Kevin Nolan: Trying to bring back the good old days.

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Kevin Nolan: "We are going to keep fighting".
Kevin Nolan: "We are going to keep fighting".
The match against Cardiff on Friday evening, and the knocks to Alan Smith and Nicky Butt, gave Kevin Nolan a chance to wear the captain’s armband, and it’s becoming clear why, with the scouse lad becoming an integral part of Newcastle United and displaying leadership that we have been missing since a certain Alan Shearer hung up his boots.

Speaking to the The Mirror, Nolan has been lifting the lid on the team’s effort’s in gelling together, particularly important with 5 new faces through the door. Talking of our new signing’s, Nolan said:

“We had a meeting and told the new guys what we expected. We wanted them to buy into what we are about and from the display against Cardiff I think you can see they have.”

“The bowling session was to just get them involved and to get a bit of banter going and have a laugh. We wanted to get to know the new lads.”

“We had a bit of fun and acted like kids for a couple of hours. I think it settled them all down.”

“With so many games in the Championship it is hard to have get-togethers. We just tried to make sure the new lads settled in as quickly as they could.”

So a rousing game of ten-pin bowling seems to have helped in our efforts then. There is no doubt that there is so much more togetherness between the players this season when compared to last, and you could argue that if we do go up, this new found team harmony would put us in a better state than we were in last time we were in the Premier League. Nolan continued to wax-lyrically about team spirit by adding:

“The camaraderie among the players is excellent. That is what we needed at the club. I don’t think it has been there for a long time.”

“The last time we had this sort of spirit in the dressing room was when Alan Shearer, Gary Speed and Rob Lee were here.”

“We have some experienced professionals here and someone like Steve Harper will tell you the bond between the players is as good now as it was then.”

“We know we are in the Championship now, but we are striving to get the club back in the Premier League where it belongs.”

Let’s hope we can keep it up and get back to the top division at the first attempt. We are unbeaten in 15 games now, but we do have 2 tricky away games coming up against Derby and Swansea. Perhaps I’m being greedy, but if we were to take 6 points from them it would be an excellent return, especially if you add Friday nights win against Cardiff to them.

Nolan believes the Cardiff result sends out a message to the our promtion rivals, and coming in a key month such as February that has so many games, could be a timely reminder that the other teams do indeed need to play catch up. He added:

“We have a belief and a spirit to stay where we are at the top of the league. We are in no mood to give up what we have achieved so far.”

“We have put out a statement that we are going to keep fighting like Nottingham Forest and West Brom. The statement was that we are going to keep going right until the end and we want this league title as much as they do.”

“We are not going to get carried away but we are determined to get this club back to where it deserves to be.”

“We want to start something at this club that will give it the core to become successful again in the Premier League. We want to make sure what happened last season never happens again.”

Overall, some good words from Nolan. What we mustn’t do is sit back on Tuesday night. We only have to remeber a few weeks back to know that Derby can be tricky to over-come, and it would be such a shame to be unable to build on what was a great win for us.

Keep it up! Only 18 games to go Kevin!

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67 Responses

  1. I wonder if the wheels were still on the cars when they came out, I take it they went bowling at Arthurs Hill…

  2. Bet all the boy racers balls shrank and the teeny bopper chavs dropped their Big Mac’s when they seen the motors :D

  3. I see Ashley is hopeless at making any moves with this club that don’t involve at least SOME humiliating point.

    See our new scouting appointment? Yeah… Alan Carr, the goofy, gay comdedian’s dad is our new scout. Fantastic.

    To be honest as long as he does a good job i’m not bothered, but still…

  4. Toonsy, I couldn’t believe it when I first read it… But the more I think of it, i’m a big admirer of clubs with philosophys like Steve Bruce, Wenger – scout the cheap gems and sell them on for £20mill, so it will hopefully be a good appointment.

    Imagine Alan Carr in 30 years time, and that’s the bloke who’s watching kids play football for us, somehow it just doesn’t sound right…

  5. Haha I was referring more to his dealings at Wigan, but i’ve been a bit disappointed that he hasn’t blown a bit more money and got them to lose a bit more – but I suppose secret agents are supposed to be subtle ;)

    I’m quite happy at us concentrating more on the youth/scouting aspect though, it saves you a hell of a lot more money in the long run, and it’s always good to see a homegrown player really make it.

  6. You can unlock your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter now….

    JT is on telly, we know he won’t be after them :D

  7. What are alan carr’s dads credentials? We shouldn’t judge him on the fact that his son is a completely unfunny tw*t who gets on the box because he has a stupid camp accent. Make my blood boil.

