Andy Carroll – Can he cut it in the Premier League?

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Carroll: Tipped for the top.
Carroll: Tipped for the top.
Andy Carroll has been one of this season success stories as he finally managed to establish himself as a regular in the Newcastle United starting line-up, and scored 19 goals in the process. But will he be able to make the step up next season?

Carroll has earned praise from some of the highest corners this season, with Alan Shearer in particular quick to praise him earlier in the season. Now more praise has come from another former player, captain and manager in the shape of Glenn Roeder, who believes the big lad can “wreak havoc” in next seasons Premier League. The number 9 in waiting has come on in leaps and bounds since Christmas time, not just with his goalscoring ability, but a general improvement in his all round play, an improvement that has seen Carroll linked with a move away from St James’ Park and alerted the England setup who believe he could be a future international player.

Glenn Roeder was the man who gave Carroll his debut, and even back then it was evident the Gateshead lad had something about him. Speaking to The Chronicle, Roeder said:

“I always believed he had potential and something different. He’s such a powerful competitor. I worked with Andy all the way through, from him being 16 at the Academy to giving him his first team debut in Palermo.”

“I gave him his Premier League debut at Portsmouth – he went in against Sol Campbell and Sol couldn’t compete with him. I then put him on for the last 20 minutes against Chelsea, and John Terry couldn’t win anything.”

Naturally, all strikers need a supply line, and for me that is one of the key areas where we should look to strengthen, or at least make sure we have enough cover for. Carroll has demonstrated, even briefly in the Premier League, that he is a handful for defenders and will get goals if provided with the chances.

“The question mark above his head was that he didn’t score enough goals. His answer was getting 19 this season,” Roeder said.

“If you give Andy the right service, he’ll get you the goals. Some of his headed goals this season have been of the highest order.”

The jury is very much out on whether Carroll can cut it in the Premier League, and I suppose we will have to wait and see before we get any firm confirmation on that. Going by what we have seen this season, and particularly his improvement since Christmas, I think he will be fine. That is of course if he can steer clear of trouble and get through his upcoming court case.

As I mentioned earlier, if we can create the chances for him then I expect him to do well. He is far from the finished product, both on the pitch and off it, but he is developing nicely. We will have to wait to find out if he gets the number 9 shirt for next season, as we have discussed recently, but as it now looks likely that we wont sign anybody worthy of it then we may aswell give it to the local lad who knows what it’s all about.

So do you think Andy Carroll will cut the mustard in the Premier League? How many goals do you think he will score? And could he end up in the England squad?

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114 Responses

  1. Before he cuts it in the prem he needs to cut his sodding hair, gypo looking tramp :D

  2. If he gets the service he’ll score,nae chance of him cutting his hair tho Toonsy.

  3. Toonsy :lol: is that because you have that heli landing pad on the top of yer nogging ;) .
    I think he will do good aslong as he gets supplied I will stick my neck on the line and say he will get 15-17 goals

  4. Dave – Cheeky fecker. I told you it’s because I have a prominant crown of hair :lol:

  5. I have no doubt Carroll will be a big player for us next year. I reckon he’ll get around 10-14 goals in the season.
    He has the confidence in himself that Shola has always lacked.
    More of a Big Dunc than a Peter Crouch, but both are /were pretty useful.
    I think him and Lovenkrans are a decent forward lineup.
    However, after them we have nobody…

  6. Personally i don’t rate him as a man or a footballer.If anybody wants to offer 6-7 mill for him in the current climate, i will carry him there myself, as long as he doesn’t threaten to shatter my glass back or try to shag me leg.

  7. Monkeyspantry

    Thats exactly the kind of comment that we’ve heard before the sales of Bellamy, NZogbia, or Milner… all of whom we now miss greatly…

    Football is not a personality contest. As long as you put the effort in and have spirit on the field. That is what counts.

    We won’t get another striker of his ability in for 6 million…

  8. Lets see so far:

    These are all players fans were “happy to see the back of…”

    Martins was the “headless chicken” that got us a goal every second game and offered pace and power up front…

    Bellamy was the “loudmouth gobshite, dressing room disturbance” that worked his socks off and made half Shearers goals for him while playing together and had pace to scare any defense.”

    Robert and NZogbia “lazy french sulks” that were probably our best two goal scoring midfielders and creaters in the last few years along with Nobby.

    Scott Parker “no good headless chicken, can’t find a pass” probably our best defensive midfielder we’ve ever had in recent years with a workrate second to none.

