Bob Moncur thinks pride will make up for our previous fall.

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Bob Moncur - The last Newcastle captain to lift real silverware.
Bob Moncur - The last Newcastle captain to lift real silverware.
Around about a year ago now, we saw a team, our team, slip out of the Premier League in what can only be described as one of the tamest performances of any Newcastle side in recent years.

The same thing can’t be said about this years team though, as they have been anything but tame for the vast majority of the season. The players that stayed on to help us regain our spot in the Premier League have put their heart and soul into this season. Sure, we haven’t won every game, and the football perhaps hasn’t been the prettiest we have ever seen, but it was effective and has gone some way to restoring some pride back on Tyneside. The job isn’t over yet though, gaining promotion was just the first step. Next up has to be survival, and our old Fairs Cup winning captain Bob Moncur believes that the current crop of players will still be hurting from relegation, and will be out to prove a point next season and make sure they survive:

“All of them were hurt by the consequences of relegation and everything that went with it. But all season long they have been determined and focused on taking the club back to where it belongs,” Moncur said.

“Once you lose your top-flight status as a player, you are questioned. And you want to show that you can still do it at the top-flight level. They are certainly hungry and keen to show they are still Premier League players.”

I happen to agree with Bob for the most part, although we still need new players to compliment what we already have. Players that have a desire to play and a point to prove should not be underestimated, and there are many different examples that back that theory up. How many times have we been beaten by an ‘inferior’ team like say a Wigan or a Bolton over the years despite us having a team full of expensive players?

You will know the answer to that yourselves, but it has happened quite a few times over the years. Our team may not have some of the biggest names in football in it anymore, but what we do have is a team in every meaning of the word. An honest group of lads who fight for each other, don’t give up, and are prepared to get stuck in. These players actually want to play football at Newcastle and wear the black and white shirt, they want to earn their wages and not just pick them up for putting in minimum effort.

That is a massive headstart for us in the race for survival in my opinion. Dont get me wrong, I know this squad needs new players if they are to have the best chance of surviving, but even if we didn’t sign anyone we know that this current crop of players would go out there and give their all. If it came down to the final day of the season and we needed just a point, we know these players would give it 110% effort to make sure they come away with the desired result.

That is what we can expect next season; a team that will give it’s all to get as many points as it can. You can’t ask for much more than that from our current players or our manager, and hopefully any new signings will give their all for the cause, like we know the others will.

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113 Responses

  1. My only worry is that I wonder if the team can cope with losing a lot of games in a period of time.. What will the team spirit we hear so much about be like then??
    Will the team be able to pick them self up?

    And another thing I worry about is will the fans turn on Chris H if we do indeed lose a lot of games and call out for “big name manager” ??

  2. Peterktoon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Personally I think that will depend on how much help Hughton has had from Ashley. If he’s been hung out to dry, there’ll only be one person who gets it in the neck – Ashley.

    Supporters are waiting for the first excuse to show their displeasure in him.

  3. peter,i dont think one fan will give hughton stick,because we all know it wont be his fault..pride will only take you so far

  4. Possibly not, but I’m happy, I’m the cuddle monster and I think you need one Stuart :)

  5. 2 Stuart79 says:
    May 26, 2010 at 7:57 am
    Peterktoon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Personally I think that will depend on how much help Hughton has had from Ashley. If he’s been hung out to dry, there’ll only be one person who gets it in the neck – Ashley.

    Supporters are waiting for the first excuse to show their displeasure in him.

    What supports would that be Stuart? You?

  6. did u do the videos peter, coz ive just watched 1st 1 nd got to say spot on m8. grt video.
    wats this then the toon breakfast club? ;)

  7. Johno Toon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Although I am a season ticket holder who showed my support for the team and the club by paying for it up front for 3 years I have never been one to sing anti Ashley songs or boo players.

    I would rather come on here and show my disgust – Think it’s better than doing in the stands.

  8. Q: Why did the man drown in his muesli?
    A: Because there was a large currant!

  9. Stu – can ask you a serious question please?

    On the whole, would you say you enjoyed last season?

