Routledge: “As soon as I got the call, the decision was made”.

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Routledge: "Geared up for promotion".
Routledge: "Geared up for promotion"
Newcastle United’s latest signing, Wayne Routledge, has been spilling the beans on his latest move.

Interviewed by ex Magpie, and now North East football correspondent for Sky Sports News, David Craig, the pacy ex QPR winger talked about his reasons for coming to St James’s Park.

After observing that Routledge was “a bit of a hot property and sought after”, Craig asked the new boy:

“There were a number of clubs chasing your signature. Why did you change to Newcastle?”

To which Routledge replied:

“Newcastle`s Newcastle, everyone knows what they`re about.”

“It`s a massive club and obviously the fan base here is unbelievable. So, as soon as I got the call, the decision was made for me,”

Craig then touched on some of the great Toon widemen of the past, asking Wayne how he felt about following in the footsteps of such “true legends” as David Ginola et al, to which he diplomatically replied:

“Like you said, there have been absolutely true legends playing for this club,” continuing:

“Obviously the club has a tradition and a way that they like to play and hopefully I can follow in the footsteps you`ve just named,”

Craig then asked about how the St James’s Park atmosphere (from when he played there with QPR earlier in the season) compared with with the great grounds of Tottenham and Aston Villa, two of Routledge’s previous clubs, to which he replied:

“Sometimes you come here and you are in awe of the way the fans support their team here. But like I said, I`m on the right side now, I`m in the BLUE and white, [QPR colours]” at which point he smiled and hastily corrected himself:

“I mean the black and white stripes and I just can`t wait to get going.”

Meanwhile, in another interview with NUFC tv, the nippy flanker expressed similar sentiments, saying:

“It feels great to be here, it’s a massive club with massive expectations, an unbeleivable support and I just can’t wait to get started.

“The main aim of the club is to get back in the Premier League and that is my aim too.

“This club is geared up for promotion and I’m here to help make that happen.

“There’s alot of quality in the squad with players who have played for their country, in the Champion’s League and have won alot of honours.

“I just hope now to become a part of that and play my part”.

Good luck Wayne!

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119 Responses

  1. I think there is a book called ‘What the new signing should say…’

    They all say the same thing. I’m not too bothered about his voice, just his feet.

    Glad he’s here though – A little bit of balance

  2. I seen his interview with NUTV and he looked pretty happy ;)
    Worky are you trying to take on ED lol

  3. Whats going on here, giving Ed. competition, more blogs than you can shake a stick at, get them hit`s !
    We have become spoiled for choice, hard to keep up with.
    Well it`s Amstel time anyhow, i`m off.

  4. Stu – They are certainly performing. As I said, I would prefer Ipswich won to extend the gap to 3rd place rather than fafa between finishing 1st or 2nd.

    Joe Ledley from Cardiff plays his last game for a while tonight as he is due a hip operation.

  5. It’s unbelievable really.

    I agree re 1st or 2nd – Who cares?

    But I think we really need a win tomorrow now. Just hope Ipswich can hold WBA.

  6. Maybe lossing the points gap will be a good think, and the players realize its not a walk in the park. I am hoping for a win tomoro nite then kick off from there get a winning run going, plus we should be getting Bad Boy Barton back soon which will be like a new signing if we can keep him going ;)

  7. I’d settle for that. West Brom draw and us to win tomorrow! 3 points clear of 2nd, 8 points clear of 3rd. That would set me up for a happy Thursday!

    I’m looking forward to going to Leicester, first game since boxing day!

  8. Leeds losing, this must be one of them peformances where Beckford goes missing against big teams…. like Swindon.

    Not my words, Leeds fans’ words!

  9. Well come on Ipswich!

    I suppose Forest have had to go on an unbelievable run to get near us – They must surely be due a loss and a couple of bad results.

  10. Often when a team goes on a long run and they lose, they lose another and have a bit of a poor run. It happened to us I suppose.

