Walking in a Hughton Wonderland? Newcastle 3 Scunthorpe 0.

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Unassumingly efficient?
Unassumingly efficient?
If anybody looks back and wonders when the tide of discontent finally turned, then last night’s game might well have been it. When the third Newcastle goal went in, there was a hearty and sincere rendition of ‘Walking in a Hughton Wonderland’ ringing around Level 7. For those who aren’t aware of the significance of that, it implies a form of acceptance from the most vocal part of the ground and arguably the most vociferous. Not perhaps, acceptance of those on the board but a firm nod of appreciation at the man who probably deserves it above anybody else.

The singing was spontaneous not contrived. It was a natural response to a moment when we ultimately put yet another win beyond any doubt. There was a relief in that chant, from fans who you sensed were previously ready, willing and able to let the manager know they had his back but unwilling to break ranks from those who lumped him in as part of the Ashley crew. It almost happened against Preston and there was a spattering of pro-Hughton singing but it was half-hearted and almost through gritted teeth.

Last night he was awarded with his name being included in a song made significant and poignant, particularly because of the passing of the great Sir Bobby Robson. And it was as if as a whole, Level 7 decided to agree Hughton has nothing to do with the running of the club off the pitch and that he deserves to know that he’s appreciated for what he’s helping to deliver on it. In fact, perhaps also significantly, there was only one version of ‘Get out of our club’ churned out and even that was by only a spattering of surprisingly soulful and willing antagonists.

Focusing on the game itself, if you’d turned up on 80 minutes with supporters flooding out of the doors and Scunthorpe enjoying their best spell in the game, you could have been forgiven for guessing the wrong score. The truth is though, that this game was all but over when the second goal went in and might well have been over even before that. So the final ten to twenty minutes somewhat detracted from what was ultimately another commanding display from those in black and white.

Football is an unpredictable game as we’ve all come to realise and yet sometimes, particularly if you’re in a Championship-winning vein, things go very much the way of form. And when Chris Hughton, with home advantage, was able to field a side that was effectively as strong as he possibly could against a team struggling against relegation and missing key players, you sensed this one should be a formality.

And so it turned out as we, after a slightly jittery few minutes, completely dominated the first half. Danny Guthrie was busy and industrious all night along and contributed with two assists, and his first came from a corner with ten minutes gone which Andy Carroll met to power a header into the back of the net to make it 1-0. Scunthorpe seemed barely able to cope with the early onslaught and confusion at the back led to a free kick delivered beautifully by Guthrie and finished well by Nolan, only for the goal to be ruled offside.

More good build up play led to arguably the best chance of the night falling to Peter Lovenkrands but the Dane smashed his shot off the bar and with the ball falling invitingly to Routledge, the defence managed to scramble it to safety. Carroll was denied a couple of chances but it seemed inevitable that the floodgates would open. And when Routledge split the defence with a great pass, Lovenkrands held his line well and finished smartly to make it 2-0. Good chances for Lovenkrands, Carroll and Coloccini all came in quick succession but ultimately failed to increase the lead.

Despite the good start, there was a touch of arrogance at times from a number of players who appeared to think they could go through the motions. Notably Nolan, Gutierrez and Enrique and it was perhaps that as much as the spurned chances and decent goalkeeping that kept the score at 2-0 going in at half-time.

It had taken the modest band of Scunthorpe supporters a good half hour before they broke into song, as it seemed both team and fans alike were shell-shocked. Adkins clearly gave his players a bollocking because Scunthorpe came out looking far more up for it in the second half. And as a result that got their crowd going and in turn ours. My personal favourite ditty of the night had to be “Phil Brown’s on the dole” to the tune of Three Lions.

Despite the renewed vigour from Scunthorpe, it wasn’t long before we extended the lead. Coloccini, who was in great form all night, took the ball from their striker in the corner and tucked the ball inside to Guthrie. The midfielder was fleet-footed all night but when he swivelled, it looked like he had nothing on. But a 50-yard pin point ball had Andy Carroll charging into the box. The striker did well to outpace the defender but by the time he composed himself, it looked like the angle might be too acute but current form is obviously breeding confidence and he finished with a fine chip over the keeper for 3-0.

Gutierrez thought he’d made it four after some more good build-up play but it was ruled offside. And other than that, the rest of the game turned slightly in their favour, as Scunthorpe finally found their feet but with Hall and Colo in commanding form at the back, we barely looked like conceding. Hughton brought on Kadar for Enrique, who received rapturous applause and took off both goalscorers, Carroll making way for Leon Best, with Lovenkrands coming off for Nile Ranger though because of the way the game went none of the trio made much impression.

