 2Mil to pay for loan deals…

    All sorted…

    If only it were that easy though ;-)

  45. Stuart79 says:
    May 15, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    “Stop talking shite”

    About having more than one scout? Look it up, I think you’; find your the one that is wrong buddy ;)

  46. toonsy, 34, wow, i thought 36 eh. still madness to ley krul leave though. mind you, saying as harps has just today said they are all staying i guess my mate is talking shite – thank fcuk