Newcastle United v Crystal Palace match preview

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Crystal Palace Badge
Pardew takes on his former club.
Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014.
Time: 15:00.
Venue: St James’ Park.
Referee: Lee Probert.
UK TV: None.

Hot on the heels of defeat at Craven Cottage, we face lower table opposition again this week as we host Crystal Palace, which is of course where Alan Pardew played his football between 1987 and 1991.

Back in December we beat Crystal Palace 3-0 at Selhurst Park thanks to goals from Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa (penalty) and Danny Gabbidon (own goal), so we’ll be looking to do the double over them on Saturday.

The league form for both teams from the last eight games looks like this:

P W D L F A Pts/Max Last 8
Newcastle 8 3 1 4 6 15 10/24 W|D|L|L|L|W|W|L
Crystal Palace 8 3 2 3 6 7 11/24 W|W|L|W|L|D|L|D

As the above table shows, Palace’s form in the last eight is similar to ours, although they’ve conceded far fewer goals. We can’t really argue that we’ve had tougher games either. In the last eight games we’ve faced three top half sides (Spurs, Chelsea and Villa) and so have Crystal Palace (Arsenal, Man Utd and Southampton).

Alan Pardew will serve the second of his three match ban from the ground, which will be followed by a four match ban from the touchline. Some would argue that Pardew’s ban can only improve us tactically but, after watching our dreadful, insipid effort against Fulham, I’m not sure that’s true. Anyway, John Carver will be the pitch-side boss again this week.

Team News

Newcastle will be without Loic Remy again due to his calf injury, and Matthew Debuchy and Davide Santon will miss out thanks to a groin injury and tonsillitis respectively. Longer term injuries afflict Gabriel Obertan, Rob Elliot and of course Ryan Taylor. However, Hatem Ben Arfa and Sammy Ameobi will both be available for selection this week.

It looks like Ben Arfa may feature in Pardew’s plans too as he had this to say about the return of our number 10:

It’s all about Hatem with Hatem, and he looks in a lot better place. If he brings the right ingredients, the work-rate, the ability to the pitch for us, then he can be influential.

Against Fulham, with the way they were set up and with no Hatem on the bench, we needed someone who could unlock the door.

It sounds like he might be planning to start Ben Arfa on the bench and bring him on if we find Palace tough to break down. Personally, I think the lack of Loic Remy is the most significant thing. We just seem to really struggle to score without him and neither Cisse nor De Jong appear to have found there goalscoring shoes yet.

Crystal Palace will be without Dwight Gayle (ankle) and Marouane Chamakh (hamstring), and Garry Gabbidon and Barry Bannan will face late fitness tests to see if they’re in contention.

What The Managers Say

Alan Pardew had this to say about Crystal Palace ahead of the game:

Tony’s confidence and ability has pulled that team to within a fighting chance, because now they have a fighting chance of staying up. They’ll be showing that on the pitch.

They had a good performance at Sunderland, and I don’t expect them to be much different really. They will be fighting and scrapping, and Tony’s teams are always very, very sure in terms of their jobs, and we need to come up with some more imagination than we did against Fulham, and some more cutting edge to our play.

Most of our play was pretty good against Fulham, but the last third, unfortunately, wasn’t good enough.

Meanwhile, Tony Pullis has been lamenting the absence of Marouane Chamakh:

Chamakh won’t be fit for Saturday. It is a massive blow because he plays that position so, so well. He is a good player, can score goals and he can drop into that number 10 position. It is a miss, but we have to get on with it.

Gayley unfortunately got injured in training on Tuesday. It is his ankle. He is having a scan today, so we won’t know what the extent of the injury is yet. We actually trained at Selhurst Park on Tuesday, because we thought it might be a bit too hard at the training ground, but he injured himself at Selhurst.


The last five meetings between the two clubs have been:

Crystal Palace 0-3 Newcastle (December 2013)
Newcastle 2-0 Crystal Palace (January 2010)
Crystal Palace 0-2 Newcastle (August 2009)
Newcastle 0-0 Crystal Palace (April 2005)
Crystal Palace 0-2 Newcastle (November 2004)

Historically, we’ve won 21, drawn 4 and lost 8 of the 33 matches we’ve played against Crystal Palace in all competitions. In the Premier League, we’ve played Palace 7 times, won 5, drawn 1 and lost 1. The last time we lost to Crystal Palace was in March 1998 when a goal from Shearer in the 77th minute wasn’t enough to overcome Palace’s first half goals from Attilio Lombardo and Matt Jansen.

