Toon v Crystal Palace match banter!

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A return to winning ways tonight?
A return to winning ways tonight?
Tonight sees a cash strapped Crystal Palace making the long journey to St James’s Park.

With all kinds of gossip surrounding the London club regarding Administration. Another source of gossip is their very talented young winger, Victor Moses, who has been the subject of much transfer speculation as the club seek to balance their books. The word going around is that he will almost certainly NOT be playing in tonight’s match, by order of the Administrator, probably for fear of injury.

As for ‘wor lads, of course much of the gossip will surround our two new arrivals, central defender, ‘Big’ Mike (not that one) Williamson and fleet footed flanker, Wayne Routledge. Will they take their bows before the evening is over? Of course, the other big question is, will Newcastle make a return to winning ways after the weekend ref fiasco against West Brom?

For more background on the game, check out the excellent match preview by Geordie Deb. A full match report by NUFC Blog’s very own man in Level Seven, Bowburnmag, will no doubt make it slow winding way on to these pages in the fullness of time too.

As usual, if you have any links for audio coverage etc, please feel free to post them.


Newcastle: Harper, Kadar, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Guthrie, Smith (c), Nolan, Gutierrez, Lovenkrands, Carroll.

Subs: Krul, Tozer, Butt, Pancrate, Ranger, Routledge, Donaldson.

Crystal Palace: Speroni, Clyne, Ertl, Butterfield, Hill, Danns, Derry (c), Carle, Ambrose, Andrew, Hills.

Subs: Lawrence, Lee, Djlali.

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176 Responses

  1. Any radio streams that are woring guys? I tried the 1 @ number 2 and i can’t get it to work.

  2. Amid all the expectation of a good win, I exoect a stuttering performance :)

    It’s nice to hear local hero back as the song that the teams come out to!

  3. Alright lads, on the iPhone and BBC radio newcastle has naturally conked out on me as we were seemingly about to k.o so I’m gonna have to need one of you to be a proper diamond and give decent updates? I don’t ask for much! Haha

  4. Palace forced to make a sub already! Wonder if Warnock will oull the trick he did at Sheffield United? ;)

  5. ooh relle gotta feel sorry for palace. makin a change already, we really need to rip these lads apart tonight. no excuses

  6. Ross – I’ll try and keep you up to date mate.

    Palace had a shot, well saved by Harper.

    Lovenkrands quickly caught offside at the other end.

  7. That’s probably our tactic man. “go out and kick lumps out of them smithy, they’ve only got 3 lads on the bench!” lol

  8. Get into ’em, fcuk ’em up!

    I see the anti Ashley songs have started. probably bowburn and his level 7 posse :)

  9. Maybe, “Get of our club, you fat cockney basturd… who spent £258million to save our club from doing a Pompy or leeds, get out our club!”


    “Get out of club, you fat cockney basturd, who undeniably made mistakes from your inpexperienced shortcomings, but saved our club from financial implosion and better than the lying, short sighted, unrealistic NUST, get out of our club!”

    Not the catchiest though.

  10. lol AndyNUFC. Definatley not catchy. Everyone out the club, everyone, everyone, out the club!

  11. Cheers toonsy mate, can’t stand having to travel when we’re playing, impossible to know what’s going on! Really need an early goal like, how does the wireless say they’ve started? They look all over the place or?..

  12. toonsy says:
    January 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    “Should have 1-0 down, Palace missed from 2 yards!

    Wake up lads FFS!”

    They do try to make it sound more exciting and nerve jangling than it is though, especially ‘Ando’ when he gans radgie!

  13. Ross – From the sounds of it Palace have had more of the ball than us but we look more dangerous going forward.

  14. When things are going against you, things are going against you ;)

    Makes a change for it not to be us lol.

  15. DevonMag – I’ll wait and see about the thumping ;)

    if it does happen though it’s becasue I played devils advocate by saying it wouldn’t happen! :)

  16. Any Wi-Fi availability at St. James`es ?
    It`s possible to take a laptop to the game with a plug in wireless modem and have direct contact with the blog,
    right ?

  17. To whoever was talking about being on an iPhone. Do you not have the sky sports app? Live text commentary on the match.

  18. Enrique injured!

    Chuck – You could probably get wi-fi in the boxes but in the stands i doubt it.

  19. If it is hamstring then it will take a while before we know the full extent of how bad it is.

  20. why’s he desperate to keep routledge out of it?? pancrate to rb? routledge has got recent playing time for qpr, get ‘im on man!

