Bristol City v Newcastle United – A Newcastle United away fans guide.

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How to get there? What about a nice pair of Bristols?
How to get there? What about a nice pair of Bristols?
The next destination for what looks like a whistle-stop tour of the Championship takes Newcastle to the city of Bristol for the Saturday evening encounter with Bristol City at Ashton Gate. A kick off of 5:20pm should keep fans without tickets, or those who choose not to do the 600 mile round trip happy as it means TV coverage is available for the clash with the managerless Robins.

As ever, we’ll leave the Toon down the usual A1(M) route and join onto the M1 where you should continue south until leaving at J23a (A42/M42). Follow the A42 then M42 right to the end where you’ll meet the M5. Head south down the M5 and leave at J18. Follow the A4 (Bristol Airport/Taunton) along the river and eventually you’ll go over a swing bridge. Bear left after that and you should be able to see the ground on the left.

Those opting to travel by train will probably end up at the main Temple Meads train station which is either a taxi ride or 45 minute walk away from the ground.


There is no parking for away fans at the ground but there are plenty of unofficial car parks that can be had. One of them is an old Freightliner terminal that has a lot of spaces. For this follow the above diections and continue along Winterstoke Road, go straight over three roundabouts and look for a road on the right called South Liberty Lane. The car park is along there and costs £3.

How about a drink?

Alcohol is not served in the ground on police advice as it appears having thousands of Newcastle fans roaming the streets of Bristol is deemed the safer option. Most of the pubs near to the ground are for home fans only and have doormen controlling access.

With that in mind, I suggest heading back up towards to the swing bridge I mentioned earlier and into the Hotwells area of Bristol where there are several pubs that welcome both home and away fans. The Cottage, The Nova Scotia, The Pump House and The Mardyke are all pubs that will be serving the travelling support.

A bite to eat?

There are a couple of cafe’s near to the ground or alternatively you could opt for something from Sainsbury’s situated opposite the ground. Other than that it’s a case of either eating on the way down or grabbing something inside the ground.

How about the view?

View from the away can be limited. Not only are there supporting pillars across the front of the stand, it also used to be a terrace which means that the slope as you move towards the back of the stand is pretty shallow so if you get a tall or portly fellow in front of you then you may be unable to see over them. On top of that, the roof for the stand is pretty low which means that if your’e at the back it can impair your view.

All in all, it should be a good day out. Bristol City fans have demostrated they are friendly enough on their visit to St James’ Park earlier on in the season so I don’t think there will be any trouble. It should be a sell-out with tickets for the home end rated as ‘very limited’ so lets hope Newcastle don’t give them anything to shout about.

One last tip: Don’t mix your ciders!

Howay the lads!

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64 Responses

  1. Toons – it actually got a bit feisty in Level 7 toward the end of the game but agreed trouble was down to a minimum.

  2. toonsy says:
    March 19, 2010 at 6:28 am

    bowburn – Nice image :lol:

    Indeed. It brought back a few mammaries for me too ;)

  3. jay jay says:
    March 19, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Toonsy are you taking your good mate henock with you?

    Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Henock sounds like a right tit, so if he’s got a friend who can play on the left I think the pair of them would feel really at home in Bristol City

  4. Nice idea chris G, I think henock and ganiyu would make a bigger pair of tits than lolo ferrari had

  5. It looks like good Joey really is trying to exorcise evil Joey, I think he owes it to everyone, including himself, to succeed. I’d be surprised if he didn’t get some pitch time against Bristol or even be in the staring lineup, perhaps replacing Lover (even if he is fit to play) with Nolan supporting Carrol. Otherwise same team as against Scunny.

    Is one of those planes carrying a torpedo, tell you what those pilots were real heroes attacking heavily armed warships in what was little more than a flying kite.

  6. I remember getting pis$ed on cider once, Iv’e only ever had two hangovers but that one was a real stonker. Hardly ever drank the stuff since, it tastes so innocuous and mellow you don’t realise till its to late. I stick to real ale now, at least I know my limits. :)

  7. I can’t believe I’m driving all the way to Brizzle and I won’t be going to the game. Seems bizarre. 8O

  8. Why the big downer on henock and the ilk, agreed he does spout some rubbish at times but don’t we all. He might also be a tit at times but he is our tit and one of us for all of his faults. Does that sound even more critical, not meant to be.

  9. i dont have any problems with henock – it’s the pro-ashley arse licking brigade that make me puke.

  10. I have to switch images off on my browser at work to make it less obvious that I’m shirking! (‘taking a brain-break’ if you don’t mind)

    I have to right-click and show the image at the top, though – bit of corporate ‘Russian roulette’ for a Friday given the caption!

