Skint Eagles take on wounded Magpies at St James’s Park.

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Hard times at the Palace.
Hard times at the Palace.
With the announcement that Crystal Palace have finally succumbed to their financial difficulties, being reportedly £30 million in debt and having gone into administration, you would guess that their players and staff may not be in the best frame of mind for a visit to St James Park tonight to take on Newcastle United.

You’ve got to feel sorry for Palace, as yet another long establised football club faces very difficult and uncertain times. Only 2 points off the play offs earlier today, they now face a 10 point deduction and suddenly the season could turn into a relegation battle. I’m sure Neil Warnock must despair as Palace have lost just twice in their previous 15 games in all competitions and are currently on a very good run of form.

The squad, depleted through injury, has left Warnock turning to several young players who have risen to the challenge admirably. Only last weekend they managed to force a replay in the FA Cup when they drew 2-2 to Premier League Wolves.

Unfortunately it’s very likely that administration will force Palace to sell some of their good young players such as the winger and highly rated Victor Moses and top scorer ex Toon player Darren Ambrose, who has 14 goals this season. Before news of administration was announced Warnock said

“We went to Wolves to win and are going to Newcastle to win. we will put out a team that fights every inch of the way and that means you always have a chance of doing well. St James Park is a fantastic arena and a tough place to go but we will be going there to do all we can to get the 3 points.”

Palace defenders Claude Davis and Clint Hill are both doubtful, while Sean Scannell (hamstring), Paddy McCarthy (shoulder) and Darryl Flahavan (jaw) are still unavailable.

So what about the Toon?

Newcastle still have the only unbeaten home record in the Championship and are currently 15 points ahead of ninth placed Palace. Although last night’s emphatic win by Forest means they now share top spot with us on points although we do have games in hand. With Danny Simpson out with an ankle injury which is likely to keep him out of action until the Cardiff game, Ryan Taylor serving a one match ban following his red card on Saturday, and Steven Taylor out for however long, things are looking pretty desperate to fill the right back position. We have Shola’s sore shoulder, and Nicky Butt classed as 50/50 due to tightness in one of his leg muscles. Peter Lovenkrands sould be available again for selection following his recent compassionate leave.

The great news is of course yesterday’s signing, Wayne Routledge, the pacy little right winger signed from QPR. At last we will hopefully have someone who can put in a decent cross for some of our big lads upfront to take advantage of. Let’s hope he makes his full debut in this game at St James Park. A comparison with Moses might be interesting too.

Speaking to Sky Sports yesterday evening, Wayne Routledge spoke about his short notice move to St James’ Park…

“It is a hectic time. You get a call and you have to make quick decisions.”

On his reasons for joining, he added:

“Newcastle is Newcastle and everyone knows what it is about.

“It is a massive club with a massive tradition and the fan base is unbelievable, so as soon as I got the call the decision was made for me.”

“There are true legends that have played here and they have a way they like to play. Hopefully I can follow in the footsteps of these players.”

“Sometimes you come here and you are in awe of the way the fans support their players.

“But I am on the right side now, in the black and white shirt, and I can’t wait to get going.”

So the signing of Routledge is just what we need. With the deal for Portsmouth centre-back Mike Williamson still to be concluded it’s not quite clear how the back four will look tonight.

I’m going for a 1-0 win for us.

Howay the Lads.

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53 Responses

  1. I’m just curious to see how well he plays tomorrow.

    Let’s hope he does a good job and knocks a few in against his former team.

  2. i think it wont be a one nil affair as our defense is falling apart at the minute. Iam going for a 3-2 the toon with routledge scoring on debut. this will put us 8 clear of third place with game in hand!(i think)

  3. Darren Ambrose, with his 13 from midfield would be a good acquisition to help Crystal Palace out. Maybe we’ll see him in the shop window tonight?

    Just a thought though, I wonder if MA will have his chequebook to hand at the match tonight? A good cash offer for Moses, Ambrose or whoever, may prove very tempting to the Palace Admisnistrator!