  21. why doesnt houghton get it playing nolan with smith means trouble all ready they have played passed them and cant get back lucky goal lads!good job moses not playing he would have took them 2 chances.

  22. aye Johno according to sky sports, 2 mill should do it apparently, be a cracking signing but we cant expect too many of them surely?

  23. Here lads, went to a charity disco at the weekend, in aid of women who were born without legs.

    Dancefloor was crawling with fanny :D

  24. “Toro Nino” Injured, oh no !
    Was having a great year, a much improved player and hopefully a guy with a long future at the club.

  25. Is it me or is this really slow going at the moment?

    Come on Toon pull the finger out.

  26. toonsy i hope at some point he subs him for routledge he can then move guthrie into the middle and we have 2 natural wingers on the pitch

  27. Was at the same disco `n asked a geezer with no legs, yo was up, what ye deyin here like, guy said nowt really, just bummin around.

  28. Bet you Forest and West Brom are papping themselves, we’re sending out a right title warning tonight ;)

  29. as long as we win – we should be thrashing this lot tho, bizarre putting pancrate at RB, would have moved guthrie there and put routledge on myself

  30. Today just isn’t our day. I hope that McLoven just has a strain at worst but I’ve a feeling this is gonna end in tears -_-

  31. becasue houghton is stupid he doesnt want to upset players by not playing them!look at the right hand side he doesnt play routelege becasuse he will upset pancrate then he put him on at right back when donaldson played their saturday when down to 10 men and looked good.

  32. Sounds like hard going, injuries are gonna happen, it`s part of the clubs history, for some reason.
    Gotta grind out those wins, from now on, no mercy and give it 100%, then it becomes a habit.
    Talking bout habits Amstel time.

  33. Not impressed at all. Sounds sloppy.. But I guess I should know better.. Team just is not constructed to thrash a team. With the team CP put out we should be up 12-0.

  34. From what I’ve heard, Williamson has been spot on so far. Don’t see why Pancrate is playing RB instead of pulling Guthrie back and moving Routledge on, but whatever.

  35. Got the Man Utd v Man City game on Sky, Terry Venables is looking decidedly orange.

    Perhaps he uses the same salon as Phil Brown.

  36. Perhaps Pancrate is better than Guthrie at RB? Hughton see’s them every day i suppose so he is a better judge of it than us.

  37. pancrate seems to be doing well! becasuse of his pace! dont houghton bring butt on if we are still winning 1-0 with ten mintes to go

  38. Bellamy just got pelted by something from the crowd at Man Utd. I don’t agree with it but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person!

  39. I give you fellas credit for trying to comment and chat up a game where nothing is happening.

  40. Whiskey Phil – Im actually finding the United v City game more interesting at the minute :)

  41. Of course.. that game is doing something!

    Of course, with all that said.. you still get the full 3 points for a dull 1-0

  42. Think of it this way lads, a 6ft4 defender, 26 year olds, he must be able to do ATLEAST half the job Coloccini does, for a tenth of the price. Sensible transfer, just like Bassong, Feye, Beye etc – very happy.

  43. Palace just hit the post.

    We need to wake up and put this game to bed. Even if we do win it won’t detract from the poor, sub-standard, lazy performance so far.

  44. Another goal would be nice tho whiskey phil just to put the game to bed

    Hopefully ranger will get it now

  45. Completely agree… too nervous of a go right now this game… Crowd getting a little panicky doesnt help either.

    Well said Andy, great point.

  46. Come on Toon…this sounds a pile of plop !
    Ranger needs sacked off just not clinical enough IMO.

  47. sirjasontoon he is 18 or 19 , he needs time to develop , there is goals in him , look at his records at under age and the reserves last season

  48. Williamson sounds like he’s had a good game, even though Palace are only playin’ 1 up front, his main strength seems to be in air which is what we’ve needed for ages at the back. Way to go Tevez.

  49. SJT – How can you develop if you never get the chance at the next level? Using your theory, Rooney should be playing in the Everton reserves and nobody would get the chance to play.

  50. Rooney scored a fookin cracker on his debut and is in a different class.
    Ranger has missed so many opportunities..certainly not a natural goalscorer and his heading ability is awful.

  51. I agree with Jason.. too much is on the line at this current stage for “finding out”. Better to go with known quantities.

    And as I say that… Nile shuts me up.

  52. Good lad,hopefully it will lift him up a bit and he can move on…still think we need a natural goal machine while he beds in.

  53. Young Ranger wont look back now that he got his 1st home goal, I have faith in the youngun ;)

  54. I think he should be used as a sub and we get in a powerful natural goalscorer.
    He bags like 1 in 40 attempts at the minute.
    Well a win is a win…off over to Troy Stavers Hoose for a blow on the crack pipe.