    Yes or no will do.


  10. If this window is a shocker and the team does crap then I can’t see people putting up with it,the players,manager,owner and casino owl will feel the wrath.

    Yes we should be tightening our belts and staying clear of £30m superstars but surely the paying public deserve to be entertained…I mean players like 0’Hara at 6M being out of reach and a loan for a Manchester or Arsenal player being a top summer target it really is depressing reading.

    If Ashley can’t deliver-he just has to admit it and sell the fooking club on ebay-just get rid.

  11. TC we will back there soon enough give it a year and we will be back with the small clubs. :)

    Maybe we had found our level when we graced the fizzy’s and it was a hell of a lot more fun than being prem whipping boys.

  12. I agree we may not Play pretty football now but i cant remember the last tym i seen a toon play wit the passion n pride this side hav, n i wud take that pride n passion over nice football, on the good football issue i personlly think that sam allardyce set us back years wit the football he tried to play it was the worst ive ever seen n i still fink the club is recoverin from it, ashly has done alot wrong but sackin allardyce for me was the best thing he ever did

  13. SJT – those targets you mentioned are all just paper talk.

    Plus, if Ash decides to sell now it will be another summer of instability and upheaval and we all know what that leads to.

    Best just to see how things go – I’m sure if a wealthy Arab comes along and makes MA an offer he can’t refuse he’ll sell up in a flash anyway.

  14. But seriously why all the doom n gloom tho? Please correct me if im wrong here but it sounds like your just waiting for us to lose a few games so you can say turn around n say ‘ ha ha i told you so ‘ before the season even starts , why tho?

  15. Toon Chicken says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:29 am

    I enjoyed the winning feeling – I only really enjoyed the performances from Cardiff onwards. After that game I really enjoyed watching the football we played – Especially at home.

  16. Johno-The premiership beckons and the signals coming out of the club are

    A-We have a Great Dressing Room
    B-Ambiguous Statements from Above
    C-Houghton reflecting on a Great season
    D-Top signings/Targets Cleverly and Wiltshire on Loan
    E-Taylor likely to be Sold

    These signals are not good-we will struggle next season if Mick does not put his money in on half decent players to bolster the team and back his manager.

  17. To me it seems no planning has been made-Targets should have been identified ages ago once promotion was nailed on.

    I hope for the sake of the team Mike has some tricks up his wizards cuff because it could get very nasty again if he shirks away from his responsibilities i.e Investing and taking NUFC Forwards and not Backwards.

  18. Johno Toon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:34 am

    I would be delighted to see us win games and finish mid table – I think it’s a bit stupid for you to think that I want us to lose. I would have better things to spend my money on than watching us lose.

    But I’m sorry I don’t see a successful future for the club if we cannot invest in decent players, this year and for the next five years.

    I cannot see a future for the club with a regime that continue to show they have absolutely no idea how to run a football club – Even when they think their doing things for the right reasons, they some how manage to balls that up too.

    Were going to have to rely on our youngsters, that’s what they said in the statement – These youngsters couldn’t finish above Rotherham or Hartlepool last season. How are they going to step up and do a job in the PL?

    Where’s the future then?

    I really hope it changes, I really do. I would be happy with £10m being spent at the minute – Although I don’t think that will be enough.

    But I’d appreciate anyone on here to tell me how we can build anything in the next five years (While were breaking even) without proper investment.

  19. sirjasontoon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:42 am
    To me it seems no planning has been made-Targets should have been identified ages ago once promotion was nailed on.

    Where has it said that our targets have not been nailed on?

  20. Sorry Stu-You have to stick with the 5 year plan…It’s like the Arsenal model (well kind of) but it will be run on bottle tops and conkers,swopsies and loans.

    We will have a great academy full of youth players from all the big boys and we can get them up scratch as other clubs push on.

    Let’s be honest Mick and Owl Heed couldn’t plan a barbecue never mind a five year plan to make a football club successful.

