The spectre of failure will spur Newcastle on next season.

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The main men.
The main men.
Newcastle head back into the Premier League with near enough an entire team that has a point to prove, and that could play right into our hands next season.

There is absolutely no doubt that these players can play in the Premier League, the problem is making sure they do play. Between them, our regular first team squad has over 1,400 Premier League appearances under their belt, and that is something that a newly promoted team has never had the benefit of before. You can call on any number of reasons for our relegation; players that weren’t committed; lack of form; injuries; a poisoned atmosphere around the club; 3,000 managers in one season; lack of direction; lack of investment, any one of them, or any combination of them can be blamed.

But what we now have is a team that wants to play for the shirt and harvests a steely determination that I personally haven’t witnessed from a Newcastle side for a long time now. The players from last season have a relegation on their CV’s, and the players who stuck with us have now earned the chance to wipe the slate clean by ensuring we survive next season.

Players like Steven Taylor, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton and Alan Smith have all played in the Premier League for years, and have played well enough to keep their places at previous clubs before Newcastle. They didn’t suddenly become bad overnight.

Then we have players like Jose Enrique, who was decent in the Premier League anyway, aswell as Jonas Gutierrez and Fabricio Coloccini, who look like they will be in a better position to deal with the rigours of Premier League football this time around. Colo and Jonas have both been regulars in the Argentina squad, and Jonas will even be strutting his stuff at the World Cup thins summer. They didn’t suddenly become bad overnight.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that these players will be able to give us a chance of at least staying up next season, there is absolutely no reason why they cant. As highlighted earlier, the state we were in during our relegation season will have played a major part in our downfall.

I know people will say that this squad is worse than the one we got relegated with as we have lost our best players. But as I see it, we have a better ‘team’, with the bad apples taken out this time around. I know we need to strengthen the squad, in fact I think we all know that, but I really don’t think our team needs the major surgery that people are making out.

We crusied the Championship, blitzed in in fact, and lost only four games along the way. I would like to see what a more established Premier League would do in our situation. From the reaction of some fans I get the feeling that they think we should have gone through the season unbeaten, we are the mighty Newcastle after all. I don’t think any team would go through the Championship unbeaten all season, there will always be slip-ups and off days, and we are no different.

What saw us through at times was sheer determination from the players, the determination to get this club back to the Premier League, and it worked. This group of players now has a personal incentive to continue that determination. Granted, they cant erase that relegation off the CV, but they can certainly make it stand out less.

Lets get positive!

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120 Responses

  1. Beautiful, loving the positive energy leaping from those well chosen words, you should feel proud toonsy.

  2. Harper
    Simpson Taylor Colo Enrique
    Routledge Barton Nolan Jonas
    Carroll McLovin

    Will this side keep us in the Premier leauge

  3. icedog says:
    June 9, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    “WORKY steady doon m8 blood pres,just think aboot the good old days”

    Bring back rattles!

    Aye, the doctor’s telt uz I keep getting hypertension, Icedog.

  4. “I would like to see what a more established Premier League would do in our situation.”

    Will we get to see Liverpool do this soon? Probably not, but here’s hoping.

  5. The team we now have is beter not worse than the relegation team , we have brought in height at the back (williamson) and we have 2 proper wingers with pace leaving guthrie to play where he is at his best . With a fully fit Barton and Guthrie in the middle we have more pace and creativity than Butt , Smith . All in all we have more balance and a team that plays for each other . I say even with only 1 or 2 signings we are beter than the last time around , bring it on the 2010/11 premiership , this team can more than just survive .

  6. TOON CHICKEN,100% agree careful like you will upset BIG DAVE plays golf with him now

  7. Eaststander

    And what happens when at least 5 of those players get long term injuries?

  8. How worky,
    so ‘my little scheme’ of calling them trumpets ‘zuluvulvas’ is catching on, excellent!

  9. TF,
    did at least 5 of them get long term injuries last season, playing in a more rugged league, more games, more often?
    Maybe all the softies have left the building.
    No doubt there will be injuries, there always is, but just maybe we’ve learned how to rotate better too.
    Howay the lads!

