Magpies modern classics – Howay 5-0 video!

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The year is 1996, the opposition was Manchester United, and after missing out on the title the previous season, Kevin Keegan and his team wanted to prove a point.

That was of course a ten minute clip of one of our greatest memories in recent times. That score sent out a message to our rivals that we were not to be messed with.

It was a message that ultimately fell upon deaf ears anyway as Manchester United sealed the title, leaving Sir John Hall, who famously said after the game that we had ‘just seen the Champions playing’ in an after match interview, with egg trickling down his face. He was of course referring to us but was unfortunately wrong in his prophecy.

Those were heady days, and watching Darren Peacock, David Ginola, Les Ferdinand, Alan Shearer and that oh so impressive chip from Phillippe Albert brings back some fantastic memories of a time where not just the football club, but the city as a whole, was facing a transformation.

I’m hoping to make this into a kind of mini-series of some of our most memorable games in our recent history. They wont all be as rose tinted as this one mind, as we have had some shockers. But that is what being a Newcastle fan is all about. We take the good times and bad times, but ultimately we just get on with it.

Howay the lads!

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58 Responses

  1. I left a P put of Phillippe? I have an excuse for that ;)

    My niece is called Phillipa. Actually true, and she is a bonny lass even though that sounds wrong. But she is 25 lol

    Drink kicking in lol

  2. BIG DAVE see the final today m8 thought p/mouth had three canny players on show

  3. That was spotted immediately. I have a excuse for that aswell.

    My brother is called nut and I got confused lol :D

    Nah, was trying to work out how to set the video so was concentrating too much on that.

  4. TOONSY missed dindane out like hes going to greece so no good for toon,o”hare the centre half,and left back came onlate

  5. TOONSY think we talked about the left back before a while back,you said you didnt think he would come as back up to J.E

  6. Ice I didnt see that much of the game I was watching the Road Racing mostly mate but I felt sorry for the Prince, Dindane and Ohara had good games

  7. Belhadj? Aye, I doubt he would play second fiddle.

    Left back is a hard position to cover IMO. We have Jose is the best we are going to get, and has probably been our best LB for a number of years. So anyone that come will know thay have to play second fiddle from the start.

    That wasn’t a problem when we were splashing cash around as there is always a player that is willing to sit on the bench and earn his loads of cash. Paying someone that is first choice at their current club the going rate for a backup is a different matter though.

  8. My mrs felt sorry for Boateng when he was crying. I softenend the blow by telling her I would cry if I was about to leave a club that was paying me so much money lol

  9. BIG DAVE,they have a left back came on with 10min to go only 50% fit i rate him as good as J.E.

  10. Weyhey!

    I’ve got this on an official club video somewhwere. I’m ganna dig it out and bore the family again if I can remember where I put me VHS stuff. I’ve got the Barca game as well. Nice to keep these things – must find them.

    Anyway, God bless Prince Philip :)

  11. AYE TOONSY i was crying to what a waste of space he is,wouldnt even recomend him to darlington

  12. Belhadj is 27 years old – I doubt we’d be after him and I doubt he would play second fiddle to Enrique and vice versa.

    Not to mention we can’t afford him.

  13. Anyone watching the boxing? It’s at Upton Park and they keep banging on about Cockneys and the like. Is that the seam reason we get derided for about our ‘Geordie nation’ tag that was thrust upon us?

    Double standards much?

  14. Football Porn….if this team played our current 1st team wonder what the scoreline would be :)

  15. your like me TOONSY i over-dose
    hits the back of the net quicker after every j/d :)

  16. Probably not 5-0. At the end of the day ot was an exceptional result, but it was a one off and nobody expected us to win by 5 goals.

  17. Wicky I though you was our Chief scout up in the highlands….get back to work you lazy sod ! CH and MA need the squad bolstered and are relying on your knowledge of the scottish lower divisions mate :)

  18. Icedog – Cant stomach JD meself like. Got trashed on it when I was a kid and now cant stand even the smell of it.

  19. I hope that Kevin Mitchell gets KO’d in front of his ‘beloved cockney crowd’…

    So stereotypes are fine for the rest of the country, just not Newcastle?