  55. Ground out a result with a shedloads of injuries. Job done.

    Bring on the crisp bowl on Saturday, I’ll be there!

  56. he is a great finsher! just pure nerves with houghton not playing him or starting him i would be the same he is never going to play him.

  57. Another clean sheet at hyem.
    Another win.
    Another injury.
    Well played to the debutants.

  58. In the end a win is a win and god did we need one today . lets hope this is the result that gets the confidence back in the team to go on a long winning streak . Hope the injuries are not too bad we need the bull fit asap , it sounded as williamson had a good game .

  59. Its another 3 points which is the main thing , and its a good between us and 3rd now which is the main thing

  60. icedog we have said that before mate getting off to a good start is important and young Ranger never got that if I can remember he was started off quite often as a lone striker when we had all the injuries and I dont think that was good for him. As you put it so well that is the Monkey of his back. Onwards and Upwards ;)

  61. some blogers say they would have bambi in front ranger as he holds the ball up better times i saw him play he did but did sh– all except play it wrong time and time again,ill judge ranger better when he has played HALF the number games bambi has played

  62. For experience i’d have;

    The last one being because, for me, he’s an unknown quantity.

  63. oh SJT you remain everything wrong with newcastle “supporters”. ranger is ready, should be started with carrol at every opportunity. with balance on the wings following routledges arrival i think we have reasons to be cheerful. could still do with a pacy creative central midfielder. not asking much!

    hwtl- and sjt if you’re not with us the stadium of shite has many empty seats begging for clowns like you to fill them. you’ll find many share your negative views on all things toon.

  64. Nicely taken goal by Ranger the neet.
    Had loads of time to put him self off, but took it to the goal & slotted it away confidently.
    Proper strikers goal.
    Howay sunshine.

    Keep it coming lads.

  65. Nice to see us getting a win again at last. The new lads looked good, I was very impressed with Williamson. He slotted in well, got on with the job and did his best to help out Kadar.

    The injuries are a bit of a worry, we really need to get a left back in now. A loan will do.

    Ranger took his goal well. I just cant understand the subs tonight, surely Nolan who did nothing should have been the one to come off, put Guthrie in the centre and Routlidge on the wing. In saying that, we won and thats all that matters. Just hope the Bull aint out for too long and we can get somebody in quick

  66. Just saw an interview Wrnock ( i hate that man ) and he said 2-3 top championship clubs and a few premiershp clubs interest in victor moses , could we be one of them?

  67. Carnt see us going for Moses not now we have just got Routlidge just want to say a well taken goal by Ranger but could not understand Pancrate on at full back,but well done a good 3 pts

  68. Just back from the game, good points…. 3 points and a cracking debut by Mike Williamson, and great goal by Nile Ranger.
    Bad points, Enrique Hamstring, overall sluggish performance, diabolical ref who must have thought he was auditioning for the part of Station Master in the next Thomas the Tank episode…
    3 points is 3 points though..
    Only heard Mike Ashley’s name mentioned once too…

  69. hammy69 says:Only heard Mike Ashley’s name mentioned once too… sssh or Batty will be out to play !

  70. Just got back home, here’s my players ratings:

    1) Harper (7) – Made a great save
    2) Kadar (6) – Settled after a shakey start
    3) Enrique (6) – Was looking ok until pulling up
    4) Collo (7) – Calm and assured
    5) WILLIAMSON (8) – Strong in air, rock solid
    6) Smith (6) – Did his job protecting back 4
    7) Guthrie (5) – No flair or creativity, lacks pace
    8) Nolan (5) – Looks poor in a 4 4 2 formation,no energy
    9) Jonas (6) – Looked lost when Enrique went off
    10) Loverman (5) – Little impact, missed a sitter
    11) Carroll (5) – Little impact, goes down easily

    12) Pancrate – (6) Shakey first half then settled
    13) Routledge – (7) Made an impact injected pace and
    14) Ranger – (6) Scored good goal and worked hard

    All in all this was a poor team performance from a number of players, Nolan looks terrible in a 4 4 2 formation and has little impact, he is far better suited in a 5 man midfield playing off the loan striker particularly in away games.

    Williamson had a sound game and showed leadership qualities.

    Routledge thankfully is not another Franz Carr as he can cut inside and deliver a precision through ball.

    I can honestly say that both debutants made an impact in tonights game.

    Tonight was all about the result and thankfully we got all 3 points.

    Off to bed now.