  4. Good shout Lesh – Moses should be snapped up by Big Mick tonight,be great to get back to winning ways tonight getting bored of all the draws.
    Howay the Lads!

  5. With you there sirjason – especially after the Forest and to a lesser degree, the Cardiff results last night.

    We need a bag-full to restore the pre-Christmas status-quo – just in case things end up with goals-difference/ scored being the deciders for promotion.

    It could well be that the Palace players may well e fired up tonight seeing this as an opportunity to put themselves into the shop window!

  6. Won’t be a stroll in the park tonight that’s for sure Lesh,be interesting to see how we attack tonight as we have looked lopsided for such a long time.

  7. The last thing you need when you have a few injuries is a game against warnock’s men, they’ll try to kick the crap out of us, it could get a bit messy, but we should have the quality to win the match I hope.

  8. Curno.

    It’s not on normal UK/Satellite TV as far as I know. Can’t be sure yet but search on ‘Ustream’ about 10mins before the game. They usually have radio at the very least. If the cameras are on they’ll have pictures too.

  9. lads. Me and stardy are meeting doon the independent pub in elswick to watch the leicester match if anyone fancies it. I promise, i will not be taking drugs and be on my best behaviour. Who fancies joining us?

  10. Reproted on newsnwo……

    Santos midfielder Paulo Henrique Ganso has said he is not keen on joining Manchester City as part of the deal that could take Robinho back to the Brazilian club. The 20-year-old said: “I don’t want to play for Manchester City. I’d prefer to play for a big club in Europe such as Newcastle United, Milan or Real Madrid.”

    Zzzzzzzzz….. sweet dreams!

  11. lesh @16

    LOL!! Just shows some people still think we’re some kind of super power in world football- how funny!

  12. There’s no doubt that Palace’ll be treating this match as a relegation fight and we must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking their heads’ll be down.

    Attack, attack attack’s the only way to deal with this one as we should be trying to shake off the draw habit!!!

  13. Troy Stavers says:
    January 27, 2010 at 10:39 am
    lads. Me and stardy are meeting doon the independent pub in elswick to watch the leicester match if anyone fancies it. I promise, i will not be taking drugs and be on my best behaviour. Who fancies joining us?
    <<<< if a was still drinking it would be a pleasure but i couldnt put up with stardusts company sober so sorry troy i cant ;)

  14. If the defence is lop-sided the neet Im just hoping the midfield can boss the game and take the pressure off them..on another note when is barton back??

    Im going for 2-0 the neet…TOON TOON!!!

  15. Any suggestions as to the likely team tonight. I would be surprised if Routledge starts the game, probably Pancrate on the right. About time he showed a bit more for his wages. Guthrie alongside him to replace Butt (although why he aint starting before him is puzzling) and Kadar in the starting lineup again.

  16. I’d go all out attacking football tonight and start Rouledge on the right, Jonas on the left and Guthrie and Nolan in the middle. Two up front – Shola and Lovenkrands. Right back position may go to one of the kids from the reserves – Tavernier. He should have an easy time with Routledge keeping the right side busy.

  17. Chris, not Shola, Andy Carrol needs a run in the team and is a proper handful for centre halves, Shola has looked terrible of late and he seems to be back to his old lethargic tired looking self, more of a hinderence to the team than an asset.

  18. I’d always start Shola in front of Carroll – he’s got better ball control and he’s also a more prolific scorer. He just needs a kick up the arse.

  19. Carroll and loverman for me like, give them too much to think about with lovermans movement and andys physical presence.

  20. Come on some of ya, get ya feet back on the ground, it’s just nearly taken us a month to sign somebody like Routledge, and you think Big Mike will go for Moses?!

    To be fair to Ashley, deals like Lovenkrands for free, and Williamson and Routledge for under £3million is very good, shrewd business and exactly the type of moves we should be making in this league – only when we go up we can afford some ‘luxury’ signings like young prospects like Moses.