  21. The club will have revenue, so there will be money to spend, it just depends on how much money there is set aside for transfers. That whole plan statement was a bad move by the club. They’ve gone from tool little info to too much detail. They need to find a nice balance somewhere inbetween those two extremes.

    How I understand it, is that club has to be self sufficient, it needs to recover more than it spends on operational costs. This can then be used to improve the team, ground, whatever. The money from promotion should go into this pot as it was what was generate by the team gaining promotion. Mike isn’t going to invest, but the payout for getting into the PL should allow us to invest in a few players this summer.

  22. Well Arsenal have won cock all since they started their ‘youth only’ plan.

    It’s impossible for Wenger to build a successful team. Everytime they get a player who’s decent they sell him, but don’t re-invest the money.

    How can anyone build a team like that?

    Although I wouldn’t mind watching Arsenal like football at St James’.

  23. Agree i get the feeling ppl want us to fail rather than get behind the team jus so they can hav ashly protest probably, the quicker ppl realise there is nothing u can say or do to get rid of ashly the better n before ppl say boycott dont go to the match thats wrong because any who does that isnt a toon fan u go to support team not coz of who the owner is, as for signings whats the point of moaning n speculating about how much money there is or isnt or how much ages we can pay coz non of us know, if the window shuts n we aint signed u can sit ya computer sayin told ya so n that were crap were as ill b supportin the team i fink its about tym some fans got over the fact that ashly screwed keegan coz thats wot its really bout u jus use anythin else he does to hav a go

  24. Stuart79 says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:35 am


    But why so pesimistic now? Do you not think we can carry that spirit, fight, belief and good feeling on into the next season?

    I appreciate you want us to play a certain style of football – I’m sure we’d all like to be known as “the entertainers” again. But you must agree that results come first?

    Chris (and certain senior players) have shown us how to win again. Surely that gives us something to build on, and as the cliche goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think the performances will come – we did show glimpses of it last season as you say yourself – we just need to give them time.

  25. SJT – Or you could see it as someone who has limited funds and wants to make sure he gets the best bang for his buck. CH will know where he wants to strenghthen, he will have a good idea of some players he wants to watch, but he has had a day job to do so he will have to “interview” the candidates. I’m glad he’s not in a rush to go out and spend.
    Let’s leave the panicking to the last evening of the transfer window.

  26. That article doesnt say anything about targets not been identified or certain targets not nailed on , it just says he is taking his time , Rumors r he was trying to get Cleaverly in beofre he went on holidays

  27. SJT – you also conveniently failed to mention that Hughton has said he will be monitoring players at the World Cup.

    Would you prefer it if he went out and spent £Xm on them now only for them to do their cruciate in the group stages?

  28. Toon Chicken says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:55 am

    I hope you’re right, but you’re forgetting the one fundamental difference – The PL and the Championship are chalk and cheese.

    All my pessimism is regarding the lack of investment in the team. We might end up signing 5 players for £5m but in my opinion we won’t sign more than two and they’ll be on loan.

    Do you think there is long term optimism going forward with a plan like that?

    Some might think that you can achieve things in the PL without spending – I don’t. If you’re going to do that you need a brilliant academy – We don’t have one.

    Middlesbrough had the 2nd best academy in Europe – They didn’t invest in established players and they got RELEGATED!

    Since Ashley has been here we haven’t seen one academy player come through and become a first team regular. But with the statement we are told that they will be the bedrock of the team going forward. How? They cannot beat Rotherham or Hartlepool!