  10. I find it unfair that Barton has only 70 fans on facebook… Even Titus has over 3k…

  11. the championship has proved to be a slight blessing in disguise – we have finanlly got rid of a lot of overpaid deadwood players that were only too happy to pick up their bug pay cheques i.e. owen, geremi to name a few – i was only sad to see beye and bassong leave

    we now have a good team spirit in the team with a good work ethic

    stability is forming, manager can now get his own staff in and has good relationship with fat ashly

    manager now seems to be in charge of transfer activity

    youth system might show rewards this year with vuckic, ranger, inman etc all looking to make the grade..long may it continue – these pkayers could save us a bomb

    spine of the team is geordie – harper, taylor, and carrol up front

    only a few high payed players left at the team with extremely high wages i.e. colo, barton and smith – wouldnt be a total disaster if all three left IMO, don’t get me wrong i still rate these guys!!

    to improve this team hopefully the reserve pkayers promtoed this year will make a breakthrough, vuckic etc……however i feel we need back up at l.b., – could do with a better r.b. too, something i think is important in this league – the return of beye or onohua would be nice!! we need a proven striker – robbie keane would be nice – can leave, shame we didnt get moses!! dont think smith has enough in the engine to be a good d.m. – hopefully im wrong!! hopefully barton, vuckic & guthrie can provide the creativity! another winger who can play both wings would be nice!! another c.b. would also be nice

    wishlist – r.b. – beye or onhua
    back-up l.b. – van annhalt again
    c.b. i tust hughtons judgement -very impressed with williamson
    winger –
    d.m. –
    striker – r.keane loan

    i dont think much has to be spent at all to cater this due to amount of free agents and state of the market

  12. the team for next season will probably be something like;

    ??? S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique
    Routledge Nolan Barton Jonas
    Carroll ???

    Subs; Krul, Simpson, Williamson, Smith, Guthrie, Cleverly, Lovenkrands/Ameobi.

  13. W T , shame o u , u ignorant fcuk,

    wat an absolute prick, joking about that crap ? wat friggi plaet u from? fp

  14. The stinking spectre of fat bastards Ashley failure will spur Newcastle on to relegation next season.

  15. CLiNT,

    I’m not too sure we have the strength in depth to rotate in the PL. We could only really rotate our centre mid and centre backs last season, or we could play a centre mid on the wing. Don’t think that would work in PL though.

    Were missing Fitz Hall too so there’s one to rotate gone, also we had Butt who could come in the centre to replace either Smuth or Guthrie, but he’s also gone.

    If we rotate this year as things stand we’ll be rotating with the kids. They might suprise us, but it’s a big ask.

    Injuries and lack of form will play a bigcpart as they always do.

    Just hope we don’t lose Jonas and Enrique at the same time. I would struggle to see where the creativity would come from then.

  16. hmm so i see a couple of you have gone for steven taylor at centre back eh, may not be the popular vote however i have to say i felt more assured last season when Williamson played.

  17. Couldn’t agree more ILM, you always feel taylor is about to make a mistake, williamson was solid as a rock. Taylor has more pace but is behind williamson in every other area physically.

  18. Accordian to today’s Guardian……

    “David Beckham on hand to sprinkle Stardust on England’s 2018 bid”

    So that’s where he’s disappeared to – no more mixing with the hoi polloi for Stardy then?

  19. Got the t-shirt Witters. We were having a bit craic about that on the previous article.

  20. Chris Hughton was supposed going to the world cup to look at possible signings wasn’t he?

    Perhaps someone at SJP needs to give him a nudge as the tournament’s first game’s tomorrow!

  21. “I’ve had a chat with Steven and he is very much a player we want to keep and from what he has told me, he is also someone who very much wants to stay at Newcastle United.”