When the final whistle left, it seemed like half the stadium was empty but you sensed those that had left were witness to the beginning of the final stages of our inevitable promotion. Conceivably, we could win less than half of our remaining games and still go up automatically. But it doesn’t look like we’re keen on dropping points and the monumental fall from grace that some of those longer-in-the-tooth are concerned about just doesn’t seem possible. Scunthorpe were a poor side, if I’m being brutally honest, but we seem to have progressed during the season to a level which means we punish teams rather than feel sorry for them.

Hughton might have some injury headaches ahead of the Bristol game on Saturday, with Hall appearing to pull a groin, Simpson taking a knock and Lovenkrands limping off. But you imagine we can faith in a man who has dealt with such problems in the measured and successful way he’s done all season because after all, it’s his wonderland we’re walking in.

Us – Harper 7, Simpson 6, Enrique 7, Nolan 8, Coloccini 9, Hall 9, Routledge 8, Guthrie 9, Gutierrez 8, Carroll 9, Lovenkrands 8.

Subs – Krul, R.Taylor, Kadar 7, Pancrate, Butt, Best 6, Ranger 6.

Goals – Carroll 10,55, Lovenkrands 22

Scunthorpe – Murphy, Wright, Jones, Raynes, Williams, Thompson, McCann, O’Connor, Wright, Forte, Hayes.

Subs – Lillis, Woolford, Milne, Sparrow, Canavan, Togwell, McDermott.

Att – 39,301

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226 Responses

  1. Great results well done the lads.

    Hughton 10/10, the team 9/10. Level 7 fans 9/10 – rest of the fans 4/10. The gate was disappointing, the noise levels poor and the ground was emptying way before the final whistle.

    I seem to be a voice in the wilderness where I sit.

    I sincerely hope we can get behind the lads better at our next home game against the forest.

  2. Mags – get yasel up to Level 7 with us man. We need a wall of noise next year.

  3. Yes Bowburn that’s exactly what we need! I can’t actually wait to see us in the premier league again and to hear our incredible fans showing everyone what they’ve been missing with us in the fizzy. Whether they care to admit it or not, we’ve been missed! :D


  4. Chelsea are having a mass overhaul/exodus in the summer, now I know it’s our policy not to bring in aging ‘superstars,’ and there’ll be a plethora of them coming from Chelsea’s way i.e. Ballack, Deco, Paulo Ferreira and crew, but I think Juliano Belletti would be more than worth a punt. Don’t know if any of you remember but we were actually pipped by Chelski at the last minute to his signature when he signed for them. I reckon he’d be a canny signing; a bit more experience in the back with Danny Simpson his understudy. He’s still an exciting wing back with a bit of pace who knows where the net is, personally I think we should go in for him. Could get him for around about 2.5 mill I should think, thoughts?

  5. BBM good report mate and good noise from you and the level 7 crew.
    Devonmag we might be able to buy Juliano Belletti but could we pay his wages ?

  6. good point to be honest, he’d prob want around 40,000 a week wouldn’t he? He’ll probs also opt for a nice warm country to finish his career in an arl. Ah well, nice to start thinking about these things!

  7. Also Devonmag and Big Dave, isn’t it now policy with MA not to get older players (over 26) in other than a short term loan. I’d be surprised if Fitz Hall (done a good job) and Pancrate (rubbish) are retained at the end of the season. To name but two.

  8. DevonMag
    If you get anymore ideas like that keep them yo yersel.
    There is no way he would come north. He would laugh at the wages offered. Ashley will only buy players who will have a sell on value so that is another no.

    Also Mags09 it was difficult to get excited last night after the first goal went in it was game over. my wife could have played in goal for us. It is a chicken and egg situation the players have to get the fans going and the fans egging on the players but as the main article said too many players took the foot off the gas and the game was a bit of a bore

  9. There was an awful lot of dissenting voices when CH was given the managers job full time. I think a lot of people were seeing him as a seat warmer till AS condescended to re-assume his position as the Toon saviour.
    Personally I hope he keeps the job for many years, but of course if things go pear shaped he will no doubt go the way of any manager who fails in the mincing machine of management.

  10. Willy – I was wondering last night, do ya reckon Dowie gave Shearer a shot at being his assistant at Hull?

  11. Wasnt it nice to go out and just dismantle an opponent that were suppose to be taken care of? It was relaxing from the onset to just dominate for the whistle and never look in trouble.