    It’s shown in this league that the team who can put a decent run together can move up the lead quite quickly due to the inconsistancy of the league.

  11. We should worry about our own form rather than everyone elses – we def need a performance tomorrow night

    Though if West Brom have shot their bolt against us on Sat then serves em right – good luck to em in the cup and the playoffs :-)

  12. TGS – aye, someone mentioned earlier that they’d play one of the young ‘uns, leave Routledge on the bench and then bring him, take off the kid and put Guthrie back there on the hour.

    I can’t see them starting a kid, particularly Donaldson who would also be slightly out of position, when Guthrie could do it. And Tavernier has only played once, when you consider there’ll be a bit of pressure tomorrow night.

    Guthrie right back and Routledge straight in I reckon.

  13. Gateshead lost again. Shame as I really want them to stay up!

    Still top of the league…. just! :)

  14. We need to win tomorrow. Pressure will be on, but I reckon the new signings will lift the players – Somebody new always adds something.

    We still might be able to extend our lead over WBA.

    Although everytime we’ve had a chance to extend our lead this season we’ve fluffed our lines – Bristol City, QPR and Barnsley.

    Think we’ll get a 2-0 win tomorrow.

  15. TGS – Due to lack of options I guess it’s probably the only real option we’ve got. I read something about Hughton mulling over putting Tavernier in? Possibility but it’s a tough one to call.

  16. Aye looking forward to the match tomorrow with a little more optimism, also taking my 7yr olb boy to his first evening K.O.

  17. Even if Williamson signs tomorrow I can’t see him playing as he will not be match fit. If he was selected then Obama could move Kadar to RB.

  18. Just been covertly on the Forest Mad board. It begins, “If Palace win tomorrow, we’re top”.

  19. I’m probably going to get slated for this, but does anyone else feel that Nolan in the team is like playing with 10 men? Yes he is dangerous in front of goal and has chipped in with some important goals, but for me he is too similar to a certain Mickey Owen, unless he scores he is utterly useless. I can’t help but feel we would do much better with a more creative and consistent player sitting behind the strikers. He is too slow and not good enough technically in the tougher, faster paced games. We definitely need to offload him in the Summer imo as he can no longer cope with the pace and quality of the prem.

  20. forest beat qrp 5.0 and they are going up as champion’s there in a different league of football than forest, there premiership and newcastle are championship

  21. I see Olsson gave away a penelty from a little shirt tugging on the ipswitch player! Fcking stupid officials if that happended to us it wouldnt be given stupid fcuk!

  22. martyn what ever you say you have a bad run on the way and were still top with 2 games in hand >>> dipshit

  23. Dragonera

    YES! i tottaly agree ive said it in the past Nolans anonymus throughout game and because he scorers gets praised so much

  24. Yeah Spyro (much quicker to type than Dragonera!)

    Know what youre saying – he does seem cumbersome at times and heavy – but theres no doubt he has a touch of class many others are missing.

    It will be interesting to see the impact Routledge has for him – it should create a great deal more space in the centre with Jonas and Routas working the wings, if he loiters around the edge of the box I can see him getting a hatful – for me Lovenkrands has to start – and I would even play Nolan just behind him, Guthrie and Smith in CM.

    Im not a big fan of Carroll at all.

  25. Dragonera,
    Hopefully the return of our friend Joey will freshen up the CM and give it a bit of mobility.
    I am quite happy with Nolan playing off the striker in away games as this has proved to be workable.
    I agree that he would struggle in the PL but we are a long way from that my friend.

  26. Dragonera: couldn’t disagree more mate. if it wasn’t for Nolan where’d we be? Not top. He could do to find a bit of pace but other than that he’s been a saviour.

  27. Stardy,
    Who do you prefer Bambi or Carroll?
    Personally I prefer Carroll as Bambi has gone back to his old ways, lazy and clueless.

  28. Now then TGS! I posted on another thread – I see this as a Fait Accompli for NUST – its their worst case scenario especially if Williams and say another loan or two come in – what do you think?

