Newcastle United v Cardiff City match highlights video.

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Goals, goals, goals!
Goals, goals, goals!
Video highlights from Newcastle’s 5-1 demolition of Cardiff City at St James’s Park on Friday evening.

Includes goals by Andy Carroll (2), Peter Lovenkrands (2), an own goal from Cardiff’s Gábor Gyepes, and finally, a last gasp consolation goal from Cardiff’s Aaron Wildig.

For Bowburnmag’s full NUFC Blog match report click here.

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25 Responses

  1. That Blackburn fan who got injured at Stoke died, it’s such a shame. My thoughts go out to the family and friends.

  2. I think everyone is still in shock after Wednesday.

    Doesn’t look like WBA or Forest are going to give up lightly.

    Would everyone keep the same team on Tuesday? I would, I don’t think you can change the team after that performance. Although Hughton is getting a reputation as ‘The tinker man’.

  3. STUART79,forest due a wobble,and how wba get so many pens is just unreal,same team well do we give best another start or go with loverman its a funny one best looked very tight needed to relax a bit both have good pace,i would go with the lad in form loverman

  4. I would have expected Forest to lose yesterday after losing last week and ending their unbeaten run. The fact they won suggests business as usual.

    I can see this going down to the last few games – Although I would like to have it wrapped up by the beginning of April.

    But this NUFC so it will probably go down to the last game.

  5. Stu – If we keep winning our games then it’s irrelevant what they do. If we can stay unbeaten until the Forest game (a big ask I know!) then win against the would all but do it I reckon.

  6. talk in the (press)that n/f manager has fell out with board over not signing anyone in window,if they get injurys he will struggle. well wish them luck (not)

  7. I think we have a good enough squad now to win the league. Hope we play like that when I’m up in a couple of weeks.

  8. Toonsy, You took the words out of my mouth, we shouldn’t worry how the other teams are doing, it’s our own performance that counts. I would probably start Collo (if fit) and Lovenkrands otherwise same team.
    If we win our game in hand we would still be 6 and 7 points clear, not a bad position to be in, I’d have taken that at the season commencement.

  9. FSOTC – Nah, it’s not on TV mate. It’s just a bog standard championship fixture. I think there is a full schedule of matches aswell.

  10. TF – Nope.

    It should be no different to anyone else cheating, which is a bad thing don’t get me wrong.

    Bridge and whatsherface weren’t together when it happened. It’s still low to do it to a team-mate even though it was Bridge’s ex. But seriously Bridge should ‘man up’!

    If my wife cheated with one person, I’d be gutted. If I found out my wife had been through half of the starting XI, I’d be less gutted as she would plainly just be a slapper.

    I see Hull fans were giving Bridge some grief yesterday? Another sign of their backwards, council estate, benefit sucking logic. Bridge is the victim you idiots!

    Sorry, I hate Hull!

  11. toonsy says:
    February 7, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    “I see Hull fans were giving Bridge some grief yesterday? Another sign of their backwards, council estate, benefit sucking logic. Bridge is the victim you idiots!”

    Toonsy, just because people live in Local Authority housing, or in Humberside for that matter, it doesn’t automatically mean they are “backward” or have a “benefit sucking logic”.

  12. It might just be a scurrilous rumour, But I read somewhere it’s JT’s anbition to Sha8g the wife of a player from every league club.

  13. toonsy says:
    February 7, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    “worky – Have you been to Hull?”

    Aye toonsy, and I’ve been to some the most salubrious parts of Newcastle and Gateshead too!

  14. Then you’ll know what a 5hithole it is. And the inbredidness (that’s not even a word but you get the point)of the inhabitants.

  15. I live in Hull now and the amount of lads form the north living here now is quite surprising. Missionarys in a godless land.

  16. 2 really great goals by Lovenkrands there.
    Lack of goals against is really helping our GD, just goes to show that a tight defense is ‘almost’ as good as goals scored.

  17. Aye icedog,
    but how in hell do they keep getting so many cheap pens.
    It’s starting to look like the ‘powers that be’ are trying to help ’em back up.
    That one on sat was particularly lame, & poetic justice that they missed it.
    bob matthews comes across as a right smug f*** too.