Howay the lads!

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137 Responses

  1. Hugh: is Mr. Motivator saying ben Arfa wasn’t injured at all? It was all mental? Strange thing to say, if indeed that is what he is saying.

  2. F’in tonsilitis?! Seriously? 7-10 day recovery after surgery…so that’s a couple weeks.

    With Gabbidon injured and Hatem on the bench, the match will start with none of our goalscorers from the last match on the field. Trivia, that.

    Speaking of trivia, that bit at the end feels like tempting fate.

  3. They found Sammy and Hatem, they weren’t in some opium den with a picture in the attic?

  4. Our club must be the strangest except for Blackburn. I watched them the other day and they had “Venky’s” billboards all over. Do they even sell their chickens in Britain?

    C’mon, how many Indians watch the Championship?

  5. GS says: “Hugh: is Mr. Motivator saying ben Arfa wasn’t injured at all? It was all mental? Strange thing to say, if indeed that is what he is saying.”

    Not sure to be honest. I thought he was genuinely injured but I can’t say for certain.

  6. Hugh: you never know with our lot. The Physio room said it was a “knock” but Jonas and Coloccini went back home for “personal” reasons and ben Arfa did his rehab in France.

    Obviously. (copyright Peter Beardsley) they keep an eye on their players judging by the Gosling fines.

    Perhaps Fatty should open a casino to keep our “talent” at the club. Maybe not, as I don’t think Pards and Dan could be classed as talent.

  7. I never want us to lose, but maybe for the sake of f@cking the Mackems this would be a time to not win?

    Not really, a Cisse hattrick and 1 for big Mike it is.


    Am I on the wrong site, this is Ed’s isn’t it?

  8. Sorry to interrupt Mies van der Rohe, Christopher Wren and Frank Lloyd Wright but there is a game on soon.

  9. Actually how many fans really care?

    It’s got to the stage, knowing mid league mediocrity is all that’s desired by our fat friend.

    The recent media reported comments, stating there’s going to be a reconstruction process going on, is just more bullshit.

    With Cabaye gone for a nice profit and Remy out with a so called calf injury and Debuchy and Santon also apparently unfit, who is left to fill those essential roles.

    I would like to see Hiadarra in the LB role, the guy is much better than the young inexperienced Welshman, who not only has taken over the role at LB, but also has become the designated set play kicker.

    And bring back Taylor, the only physical defender who can at least use his body on the opposition.

    Who the hell is responsible for these decisions ?

    It’s becoming a nightmare here, with Carver possibly in phone contact with Pardeux, playing a seventeen year old kid up front and bringing in an over the hill Shola, as a response to a bottom of the league Fulhams goal.

    Look I just don’t get it, this side needs management that can make better decisions than that.

    We sit players like HBA, Marveaux, and Taylor, while fielding neophites and over the hill strikers, FFS who is in charge of this mess.

    If I ruled the world, the first ones to go would be Pardeux and his fabulous group of coaches.

    Why not go to the French league and sign someone who has an idea about managing and let him bring his coaches with him, as signing players has seemed to have worked OK.

    Anyhow, what’s happening at this club is total miss-management and Ashley had better get his club in order, before we once again drop to the second tier and cost him the loss of that PL wealth he covets so much.

  10. Well, unless ben Arfa starts we will be fielding a strike force that has scored 1 premier league goal this season. That one was from a gift penalty to make him (Cisse) feel a bit better about missing every chance he had had so far (I know about offsides, but good players score in addition to the offsides)

    4-0 to us then.

  11. Sorry Worky, we do have Gouffran but as you said the brain trust will start him on the wing anyway.

    Shola to come on at 70 minutes even though they aren’t renewing his contract and there is no chance of relegation.

  12. If we are going to go off Sunderland’s game with Palace then we are in for a corker!
    Non of our strikers can hit a mule with a banjo, So it doesn’t augur well in all honesty.
    It will be another frustrating afternoon of impasse and stalemate with poor football served up.

    This may play out like an F.A.Cup replay with one goal being enough to win it.
    Palace will no doubt come and set their stall out to be in the game until the last knockings.