  29. Best starting 11.
    1) Harper
    2) Simpson
    3) Enrique
    4) Collo
    5) Taylor
    6) Smith/Barton
    7) Routledge
    8) Nolan/Barton
    9) Jonas

  30. Eeeeeeee, a couple of signings and all the “old boys” come out of he wood work…Dragonera, Toon Chicken and Spyro…
    all we need now is Kash and those two daft Irish birds, Sinead and Eve… Great to have you guys back by the way..
    hammy69, aka tooneskimo, hammy, Alan Oliver OBE… :)

  31. Batty – first if I may apologise – I described you as a smelly dog on another thread – it was meant in the nicest sense lol – Re Carroll – I know folks have high hopes for him – but I see genuine class in young Ranger – Carroll for me hasnt got it – no touch or movement – – poor passing – his heading is poor and his conversion rate abysmal – apart from that he is alright lol.

    But the fact is with him in the team we win less than when he was out (when Harewood was here) – I think he breaks down play (something a big front man is meant to improve by holding the ball up). I just dont think he has it.

  32. If Barton is fit and in the right frame of mind he could be instrumental in our quest when he returns. It’s a huge IF though.

  33. Regarding Crystal Palace and admin, feel really sorry for the fans, players, staff etc….
    Saw that Simon Jordan a few years ago cruising round Puerto Banus in a topless Ferrari and have to say the guy is a prime knob, couldn’t happen to a nicer fella…

  34. I would pick Bambi every time over Carroll – and to be fair his stats back that up too.

    Shola apart from falling down when someone aggressively sneezes, at least can hold the ball up, control it and pass it, as well as beat his man.

    Sorry I know its fashionable for many to like Carroll – I just dont.

  35. Now then Stardy, post 57 what ya gannin on aboot dafty…lol.

  36. Stardust says:
    January 26, 2010 at 10:43 pm
    Batty – first if I may apologise – I described you as a smelly dog on another thread – it was meant in the nicest sense lol
    <<<<< its ok iam sure ive called u worse ha

  37. Aye,
    interesting that the nust blog got superseded & therefore, lost today, against the Routledge signing.

  38. Stardy,
    Your forgetting something, you could never call me

    Bambi is back to his old ways (infuriating & lazy)

    Carroll heads the ball on better than Bambi thus providing more opportunities for Loverman to use his pace.

    ps Any tips on where I can find a spell check for this blog.

  39. “hammy69 says:
    January 26, 2010 at 10:49 pm
    two well taken goals against West Brom though…”

    Yep agreed Hammy but two woeful chances missed before that and countless others in the preceding games – just playing devils advocate fella – I dont hate him just I favour others compared to him.

  40. stady a kna ya divent like geordies so ile take it with a pinch of salt aboot caroll i dont know how u put up with your self some times it musent be easy lol

  41. Just a thought…
    Spare a moment for that poor whale that got washed up on the beach just a mile down the road, the size of a bus, which apparently took a wrong turn and starved to death…
    it’s currently being carved up with a chainsaw, I refuse to go and see it in it’s final humiliation…

  42. hammy69 says:
    January 26, 2010 at 10:57 pm
    Just a thought…
    Spare a moment for that poor whale that got washed up on the beach just a mile down the road, the size of a bus, which apparently took a wrong turn and starved to death…
    it’s currently being carved up with a chainsaw, I refuse to go and see it in it’s final humiliation…
    ))))))))))) Don’t tell batty, he’ll be down there carving it up and flogging it as tuna steaks lol.