    “As well as looking to sign new players this summer, which I am confident we will do, it is just as important that we keep the players we want to keep – Steven is definitely one of those.”

    “He may have missed the end of last season because of injury, but he was a key member of the side before then and he played a big role in getting us back into the Premier League.”

    “He is an important player for us and I want him to stay at the club.”

  22. lesh says:
    June 10, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I don’t think the club were prepared to pay for the ticket and accomodation – Hughton couldn’t afford it himself as he’s the lowest paid manager in the league.

  23. fostino says:
    June 10, 2010 at 12:00 am

    “…….. the manager now seems to be in charge of transfer activity”

    Let’s wait and see eh?

    Stuart79 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 10:36 am
    lesh says:
    June 10, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I don’t think the club were prepared to pay for the ticket and accomodation – Hughton couldn’t afford it himself as he’s the lowest paid manager in the league.

    Stuart, according to our new coalition junta of Foghorn-Clegghorn, we’re expected to take and make massive cuts to spending to save the country from meltdown.

    So, Newcastle United’s gonna be doing its bit to help the economy………Hughton’ll be watching it in super 3D hi-def telly. According to the blurb, that’ll be like being there!

  24. Who signed Routledge, Williams, Best, Hall, Van Aanholt, Pancrate and Harewood then, lesh???

    Mike Ashley?

  25. 37 Toon Chicken says:
    June 10, 2010 at 11:55 am
    Who signed Routledge, Williams, Best, Hall, Van Aanholt, Pancrate and Harewood then, lesh???

    Santa? The easter bunny? Dont dare suggest our manager as that clearly doesnt happen….

  26. run through some of the players,
    alan smith=rarely got a game for manure,does very little in a game bar put a few late taclkes in.
    kevin nolan=scored some goals in the second tier,but lacks any kind of pace,and even in second tier scored a few goals but no work rate.
    joey barton=done very little for newcastle in 3 be honest overrated footballer.
    carroll?dont know at this level.
    joe enrique=best player we have imo,at the club who is prem class.
    collocini=was shocking last time in the prem,poor in the air,no pace rocked back on his heels time and time again.
    people will say his first season in england,but can he make the step up?.
    jonas=2 decent games in the whole of the relegation season,against villa,and manure.a wastful player,who has no football brain,and end product woeful.
    routledge=two time loser at this level with both villa and spurs,another question mark.
    leon best=one big question mark,no more to say.
    steven taylor=has the potential to be a top class centreback,can on occassion be prone to titus bramble brainstorms,but i think can make the step up.
    shola amoebi=done very little at this level over the years,always injured what good is he?.
    peter lovenkrands=good experienced player,although at times lacks fitness.
    williamson=another question mark?.
    simpson=another question mark.
    ryan taylor=you’re having a bubble.
    harris vuckic=just dont know never gets a game.
    just an assessment on some of the squad,playing devils advocate a bit.

  27. BBM….lost my phone over the weekend so haven’t been able to log on for a few days. I thought I might have been slow off the mark….

  28. Think it’s a fair assessment to be honest, might have been slightly harsh on one or two players but overall fairly accurate

  29. I Love Mike says:
    June 10, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    Jesus, do you even support Newcastle?

    Why you ask that? Is it because he has genuine concerns regarding the players? Or should he be shouting from the roof tops that their brilliant and will take the league by storm?

    There his opinions and there not exactly outrageous comments are they?

    Can you disagree with any of his comments?

  30. why the fcuk is everyone so interested in playing devils advocate all of a sudden? it hasn’t been on telly for years.

    really don’t see the point in spending your time writing a load of sh!te you may or may not agree with just for the sake of an argument.

    if that’s how you feel, fine. but why not just come out and say it?

  31. that in my honest opinion is a fair assessment of some of newcastle’s mainstays next season.
    it is the absolute truth imo,if people read what i’ve said then you’ll take it from the last time they were in the there room for improvement of course there is.