    Whether you are attending this game or watching this game on a television screen or monitor somewhere, You will need a survival kit consisting of;

    One huge flask of Coffee, Or the means to buy oodles of the stuff.

    A mate or acquaintance who is a drug dealer who can supply you large amounts of Amphetamine.

    Matchsticks for you eyes.

    In extreme cases, A length of rope and access to any bridge!

    It could be a very long afternoon which you are never going to get back.

  13. I’m off to Enfield soon. I don’t think I’m going to bust a gut to get back for the kick off after your alternative preview for the game, Joe.

  14. Well Worky, Lets be honest judging by recent performances and Sunderland’s game with them, “It Will Not Be One For The Purists”!

  15. Why has Ben Arfa been allowed to pile the weight on without the management letting it get that far?
    Is it because they are a bunch of amateur unprofessional a**eholes who have no idea how to handle players?

  16. Should we now call him Fatem Ben Arfa?
    Always knew a flair player like him would have his game and career ruined by that chancer Pardew!
    He doesn’t do flair does Alan because it is an alien concept to him.
    His players have to be useless plodders like Carlton Cole and Amoebi who he loves so much.
    The only reason he is being given an easy ride is because he an English manager and there are not many about.
    If this is the level we are churning out though, In terms of Pardew and Big Sam, Then we need to go back to basics!

  17. Chewsea leading 6-0 @ The Bridge, cant watch it anymore, with Arsenal a man down early.

    This ridicules system of red and yellow cards has to go, as it renders games both uneven and unwatchable.

    For a side to have to play eighty minutes while a man down, is asking too much, it’s time football introduced the sin bin, with ten to twenty minutes a sufficient amount of time to be penalized.

    Plus what’s the point of banning players from playing in future games, the punishment should be only during the game being played, one has nothing to do with the other.

    The quality of officials also has to be improved, as does the rigidity of the whole system.

    What am I on about, the ref only sent the wrong man off to-day, even when the guilty player approached him to explain what happened, he waved him off, obviously afraid to change his decision.

    And what about the three other officials, no one realized the wrong man was sent off ? what were they watching ?
    It’s becoming a f***ing joke, and nothing is done to change matters, due to a hide bound system, that refuses to change ridicules rules but changed a perfectly good rule (the old offside rule) replacing it with a questionable rule that is open to the particular officials interpretation (was the offside player interfering with play)
    I don’t get it, why change a rule that’s understood by all, to one that’s open to interpretation.

  18. We’re actually playing ok, until it comes to the crunch. But Crystal Palace might make us look quite good for a while, then hit us on the counter against the run of play. It wouldn’t shock me amyway.

  19. Chuck @20: I haven’t seen it yet but aren’t the rules that the red card cannot be changed because the Ref saw the incident. If he puts it in his notes that he sent the wrong player off then the card can be rescinded. However, that would mean that he had talked to the other officials who told him about his error, and if so, why didn’t they tell him at the time. He could of course have watched a TV replay, but they’re are not supposed to rely on that.

    As I said, I haven’t seen it but if they sent the wrong player off it will be yet another indictment of the review system.

  20. Worky @15: do we know if one of the complaining players was the captain? The person who took the huff and then was allowed to go to Argentina for 6 weeks for “rehab”.

    The only ones that I think would have a right to say anything would be Tiote and Gouffran as they are the only ones who have played up to their potential this season.

  21. The commentator at Cardiff just said “these players are trying to put the Liverbird back on its perch”. This guy actually gets paid to dream up bizarre references to 1970s sitcoms?

  22. He’ll have a spiral notebook full of that kind of sh|t, GS. I can’t stand it any more.

    That’s why I’m watching a feed with some shouty Arab chap doing his nut.

  23. Worky: do you think Pards phoned Carver from the Percy Arms to tell him to put Shola on? If Shola is the default plan b, then I cant wait until his contract is up so the management dont have that option anymore.

    I am watching Cardiff Liverpool anyway, because there is actually some action in that game.

  24. Well you missed all the fun then gS. We won. Ben Arfa and Cisse combined to score a great goal right at the end to send the crowd bonkers.

  25. Hoo!, Just caal me “Septic Peg”!

    The whole thing went exactly like i said it would.
    The only thing i got wrang was it was a bit more exciting than i predicted lol.
    I am over the moon for Cisse and he deserved his goal today.
    Palace came and parked the bus like you thought they would with a view to counter attacking which they did well.
    Good job we got them points today because it could have been a bad time for Pratdew over the next few weeks, With the inevitable harder tasks to come.