    Gutted I can’t go to this match – I’m only an hour away. I won’t even get to watch it as I’ll be in a bar in the Austrian Tyrol getting beered up in readiness for much snowboarding on Sunday.

    I’ll live with it.

  11. Well, that;s Man U through to the semi’s of the champions league.

    Bayer Munich -v- ManU
    Arsenal -v- Barca.

  12. Micky, thats no gimme, man for man Bayern have the better line up. it’ll depend on who has the better team on the night.
    I really fancy this will be Arsenal’s year even though Barca have to be the favourites.

  13. Possibly, but it is over two legs, isn’t it? If ManU can keep the score down in germany then I wouldn’t bet against them at Old Trafford.

    I can’t wait for the Arsenal -v-v Barca game. Should be some good football played.

  14. I remember that final where Solskear did them in the dying minutes, I think that will still smart with them, plenty of scores to settle, notwithstanding its England v Germany. Should be a feisty game.

  15. Big Willy says:
    March 19, 2010 at 11:43 am

    “notwithstanding its England v Germany”

    Big Willy, Germans don’t see us as their big footballing rivals. Their big rivalry is with the Dutch.

  16. and Big Willy, you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve given up on the cider! Sorry to fulfill my stereotype so aptly but it is cracking nectar :) Although you definitely can’t go wrong with a nice real ale, spitifre’s especially agreeable!

    Arsenal V Barca will be cracking, I don’t know why but I fancy Arsenal this year too, hope they make it through, although they’ll be meeting Mourinhos’ Inter wilst United would be meeting Lyon or Bordeaux which seems a touch unfair but there ya go!

  17. devonmag says:
    March 19, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    “worky I saw that episode of QI as well”

    My German friends told me years ago, Devonmag. When Germans go to Holland, the Dutch often ask them if they can have their bikes back too, but that’s a long war story.

  18. DevonMag, yeah I like Spitfire, my local Londis stock a seaweed ale, Kelpie Ale. It sounds disgusting but it is actually very palatable, very dark and earthy. Some of my friends who are real ale junkies were really impressed with it. Try it if you see it!!

  19. devonmag – “sorry to fulfill my stereotype”

    Next you’ll be teling me your tucking into some custard :lol:

  20. DevonMag, whats your opinion of all of these new “fashionable” fruit ciders, bit poncy?

  21. When the Allies landed and had the jerries on the run they took anything that would get them back to Germany. In the Netherlands they stole all the bikes.
    The Dutch take bicycle bells into matches against the Germans and ring them to wind them up.

  22. Big Willy I don’t think ‘poncy’ is the word, they’re just vile! Just invented for young teens who want to get drunk on something sweet, they’re alcopops pretending to have a bit of class. A personal hate of mine was always Kopperburg pair cider, but now Brothers have brought out a range of fruit ciders that gram for gram must have more sugar and sweeteners in them than alcohol! I’ll look out for Kelpie, sounds intriguing!

    And fair enough Worky, though it was a good episode :)

    and Toonsy, I’m only on my 4th can of Ambrosia today, seeing as you mentioned it…

  23. Ganiyu is the biggest tit to ever write on an NUFC Blog….I thought he was taking the pi55 when he first started on but soon realised he was actually being serious.

    Anyways fingers crossed for another 3 points and I have put a grand on a Leon Best Hatrick…..thanks for the tip Ganiyu.

    Dont think they were Bristols but the torpedo planes(believe they were bi-planes) involved in sinking the
    german pocket battleship “The Bismark”, were only successfull because of the radar type rangefinders used by the German guns.
    Apparently they could`nt be calibrated to read speeds below a certain level which the attacking british aircraft were in fact travelling at, incredible actually.
    This is something i was told, not sure if in fact it`s accurate or not, no pun intended.

  25. Here goes ur world clAss players
    arsenal…fabry,van persie,arsavin,song..
    Villa…Carlos cellular,millner,petrov,young
    bolton..Davis,mark Davis,chaill,
    blues..almost have the squad
    Liverpool…most of them r
    city..Carlos,de Jong,Steven,belamy
    united…most of them
    hull…boatang,kamil zayat,
    makem…they don’t (jones,cartelmole,)

  26. U see most of them r better than our players can any one tell me any players except jonas and colo that is worth more than 5 mill

  27. Arsenal tend to play better against continental sides for a couple of reasons.
    They dont get there legs kicked, elbowed and in general bullied as they do in the PL.
    They are given more time on the ball and allowed to play football, which can be fatal for an opposing side, as not many can compete with their footballing abilities.