  29. johno toon, fair play 2 u m8. mind u the original comment from peter is a niggling worry in the back of my mind, nd most pple i reckon.
    with alot of younger players u always worry that a lack of confidence could creep in, unsetttling the harmony we had last season.the fact that ranger is goin out on loan nd the rumour of j wilshire, cleverly coming in seems a tad paradoxical.
    however, as much as i like ranger, nd was willing him to score, his confidence in front of goal was non existant. so for him to step up to EPL would appear a tall task imo. so let him get regular footy at a lower division nd build his confidence back up, its a pretty important part of a forwards job; scoring goals.i reckon regular footy week in week out for a decent period is just what the lad needs, imo. then we will know if hes good enough for 1st team n EPL.
    im a little concerned about the balance of youth n exp, which is why i would like to keep a hold of s taylor. im happy with out starting 11 n subs. but i worry about injuries n cover. perhaps thats why we kept a hold of r taylor? cover for defense.
    just a footnote here, i just got a 24″ flat screen for 140 at pc world, just in time for WC ;)

  30. CH is getting peanuts to spend…and off the record I am sure Mick has said it to him so he is bigging up the current squad,the morale etc

    He should be braying on Mick’s door demanding a decent purse to strengthen after getting the team promoted.

    But i have said this before Chris is a good bloke maybe too nice to be a manager but luckily for Mick Ashley he does as he is told and costs nothing hardly in wages and is just very grateful to be in this position….or so it seems.

  31. just a footnote here, i just ate a small bag of Mini Maryland cookies washed down with with a perculated coffee.

  32. Johnny 24″ fook me you will need binoculars mate….best avoid snooker on it you will need a microscope buddy :)

  33. Sturt79 we havent seen one academy player come through since ashly has been here thats a lie wot bout andy carroll, nile ranger n tamas kadar were these not youth players comin through

  34. Stuart79 says:
    May 26, 2010 at 10:03 am

    I thought you might mention the difference between the Prem and the CCC – I was actually gonna write that myself.

    I agree – they’re worlds apart.

    But the gap between being runaway Champions of the CCC and mid-to-lower mid table in the Prem? I’m not so sure it’s such a gulf.

    Maybe all we need to span that particular gap is a leap of faith?

    BELIEVE! :)

  35. davy says:
    May 26, 2010 at 10:13 am
    Sturt79 we havent seen one academy player come through since ashly has been here thats a lie wot bout andy carroll, nile ranger n tamas kadar were these not youth players comin through

    Andy Carroll was playing in the first team on and off before Ashley arrived, so he is nothing to do with Ashley’s grand plan.

    Kadar and Ranger have played about 5 games between them since Ashley arrived.

    What cannot you understand about that?

  36. If Big Mick spend 20-30m now the I think survival would be bolted on.
    Just a shame he doesn’t have the same vision and desire for NUFC as he does for SportsDirect.

  37. Stuart Didn’t Lua Lua get about 15 minutes playing time as well?

    Haha Maybe you forgot.

    Our youth players are nowhere near prem quality yet,maybe that new goalkeeper from Sweden age 15 will come good in 10 years time…the idea is you get the first team sorted and successful and worry about the kids second-it seems we have got the two the wrong way around.

  38. i hear wat ur sayin stu, nd i dont disagree. but the way i see it is this yr will be very tight for cash easing up a little nxt season. its a bit like motion, the initial start is hard work, then once moving its alot easier.
    thats how i see the plan stu, this season we will the hardest, fiscally. then hopefully once we start making money, we will see the club investing the profits in players.
    i must admit i feel anxious about the shituation, but what can i do ? all i can do is keep the faith with CH, nd hope his bargain basement signings continue to prove successful.
    with all the talk about the club having no money this yr, how come CH is going to WCup to check players out? wats that all about ? smokescreen ? puss take ? crowd pleaser ?

  39. TC @ 35..every club in europe will have scouts there..carnt see us finding any gems when the hole world will be watching

  40. hitman – we’re not actually scouting for hidden gems though – hughton has already said he won’t sign anyone based on one good tournament.

    what he has said is that they will be monitoring the performance of known targets.

  41. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 26, 2010 at 10:30 am
    S Taylor is a product of our academy.
    A Carroll?

    I’m talking about since Ashley arrived. We haven’t produced one player who plays regular in the first team. God knows we’ve bought enough of them.

    Carroll and Taylor were a product of the youth system pre Ashley.