  26. I’ll give the Arab lads their due, They love their football and will make even a boring game seem exciting with their enthusiastic commentary.

  27. I dont know what result I want for the game now on. Do I want more frown lines on Moyes’ forehead, but that would mean a win for the gum-chewing toad man?

  28. If Pardew had been in the dug out today would he have even put Ben Arfa on?
    Some idiots are quick to point the finger in his direction, But i’d sooner have him on the pitch because he makes things happen.
    We looked more like scoring when he came on, That was for sure!
    Makes you wonder whether that bulls knacker Pardew would have put him on, And if so his negativity could have dropped 2 points.

  29. So, I am watching the Chelsea game on tape. The commentators are saying the FA will review the sending off on Monday and suspend Chamberlain instead of Gibbs. Apparently, it was a red card because of the denial of a goal scoring opportunity – but it was going wide, so that was a wrong call. That’s a yellow card.

    So, the FA can review a sending off of the wrong player based upon video evidence but cannot review that it was a wrongful sending off in the first place based upon video evidence?

    These rules make no sense at all. Am I missing something? And haven’t they used the excuse that if the Ref sees it, and calls it, they cant overturn it??? I am totally confused, but that is nothing new :)

  30. joe hawkins says:
    March 22, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    “If Pardew had been in the dug out today would he have even put Ben Arfa on?”

    Pardew was supposed to be on the blower watching the game and giving out orders. Maybe it was Carver, maybe it was Pardew who decided to send him on.

  31. A Palace fan who writes for Metro “Gordon Law” reckons the ref won the game for Newcastle.
    Apparently the referee missed a blatant handball by Mike Williamson in the build up to the goal.
    I would have to go back and have a look at that myself as i missed it.
    Palace were unlucky and deserved a point if we are being honest.

  32. GS says:
    March 22, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    “So, I am watching the Chelsea game on tape.”

    VHS or Betamax? Is Kerry Dixon playing for Chelsea? :-)

  33. joe hawkins says:
    March 23, 2014 at 10:29 am

    “Apparently the referee missed a blatant handball by Mike Williamson in the build up to the goal.”

    They played it in slow motion and everything, Joe, on the stream I was watching and on MotD.

  34. Worky @40: just an expression. We have Graeme Le Saux commentating over here. He is not that bad, except he shares that strange speech affectation with Roy Hodgson and Alan Smith.

    The best pundits over here are without a doubt Warren Barton and Ray Hudson. Both have NUFC connections.

    Ray will be doing el Clasico today and if you can get the BEin/US link you might like it. If you can get past his “sounds like your granny” voice, he is funny as f#ck.

  35. And Worky: they say a game is live or on tape over here so we know whether it is live or delayed. It has lot to do with the time delay.

    No offence though man. I don’t even have a DVD anymore, I am all bluetooth, Roku and chromecast.

  36. And…

    When we play shite teams like Fulham and Palace, isn’t it obvious that ben Arfa will scare the living daylights out of them? And yet, our coaches can’t see that. No, they want him to track back. Beardsley tracked back, Shearer and Gazza didn’t.

    I give in.

  37. Now, the Southampton fans are singing “when the Saints go marching in”. Fantastic, as I never understood why the Tottenham fans sang “when the Spurs go marching in”?

  38. Well people from Tottenham could never describe themselves as saints, GS. I’ve never understood why the ‘Saints’ have a puppy as a mascot? My Southampton supporting mate doesn’t either. He thinks they should have a fat monk with a halo or something like that.

  39. Missed yesterdays game, due to transmission problems, but saw the highlight’s on MOD.
    Nice goal, but when we lose to Fulham and only beat Palace in the dying seconds of the game (a combination by the unwanted and overweight) what kind of conclusion does one reach ?

    However another win or two will probably put the club in a safe position, but there’s no way we will finish above Southampton.

    Watching the Surs vs Southampton game, with the sides tied after a few minutes of the second half, but gotta say The saints look more like a million quid side than Spurs, but an excellent open and highly entertaining game
    of football.

    We should be so lucky.