    Hughton has done a fantastic job evolving all year, now a settled, aggressive team.

  12. Toonsy, I havn’t a clue mate, has Dowie got the managers job at Hull. It would be a little ironic though if Shearer is going to be his AM and very funny as well.

  13. haha yeah toonsy I read about that, well funny :) Haha sorry to have offended you budalovesapasty

  14. Following on from the suggestion of a whip round to rename the scumhole ‘Stadium of Shite’ (which I feel is definitely a worthwhile cause), anyone else think it’s about time we chipped in to get our stadium renamed as ‘Unbeaten@St. James’ Park’?

  15. Toonsy, comment 16, no funnier than Elton John buying Watford. Mind you I wouldn’t want to sit through loads of gangster rap at half time. :)

  16. No problem with you DevonMag.
    I haven’t at times liked how Ashley has got us here but our transfers and wages have to be realistic. Ok once every three years or so we might pull out a big signing. The majority of other clubs will be offering less than us anyway as reality kicks in and we will be competitive in the transfer market

  17. to be fair though big willy elton john buying watford was one of the best things to have happened to them in their history!

    Buda, I hear where you’re coming from, and I reckon once evrery 2-3 years we could do with a ‘marquee’ signing, by which I mean 8-10 mill max, but only if they’re well picked and right for the squad. It just gives the entire fanbase and playing squad that extra lift, whilst going some way to showing we’re still a competitive force. I’m not expecting anything big this summer, but I really like the way Hughton operates in the transfer market; calm, cool and quietly. Can’t wait for this summer like :)

  18. Joey B on the bench on saturday with snmudger. They have to be better options than butt and pancrate.

  19. Hmmmm~~~~~ ;)

    Newcastle’s Kazenga LuaLua has been forced to return from his loan spell at Brighton and Hove Albion, after pulling a hamstring against Brentford on Tuesday.

    The 19 year-old midfielder has made a good impression at the Seagulls and recently saw his initial one month loan spell extended for the rest of the current season. His injury will now be assessed by Newcastle medical staff.

  20. @bowburnmag: that link is not prohibited already,due to copyrights issue. :lol:

    And oh, saw that news at nufc.com

  21. @bowburnmag: that link is prohibited already,due to copyrights issue. :lol:

    And oh, saw that news at nufc.com

  22. BBM, just watched the goals, everyone a diamond. The Carroll header as good as any headed goal I’ve ever seen.

    6 to go!!

  23. Afternoon Lads.

    After all this carry on about no big signings etc, I was just wondering what everyone would consider a big signing considering some of the transfer fees going these days (34m for Robinho, lol).

    Are 8-10m players classed as “big” signings?

  24. BBM – keep up the good work on Level 7. Have it spread across the whole Leazes. That’s where the first chanting started in the 60s. New Cas El, New Cas El, New Cas El and that was it. Blaydon Races was still thereabouts but in a much dimished form and was rarely heard. Stay with the radgies!!

  25. BW – hadn’t realised it was such a good header.

    georgio – will do!

    Angel of Death – looks OK to me. And you didn’t post a link on here? Shame on you.

  26. 10 million would be a huge signing for us.

    Feel sorry for Lua Lua i just think him Krul, Kadar, Ranger and Donaldson have got raw deals this season. Lua Lua was at Donny last season and they were raving about him he goes to Brighton and he is a star. He gets two hours of football here and thats it. he is placed behind Butt and other no hopers. Just don’t think it right. CH will see the lad in training but to judge him on two hours of fottball when he was playing with our second string is a bit of a raw deal

  27. When I started watching Newcastle 80K for Wyn Davies was a big signing. I think we pushed the boat out for Ivor Allchurch at 30K. Both of them worth every penny though unlike our recent 17m buy.
    Unless a team has a really big sugar daddy, I think 10m may well be the new benchmark price for big players in the EPL.
    ManC and Chelski can’t buy everybody!!

  28. BBM are you saying you didn’t rate it that highly or that you hadn’t really appreciated how good it was.
    He generated more power than many can do with their feet. I’d hate to get a Byker Kiss from him.

    Icedog, touch of the Vic Keebles there?

  29. BIG WILLY,those were the days me old pal,how much would they cost at todays price,shame we never got to see the best of tony green :(

  30. Considering the reduction of the wage bill, transfer fee’s owed in, TV Money etc, I honestly reckon we’ll get a few players in the summer, around the 5-6m mark.. maybe even a cheeky 10m player!

    forever the optimist!