  32. toon chicken,it’s a fair assessment of the squad that went down,and the squad that was promoted.
    it’s basically the truth,you might not want to hear it,but it’s out there.

  33. alreet, trojan, fair do’s then.

    just think you might be misusing the term ‘devil’s advocate’ a bit.

  34. tc,you’re probably right i’ve got a banging hangover,didn’t know what else to write lol.

  35. 69 @ 39 good call.

    chicken shit @ 47 – it’s got f@ck all to do with you if people want to play the devils game – so shut your gob or i’ll wring your neck.

  36. There either your opinions or there not – Fck this Devils advocate crap!

    If people have their own opinion stick to it.

  37. if people are honest,is kevin nolan good enough for newcastle next season in midfield?that’s open to debate surely.

  38. Roy Cropper says:
    June 10, 2010 at 12:59 pm
    cash my gold @ 55 – that applies to you aswell.

    I’m quaking in my boots!

    What you gonna do, drown me in a vat of chip fat?

  39. Roy – there’s plenty of other sites you can go on if you wanna choke the chicken! ;) :lol:

  40. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:01 pm
    if people are honest,is kevin nolan good enough for newcastle next season in midfield?that’s open to debate surely.

    That is a piccle , I agree his lack of pace could be a worry but he has other qualities that we will need next season such as his leadership and experience look at giggs n scholes and utd ( im not in anyway suggesting Nolan is any where as good as those two players )

  41. johno toon,they are both older than nolan but ultimately faster even in their thirties.

  42. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I agree with your assesment on most players. I do believe there’s scope for Jonas and Collocini to have improved from their last season in the PL.

    The biggest concerns for me are that Williamson looked really quite vulnerable against quicker skillful players last season – He got turned a fair bit. Time will tell on him.

    I am a big fan of Carroll but I’m not sure he will take to the PL straight away – He still has much work to do on his movement. If he carry’s on from last season he will be very easy to mark for better defenders.

  43. Nolan’s never been blessed with blistering pace tho has he? He might not be getting any quicker but there’s been many a canny player that’s got by without the ability to skin a man.

  44. Johno Toon says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Giggs and Scholes do have slightly better players around them.

  45. Stu,

    Regarding your ‘genuine concerns regarding the players’ comment, maybe genuine concern to you, for me, its the same old negative irrational gash I hear from people week in week out in the pub, based upon nothing by opinion, it makes people sound like winging women! Lets just see what happens eh and ill be the first to come on and say, yep, he was terrible!

    In response, no, you cant exactly disagree with the majority of what was said because the majority ended with a question mark, pointless negative hypothesising.

    My point was why not instead highlight what the positive aspects of the players are, and what our possibilities are next season. I dont get how a ‘supporter’ can sit there and talk so negatively about HIS team, saying stuff like Nolan scored ‘some’ goals last season? Whats that about? Its incredibly demeaning to someone who is considered by many as our player of last season. Saying Joey Barton is over rated? The bloke was considered the heart of Man City and was on the verge of an England call up, you dont earn these sorts of opinions by being over rated.

    I just dont get it thats all, im not some sort of idiot who only sees the best in people, however i cant grasp why ‘supporters’ continue to only see the negative in the team and attempt to rhetorically disguise it as ‘being honest’ or as ‘being a realist’

  46. i love mike,football is about opinions,and people do debate it in pubs in most countries in the world.
    jst to throw that in aswell football fans tend to be knowledgable about the game,so think on.

  47. I wouldnt say they are faster than Nolan , but other than getting to a run a 50 yard race ( wouldnt want to put Kev under too much pressure esp before preseason :) ) we wont know for sure! :)

    But i do think Nolan will be vastly important for us next season

  48. I Love Mike says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I said their Tojans’s genuine concerns, not mine.

    As for supporters continue to look at the negatives about the players – Is that not how you improve? If you ignore what you cannot do, you’ll never improve on that.

    You cannot just stick to what your good at, if that might not be good enough.

    Just a thought.