  40. Chururnsmission: 46 points is safe man. Even Pards and Carver combined couldn’t f@ck that one up.

  41. Worky: you know all the ins and outs and the trivia. Is there a reason for the “Spurs go marching in” song?

  42. Chuck, Tony Pubis’s Crystal Palace are hard to break down and score alot of goals against. They had a decent early lift but they’re not winning anymore. Even so, teams are only beating them 1-0 even if they dominate the game.

    Long balls Allardyce has done the same thing with West Ham to get them out the shite, ie like that 0-0 they ground out agaibst Chelsea when Mourinho called it “19th Century football.”

  43. Plus you are from North London now. You are a Durham cockney and me a Northumberland Yank :) They switched the boundaries a few years ago, so I might be a Tyne and Wear Yank.

  44. @47 was Chuck. Ahh, makes sense since he didnt understand that no team has ever been relegated on 46 points. I think West Ham had the most when they went down, 44, I think.

  45. Very enjoyable game, resulting in a comeback win, for Spurs, who were two goals down (one wonders what Sherwood had to say during the half team period)
    Though I think a draw would have been a fair result.

    I hope Woy was watching.
    Being IMO he should be considering such talents as Walker (who didn’t play) and Townsend, plus young Shaw,
    Lallana and Rodrigues, for the trip to Brazil.

    Looking at the Engerland group, I still cant see them finishing above Uruquay or Italy, plus Woy doesn’t strike me as the best candidate to direct traffic.

  46. Any team with Suarez in it will elevate even a mediocre manager like Rodgers, Chuck @ 53 :)

  47. GS says:
    March 23, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    “Worky: you know all the ins and outs and the trivia. Is there a reason for the “Spurs go marching in” song?”

    Don’t know, GS. Maybe someone just started singing it at a game and it caught on.

  48. Hey Worky: if you can’t explain it then I am not sure anyone can. Seriously.

    Then there is the Arsene Wenger is a failure thing. 3 league titles and 4 FA cups in 17 years :( We could only hope for such a failure.

  49. Stokely Dokely!

    Peter Crouch had one of the classic football responses when asked what he would be if he wasn’t a footballer – “a virgin’.

    Now Shola is also a funny guy. I think he was asked what Bobby Robson called him and he said “Carl Cort”.

    The other thing Shola did was call the police because his house had been burgled. Then he realised he just left the place in a big mess. No wonder he doesn’t score many goals if he is that scatter brained.

  50. Worky, The stream i was watching was shocking and you couldn’t make anything out.
    I never seen MOTD last night as a had a few tinnies and watched the Travis Dickinson fight.

  51. @57: what I meant to say was that his house wasn’t burgled, he had just left it in a mess and came home and thought it was.

    If you have seen some of Shola’s lay-offs and knock-downs that will not surprise you.

  52. Joe: we did OK in the second half. Fatty Ben Arfa scared the shite out of them. He didn’t track back a foot. It was funny, if he lost the ball, he just stood there and waited to get it back.

    That’s what he should do against crap teams. He’s not a f@cking centre half FFS.

  53. So it appears Remy is off to Arsenal, but had our dealing for him a season ago been properly taken care of, he would either still be staying, here or leaving like Cabaye for a big profit.

    Jenkinson could be on his way from Arsenal and Santon
    possibly heading off to Italy in what has been declared a clearing out of players, who are not cutting the mustard or we could receive a nice profit from their sale.

    We have Santon, Haidarra and Dummett vying for the LB role, so why Jenkinson ? who IMO has not really impressed

    Wouldn’t bother me if we got rid of R. Taylor, Williamson, Obertann and Gosling, but are we prepared to replace six or more players, to ensure we have a strong bench? doubt it.

    I would add Shola to that group, as he has had a decent and a long run, but recently made it obvious he is way past his best and at thirty one, can’t expect him to improve, which is not the case with Sammy however.

    But like other bench warmers he’s seldom is given the opportunity to prove himself, same goes for Marveaux, HBA, Bigirimana, who IMO has the ability to become a better version of Tiote, with his ability to not only play that midfield stopper role, but also pick out and deliver that perfect pass.

    With both Carver and Pardeux preferring not to rotate
    players and prefer those who follow his (what Mourinho called Big Sam an Poulis’s ancient tactical game) instructions and above all keep their shape, flair being the last thing he want’s to see.

    In which case are we going to have to watch players ruined by these two morons, by changing their game resulting in a boring West Ham or Palace style direct football from the fifties.
    FFS ! it’s flair that makes watching a game worthwhile.
    Maybe one day we will get a decent manager, but not as long as Fatso owns the club.