  31. Icedog
    if you are young enough to remember tony green what did you make of jinky jim smith. unbelivable ability but not the most industrious

  32. budalovesappatsy,aye i do,remember when he was going to tear wembley up in final,but had skin full night before end of storey

  33. Aye, bbm, i’ve been thinking it for a while, but it seems like tempting fate a bit. I’d love to see it up there – but it wouldn’t surprise me if we stuffed the cash into Ashley’s deep pockets, then got slapped 4-0 by Ipswich at the last home game or something, just to really piss on the parade. Maybe just the pessimist in me talking…

  34. any punters out there.

    i need some cash for the weekend anyone got winners at cheltenham tomorrow

  35. If that bet @ 46 comes off, asim, then we really have learned nothing as a club from this whole episode.

  36. Anyone think Sigurdsson from reading would be a very savy buy. He’s cheap, very good with both feet, only 19, can play anywhere across midfield and would be on for the future? ;)

  37. Daan – Not seen enough of him tbh although I have noticed he has scored a few recently.

  38. TOONSY well mate here it is that man for you,will wait for you to pull him to bits,(but you will be wrong)fit the stats. k.dolye wolves, carrolls is imp like

  39. Shane Long another reading player is worth a look.

    Of all the things CH has done the signing of best puzzles me most. yes we had injuries at the time but a bit of faith in ranger might have been rewarded. we now have a striker signed to get us promotion and keep us in the premier league not getting a kick

  40. Kevin Doyle is a good shout, scored goals in the prem before, fast, hard working. Good shout icedog.

  41. For all of u who hated Denis wise ..look at his sinings bassong, jonas , he only sininged 2 players but both are now world. Class and now our retarded coatch and our lazy as**s owner named a guy named carr who thinks we can sign players like hazard …why is nufc always doing this kind of things

  42. TOONSY surprise ,hes in shit team no width,would love toons width ime sure,excelled at reading with ony one wide man

  43. henock think you will find it was KK who signed him (boom) i fact had to fight for him wise did not want him

  44. Mammadou sakho, miguel veloso, lorenzo di silvestri, guadardo, matias fernandez, if we’re playing football manager bargain signings!

  45. Icedog I booked a days leave and they didn’t pay me for it, only really earn enough to get by so really feel it mate.

  46. toonsy:
    March 18th, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    Henock – Why do you always, ALWAYS spout shit?

    Got that right toonsy mate :lol:

  47. Heres what i think should happen next season;

    Hall – Loan ends
    Butt – Retire
    Pacnrate – Free
    Smith – 2m
    Ameobi – 1.5m
    Xisco – 2.5m
    Lualua – 250k
    Krul/Forster – Loan
    Kadar – Loan (option to be recalled)
    Ranger – Loan (option to be recalled)

    Van Aanholt – Loan
    Wheater – 3.5m
    Scharner – Free
    Sigurdsson – 1m(Loan him straight back to Reading)
    O’hara – 3m
    Keane/Rodallega – 8m
    Dos Santos – 2.5m

    So team for next season(fully fit):

    S.Taylor Wheater Coloccini Enrique
    Routledge Barton O’hara Jonas
    Carroll Keane/Rodallega.

    Subs: Krul/Forster, Williamson, Simpson, Scharner/Guthrie, Nolan, Dos Santos, Lovenkrands

    I think thats everything covered ;)!

  48. jay jay, keep chin up old lad,you will come good,always light at end of tunnel m8 :)

  49. daan,talking keepers would love to keep krul,reminds very much of a guy that played between the posts for manshit/utd,won the title for them a few times,with certain guy nicking one at other end

  50. Daan4Toon! all these players are sh..t apart o hara good job you are not our manager we would be down in the fizzy pop league

  51. asim – Who wpuld you like then? Messi, he aint bad. Maicon? Buffon? Ronaldo?

    Face facts. We aren’t looking at them sort of signings anymore.

  52. asim,does that make you right like,this is football everyone has an opinion great game eh

  53. keane is past it and would cost 80,ooo pounds in wages do we want another owen and rodallega flash in the pan who misses more then he scores.

  54. Daan4toon
    I cannae believe you think there are clubs out there who will actually buy shoala and xisco. LOL

  55. Anybody watching this bremen v valencia game defending is non esistent it is 3-4 could be 9-10 good entertainment

  56. Just bought 3 tickets in the platinum club for the Ipswich game, taking the old man and 7yr old son.
    3 male generations of the family watching the match,can’t wait.