    Milner “cant cross a ball, one trick pony” that is now a full England International and young player of the year.

    I could go on and on and on and on…

    When does it finally hit the Newcastle supporters that it might just be their booing, and contant critisism of players that causes these out doubted talents to not play to their full potential when at our club???

  9. Now Drogba hits the post! This is silly, just silly. Chelsea have hit the woodwork on FIVE occasions and Drogba show his frustration by hitting the frame of the goal. I think the post and bar will be in line for winner’s medals if Pompey manage to do this.

    Manchester United had own goals on their side this season, and now Pompey can count the woodwork as their 12th man.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. JJ agree about the booing mate,voice your opinion if you don’t like players that is your right but booing is a disgrace and anyone who boos their own players are not fans.

  11. Well he won’t score as many as has he this season. He needs to improve his scoring with his feet – That will come in time I’m sure but I don’t like the idea of having to rely on him next seaon. He’s still a young in himself.

    He won’t get as many free headers in the PL that’s for sure.

  12. JJ agree with some of your points ,

    Martins blew too hot n cold for me tho if we were not relegated i would of kept him ( in dream land where im owner/manager ) , his wages was to much for us after relegation

    Id take Bellemy back , loved him

    No beef with Robert tho a lazy so n so

    Zog belived his own press to much , tho a good player not as good as he thinks

    Parker wanted to leave for family reasons , couldnt settle up here wanted to move back to london for family reason ,

    Milner , he was too slow for a winger and fair play to O’neil for sticking him in the middle ( im sure people on here will now claim they thought of it… ) but i would never of thought of that for himself

  13. Stuart79….agree as he will have better defenders marking him plus the ball won’t be coming into the box as often as the wingers are also going to find it harder to get crosses in.I’ll be more than happy if he can get a dozen.

  14. lads people who think he isnt good then! thats their opinion but u are missing the point nobody in england is better in the air and if the service is right then he will be a big think for us in getting goals and doing i say defenders will be marking him and that will give other people spaces.

  15. sorry lads better defenders yes but in my opinion not so as people make out. no team can cope with stokes play and they dont create much a part from long balls and throu ins. and we got a monster who is better then any stoke player in the air.

  16. Asim……I can only see a comment from 1 person on here who doesn’t rate Carroll.All the rest of us are saying is he probably won’t score as many mate.

  17. richie

    I think Asim just has blog tourettes…

    He likes to argue, even if he’s in agreement!

  18. yes u are right but only 4 strikers got over 20 league goals in the prem so that isnt that good realy. so if he gets 15 we will do well.

  19. Kevin prince boateng would be a crackin signin for us!!! Kid has everything, ticks all the boxes. Would rather him than o hara but both if we can??

  20. we dont need losers anymore we need winners. we need players coming here to winning side not players who think we should have won the game like portsmouth dreamers.

  21. Asim, you obnoxious little plug, so coz Pompey were beat off arguably one of the top 3 teams in the world, their players are a bunch of losers and don’t deserve to play football anywhere else!! Your knowledge of football is outstanding! You must be know it all mackem! You wanted a bite, you got one, now f11ck off you illigitamet little remedial!

  22. Ooo thanks asim, I feel great after that rant!! People like you give us toon fans a great outlet to vent our spleens and make us happy!! Cheers matey

  23. The more I read what you comment, asim the more I’m convinced you don’t know anything about football.

    Have you tried rounders? Or maybe netball?

  24. Asim… we should get rid of every player we have?..they got us relegated!!……..also we wouldn’t have any of Man Utd,Liverpool,Arsenal or Man City players cos they’re all losers??…….give yesel a shake man!!

  25. Stuart 79. He hasn’t a clue mate. So you can probably deduce that he is likely to be an SMB!

  26. top 3 team yes u no lots about football. stick with pompey thats your level they way u talk sh..t. what makes chelsea a top 3 team only u out of 100 people would say that clown.

  27. 2N 2N – No need to insult him like that by calling him a mackem :D

    Which he isn’t by the way, just for clarification 8)

  28. It’s a well known fact that only gillian mckeith has done more shit talking than asim.

  29. Jesus, where has the time gone 8O

    Only on my second beer at this time, shocking!