  20. TOONSY good lad you keep off it,or nip your nose as you drink it you will soon get in the swing of it,joking aside i only have 2 small glasses a day,drink beer when away from home,thats what wor lass thinks when away!well he only has two when away (get it) ;)

  21. toonsy says:
    May 15, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    “Icedog – Cant stomach JD meself like. Got trashed on it when I was a kid and now cant stand even the smell of it.”

    Count yourself lucky, Toonsy. It was a bottle of ‘Cointreau’ with me, and I passed oot slouched over a pool of my own vomit until I was caught by my parents.

  22. Toonsy

    “Cant stomach JD meself like”


    “It was a bottle of ‘Cointreau’ with me”

    Southern Comfort for me. Jesus I can still taste it nearly thirty years later :)

  23. Southern Comfort is probably the only spirit I can handle. Or Gin, but asking for G&T in a pub for a man is a bit girly, so I butched it up and made it a Gin & Bitter Lemon ;)


  24. Stick with the Gin, stay off the Southern Comfort Toonsy.

    Southern Comfort = Blue Stratos (just in a much bigger bottle).

    I’m sure of it :)

  25. As I say Darth, Southern Comfort has never really bothered me, but it becomes sickly after a while.

    Majority of the time I am just a lager lout though. Except when I went to Peterborough, and the end result is free for anyone to watch on YouTube :(

  26. bel hadj doesnt have the work rate for the toon. I have lived inportsmouth for 4 years till i moved last year. Seen alot of pompey. Wouldnt take any of THEIR players. Didane is good but has agreed to go to greece. O hara worries me with two stress fractures in his back. Boeteng is the only pompey player i’d look at he’s good however i think he needs to practice his penalties. Maybe a little costly for us.

  27. RICHARD,will take your word on bel hadj seen pompey about 4 times i rate him,but boeteng to me is real crap,wouldnt take him on a free imo,hes been the worst player on the field imo

  28. Pernod and southern comfort are my spewing drinks. Never been able to touch a drop of either since then, I was 17.

    Anyhow toonsy, you’re depressing me with these momentous matches – What we use to be…

    Just goes to show the potential here – Just need someone who can harness it.

  29. Oh god, Pernod. Evil stuff. Hate Aniseed anyway, and one of my childhood memories was of my mum taking a knife to the kitchen wall after a session on the Pernod 8O

  30. RICHARD think your missing the SMALL part played by bead/lee played in that part

  31. sirjasontoon, I am the resident Scottish football brain for Newcastle online, hehe.

    David Goodwillie scored a belter for Dundee United today. A fair return of goals this season, a high reputation and only 21. He has the similar status at the moment that Steven Fletcher had a few years ago and a lot of Toon fans wouldn’t mind him at the moment.

    He has been linked with a move to England a few days ago too for as little as £1m. He could be a good move, if you ask me.

  32. Stuart79 says:
    May 15, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    “God god, toonsy! Who’s ya mam? Mimmie maguire?”

    It’s the Pernod mate. She can get smashed on anything else and she becomes a happy but annoying drunk. ith Pernod though she goes fecking mantal, which is why she doesn’t drink it anymore.

    Though to be fair, both my mum and dad have their health problems so staying clear of drink isn’t a bad thing for them.

  33. What a night that was,my seat was on the end of a row and when Daveeed put the second one in i jumped into the aisle,fell down the steps and sprained my fecking ankle.Happy days,the pain was worth it.

  34. what was the Toon’s possession percentage on the day? That looked like quite the bollockin’. Must have been an amazing time to be following the club.

  35. I thought there was already a collection of Newcastle Greatest Matches made by someone in youtube???

    My friend once asked me,is Leeds United having some sort of link with Newcastle United. Leeds United as the feeder club.

    I asked him why you think so? He replied. Mark Viduka,Alan Smith,James Milner,now maybe even Beckford.

  36. Anyway,with Chelsea winning the FA CUP yesterday,they are tied with Newcastle,Blackburn with 6 FA Cup wins. ;)

  37. Bearsdley and Ginola are such legends!

    By the way, don’t know if you guys already know that Ginola will be coming to Gateshead on 28th May, 2010 from 4pm.

    He will be signing autographs in PC World in Team Valley Retail Park. It’s to promote some football USB stick.

    Visit: for more info and there’s a spot the ball competition where you can win €1000!!

    I can’t wait to meet the legend!


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