  57. Evenin lads. Anyone watching Fulham Juve? Fulham are doing them 4-1 at home, 5-4 up on aggregate after Juve scored inside 2 minutes. An unbelievable lead to lose.

  58. To be fair to Hall, I think he has performed well and should be kept as a back up.
    We must get rid of Ameobi, he’s either crap or injured lol.

  59. Cheers icedog, My dad saw all the great players in the 50’s i.e. Milburn/Mitchell/White et al. But the best player he has ever seen in the shirt was Tony Green…

  60. TGS-to be fair mate, Loven and Carroll are scoring bagloads together so its not surprising Shola isnt getting a look in really. Best and Ranger have been few and far between within recent weeks also. Is Strolla injured though? Not 100% sure what has actually happened to him. Juve down to 9 men and have just lost to Fulham. Well done to them

  61. TGS saw them all myself in 50s,loved TG but we lost his prime yrs,had of been now he could have been fixed sad :(

  62. Ross,
    Fair comment mate, I just believe that as long as we retain Shola we always seem to turn to him……..I say cast him off and wish him the best,regardless of whether or not we get promoted.

    I am one of those that will worry about the squad if and when we get promoted.

  63. all these players like you say need to go! look at butt these players have held us back which dont offer us anything. we have a good base like the team last night if they stay fit.2 top midfield players we should be buying as are first signings.then work from their.

  64. tgs got to be wor j but white close 2nd still remember the day that tw–,mackey of spurs done him, broke my heart

  65. Toonsay or what eve ur friken name …son u tripin like sht Its fake ass fan like u who disappoints nufc ….u r always saying stup Id things any way
    Next season we need at least 25mil to survive epl look any team now in that leauge they have at least 3 world class players (stock,fulham,birmingham,Bolton,even pompy ) so I say we bring fernado lorente 12mil and guti free, van buten 5 mill(marsiel), Gibson 3.5mill, beckford free
    we sell Simpson 1 mill
    lua lua
    all for 4mill
    Inman replace smith
    haris replace pankrant
    loven by donaldson or godsmark

  66. Nobody seems to have commented on the fact that Peter McLoven may be injured – and could miss at least the Bristol game. Whilst Carroll is an old-fashioned CF, I think Peter is the best natural finisher we have and we will miss that and his ability to find space.
    If he IS out and Smudger is fit, I have to say my preference would be to go back to our “gritty” midfield style – except of course we have 2 wingers now in Guti and Routledge to make up for it. I would play Smith in front of the back four as holding midfield, the rest being Guthrie (thought he was good last night – no mention?), the 2 wingers and Nolan more advanced with Carroll. The alternative – for me not so good- that CH might go for would be to bring Best in for Lover – but I’d rather go with my formation. (And before anyone mentions Nile Ranger, there’s no way Hughton will play him ahead of Best – sorry).

  67. Have you ever thought that maybe Butt is beiing used in more of a coaching role nowadays? Like Shearer did when Roeder was here.

    Butt has hinted he may retire at the end of the season and there has been no sign of a deal being offered. Even if there is then I very much doubt it will be anywhere near 50-60k a week that he is on now.

  68. Henock – Is Beckford – current 3rd division, never played international football, championship or premiership football – world class?

    I’d also like to hear abouth these “world class” players at Stoke, Birmingham, Fulham, Pompey etc…


  70. YES! why because he scores a few goals and every talks up english players. if we have all these top players playing for england we should walk the world cup.

  71. Well, they’ve been reading lower case letters on here for a good while so I guess their eyes are fine :)

  72. Think every1 in country will be willing ENGLAND on in the world cup asim.Hopefully all will see wayne rooney is world class.

  73. Get batty on here, we need a referee to sort out this bout between toonsy and henock :)

  74. asim – Football doesn’t work like that though, it’s not as simple as assembling the best players, if it was then Real Madrid would still be in the Champions League.

    Rooney os quality, but one season of goal scoring doesn’t justify the world class label, yet. He is fast earning it though as he has been fantastic this season.

  75. Got home (Seahouses) last night thinking we had won 4-0.
    Was I imaging Nolan “scoring” and play restarting on the centre spot?