    God I’m bored :(

  30. Don’t worry toonsy, I’m keeping the side up when it come s to drinking, got home at 5 this morning and was in the pub for 1 this afternoon :)

  31. Nee good man. I’m doing my duty by clearing the fridge, which happend to contain a fair amount of beer. It wont by the end of the night lol

  32. Im manned up man and getting more manned up as we speak!

    Sounded a bit gay that like :D

  33. Toonsy, you may see me with a big long stupid sir name and a gold newcastle united crest :)

  34. Dave – Reckon he has jetted off to Malta before this latest ash cloud hits. Sly old dog ;)

    jay jay – Explanation needed????!!! :lol:

  35. Aye that thing. Aint been on there for ages. Fed up of readinf how so and so has grown a potato on their farm lol

  36. For the record,i’ve never booed a Toon player in my life.Milner could rarely clear the first man when trying to cross the ball for us,as much as the manner of him leaving was a James Hunt and the balloon that went up as a result wasn’t the best(!)I still reckon it was canny money. I’d love to know where that cash went like.

    I’m funny in the sense that i want people who play for the Toon,(because that’s all they are),to at least have a semblance of decorum,respect for the club and by extension the area. I look forward to the statue of Andy Carroll being erected outside the Cresta Cola megabowl.

    Bellamy: Arch arch James Hunt,carried himself in a shocking manner without class,went right up in my estimations for what he said about John Terry this season though- it was time for him to leave us when he did.

    Martins: If he had a brain,footballing or otherwise to go with his undoubted talent there’s no doubt i would have bent over and let him bot me on demand.Problem was he was shit anytime he had time to think as evidenced by the fact the collection bucket for new windows at the Strawberry has been taken off the bar.

    Robert: I had issue with him until i saw those greying Y-fronts,but by that time he was already gone.In conclusion he should have been flogged with elctrical wire for those spunky Y’s alone.Wasn’t he shown where Fenwicks was when he signed? Proper scruff.

    Parker: I rated him highly. A common misconception he wanted to leave.Not true. ‘Big’ Sam peddaled him and brought in Barton and Geremi.Given time(TM) ‘Big’ Sam would have won us the Champions League using ‘science’, which is about as likely as him ever letting it go about being peddalled by the Toon.

    Zog: Didn’t want to play for us,i don’t care if Rivelino and Ferenc Puskas spuffed in a cup and lobbed it up ya Ma’s clunge at gunpoint Charles,you don’t want to wear the shirt- you’re not good enough.Central stations that way.

    Don’t get it twisted mate,i’d love Carroll to be the player and man we all want him to be- the issue for me is i’m searching for the new Jackie Milburn in every way as our totemic icon for the ages. Anyone who wears horrific shirts whilst being papped at a 50 cent ‘performance’ in Manchester doesn’t really compare. Oh aye and he’s going to be a bit shit in the Prem next season.

  37. Wrong Stuart, you’ve just topped it ;)

    Anyway, I want your serious, non negative advice. Care to help?

  38. Asim @ 28 – It’s comments like that which give fans of other teams all the ammunition they need to call fans of Newcastle deluded

  39. Go on then, toonsy….

    Oh and for the record I have never been called boring! Plenty of other things, but never boring!

  40. Well I think it has to be ONE of the most boring post zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Toonsy your a laugh 1st you abuse Stuart then ask him for his advice :lol:

  41. The thing with Andy Carroll is that he is tall and one of the best headers I have ever seen. EVERY header is either a goal, a header on target or an assist to a goal.

    That means he essentially only has to stand in one spot all 90 minutes and if he gets a good cross, he is set to score. That is something that will always be in demand.

    Guys like Ebanks-Blake rely on a football brain and speed – his speed can easily leave him and without a physical presence, his brain loses it’s impact.

    Carroll just has a physique that means he will always score and always be in demand. Women always prefer strikers in football – because size matters.

  42. Stuart – Well you have now, deal with it ;)

    It’s not exclusive advice. Anyone can input, just you were about at the time.

    In a nutshell, give me some memorable matches in recent times.

    You’ll hopefully see why soon :)

    Dave or anyone else, that goes for you to.

  43. Most recent was the Cardiff game at home. That was when I thought we’d go up and our new signings made a real difference.

    The game against Pompey when Shearer got the record. Was another.

    Oh and the Smoggies at home last season – Great atmosphere and we all thought Shearer would save us!!!! Best atmosphere for a long while though.

  44. THOUGHT o”hare played canny today 70% fit,and on the right side,spoiled his game,c/h played canny,and what a good l/b they have he was only 50% fit came on late,any of two of three at toon would be nice imo

  45. Wahey, Icedog. Wondered what you’d been up to ;)

    Stu – Thinking a bit broader than last season. People need a pick me up and I have an idea for it.