  49. ‘kin ‘ell, stu. I’m sure R.Taylor can cover for 4 games.

    Besides Hughton has already said he is “confident we will” sign new players this summer.

    Maybe one of those will be a new fullback?

  50. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:15 pm
    On the plus side, that would hopefully mean that we will be geting a new RB.

    HWe’ve been waiting three years for a left back, toonsy.

  51. With Taylor supposedly about to sign a new contract I really think this lad deserves some praise.
    He may not be John Terry but he is good, committed and a true professional.

    We didn’t hear one word out of him about the whole Carroll saga. We still saw him coming to comes even when he wasn’t playing. And now it looks as though he is happy to sign a new deal. If he does – thankyou Steven Taylor.

  52. Anyone look on Sky Sports “league tables”.

    We are officially back on the Premier League Log. Good to see isn’t it!

  53. Does anyone else get annoyed eith these World Cup silly stories? Like the people on Sky who have driven through 41 countries to get to the World Cup?

    1. Get a job, you obviously have too much time on your hand.

    2. Who cares?

  54. aye – fooking brilliant, JJ!!!!!!!! :)

    mebs play S. Taylor at RB and Williamson in the mid.

    Jose, Collo, Willy, Stevie T

    Don’t sweat it man, stu! :)

  55. toonsy – is thems the ones from Uruguay that spent 3 years getting there???

    if they couldn’t afford the airfare surely they’d have been better working and saving for 1 year solid and they’d still have 2 years spare.

    funny thing was Uruguay only qualified at the last min. Imagine if they got knocked out! :lol:

  56. worky – i’ve been chatting with stardust on ed’s blog & i think he would like the opportunity to come back on here.

    it’s up to you but i think you should consider it if for no other reason than the gauranteed stick stu 79 would deservedly get from him.

  57. Roy Cropper says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    I second that! He’s been away too long.

    We need a laugh!

  58. See Liverpool are now making Newcastle-esque feck ups eh?

    Giving their manager million th leave his job when they could have got millions in compensation by allowing him to go to Inter.

    Love it.

  59. Joking apart, do we actually know why Stardust was banned?

    I mean, I know he’s a half wit with no humility but what did he do wrong?

  60. lesh says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    What fettle’s herr von Stardust in these days?

    Shouldn’t that be what’s he ‘on’ these days?

  61. toonsy@78

    “Does anyone else get annoyed eith these World Cup silly stories? Like the people on Sky who have driven through 41 countries to get to the World Cup?”

    I’ll tell you what does annoy me – and that’s reporters sticking a microphone up the noses of Scots/Welsh/Irish folks and asking them if they’ll be supporting England in the World Cup.

    I mean – why the hell should they?

    I wouldn’t support any of their lot if they qualified for a major tournament (as if).

    I make this point with no malice. It’s just that I’m English and I look out for English teams. No others.

    Why should it be any different for the Scots/Welsh/Irish?

  62. chicken i know – where do you think hayley came from then – it wasn’t the local convent.

  63. Stu – A number of things. I think it was a case of many things over time rather than one big thing.

  64. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:43 pm
    Stu – A number of things. I think it was a case of many things over time rather than one big thing.

    Aaahhh. Bless his little cotton socks

  65. “Darth – I can feel a “what annoys me” thread coming up”

    I bet I get seven posts up there before anyone else gets a look in!


  66. I hate people who go over the top, like painting the roofs of there house, or grown men putting football quilt covers on there beds. Why?

    Are they children? Shall I tell them that they are being ridiculous, and that Santa Claus doesn’t exist?


  67. Stardust broke rank and turned on worky. Game over.

    Nolan has gotten fatter over the years and his pace has diminished further as well. I don’t believe he’ll get the opportunities anywhere near as often this year to grabs goals.

    I don’t think trojan is massively out on his assessment. Wlliamson, Simpson and Colo could suffere with the extra turn of pace in the top flight. Colo might just get away with it some of the time because he reads the game well.