  8. Right I’m out of here got to visit my mother and father and wish them a happy birthday. Laters.

  9. Rangerman – I’m not per se, but you have to admit it’s kind of amusing who his son is.

  10. Toonsy another good Blog mate. As I have said so many times before we have a good squad of players that all play for the cause, which to me is what has been missing for so long, and I would rather have 11 players that want to be here than 11 superstars like Robinho, Owen etc :lol:

  11. Meant to add that it dosn’t bother me how our chief scouts son is aslong as his name isn’t binladen. Atlest he will go to see players playing rather than youtube

  12. Big Dave says:
    February 7, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    “Meant to add that it dosn’t bother me how our chief scouts son is aslong as his name isn’t binladen. Atlest he will go to see players playing rather than youtube”

    Big Dave, are you saying that Bin Laden would sign players merely on the strength of a YouTube video? I suppose he would have a few problems getting out and about though. :-)

  13. Worky lol aswell as not getting out and about can you imagine what the youtube footage would be like as the caves are shit for getting tinternet access :)

  14. Ahhh lads don’t tell me you believe Bin Laden is still alive! I’m a right one for the cover up story/ conspiracy theory and well believe he’s long gone ;)

  15. Big Dave – Nah, he’s been down there long enough! If they wan’t to Bin Laden all they have to do is look for unusually large mast on top of one of the caves, or if he hasn’t got one of them, search for the virgin media sales people and ask them, you can bet ther’ll be some in Afghan :lol:

  16. Big Dave says:
    February 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    “Worky lol aswell as not getting out and about can you imagine what the youtube footage would be like as the caves are shit for getting tinternet access”

    He’d still be a more popular choice than Dennis Wise though, Dave.

  17. hitman says:
    February 7, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    “david frost interview with bhutto who confirms binladen is deed.”

    Hitman, It has already been established that Benazir Bhutto meant to say “Daniel Pearl”, not “Usama bin Ladin”. It was a ‘slip of the tongue’, but not in the way that video is suggesting.

  18. Big Dave says:
    February 7, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    “Worky anyone would be better than the poison Dwarf”

    Dave, whatever his perceived character flaws, he brought some very good young talent into the club while he worked here.

  19. Worky I cant say your wrong as he did bring some good younguns in I just wish he had of stayed doing youth scouting instead of DOF. But thankfully we are starting to get over all that sh1te and I am looking forward to next season in the EPL

  20. Good craic worky, I admire people who see past where people are from and more about the work they do. Wise got a lot of good youngsters to the club but unfortunately, just like many things Ashley done at the club was victim of good intentions but poor executions. The first whisper in the media that “Cockney Wise” was being favoured over “adopted Geordie” Super Kev, he never stood a chance.

  21. AndyNUFC just wondered did you ever hear the conspirasy that Bin Laden was badly injured in 1 of the early air strikes on the Tora Bora range. He is supposed to be alive and in a Permanent Vegetative State ?

  22. Well Dave the bottom line for me in it is clearly if America has ‘figures of fear’ to fund wars, occupation of oil and other devices that would, under normal (“peaceful”)times seem inappropriate, then they can carry on doing them. Bind Laden and Saddam obviously being obvious targets.

    As much as I say that though, them Iranians are looking awfully dodgy…

  23. AndyNUFC @ 36 pretty much agree with that, But as for > The first whisper in the media that “Cockney Wise” was being favoured over “adopted Geordie” Super Kev, he never stood a chance.

    I dont think Wise being a Cockney was the issue really I think it was more the fact that it was Wise himself. I dont dislike him because he was a Cockney barrow boy, I just think he is a hateful person and pantomime villain.

  24. Dave in all honesty I didn’t watch too much of Wise so can’t relate entirely or understand completely what other fans have against him – which is fair enough.

    The cockney mafia out signs were clearly including of him though, and shamefully embarassing in my opinion.

  25. There’s a terrible lack of joined up thinking by Newcastle fans sometimes. They still sing the praises of Chris Mort and Kevin Keegan, and deride Ashley for bringing in Wise. Yet it was Mort himself who brought Dennis Wise into the club, and it was Mort who reassured everyone that Keegan had the “final say” on transfers too.

  26. AndyNUFC > The cockney mafia out signs were clearly including of him though, and shamefully embarassing in my opinion.

    I agree 100% with that and I think the “cockney mafia out signs” and the “Get out of our Club you FCB” has done our club so much damage and will continue to haunt us for years to come

  27. What’s even more embarassing is that Ashley isn’t even cockney!

    I protest against anybody who sings “get out of our club”, simply because I can’t believe they’re naive enough to think it will do anything to him but be amused at wasted breath and energy that should be focused on vocally supporting the players on the pitch. Also, “you fat, cockney b*****d” isn’t exactly a great show of welcomeness to any londoners that we’re interested in signing etc. It’s a load of rubbish.

  28. Big Dave says:
    February 7, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    “AndyNUFC > The cockney mafia out signs were clearly including of him though, and shamefully embarassing in my opinion.”

    I still say that it was John Hall’s faux Tyneside sectarianism and anti London rhetoric (“they hate us!”) that started it all off. It was seemed very well when it started, but when things went bad, the “Geordie Nation” started looking for a scapegoats and conspiracies outside the region, rather than looking to their own deficiencies, and those of their club.