  46. That completely rules out my most memorable game as a Newcastle fan then, Charlton 7 – Sunderland 6, in 1998.

    Great day, about 30 of us ‘took over’ a bar on the Newcastle quayside, other punters would come in, look round and leave. We had the bar to ourselves, the bar staff at our beck and call and the big screen TV’s.

    Bloody great.

  47. TOONSY,been out looking for some footage for worky ie 69,nee luck yet but will keep trying like ill get there

  48. TOONSY,might be a wee bit back like,but one of the best games i saw at sjp was m/utd were winning 3-0 toon came back to win 4-3,toon had white/alchurch/eastham,up front,think m/u had charton/quixhall/voilet

  49. Icedog, I can try and hunt it down but doubt if I will be able to.

    I will try though. I have a rake of DVD’s here of past Newcastle season so I’ll see what I can pinch off them.

  50. Thats tricky, most of mine are very personal memories, incidents rather than entire games for the main part, and so of perhaps no interest for other people, but they make up a huge part of my relationship with Newcastle.

    Barcelona 2 – 3 Tino in ’97, or is that too far back?

    The christmas away win against Arsenal that put us top of the league, with Robert getting the final goal and bellers getting sent off (2001 I think). Broke the London jinx and was a football club xmas do, most of the rest of the lads were mackems, made them stay in the pub to watch the whole thing before we went for our curry.

    Feyernoord 2 – 3 Newcastle, Bellamys last minute winner in the champions league. (2002?) Phew!

    Chopra coming on and scoring against the makems in seconds, and Luque adding another. 4-1. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Obviously beating Man U. 5-0, 3-0 and 4-2.

    Jose’s goal celebration against Forest. A tear to the eye.

    And finally, for the romance and expectation of it all, the first home game of every season, regardless of the division we’re in or the result of the match.

    – Told you it was personal.

  51. People would be picked up if we thought that we would be actually buying someone this summer!

    Morale amongst the supporters is lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut!

    Funny ain’t it, that we’ve gone from not being happy with only spending possibly £10m to now not spending a penny!

    I’d be happy with 1m now!

  52. Stuart79 says:
    May 15, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    “I’d be happy with 1m now!”

    They got you where they want you now lol

    I guess the whole situation will become clearer when the window slams shut. Until then its all speculation based upon whether some words meant what they did or didn’t, or if people take them as they were or were not meant.

    Time will tell

    Comments welcome :)

  53. Starkadder – Can get the Barca one, in fact I reckon I can get all of them.

  54. I’ll be a happy man.

    A clip of Steven Taylor’s dying swan act and the Bowyer -v- Dyer ruumble as well as Dyer’s euro-disco dance on the post belong there for comedy value as well.

    How’s about a greatest goal article (if it hasn’t already been done). My votes are for:

    Solano against arsenal (outside of the boot, across the goal mouth into the corner),
    Dyer against everton, flicks it over the defender, runs on and buries it.
    Shearer against Villa, long ball from Rob Lee carefully placed volley into the top corner,
    Shearer against Everton, Ameobi heads on Shearer buries it,
    Ginola against Ferencvaros

    I know lot’s of people would go for the spectacular free kicks, but I prefer my goals from open play.

  55. Aye toonsy. If it wasn’t for speculation we wouldn’t have a blog or debate during the summer months.

    It’ll be interesting. Bet we still get linked with every Tom, Dick and Abdul.

  56. True Stu, and letting my defences down for a brief second, it annoys me when people have a go at us like we shouldn’t be writinf anything the press write.

    Sometimes there is nothing else to write about so you have to report the ‘news’. At least we don’t report every little bit of news, even if it doesn’t involve Newcastle.

    Preston in financial trouble? ;)

    Shame, but who cares about that?

    *defences back up*

  57. Is there any point having a pop at Ed’s blog for no reason?

    I haven’t seen him have a go at this site – what is the point?

  58. well i feel for P.N.E. fans,where a canny team a few years ago,didnt mind going there never nee bother like

  59. wickywoowoo says:
    May 15, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    “Is there any point having a pop at Ed’s blog for no reason?”

    Who mentioned Ed’s blog? There are many sources that I see that just bat news between them with only a slight difference.

    I mentioned it earlier when I got got called an uziblogger because I had released 3 blogs today, compared to 8 from Ed. But not since.