  76. toonsy:
    March 18th, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    Oldies? I’m only 27, cheeky fecker

    sorry toonsy but I pictured you being about 50 :lol:

  77. jay jay – I feel it sometimes :lol:

    NUFCELITE – He may be the finished article now, but has he been the finished article for long enough to justify being world class?

    Don’t get me wrong, he is fantastic, but it’s only been this season really that we have seen what he is fully capable of compared to Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka who have done it over a few years.

  78. toonsy:
    March 18th, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    jay jay – No ref needed, he talks crap. End of

    Couldn’t agree more mate :)

  79. icedog:
    March 18th, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    toonsy a big boy jay jay know who my moneys on, no-brainer like

    what odds you giving icedog?

  80. never back odds on favs its like trying to buy money m8 wor lass has been 27 for the last 30yrs loves footy,greyhound racing,pigeon racing,cooking cannot be bad like :)

  81. jay jay you miss-typed there m8 1/10,feel a bit sorry for lua-lua out for season he was getting canny run out there,funny it was a ham-string must be bad one

  82. These are the quality players we should be looking to buy:

    Matias Fernandez
    Nevan Subotic
    Igor akinfeev
    Hugo Lloris
    Balotelli (loan)

  83. Ross @139

    I’ve seen a few bouts. I dipped in and out of that UK V USA thing last year with Bisping and Henderson coaching the younger lads.

    And I saw Bisping get flattened by Henderson in that freebie they tossed out one Saturday night when Setanta collapsed.

    I much prefer boxing, though.

  84. footy manager in quality :)
    doesnt anyone think that we could get any of them players?

  85. Good Old Days – You forgot Romelu Lukaku ;)

    In all seriousness, no. I think any ome of them would cost far too much for us to outlay money on. That list is probably near enough all the worlds best youngsters and they are all at big clubs or will be on the radar for at the very least.

  86. icedog-Its mixed martial arts mate, people will call it cage fighting, human cock fighting etc but its really not. You’ll get boxers, kick boxers, wrestlers-the lot in there, hence mma. Dont get me wrong i enjoy a good fight (provided im not involved), but its one of the fastest growing sports in the world like.

    Toonsy-i’ve seen that one a good few times like, theres been some nasty injuries/cuts within recent months.
    http://www.totalprosports.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Diego-Sanchez-595×396.jpg-thats probs not the best for if you’re squeemish either, lol.

    Darth-that season of the ultimate fighter was canny like. That Mackem Ross Pearson ended up winning it and looked very impressive in his first full fight. His dad’s a Geordie so we’ll let him off? That and he’d knock me into next week if i said otherwise, haha. But aye you’re right, Hendo took Bispings head off. Bisping has alot of potential he just doesnt hit hard enough and has a big mouth. There’s a British lad fighting for the WW title in a few weeks, all on ESPN.

  87. Yeh. that was his name. He does look real quality and where is he on loan from? some small american club. Could be worth a shout.

    Oh. and I forgot Lukalu and pato.:)

  88. toonsy, had to look ah,wish i had!nt,my lad does boxing,just don!T like it,keep trying to talk him out of it

  89. see mourinho says he wants to come back to epl,and has escape clause in contract saying he can walk out anytime,wonder were he is going?

  90. Icedog – man u .

    Sir alex is nearly retired. And I thnk mouriniho and Man u have already got an agreement.

  91. hammy – you imagined them taking the kick from the centre. It was a free kick. But the guy on the tannoy announced Nolan as the scorer :)

    And that link that toonsy dropped in


    shows Nolan’s disallowed goal but the fella is talking about Lovenkrands goal 8O

    I think everyone got confused…

  92. As far as I know Altidore from the USA, I believe we were trying for him a couple of seasons ago.
    Iv’e been impressed with most of the Yanks who have played here this season.

  93. you get cage fighting on ESPN, from the few Iv’e watched they seem to spend most of the time on the floor with one guy beating the cr*p out of the other.

  94. I am shocked that in this day and age, people still don’t know what Mixed Martial Arts is. Are people really still in the time that it is called “cage fighting” and people are oblivious to forms of combat that involve grappling and submissions over thuggish punching?

    Then again, people here still use the term “wireless” for radio and online streams so its to be expected, lol.

  95. big willy liked brad f a/villa keeper,had him at toon once,i watched him train at chester-le street,but could!nt get work permit for him at that time

  96. What’s wrong with wireless? It clearly a radio. If your dumb enough to need everything described correctly using current names for them then it’s your problem ;)

  97. I just think its a term that sounds stupid if you are under the age of 80. You may say “during the war” before it too, if you want to be authentic.

