Jose Enrique loving life on Tyneside.

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I love Newcastle, I do....
I love Newcastle, I do....
Our Spanish left back, Jose Enrique, has been talking of the love, affection and fear that drives his performances on the pitch. Jose has been one of the player’s of the season so far and has fast become a fan favourite with the Toon Army.

Looking back at the summer it would have been quite easy for Enrique to slope off back to Spain. He didn’t, and now Newcastle United are reaping the benefit of the Spaniard’s pace and link up play on the left side of the pitch. Enrique is only 24 years old still and somethimes that fact can be overlooked. Yes, he is good now but he still has time on his side and can get better still, and it appears Enrique feels so at home in Newcastle that he will be looking to stay for a long time.

“I’m so happy I decided to stay at Newcastle in the summer” Enrique said.

“I know we are only in the Championship, but I love the city and the club. All the foreign players hate the weather here, but it’s not just Newcastle, it’s England. I’m really settled here and I have no desire to go back to Spain. I’m happy at Newcastle, in England and in this team.”

It’s remakable how someone can feel so settled in such a short length of time. The three years he has been here could be described as ‘not the smoothest’ and you could easily understand if the former Villareal player decided to upsticks and move away, especially after seeing some of the protests, the ill-feeling, the relegation, and also having worked under no less than five different managers. Not bad in three years!

Relegation is something Jose is keen to put right, with our squad last season being arguably the most talented squad to ever drop out of the Premier League. The team have turned it around this season and now look odds on for promotion straight back to the big time after lot’s of hard-work and grit this time around, something Enrique admits he is scared of giving up:

“We do think about next season and being back up there, but you never know what will happen in football. It is still very difficult for us, there are a lot of games still to play.”

“We are driven on by the fear of messing things up. We don’t want to do that, it would be very hard to miss out on promotion now.”

It’s hard to imagine us missing out on promotion now although nothing is over until it’s mathematically certain. It also seems again that man at the helm, Chris Hughton, has turned a poisoned dressing room around into one that acts like a team, plays like a team and, most importantly, get on with each other.

Keep it up Jose!

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84 Responses

  1. the thought of us messing up the end of the season and not securing promotion actually just sent a shiver down my spine…

  2. Well i hope you fellas followed my tip for the 3.20 last night and backed IMPERIAL COMMAND,as they like me will be counting there winnings by now.

  3. Yanclovisky lol he is unafordable his wage is like 60 grand per week and he is on negosiating with juve and munic…but van buten and chaill they r good but cost like 12 mill both and lorente next Fernando tores ya not going to come here but good ideas a

  4. Liked him from the off,I think in the beggining he wanted to do a bit more than just hoof the ball up the pitch (Sam’s methods) and his performances suffered. Same with Collo but you can see the class in both of them now. They will be top class in the EPL. Has he got himself a Geordie lass? One good reason for him wanting to stay.

  5. I thank god that Jose Enrique was not send away when the odds are agasint him, he stood still and work really hard on the field. Just look at the way he shield the ball.

    Now i hope a new and even better player of his position will came in. Even when he is older he can play backup.

    Not Nicky Butt kind but to be fair he should already be protected last season to prolong his play but we didnt, we just cant get anyone better and force him to start every single match.

    He was used up. (Unlike his former manutd mate giggy)

  6. Our defence looks top class.

    Simpson Taylor Colo Enrique

    And in 5 years time…

    Simpson Taylor Kadar Enrique

  7. worky,ref boom,press reports at that time said;he was kk only signing,and had fall out with wise over it,mind i repeat (press report)we know how good they are m8

  8. G.O.D. still not 100% on simpson yet,lacks a bit in defensive side of his game,but hes young,should improve

  9. I like the way when they interview the players they all say its a team effort, that shows its a settled team to me.

  10. Unlike the days of micheal owen, who i always felt he thought he was to big for the club.

  11. icedog says:
    March 19, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    “worky,ref boom,press reports at that time said;he was kk only signing,and had fall out with wise over it,mind i repeat (press report)we know how good they are m8”

    Aye icedog, I knaa that, like ;-)

    As most people know, Bassong’s previous team, Metz were relegated from France’s “Ligue 1”, so Bassong’s agent hit his little black book, and one of the numbers in there was Keegan’s. So he phoned Keegan up and asked for a trial for his young protege. When he came, both Wise and Keegan saw him and agreed that he was a very good prospect who would be worth signing. So, to be fair, it was a joint signing really, but officially, it was the then Director of Football who signed him for the club.