  21. SpartanChris says:
    January 27, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    “Has Williamson actually signed?”

    I told everyone a day and a half ago that he’d signed, but no one believed me. He has signed and they have reached a full agreement, but because of a formality regarding the sell on clause with Watford, the final announcement is being delayed until that is rubber stamped.

  22. Thanks Worky – You were accused of Premature Publication though!! What’s your source on this?

  23. Lesh – I would have answered that I have never been in a hole, but this is a family site.

    Anyway – I cant answer – on a beach in Australia sunning myself.

  24. SpartanChris says:
    January 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    “I don’t know who runs Newcastle Mad but it really is a shoddy site. The do spout some rubbish and more frequently than Ed.”

    It’s “Footy Mad” in Bolton, Chris.

    On the other thing, I can’t tell you what my source is, and I would probably sound like a complete arse anyway (like Stardust).

  25. workyticket u are right! we have been allowed to take him on a emergency loan so he can play tonight becasue the paper work would not be in time for him to play.

  26. Ouch Worky – no need for that! Im the seeker of truth and justice – thats all.

    Any chance Chuck came to yours for Christmas dinner – Starling and Chip was it?

  27. Stardust says:
    January 27, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    “Ouch Worky – no need for that! Im the seeker of truth and justice”

    No, you are the seeker of attention, Stardust.

  28. Certainly dont need that Worky – nor the comment. Misery when drank can overcome the merriest of souls.

    Sorry to see I irritate you with my posts – oh well – more to life than a blog.

  29. “In Peter Lovenkrands and Jonas Gutierrez we have arguably the best two wingers in the Championship – one is going to the World Cup with Argentina and the other should be going with Denmark.

    Then we have new signing Fabrice Pancrate – bought by Hughton (unless Mike Ashley knows different) – and Danny Guthrie, who was an out-and-out winger on Liverpool’s books.

    Next up we have Kazenga LuaLua – like shit off a stick and destined for the big time”.

    I have NEVER been on that website, and after reading just that short bit of text to sum up the quality – i’ll never bother going back. Let me just quickly point out in number form what they’ve got awfully wrong;

    1 – Lovenkrands isn’t a winger and hasn’t played there this season.
    2 – Gutierrez the best in the league? A certain Victor Moses and Adam Johnson would have something to say about that, nevermind his delivery flatters to deceive.
    3 – Guthrie is NOT a winger, and I certainly couldn’t care less if he played in goal for ‘Pool!
    4 – No doubt Lua Lua is quick, they’ve got that right, but what’s that? “Destined for the big time”? A couple of cup games and friendlies where his big trick seems to be the ability to as soon as receiving the ball he can just stare at the ground and run until loosing the ball. It’s about the boldest statement i’ve read since the NUST dared to use a source claiming Ashley was making £80million profit of the club this year…

  30. BBB, interesting suggestion re Jonas comment 25, I reckon that would mean he would be tracking forward in support rather than backwards, could be a really potent attacking option.
    I would also have big Andy starting with Lover rather than Shola. Shola might be better as a sub after Andy has roughed up the opposition a bit.

  31. Have to say sorry to read Palace are going to the wall, great old team.
    Sure my kid is going to be devastated, followed them for a year, while on an exchange program in London.
    Too bad really seem to have an interesting young side, perhaps we should be looking at them, nah! dont like the idea of pillaging a team in trouble, except of course the player I have been touting for a while Vic Moses.
    Who is still available, understand our promotion rivals Forest are considering a bid.
    Ooooh ! what was I thinking, he would cost over 1m.

  32. 39 Stardust says:
    January 27, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    Lesh – I would have answered that I have never been in a hole, but this is a family site.

    Anyway – I cant answer – on a beach in Australia sunning myself.


  33. Ive got to be careful Lesh – Workys watching me – apparently I ruffled his feathers so he is firing personal insults.

    Nest thing you know and I will be banned – oh what would I do????!!!! lol.

    Some people need to get a grip!