    Do you go to the shops to get your rations too?

  98. Still looks to me like two blokes rolling around on the floor beating the cr*p out of each other. You can probably see it for free in any city centre after closing time on a friday night.

  99. wickywoowoo

    “thuggish punching”?

    In fairness, I’ve seen them do quite a bit of that – as well as kicking, throwing and trying very hard to strangle each other! :)

  100. bowburn
    I said something similar a couple of weeks back about singing in the ground, it was at the game we won by 6, who was that again, Barnsley? Anyway, the ‘get out of our club’ song started up and the majority of the ground you could hear murmuring in discontent and then everyone in the gallowgate starting singing Newcastle to drown it out.
    Winds of change maybe? Food for thought, don’t know if anyone else has noticed it

  101. Icedog the USA have some quality GK’s playing in the EPL, I’m not expecting them to be a gimme for us in the World Cup. Probably our toughest game.

  102. DarthBroon,

    Yes, there is too much striking for my preference. I’ve watched MMA since even before the UFC started and there were only “underground” Vale Tudo tapes coming from the US and Brazil, etc.

    I prefer the skilled fighters like Lyoto Machida, Fedor Emelianenko and Demian Maia, who can manipulate you and make you tap out.

    Making someone submit is a more pure and final victory than hitting a lucky punch.

  103. Big Willy

    Too right. Remember what the USA did in the Confederations Cup. They have decent players in just about every position on the field, not just a choice of good keepers.

  104. With a punch you dont have to be rolling on the ground,rather punch some1 than try to wrestle them, thats for the gays aint it lol.

  105. I remember ration cards, does anyone remember margerine, probably the worst non food ever made. Cheese and milk had real flavour then though. The milk was delivered in a horse and cart (at the gallop) that looked like a chariot and she could easily have been a reincarnation of Boudicca.


    The fools who do nothing but punch 9 times out of 10 get beat by the grapplers.

    Strikers have no answer for superior body control and technique. They are like beached whales when they get taken down – no idea what to do. A grappler still have a punchers chance while striker too.

    No logic supports any other style than grapplers. I’d prefer to be able to break someones leg than hit a punch.

  107. NUFCELITE, now that would be funny walking into a gay cage fighters bar (they must have them) and calling them a bunch of poofters. No I aint volunteering. :)

  108. Wickywoo-Its me that uses the wireless for the radio and i’m huge on MMA! haha

    I get what you’re saying about the BJJ being just as exciting as the striking, watching the likes of BJ, Damien Maia or Aoki work the ground is amazing, but at the same time, the likes of Fedor will drop you with that overhand right just as quickly as he’ll take your arm home, lol. Machida is well and truly bringing Karate back to MMA which im pleased about, elusive striking doesn’t begin to explain his stand up. Shogun beat him though, 100%. How do you rate Hardys chances over GSP? Punchers luck or do you think he’s being underestimated?

  109. Depends on who is throwing the punch mate a good puncher will always beat a good grapler.

  110. want to break some1 leg try a bassball bat mate quicker and less damage on your clothes

  111. wickywoowoo

    It can definitely be entertaining. It’s a pity about the format, though.

    I think I’m right in saying that the governing body promote the whole thing, which is why you get some really strange match-ups, and this rolling UFC98, UFC99, UFC100,etc.

    They could do with having boxing-style rankings (if there is a big enough competitor base) and opening the whole thing up to independent promoters, with fight cards going on all of the time.

  112. No, a good puncher won’t always beat a good grappler, lol. All the puncher has is his one strike. The moment the grappler gets a hold of him, he is done.

    As we’ve just discussed, all Hardy has is a punchers chance. Every other aspect of MMA – he will be murdered by GSP.

    If Hardy can’t hit a knockout punch at the start of each round, GSP is taking his bum virginity.

    I can’t think of a more one sided title fight in such a long time.

  113. DarthBroon,

    There are other MMA companies. UFC is just the big name. You have DREAM in Japan, you also have Strikeforce in the USA, who are shown here on Bravo and Extreme Sports.

    There is also King of the Cage and some rubbish UK companies too, just off the top of my head.

  114. When I was doing Aikido, one of the head Sensai’s used to say that the best defensive move was to get on the nearest bus.

  115. Graplers are all the same come at ya like a bull in a china shop,a good puncher would, move and knock him out as he comes past ya.