  29. Theres also the veracity of the term, I’ve heard that Ashley Has heavy bones rather than being fat and also finds the NE climate cooler than he is used to and therefore wears many layers of clothing. Is he in fact a cockney. We people from the NE tend to think of anyone born in London as Cockneys, which isn’t actually correct in the same way they assume anyone from the NE is a Geordie. I also understand that he is not illegitimate therefore is not a bastard.
    Perhaps the chant should be something like “Get out you heavy boned, overclothed, London born son of MR and MRS Ashley.
    It may sound a little picky but I do so like have the real facts portrayed.

  30. Big Willy,

    Ashley wasn’t even born in London, he was born in Walsall and he wasn’t brought up in London either. Personally though, I have no problem’s with the fans’ assessment of Ashley’s girth. That’s the one bit which does have some degree of accuracy.

  31. ah worky I thought I found a cracking wee smiley but it aint working.
    So does that make him a West Midlands fat bastad :)

  32. Big Willy says:
    February 7, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    “Hmm, perhaps the chant needs even more restructering!!”

    Erm, “You fat born in Walsall and raised in Burnham, Berkshire by married parents owner, get out of our club! ?

    A few problems in the catchiness department perhaps, but highly accurate nontheless.

  33. “You Black country – – – get out of our club” I can thing of a few words but there not nice lol and im not 100% if Walsall is Black country but sure if not its closer than London :lol:

  34. Toonale thats maybe where he picked Lambs arse up as with the dark glasses and the fact he looks like he’s in a Permanent Vegetative State ;)

  35. Nolan is probably the natural choice for captain in this squad.
    Few more goals please Kev, you ain’t scored in a while now.

  36. CLINT,that was my point yestaday,about 5 in 3 games,but had one of there better players sent off 3 game ban (thomas)what goes round comes round i hope i know we have to look to ourself first but a little help does not hurt

  37. How ice,
    was that comment meant for the other blog mate?

    Aye, i think forest lost someone to injury too, good.
    We’ve just gotta continue to play like friday, & be a little wary of the chasers & not get too cocky.

    Tell ya’ what, lovenkrands goals were really expertly taken, weren’t they?

  38. class goals m8 was sitting quite close,always said what a pace and skill can do,if rooney had scored them we would be sick of andy grey shoveing them down our throat

  39. Dead right there mate.
    Shit, they really like to crawl up rooney’s arse like. Amongst others.
    They always seem to conveniently forget any crap play/games or behavior don’t they?

    But yea, lovenkrands finises were really measured.
    Where as Carroll looks like a battering ram by comparison, not knocking him, but he does need to work on having a bit more finesse, probably as a person too. :)

  40. yea on carroll (next great no9) imo you have to be great off the field as well,never got any shit off the pitch with AS,SUPER MAC WOR J etc,long way from getting right on pitch as you say

  41. Aye mate,
    bang on again.
    Long way to go for the lad, hope he pulls his shit together though.

    That’s why Nolan is a proper captain, sez the right stuff, gets stuck in, keeps his head down off the pitch.

  42. Also,
    Well done to the lads & CH & staff for setting a new unbeaten record, they’ll probably go & lose now like. :)

    reet, arm off ‘up the wooden hill to bed-fordshire’.
    talk to y’the morra mate.

  43. WOrkey
    Do you mean sectarianism in a local or parochial sense or even as a form of regionalism ?

    Big dave
    Was Dennis Wise in fact a barrow boy and a cockney, even if that`s not why you hated him?

    On Nolan`s theme, we are a happy bunch in the dressing room, yeah so what? does that improve the skills of the average player?
    I would suggest bringing in more skillful players as opposed to nice guys who get along, would be the way to go.

    To those who commented on one of our scout`s son being gay, we are now in the twenty first century, perhaps you may want to be a part of this century in which non but idiot`s or schoolboys uncertain of their own sexual orientation pay attention to others sexual preferences.
    Did I miss anyone ?

  44. ‘Talking of our new signing’s, Nolan said:

    “We had a meeting and told the new guys what we expected. We wanted them to buy into what we are about and from the display against Cardiff I think you can see they have.”’

    That’s very shrewd management from Hughton!

  45. jay jay says:
    February 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm
    I’ve heard a rumour chelsea’s current left backs missus is a bit of alright,

    If we mean the loanee’s missus, then that’s incentive enough to get her out and him up here!

  46. Chuck,
    teamwork is very important mate, & yea, it can improve players skill if they feel part of a team, all in it together, confident that they are allowed to express themselves.
    A happy locker room goes a long way to making a winning team.
    I get ya’ but lighten up a tad mate.

    Fair enough on your other points though.

  47. CLINT,team work,and dressing room is 50% of the game,i know ive played a bit myself had a couple of bad lads in dressing room,dont go out in right frame of mind,harper has hinted at it

  48. Ice Dog & Clint
    Regarding a happy dressing room, there are just as many dressing rooms where teams disliked each other and were successful, The sixties Oakland A`s & the Billy Martin Yankees, were typical examples, with fistfighs between players more the norm than not.
    Yet both teams were very successfull on the field.
    So just because someone comes out with a bit of psycho babble about happy teams being more successfull, there`s really no evidence of this, just bullshit!