  43. hammy69 says:
    January 26, 2010 at 10:59 pm
    night lads, batty I’m starting to see you in a different light…
    <<< aye thats because its night time ;)

  44. I would like to see us go into games with the Arsenal formation. Our players are best suited for it in my opinion.

    ——–Guthrie—–(creative MF)—

  45. Batty – to be fair – as a forward – most of the things he lacks can be taught – ironically what should be his strongest weapon (heading) he whips his head back and cuts across the ball – madness. He should watch Shearers videos – head behind the ball and back across the keeper or straight to a corner – none of this head whip stuff with his long hair – its more like a header for the crowd not for a goal

  46. TF kna too she,s 12 but she has 2 older brothers like 22 and 23 if ya want too meet up with them lol

  47. TonyGreeneSupreme

    I don’t think Barton wants to be here, and in truth, i believe he is dragging out his injury situation so that he can carry on getting paid for F all. I also feel he is a walking time bomb. He has put himself in a position where any little thing he does wrong is going to be blown up and sensationalised by the media. We don’t need that sort of attention imo.

    Also, i would rather a creative midfielder with less graft and more technique. We have too much graft in the middle of the park and not enough flair imo. I would LOVE to see Nacer Barazite signed from Arsenal. He’s tall, great technically, can finish, has flair and a great burst of pace.

  48. Will do TGS

    My Top 11


  49. Stardy,
    I would agree with that formation away from home, but at home I would start with two strikers. (Carrol & Loverman)

  50. “Where talking about real life here not football manager”

    Mate, he was at Derby and the few times i saw him he looked very good. Always a step ahead of his team mates and very forward thinking. He is such a tidy player, we need someone like that.

    Also, my girlfriend saw him play for Arsenal a while back and said he looked a decent player. It may have been the youth team though.

  51. “Toon_Factor says:
    January 26, 2010 at 11:15 pm
    wouldnt Lovenkrands get bullied though up there on his own with Nolan behind doing nothing”

    Look at Man City – Tevez and Bellamy – not exactly colossus of men are they lol.

    And I agree with Clint again at 106. We play our best stuff on the floor – in possession we can be a class above this league (NF and WBA excepted) – the big man up front reduces us down to other teams level.

  52. Also, im 24, believe me when i say that i haven’t touched Football Manager for a good few years now. I tried to get one a year or so ago to see how it had changed, but i couldn’t download a playable copy from a Torrent site so i just left it.

    I agree with the purists on here. Clough said it best, “If God wanted football played in the sky he would have put grass up there”, or something to that liking.

    Big guys like Carroll are no good with the ball passed to their feet so it forces the team into hoofball tactics. If there are no big men up front then it just eliminates the easy option and forced the team to play the ball on the ground and actually develop a good understanding with each other. This is the only way the quality of our football will improve.

  53. Martins & Owen missed a few sitters between them like.

    Stardust was right that Shola has better skills on the ball in a tight spot & a better pass.
    The football we all crave is on the floor.
    Routledge could be that last bit of balance we need to even out the play & reduce the need to play people outta position.

  54. Clint – we might even see a new Jonas – instead of their MF and DEF being crammed up to the left crowding him out – he is often marked by 3! – this should stretch the play nicely for him.

  55. Definitely mate,
    allow him to roam in field a bit more & look for the killer pass.
    Speed of pass is essential, that’s where we’ve been falling down.
    The MF needs to know the strikers will just get there.

  56. He usually has to beat too many & run too far before he gets to cross, by which time he’s knacked & miss crosses. Although he does draw a few free kicks, but if he was more central, the FK’s could be in a choice area.

  57. STOoooooooop Goala bashing lads! Get a grip.. yeees remind me of the les dawson auld biddy oot the back of the hoose.

    Ameobi is not and never will be a world-beater, BUT he is a decent squad option,, with a 1 in 3 goals ratio BETTER than tevez in the prem.. no joke. Quiet against WBA (league) but still our best target man – surely him and lover are the combo to stick with.. carroll coming off the bench.

  58. hammy69 says:
    January 26, 2010 at 10:57 pm
    Just a thought…
    Spare a moment for that poor whale that got washed up on the beach just a mile down the road, the size of a bus, which apparently took a wrong turn and starved to death…
    it’s currently being carved up with a chainsaw, I refuse to go and see it in it’s final humiliation…

    >> Aye, it was on the way to sign for ‘Boro!