  54. Chuckles: el Clasico is on soon so we can watch a real game of football.

    It is very frustrating with us as you can see that Marveaux and ben Arfa could help. URRRR… why do they not get any playing time?

    Well, we don’t get along, but you are the only one on here at the moment :)

  55. chuck says:
    March 23, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    “In which case are we going to have to watch players ruined by these two morons, by changing their game resulting in a boring West Ham or Palace style direct football from the fifties.
    “FFS ! it’s flair that makes watching a game worthwhile.”

    But you said it was great back in the fifties, Chuck. Bobby ‘dazzler’ Mitchell, Geordies and Mackems holding hands on the terraces, small boys in the park dreaming they were Jackie Milburn, jumpers for goalposts and so on…

  56. Normally i don’t like to see anyone get relegated because there’s no feeling like it.
    Aston Villa though grrrrrr, I’ll never forget the way they went on when we went down.
    They are probably going to be safe for another season, But they keep flirting with it.
    There is part of me that would like to see them have to go through the experience as a fitting payback!

    Maybe next year

  57. It would be good to return the favour if they had to come to us last game of the season and win to stay up, Or they were already down.
    It would be good to put on over Sham Sabbath, I can see the banners now, “Who’s your Messiah, Ozzy Ozbourne”?

    My mate is a Brummie and a villain, But i would take the slash out of him forever if they went down lol.

  58. joe hawkins says:
    March 23, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    “Normally i don’t like to see anyone get relegated because there’s no feeling like it.
    “Aston Villa though grrrrrr, I’ll never forget the way they went on when we went down.”

    Aye, same here Joe. I still don’t understand it. They’d had a decent season, and we aren’t a derby team to them – why go to the trouble to make offensive banners like they did (“Who’s you’re next messiah..” etc. when there’s nothing in it for them?

    Turnabout is fair play, I reckon (shall we not revenge? :) ). It’d be nice if they ever came to us needing something, but I don’t think I could be bothered to knock up a banner along the lines of “Who’s your next messiah? Jasper Carrot?”

  59. DarthBroon says:
    March 23, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    “It’d be nice if they ever came to us needing something, but I don’t think I could be bothered to knock up a banner along the lines of “Who’s your next messiah? Jasper Carrot?”

    Jasper Carrott’s Birmingham City, Darth. Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath are all Villa fans though.

  60. The internet is a really good thing and allows me to read stuff like Worky’s site. However, there are 2 sides to the coin when it pollutes your mind with cr@p like @70 or “favourite pets of celebrities” and other such nonsense. It is sometimes like having Chuck and Jeremy Kyle on an endless loop.

  61. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 10:29 am

    “Since the only interesting thing we have to talk about is whether ben Arfa will start or come off the bench, here is some more mind-numbing stuff from people who call themselves journalists:”

    GS, more and more ‘journalism’ is just becoming advertorial, whether it’s overt or hidden. We’re going to keep being exposed to ever more adverts until there’s nothing else left and life just isn’t worth living anymore.

  62. Worky @72: it cant go on though. American TV is almost to the point where it is unwatchable because of the ads. Idiots watch the stupor bowl because of the ads rather that the game.

    But, with all of these companies competing for the same advertising $ (Google, twitter, facebook etc,) it has to reach saturation point.

    I thought “reality” TV had to reach a “tipping point” where it was so dumb that nobody would watch, but Ant and Dec still have jobs, so what do I know.

  63. AND… Carver said that Pardew gave him freedom to make substitutions and only made suggestions.

    URMMM… who is manager? Carver is not interim manager, he shouldn’t be making decisions. Pardew is not on holiday, he is watching the game from the training ground and has a f@cking phone.

    BUT… the only decision they ever make is to bring on Shola at 70-75 minutes anyway :)

  64. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 10:36 am

    “However, there are 2 sides to the coin when it pollutes your mind with cr@p like @70 or “favourite pets of celebrities” and other such nonsense. ”

    Getting the hearts and minds of affluent, female 50+ ‘baby boomers’ is the holy grail, or just women in general as they make far more important purchasing decisions than the men. Some say over 90% with the oldies. The market for handbags and shoes that cost almost the same as cars is just perfect and has been very carefully sculpted, hence you’ll see alot of crap about it.