  12. icedog says:
    March 19, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    “worky,ref boom,press reports at that time said;he was kk only signing”

    icedog, Are you sure that wasn’t Danny Guthrie?

  13. On a sidenote, is it hammering with rain where anyone else is?

    Slightly peeved as I washed the car recently :(

  14. icedog – Got a garage mate, it’s just a place where I ut things that I may need in the future ;)

  15. Vuckic back in training on Monday by the sounds of it. Hopefully we can get up as early as possible so the lad can get a few games.

  16. Dont think they will bed in any of the kids myself, not til they have won the league anyway

  17. Toonsy thats good news. The boy looks quality, but only if CH played him every once in a while. Or even put him on the bench wernt ACmilan after him?

  18. i said before i want a few young kids given a chance,so they can play with freedom,(imo after the next 3 games) ;)

  19. Well im off to the pub spend some of my winnings from IMPERIAL COMMANDER so laters fellas.

  20. As much as I used to hate Jose I really need to apologise but have still doubt over simpson and the deffencive mid feld position

  21. Aye Henock, I agree. Simpson I thought started off brilliantly but recently i’ve seen him start to get beat by attackers etc.

    Apparently he is playing through the pain barrier thoiugh so hopefully his start of season form is the real Danny Simpson and this Danny Simpson is just a result of having an injury.

    We sould get Dani Alves as cover ;)

  22. Alves is crap toonsy not fit to wear the black and white, we should really be looking at re-recruiting babayaro or maybe a cheeky bid for stephen carr :)

  23. anyone running at pace has simpsons head all over the place,could be as toonsy said he has got a bit of a injury we will see

  24. icedog says:
    March 19, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    “worky@15,think your spot on there m8.its a age thing i think”

    My noggin is absolutely shot to pieces, icedog! Too much sin I think. :-)

  25. what newcastle will turn up tomorrow.
    The side that plays with freedom at home or the restained defensive side that we have seen on our travels.

    suppose i have answered my own question

  26. lot of good right backs knocking about,taylor would be canny i think,but would the lad play there,think he has eyes on england call up at c/h,gets good reports from under21 boss?

  27. Toonsy mate where did you hear that Vuckic was coming back? I think it was you who mentioned in on the previous thread…

  28. if jonas and routledge plus enrique stay fit all play together it will be goals and wins to the rest of the season tomaz will be a walkover with them playing they wont be able to stop them easy win.

  29. Toonsy another good blog mate keep up the good work me old bean.
    Re Simpson I think he has done ok but I do think he looked a lot better with the original back 4 of Jose, Colo, Taylor + himself. For tomoro im going for a 2-1 win for us

  30. In the games S Taylor has played RB i have been impressed and honestly think he could make that position his own for club and country . Once we get promoted i hope we give the likes of Kadar , Ranger & Vuckic some real playing time .

  31. asim@30, ur talking shit son danny simpson is a top prospect, his only young and learning his trade give him time.

  32. I know someone else mentioned it on another thread a cuple of days ago but does anyone think that we should put in a cheeky bid for wheater?

  33. wheater is good shout as a few have said,but if push comes to shove,boro would ask to much for him imo

  34. no, dont rate wheater whatsoever, dont think hes prem quality, eventhough he had a few good games for boro when they were up

  35. if he was a top prospect he would still be at united! magster he wont even get in are team next season mate. kader is better then him i would play him their for the rest of the season he can play anywhere in the back 4 can simpson no.

  36. also I don’t reckon we should be strengthening positions that are already strong, we have 2 top quality center backs in tayls and colo and we all recognise williams’ class as well as kadar’s potential, so all in all I think CB is our strongest position along with GK. Think we need a RB and class striker as priority signings, and maybe another winger. SWP anyone? What a signing that’d be! We can dream eh

  37. asim do u know anything about football? i think not,simpson is a right back so comparing him with kadar being able to play anywhere across the back four is pointless. gary neeville and john oshea are what prevented him from getting into the united team.

  38. devonmag, you have failed to mention that we need two midfield players because our midfield has no legs, nolan, butt and guthrie have no pace. nolan will get found out in the prem.

  39. devonmag – Just on the grapevine mate, can’t find anything official although it’s about the time he should be making a return.

  40. devonmag,i agree c/h is our strong position,might need r.b. like,but for people to say wheater is shit i just goes over my head,ive seen him play a few times,hes not a bad player on verge of england call up, same people who were saying colo,taylor,jonas etc were crap for toon last year,turned there coat now like

  41. What I don’t get is how can someone who has made over 250 appearances in the Premier League and been called up for England get found out?