  28. Hencock
    if you are trying to say those players in your list are all worth 5 million or more please stop taking whatever you are taking its making you go crazy.
    George Boateng you’re having a laugh

  29. Henock says:
    March 19, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    “U see most of them r better than our players can any one tell me any players except jonas and colo that is worth more than 5 mill”

    Jonas Gutierrez, Steven Taylor and Kevin Nolan have also been estimated as being worth more than £5million each.

  30. I’m personally finding Henock pretty amusing. He’s surely a WUM, either that or simply just the king of typos, with Carlos Cellular, Belianov, “steven” of man city and Cartelmole of the Mackems being personal favourites. I’m going for WUM however, having even mentioned the likes of Fletcher, “Doyel”, Barry “Furguson”, “Tuncy”, Ricardo Fuller…and 95% of other players mentioned in his list, in the category of ‘World Class’. Priceless! 3 players at the most in that list are world class. Keep going though as i’m amused, lol

  31. gonna have to agree with you bigtime on that one Ross, hahaha it is enjoyable though :) Carlos ‘Cellular’: genius.

  32. Son I am just trying to say this player I have listed r good player I know boatang isn’t wclass Even most of them rnt buy if they came to us they would definatly be starters and ya knolan ant worth 5mill ..just as a conclusion I would say we must spend 25-30mill on the next trnsfer window or nature will tale it’s course and we wll have a disaster next season which I don’t want to imagine let me list some of the players I would signe
    lorente atletico
    chaill Bolton
    nymar sao polo
    yanvlovisiky Milan
    guti Madrid
    van buten marseil
    what do u think 2 of them r free transfers and very experianced

  33. devon-It was Cellular that immediatly had me laughing like. “Stock” also randomly made me laugh, before claiming the Mackems had none whilst mentioning “Cartelmole”. I dunno, no harm done, this made me laugh. I tend to ignore the rubbish and laugh at this stuff so i’m not too fussed if he sticks around like,lol.

  34. Out of our squad I’d say that Steven Taylor, Colo, Jonas, Enrique, Nolan and maybe, maybe at a push Carrol. But Guthrie, Ranger, Routledge, Williamson and supposedly Vuckic all have the potential to easily surpass £5 million price tags

  35. yanvlovisiky, they’re getting better! haha. I agree Henock, Chaill is a serious talent. Is he Youth squad or still academy level?

  36. Carlos cellular was the best deffender in europe 2seasons before …and now he is very good and helped villa’s problem

  37. Ross agree big time but as I said earlier we all have to have our village idiot. :)

    I really hope he’s a WUM as a lot of effort has gone into that comment, it’s verging on genius. ;)

  38. Big Willy-If he isnt a WUM then its even better really. Well, I’m unsure as to whether its better or worse. If he’s just an overseas toon fan trying to express his opinion then fair enough, but at the same time, his knowledge of the English game is limited to say the least, lol. Here comes his alter ego Miky to back him up. Like Batman and Robin these two.

  39. He has however just tripped himself up by incorrectly spelling Blackburn, having got the name right in the first “world class” post. Cover your tracks! ;) lol

  40. Ross says:
    March 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    “I’m personally finding Henock pretty amusing.”

    I’m personally finding you and all the rest more than a little pathetic for taking the micky out of people for their spelling and grammar. Henock is a name of African extraction, and English may be his second language. How’s your Amharic?

  41. Workyticket-I wasnt intending to offend him or anyone else, if you bothered to read my post to Big Willy you’d see that i said if he is merely an overseas toon fan trying to express his opinion then that is fair enough and i encourage him to do so. I wouldn’t call being amused by someone mistaking the name Cuellar for Cellular at all pathetic. As i’ve already said, if its an unfortunate mistake then fine, its an amusing one none the less.

  42. Worky you are absolutely right, I will now go and stand in the corner and flagellate myself unmercifully. Or at least till I stop enjoying it.

  43. Henock has amused me since day one.

    He didn’t even need alter-egos to be funny. Until now, that is.

  44. Chuck, back to the Bismark etc. I think the big guns that fired the flak, which was the standard defence against planes couldn’t declinate enough. They still had sh!tloads of small arms, machine guns and the like that put up a pretty fierce barrage of defensive fire. I think the pilots who flew the Swordfishes gave themselves a pretty low survival rating.

  45. Big Willy says:
    March 19, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    “Chuck, back to the Bismark etc. I think the big guns that fired the flak, which was the standard defence against planes couldn’t declinate enough.”

    That’s one of the things my father used to operate during the war, along with fifteen inch and six inch guns. He always referred to them as “Pom-Pom” guns.

  46. Don’t underestimate FC Bayern….with Van Gaal in charge they could well turn the red scum over…….hope so !!…