  65. I intercepted Pardews text to Carver though, it said **** bring on Shola, he hasn’t scored since 1995, so that will do the trick ****

    And they sort of riducule and mock ben Arfa by leaking to the press that his team mates think he is lazy. THEN THEY BRING HIM ON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AGES. Management, schmanagement. Is that supposed to motivate him? Luckily, he doesn’t listen to the Tony Robbins twins (Pardew and Carver) and just likes to play football.

  66. A tuesday night game! Should be fun and there might be a Chuck-storm if we get beat. Funny that Wigan are FA cup semi-finalists without Martinez and Everton are on about exactly the same points as they were without Martinez.

    I am liking Rodgers though. He has them playing a game that I would like us to play. If you laud 5 managers and 1 of them succeeds you must be a genius – eh, Chuck.

  67. Breaking News… The FA have actually managed to find someone so egregious they think is unfit to own a club. It’s that Italian gadgie at Leeds. He must be worse than John Gotti and Vito Corleone combined if the FA think he’s unfit to run a club.

  68. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    “I am liking Rodgers though. He has them playing a game that I would like us to play. If you laud 5 managers and 1 of them succeeds you must be a genius – eh, Chuck.”

    GS, to me “success” tends to imply winning trophies, and winning trophies without being relegated at the same time too.

    On the subject of el Clasico, Real Madrid and Barcelona are still only second and third to the incredible Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid.

  69. Following a loss and final seconds win against the leagues punchbags, we now get to play a decent side with a good manager.

    Any bet’s on the result?

    Personally I doubt very much if we will win another game, well perhaps with a bit of luck we could beat Cardiff.

    And I’m serious !
    Perhaps it may be a good thing, as it could very well get Ashley’s attention.

  70. chuck says:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    “Following a loss and final seconds win against the leagues punchbags, we now get to play a decent side with a good manager.”

    Martinez was releagted last season thogh, Chuck. Even Pardew didn’t get relegated last season.

  71. Chuck: I dont get why we dont start ben Arfa or Marveaux. Both can take a better free kick than Dummett

    Martinez is better than Pards but is not the second coming of Paisley, Clough or Michels.

  72. WORKEY @ 63#

    In the fifties it was all of that, but that was the fifties, in case you hadn’t noticed, that was sixty tears ago.

    Where the standard lineup was 2-3-5 (actually it was more of a 2-1-2-2-3 with the center half moving between the RB’s and the midfielders, with the two inside forwards playing fetch and carry.

    My point is in the late eighties and nineties 4-4-2 was the standard, which it is in certain clubs to this day.

    It’s what Pardew learned and still plays, except he pretends to be more flexible, whereas both BSA and Pulis have perfected it and use it to good measure.

  73. WORKY

    Wigan may have been relegated, but they won the FA cup beating a pretty decent side, what did Pardew win ever ?oring for fun.

    And actually Pardew came close to relegation, even with both Demba Ba and Cisse Scoring for fun.

    Look I stated both Martinez and Rodgers were among the best up and coming young (relatively) managers in the league, not yesterday I might add, whereas you were all over the Prince of Denmark.

    Who turned out to be right ?

  74. Alright then. You can say with one side of your mouth that English managers are overrated and then say Pulis and Allardyce can still play that way.

    I sort of understand what you are saying but you do contradick (sp) yourself.

  75. Alright again: just because Swansea wrongly sacked Laudrup does not make him a bad manager.

    Martinez AND Rodgers haven’t proved anything yet, and Chuck also named about 3 or 4 other “young” managers that were great.

    If I have to bet on a horse race and am allowed to pick 6 of the 12 runners, I think I might win now and again. It is probably better than 50/50 odds in the premier league if your competition is Pards and di Canio.

  76. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    “@80: A decent side with a Chelsea gift to machiavelli the other teams in the league.”

    It’s all very well to talk about Mourinho being Macchiavellian, the master of psychology and all that, but he usually has players like Ronaldo and so on too. Chelsea and Man City easily have the best squads now. But has he done that much better than other teams who have players as good as he has at Chelsea (twice) and Real Madrid? Not really but his reputation really rests on what he did as a relative underdog in the Champions League with Porto and Intenazionale.

  77. chuck says:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    “I might add, whereas you were all over the Prince of Denmark.”

    “Who turned out to be right ?”