    Just making the point that we cannot rely on the academy instead of actually buying in established players.

  42. im sick of hearing about keegan man hes laughing all the way to the bank with compensation he received he was amazing in the nineties he deserves credit for sure but second time he was only in it for the money he couldnt give a s hite about newcastle the best thing we can all do is wait till june july see what happens get behind the team in august do you think blackpool are going to spend 15-20 million? i think we can finish 12th if we get a striker and full back who can play on both sides then be happy days

  43. so what if these known targets have a bad world cup are we not interested anymore TC

  44. Stuart,
    didn’t realize you meant during MA’s reign, my bad.
    Vuckic, Kadar, donaldson, Ranger etc are getting close & they can be considered, can’t they?

  45. hitman – I very much doubt it’s as cut and dry as that.

    But I think we can safely say if one of them breaks down in injury then there’s a good chance they’ll be struck from the list, depending on how serious it is.

    From the horses mooth:

    “We’re assessing our options with regards to the World Cup at the moment,” “There’s every chance that we will be going over there and we will have a presence. I am looking into going over for a couple of games myself.”

    “But it will be to look at a player we know already rather to look for potential players that we didn’t know about.” “We have done plenty of work already and we know the sort of players who will be there and available.”

    “Generally we would not be looking to buy a player just on the strength of a good World Cup. You have to do your research on overseas players and that is not always the case with someone who comes to your attention solely on the basis of a good World Cup.”

  46. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 26, 2010 at 11:03 am

    Not first teamers though, CLiNT.

    We need to see them perform at first team level for a long period to see if their up to it.

  47. if thats the case hughton is looking at players that must mean he has some sort of transfer kitty otherwise why would you bother your arse if you werent going to buy any players hed be on a beach not going to south africa were theres a chance you might get shot for your travellers cheques!! i think a lot of people are panicking a bit when really we should be happy to be back were we belong

  48. There’s a lot of unjustified pessimism on here, and it seems to be driven by naive gullibility in the main.

    CH knows what he’s doing now, just like he knew in January. Last year he had to get us safely promoted, and did it on minimal spend. This year he has to stabilise us in the prem, again on minimal spend, and he’ll do that. Next season, with a year’s prem income to play with, it’ll be time to sign some bigger names and move up.

    Let’s stop pretending we know anything about what’s going on, and acknowledge that we have every reason to believe the window will be used sensibly.

    …and that any official announcements on the .cock site will be written by a deaf, dyslexic monkey on crack.

  49. Whumpie says:
    May 26, 2010 at 11:18 am

    …and that any official announcements on the .cock site will be written by a deaf, dyslexic monkey on crack.

    Opposed to the really intelligent, PR laden gentleman that make announcements on the official site?

  50. here is a thought,
    consensus is we have been promoted and therefore we are due to a windfall of riches from being in the Premiership.
    However, now, as a self sustainable club which spends within its means, which has just lost £70mil in the last two seasons, will it not be the case that we only have a bit of money to spend next summer, when we have actually got some of this Premiership money, now now?

  51. its only stuart panicking! i dont and will be proved right he isnt that clued up about the state of the prem league. we will be fine their is nothing us to worry about that includes playing the top so called clubs we got every chance of winning at home no probs beating these teams. tell me what player u want becasue if the top clubs cant by any big players from other leagues then what chance have we got nothing so what is the point in buying duds who will just be run of the mill players like we have had for the past 5 years at least we have got fight in this team. not like the gutless tw..ts in the second half against villa none of these players who played that day would i would have had at this club playing for us thats me.

  52. Does anyone else find it a bit demoralising when we’re linked with players we may actually want? History shows that it makes them 99% certain NOT to arrive.

    Ho hum. Wake me up when the world cup starts…

  53. asim, s taylor, guthrie,loverlands, jonas, smith, shola, thats a few players who were playing or subs asim.

  54. of them players i would have kept only jonas and talyor the only person who cryed anmd ment something to newcastle and jonas who always gives 100% who came on to late with the others who then couldnt be bothered.