  60. I’d say the more places we get regular Toon news, the better – the regularity isn’t an issue for me.

    Sure beats stuff like the BBC, who blog about John Terry breaking a toe nail for a week while a Swansea player dies at 22 years of age and he gets a “in other news” placement.

  61. Also, you may not see him moan about us, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out what he does to try to get one over us here ;)

    Which I do feel aggrieved about. But ho-hum :lol:

  62. bit off topic but was just reading about dyer being west hams top earner. Best sale ever by a newcastle manager. With his record 6million and 80k per week off our wage bills.

  63. Soh!
    Running out of ideas Toonsy ?
    The common subject during this post season period is usually, who will we sign this summer?
    However since (THE STATEMENT) it appears most have interpreted it to mean there`s no dosh available.
    A minority on the other hand are of the opinion there`s a small amount of dosh available and that if we spend well we may be able to strengthen the side, especially with players who although presently in the lower divisions, could be of PL quality.
    Personally i think it`s wishful thinking, but have been known to be wrong before (once I think) however opinions on who would fit the requirement, (cheap but could develope into a decent PL quality player).
    Anyone have a player the would recomend ?

  64. Andy’s height alone means IF given the right service will score goals, his heading ability is first class and I fancy him to win most battles in the air, he also has a knack of being in the right place at the right time, not a bad habit to have as a striker, the lad is also young and is improving rapidly, I think he will score goals in the prem and I also think he should be given the number 9. Even if he bags 10 league goals, that’s great for someone as young as him, that should be his target next season.

  65. Chuck – Plety of ideas left yet ;)

    In all seriousness though, if I was to write owt about anyone that I thought would do a job for us it would ultimately end up spiralling into another argument about how we can/can’t afford whoever the player in question us because of how people have interpreted ‘the statement’.

  66. see one club has bid 3 and half mill for maynard you must be jokeing,press quote like

  67. Also, Chuck, I agree.

    The statement does have a bit of a DA DA DAAAA feeling about it :lol:

  68. Icedog – Your right, I don’t duck an argument if I believe I am right. If I am wrong I will always hold me hands up though.

  69. Well icedog, I can guarentee it won’t be us who have bid for him!

    It does go to show that players in this country cost a fortune.

    So were really up against it with nomoney!

  70. If Andy Carroll scores 10 goals in his rookie PL season I would consider that as a success.

  71. think we are looking at 16 goals this season from carroll. The problem is who else will get the others. Sir les and shearer proved with ginola providing the ammo the way to score

  72. I would say £3.5m for Nicky Maynard is a fair assessment. Young, scores incredible goals and has scored a lot of them this season. He could be a magic buy for someone – he strikes me as the type Everton would go for.

    Yeah, Andy Carroll is someone I have faith in. He may be a mug off the field but I won’t meet him so it doesn’t matter to me. I was one of the few who backed him against Nile Ranger this season and I was proven spot on with that so I trust my gut instinct.

    Would we have won the league by 11 points if we had sent Carroll to the reserves and persevered with the striker who can’t score?

  73. the greatest toon match i have ever seen is tooo easy. And none of yees have mentioned it. the 4-3 against leicester in 96.

    leading 1-0 from an early robbie elliot goal then in the last 20 mins leicester scored 3 and with 9 mins left we were 3-1 down. game over!? Shearer’s face said ‘naaah,, not on my watch’ and he proceeded to score an unstoppable hat trick in the last 10mins. you couldn;t script it.

  74. wickywoowoo says:
    May 15, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    ‘I would say £3.5m for Nicky Maynard is a fair assessment. Young, scores incredible goals and has scored a lot of them this season. He could be a magic buy for someone – he strikes me as the type Everton would go for.’

    Coz their skint and have a scottish manager.

    ‘Yeah, Andy Carroll is someone I have faith in. I was one of the few who backed him against Nile Ranger this season and I was proven spot on with that so I trust my gut instinct.

    Would we have won the league by 11 points if we had sent Carroll to the reserves and persevered with the striker who can’t score?’

    Yeah coz Ranger was given a fair shot by Hughton, unlike that Leon Best who hardly got a game.

    Wickywoowoo you talk wickypoopoo

  75. Boater – You’ll be alreet man. See it as an opportunity to upgrade to a new model ;)

  76. Toonsy

    It probably escapes most, but when things get a bit boring, I tend to either throw something controversial into the mix, amazing how many tend to jump on it.
    Better a bit of controversy than same old same old.