  42. what are you on about simpson is shit look at all the clubs he has been at loan with, why didnt they fancy him. i watched him at blackburn he couldnt beat a egg and loves going out getting pissed then playing football he is only playing at are club because nobody wanted him.

  43. I honestly think defence is pretty much sorted. Maybe a right back if Simpson isn’t actually carrying a knock. Steven Taylor is a good shout at right back though, it’s where he started and let face it, as a defender he likes getting forward and can score goals.

    Midfield, case of wait and see. Butt will be gone as he is out of contract so that leaves Nolan, Barton and Guthrie with Vuckic. Maybe some back up on the wings wouldn’t go a miss.

    Strikers, I see no reason why Carroll and Lovenkrands couldn’t score enough to keep us up although it is still the position that worries me the most.

    17th next season would be success. It may not be pretty or where we want to be but it’s about building slowly from here. What we have now is a team rather than 11 individuals, a team that has understanding and a willingness to work for each other. Stoke weren’t pretty to watch, but they played as a team and survived. Birmingham, the same.

    I guess none of us know for sure what will happen but i’m cautiously optimistic that we can stay up.

  44. Steven Taylor is not a right back. I know he has covered for Carr and Beye in the past but he did not do that well. his attacking play is poor, lacks the pace, is too well built and has an average pass. Basically, everything that makes a centre back, which he is and should remain.

    As for Danny, he has most things required in that position, but lacks a bit of height – not a biggie, but his defending is very unconvincing at this stage. very much hope he develops but its tricky one – do you get an alternative? Someone more experienced will be pricey and risks alienating him and slowing hisdevelopment. Someone young will not be as effective and will be emergency cover only. So Chris chooses to shuffle the defence when tere are injuries, and contiues to keep faith in Danny – overall probably the best decison

  45. yes yu are mate! when man u who had injuries at the back when they had no cover at right back at xmas why didnt they call him back u clown if he was that good.

  46. “he is only playing at our club because nobody wanted him”

    Same as Colo, Taylor, Enrique, Guthrie, Nolan, Smith, Jonas, Carroll, Lovenkrands etc etc then asim?

  47. magster,i dont think anyone has forget we need midfielders,but i would not like to move nolan out of toon,we might need his height,weight,no-how at some point,and at times playing when injured,plus i know a few m/f in epl with poor pace,but do a good job

  48. asim ive been reading your comments for the last few weeks and i find that alot of them are anti manchester united. we here are all nufc fans here. so speak about them, are u sure ur not an undercover red.

  49. “I wouldn’t want to move Nolan out of Toon”

    Aye, it would take some canny heavy lifting gear that like, eh icedog :)

  50. We’d probably be better keeping Hall than getting Wheater.

    My missus gave me some good news today, said she had saved a fortune whilst out shopping, amazing woman. Although something is nagging at the back of my mind that I can’t quite put my finger on.

  51. the reason why united mite not have called him back asim is the fact that he has little experience, that was the reason for him going out on loan. united sill had the brazilian brothers as cover. anyway simpson is decent for his age, isnt that rite toonsy and surrytoon.

  52. Does anyone know what’s happening with Shola and the business about him being tapped up by Nigeria for the world cup?

    I read about that at the back end of last year, and wasn’t too happy about some of his comments to be honest.

    If he’s fit again ,I hope he’s ready to get going if we need him. I hope that he’s not being distracted by anything else.

  53. so why didnt man u keep him! watch and learn when thay f*** him off he is just a stop gap for this season on low wages.

  54. Darth – Shola can do what he like regarding international football. If Nigeria want him, they can have him, and keep him :)

    Match preview up in a minute.

  55. big willy she saved a fortune as she used your card instead of hers m8 ;) hall would be cheaper to buy, cheaper wages,but big diff in class imo,but might be cover for us

  56. the young brothers wr injured as well! but they are 4 years younger then him so who had more experience him but why didnt they keep him or play him thats why becasue he is not good enough.

  57. Not convinced like everyone else with our CB’s. Colo for me still has no pace and is poor in the air, just like he was last season in the prem. We still need cover for Enrique and a first choice RB, possibly Samuel Inkoom of Ghana and Basel, strong and quick with Simpson as cover.

  58. asim you will see once hes fully fit(simpson) that he’ll up the gears for the mag pies.

  59. toonsy,was once standing next to him (nolan),didn!t twig him at first,he!s like man-mountain ime 6ft tall i had to look UP at him bet hes about 16klem

  60. I sure am pleased you aint the manager of newcastle magster, u smoking some nice shit there mate