  55. wonder if Hamit plays tonight in the n ireland v turkey game.
    the czech’s beat usa 4-2.
    usa 75-1, england 6-1 or 13-2 3rd favourites,

  56. wat about the player of the yr in ccc asim, u wouldnt keep him ? guthrie n loverlands r also worth keepin imo

  57. johnny being saying we should have bought him last year be4 united clock on to him by nicking him which wont happen he is going to be a star of the future becasue he is a cool finisher under pressure.from wing to central and a very good play maker which we have been missing from central midfield. no loan ch just go out and test the water and make a bid for him becasue long run he will be worth a lot of money but fergusen is not that daft well i hope he is but a loan will be only good for united and bad for us.

  58. ah i see ur talking about Hamit, yeah looks a cracking player, is fergie also after him? i didnt know that asim. but i’m not expecting that calibre of player bein brought in this summer, if im bein truthful :( even with freebie loans i dont see us payin the wages, that players of that stature demand :(
    but hey u can dream nd hope eh lol, plus it fills this void of nothing happening.

  59. Toon Chicken says:
    May 26, 2010 at 10:00 am

    35-He will be sunning it up-supping cheap beer and “possibly taking in a couple of games”

    What is the point chasing a player who then has an amazing world cup value started and £3m now 12m after scoring 6 goals….we won’t be buying world cup stars forget about it TC.

  60. SJT – what you on about – 6 goals at the World Cup worth £12m?

    That’s a golden boot candidate – only a few clubs in the world can afford those sorts of players!

    CH is talking about sensible targets – I’m pretty sure he won’t be weighing up a move for Messi.

  61. johnny talking about cleverley mate not him. i was saying nicking cleverley from united.

  62. Toon Chicken says:
    May 26, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    We won’t be weighing up moves for ‘the next’ Messi either.

    That would cost money.

  63. TC I was exaggerating-expect no decent world cup players and you won’t be disappointed mate :)

  64. would rather follow the everton model than arsenals – bring english kids through although to be honest even Moyes “big” signings are touch and go – yakubu, johnson, fellaini

  65. I agree about the world cup driving up prices and alerting other clubs, its always naive to wait until after the tournament to sign players. We were interested in that Greek right back Seitaridis a few years ago for £2m, but he ended up going to Porto instead after the tournament as he played so well, and his value has gone up ever since. If we have scouted these players then why not sign them beforehand? Especially if we are strapped for cash.

  66. Couldn’t agree more, Macas.

    Could it be because we won’t be buying anyone from the WC?

    I don’t see many free transfers at the WC. If there are they should be snapped up before the play, if they have a good WC their wages go higher and we know were not going to pay more than a Steak Bake and a Tuna sandwich for anybody.

  67. Just been on Newsnow and see Ed has written something on Ashley and Cheryl Cole splitting up? :lol:

  68. k asim i wasnt sure which player u meant ;)
    just been on watford fan site nd they say good player sorry to see him go, but deserves a shot in epl :) was pretty suprised with there praise n goodwill regarding his future. also tried a few manure fan sites to see there reaction to proposed loan, but found nowt. not sure wat to make of their lassaiz fare attitude. but it looks like fergie will loan him out for another season, so why shouldnt we get him. we done good biz with williamson, so im crossing my fingers on this deal. seems to have the right attitude, wanting 1st team action.

  69. thats why i said earlier in the week that if we were gonna sign any1 it would be b4 WC. i reckon thats a red herrin the WC, doesnt fit with the present no cash 2 spend line.
    see there is an u17 internaqtional tournament goin on, if any internationals r to be signed then its more likely to be young uns imo.

  70. Toon Chicken@43

    “But the gap between being runaway Champions of the CCC and mid-to-lower mid table in the Prem? I’m not so sure it’s such a gulf.”

    I agree TC. I believe the core of the current team have enough talent – and, more importantly, BACKBONE – to make a great fist of it next season.

    I honestly don’t think we’ll languish at the foot of the table (beyond the first few games), even if we only took on a couple of extra bodies as cover.