  116. Wickywoo-GSP/Hardy is scheduled to be the most one sided title defence for a long time..until BJ/Edgar rolls round. BJ penn will have poor little Frankie for breakfast. He is outclassed in all areas left right and center. Hardy is working with Serra on the ground in preperation for GSP but i cant see it doing much good. Like you say, he has to land a bomb early.

    The only pure striker who I feel can really tear up the UFC’s WW division is Semtex. If his TD defence and work off his back has improved, you’re not going to get a better technical striker, or anyone who hits harder than him in the division. Everyone saw what he did to Hazelett and I think he will dispose of Koscheck quickly also.


    “or kick him in the bollocks then knock him out with a upper cut.”

    You’ve given this way too much thought :)

  118. The best example I can give in respect of strikers not being in the same league as grapplers is to just tell people to look at the champions over the past few years in the UFC.

    Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Machida, BJ Penn, GSP – all elite grapplers.

    Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Cro Cop and countless other elite strikers – get battered regularly.

    Will be interesting to see if the grappler – Rashad Evans – beats Rampage Jackson when they fight in May.

  119. wickywoo-Rampage is going to take Rashad’s head off. His only issue in the past has been a reluctance to train. He is putting in the hard graft for this fight and Rashad in the past has said that he likes to strike now because he thinks his stand up is good. Well, he needs to change his mind quickly because his stand up is second best here and a motivated Rampage will finish him on the feet.
    The only thing i’d disagree with you on is in regard to Silva and Machida’s grappling. For me Silva’s main strength is his clinch, essentially still the stand up game. I get what you mean though, in that he isnt just throwing hands and nothing else.

  120. Put a grapler in a proper street fight, with a proper street fighter, its gonna be a taxi to the nearest hospital, for the grapler.

  121. Silve is a BJJ black belt – he is extremely skilled grappling. People forget that.

    NUFCELITE, you overlook the fact that grapplers hold back in competition. There are plenty of dirty moves you cna do in grappler and ways to incorporate it into street fighting.

    A semi-decent grappler can easily break fingers, limbs and literally rip your eye out the socket without much effort if he wants. Nevermind what someone who really knows what to do can do.

  122. Underground fights?

    None – I am not a brain dead thug. I only respect the athletic competition of professional MMA fighters.

  123. wickywoo-absolutly, he’s a black belt under the nog’s i think, clearly no slouch i just think his striking is his main asset. I enjoy watching the elite regardless of promotion, but when a Brit is involved thats who i’ll be behind. I would love Hardy to flatten GSP


    What, so because I don’t watch mindless thugs fight on the street, I don’t know anything?

    You couldn’t make any less sense if you tried.

  125. NUFCELITE, I used to play on the wing for my unit at Rugby, I was also an 11 second 100yd runner they’d have to have beeen blo*dy fast to catch me. :)
    Not so much now though. :(

  126. Army Boy?

    What do you think the Army get taught in combat, lol. They don’t get taught alcy retard style.

  127. They teach you to shoot people in the army. I doubt if they would let you take a gun into the cage. :)

  128. MMA fighter. Every time.

    Cocky aggression from the volunteer child killer would get him done in every time.

  129. Anyway Iv’e had me lemsip, off to bed to try and shake off this blo*dy cold.

    Night all.

  130. Any 1 see that carrol header last night,Think even shearer would have been proud to score that 1.

  131. Carroll’s header was top class. It doubled speed from the cross that came in. His heading technique is immaculate.

  132. We do.

    Deadly in the air, fantastic left foot. He can improve his right foot skill easily as he is only 20 and tweeking his fitness can give him a bit more pace.

    He can dominate if he keeps his head in football. The sooner this Court thing is out the way, the best for him and Newcastle.

  133. Yes i agree, but the supporters could do a bit more like looking after our players,comes to something when the fella cant have drink in town, without haveing some noob get in his face

  134. It’s all drink. Guys + Drink = I’m the big man.

    It’s just enhanced when you see a celebrity who is also a giant lump of a man. It’s like a drunk guys catnip.

    The fact it almost always ends up in them getting battered never comes into their heads, lol.

  135. Teach the next noob, whats going to happen if he picks a fight with 1 of the nufc roylity lol

  136. icedog says:
    March 18, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    “henock think you will find it was KK who signed him (boom) i fact had to fight for him wise did not want him”

    Henock is correct, icedog. Wise signed both of them, though it was Keegan who accepted Bassong for an initial trial. The stuff about Wise not wanting him simply isn’t true.