    Smudger’s form dipped towards the second half of the season and I can only hope he gets his appetite back and keeps his head in check.

    Gutierrez – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he improved over the season.

    Routledge, I’m prepared to give the benefit of the doubt but the warning is that his form can dip.

    Assessment on everyone else was pretty accurate.

  68. bowburnmag says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    That’ll be classed as negative, BBM.

    Tut, Tut.

  69. toonsy

    Yes! Quilt Covers!

    I went into the Bay Horse pub in Heighngton with some mates sometime in 1996 (or 1997) after the toon had just lost to Sheffield Wednesday.

    The landlord, a Wednesday supporter, had brought his quilt cover down and draped it above the fireplace.

    I asked him if someone had p*ssed the bed – and the miserable f*cker threw us all out!

    Yes. Grown men who have football quilt covers :)

  70. steve clarke had left west ham by mutual consent….we have feck all coached in our club……get him in QUICK

  71. JJ – he was effective early doors because he was sharp and winning tackles and breaking things up. After he got injured he wasn’t the same player.

  72. He was sharp and breaking things up. But in the Prem, he’ll only be breaking legs and giving freekicks away on the edge of the box. He’s ok in a holding role with someone like Guthrie ahead of him but in central midfield he’s just a yellow card waiting to happen.

    Good attitude but just a poor footballer unfortunately.
    If only he could tackle AND pass.

  73. I think it would help Nolan doing what Barton and Taylor have done and spent a chunk of the summer break working ont their fitness in prep for next season.

    Nolans man tits will be chafing on his waist after a summer of sitting on his arse eating zinger tower burgers.

  74. nowt like putting the cat among the pigeons,but it creates debate,at the end of the day.that’s what it’s all about.
    we do have to ask questions as this squad minus a few so called big names was relegated first time around.
    argubly the squad on paper is a lot weaker,so are we not entitled to question,debate whether or not as hughton mentions a hundred times in interviews”this set of lads”are going to be good enough?.

  75. trouble is nolan was ineffective during the relegation fight,he’s now best part of two years older.

  76. We could do with Fazackerley back. He’d get them playing decent football again.

  77. CC – I dont think it’s KFC that Nolan needs to worry about. I think it’s actually beer ;~)

  78. Also, I think it is unfair to pass judgement on any player who was pretty thrown in at the deep and in a season where eveything that could go wrong did go wrong.

    Still, I guess we should wait and see.

  79. “TROJAN 69 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    trouble is nolan was ineffective during the relegation fight,he’s now best part of two years older.”

    Give the guy a break Trojan, he’d only been with us for about 8 games. And its not easy fitting into a team playing that badly and that low on confidence.

  80. nolan was a mainstay of the bolton wanderers set up,then all of a sudden couldn’t get a game for love nor money.
    bolton took the hand off us for 4 million,somebody knew something.bobby robson even questioned the sanity of it.
    if the legend bobby robso had reservations,that’s good enough for me.

  81. TC – hehe

    Read it man!!

    Doing 90-miles-a-day (450 in total) bike ride to our London office trying to raise £10k for Breast Cancer campaign.

  82. I did man – only pulling ya pecker ;)

    I’ll have a rake aroond in me copper jar – see what I can find!

  83. “if the legend bobby robso had reservations,that’s good enough for me.”

    Shame the legend bobby robson didnt have reservations before signing Fumaca, Bassedas, Cordone, Bramble, Cort and Quinn…

    I loved Bobby before people spit their dummys on the floor but he wasnt always right, Nolan as i said IMO should get himself fitter over the summer, I dont doubt his ability.

    If i was CH i would start Barton and Guthrie until Nolan hits the gym.

  84. TC – I know, that was just to encourage others. Thought it was going to be futile last year but managed to raised over £200 through football forums. Some generous lads knocking around.

  85. Roy Cropper says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    lesh – he’s posted a response to your post on ed’s.

    No can see Roy. What’s he posting under these days?

    And before anybody’s tempted, don’t say under a stone!!