    But I wish the doom merchants like toonsy would stop rattling on about SURVIVAL. Christ, he’s mentioned it four times in this article! ;)

  71. Toonsy @83, wakey wakey man.

    You know as well as I that to succeed these days, a business has to offer what its customers want. If that means diverging from core business and increasing product options for them, then that’s the way to go.

    It’s ages since I read ‘Hello!’

  72. “You know as well as I that to succeed these days, a business has to offer what its customers want”

    Can anyone argue with that?

    If MA ever wants his money back, he’d better keep people interested.

  73. Lesh @ 92 – It took me a while to figure out what you mean, then the penny dropped lol

  74. Cheryl Cole. I wouldn’t just drink her bath water I’d gargle it until my jaw hurt. She’s wasted on willi am.

  75. Problem is Micky, would any of us measure up to him?

    We’ve all heard the rumour ;)

  76. johnny says:
    May 26, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    the czech’s beat usa 4-2.
    usa 75-1, england 6-1 or 13-2 3rd favourites.

    Yeah Johnny- but US only dressed 2 starters. No Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Bradley, Howard, Boacanegra, Spector, Clark, etc. Czechs had some injuries though, to be fair.

    I agree with Toon chicken (or whoever said it- not a big gulf (if any) bewtween us, WBA, and lower mid table. Probably 2-3 proper signings and you have a good chance to do even better.

  77. Is O`Hara worth 8m., no way !
    Would go as far as 5m. young, energetic, ambitious, the type of engine room badly needed on this side.
    Also home grown though i believe he can qualify for the Irish side also.

    Altintop, a very versitile player, can fill in as winger inside forward or striker and gets his goals, free agent.

    Onuoha, young still developing RB can bring the ball forward and defend, would make a welcome addition to the back four.
    Would go a long way to strengthening the side as all are still relatively young.
    Question is would Ashley spring for them, probably not !

  78. Chuck- I like those 3 for the Toon as well. But would we have to sell Taylor to get them is the ultimate question…

  79. see on news now ed has done 9 posts in 4 hours sure his hands would be quick enough for cheryl like ;)

  80. I suspect to get Ashley to pay £5-6m on anyone we’d probably have to sell someone……stranger things have happened though..maybe.

  81. RICHIETOON,aye m8 trouble is hes thinking of going to work for that german lot,dont think his tin hat will fit on a square heed like :)

  82. Er, Toonsy works full time in comparison, Richard ;)

    I’ve just written a near 800 word masterpiece for you to get your heed around though :D

  83. JOHNO TOON,just picking bits of puzzles thats gone on for a while taylor says he wants to stay,his dad who is his agent,saying differant,players had meeting with c.h.saying they were unhappy with him,ie saying one thing to them,telling press another via dad,would not be surprised if dad was leaking shit to london press,like the gunners want him spurs want ect,lastly 1 yr left on contract would he except lower wage,think not, bye,bye

  84. *********Harper*********
    ************** O`Hara***************

    Would probably give some PL sides competition

  85. Aye Icedog. About time people realised the sun doesn’t actually shine from Taylor’s arse and that he would only be future captain material if his Dad wanted him to be.

    Although I don’t think he is a bad lad, and fair play if he does move on. But it’s about time hestarted taking his own decision and stopped listening to daddy all the time.

  86. CHUCK canny side like except would have williamson in taylor will be gone imo,not happy with joey like

  87. You have Altintop playing as a striker. Yet for the last 3 seasons he has played mainly as an attacking wing back on the right.
    Also Barton is not a sit behind the striker midfielder. That role suits Nolan far better. Both Guthrie and Barton are box-to-box.

    Also O’Hara is no better than Guthrie. So apart from being left footed he’d be a waste of money. Far rather get Wittingham from Cardiff.

  88. 95 toonsy says:
    May 26, 2010 at 2:07 pm
    Lesh @ 92 – It took me a while to figure out what you mean, then the penny dropped lol