    Me, always. :-)

    Laudrup came in and won a trophy in his first year with Swansea, didn’t get relegated and leave his side with a Europa League to compete in along with the Championship. He has also come in and saved one or two clubs from relegation in the past and revived a sleeping Danish giant, but he doesn’t get relegated like Martinez. I think he was 12th with a mid table side and still in the Europa League when he was sacked. Rodgers still hasn’t won any trophies yet like Laudrup. Oh! BTW, Pochettino wasn’t doing too badly either last time I looked, how about Steve Clarke?

  78. @ 69: and aren’t those the journalists banned from NUFC for doing their jobs? I guess it’s undeniable now that they have no respect for themselves (they’ve made it abundantly clear that they have no respect for us on many occasions).

    Oh, and there is no more journalism. Rupert Murdoch drowned it in a bathtub. Now there is only advertising and corporate/gov’t stenography.

    @ 73: it’s a late-stage rush to cash in before the whole system goes down the toilet. They’ve got the next thing lined up though-note the stories about ISPs strangling certain service unless they pay up (netflix already has) for the bandwidth to which they already had a contractual claim(rails for that were greased by yet another pro-corporate court ruling last year that killed net neutrality over here).

    @ 81: with that Wigan team, AP could have found a way to get relegated twice in one season.

  79. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 11:40 am

    “Worky @72: it cant go on though.”

    It can go on, it will go on and it will get worse. It’s getting worse as I write this comment.

  80. @ 89: I know Mourinho is unlikeable but you’re hard on him. The only name-brand manager currently working with a higher winning percentage is Pep Guardiola (managed two giant clubs, been charge of 400+ fewer matches). A list of contemporary/recent managers with lower winning percentage: Joachim Low, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Manuel Pellegrini, Roberto Mancini, Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelotti, Vicente del Bosque, Diego Simeone, Jurgen Klopp, AVB, Fabio Capello, Marcelo Bielsa, Rafa Benitez and Louis Van Gaal. His highest winning % ever was with Real (though only .26% better than at Porto) but has was considered unsuccessful there as he matched up with a trancendant Barcelona managed by the only guy in the world with a better track record.

    Again, I don’t care for Mourinho but I think it gives my criticism of character and tactics more validity when I acknowledge his brilliantly successful career. Often to my chagrin, he knows how to win. (Though not at SJP!!!)

  81. tunyc: I actually like Mourinho, I think he is entertaining. I even like Brentan and enjoy his style of play.

    What I don’t get is someone picking 2/3rds of the horses in a race and then yapping when they aren’t at the finish line yet. Particularly, when his favourite horse is funded by a Hedge Fund Manager who is willing to spend.

  82. workyticket says:
    March 24, 2014 at 9:26 am

    “Jasper Carrott’s Birmingham City, Darth. Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath are all Villa fans though.”

    I was looking for a daft Brummie icon rather than anything else, worky. I’m a big Sabs fan so I’d never put them forward as objects of derision (well, maybe Ozzy on his own).

  83. Now, why are these people involved in English football?

    Randy Lerner
    Ellis Short
    The Russians at Arsenal
    Mike Ashley
    Hull City Tigers
    The red Bluebirds at Cardiff
    Daniel Levy who runs an investment company
    The Russian Oligarch
    The Citeh oilers who oppress entire nations
    The Tampa Bay bond boys
    John Henry

    Did I miss anybody?

    Where is the pirate or a scrap metal dealer when you need someone trustworthy?

  84. And, if Everton beat us tomorrow night, of course it will be all down to the genius of Martinez. They were doing really badly before he got there, you know. The Man U job is too big for Moyes but he could manage Everton.

  85. GS says:
    March 24, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    “Daniel Levy who runs an investment company”

    Do i detect a note of bitterness about investment comapnies there, GS? Levy also ran the only clothing chain in human history that made Ashley’s look remotely classy, Mr Byrite. You could get a suit for £9.99 in there when you were up for shoplifting and stuff like that. He didn’t name White Hart Lane the Mr.Byrite Arena though.

    “Where is the pirate or a scrap metal dealer when you need someone trustworthy?”

    Ashley is so egregious I actually agree with that. It’s not that Shepherd wasn’t evil, it’s just that Ashley has far more money and resources and is far more effective at being evil than Fat Freddy and Hall. There’s no advantage with Ashley’s extra money though because he never spends any of that on the team or the manager anyway.

  86. And another thing. Picking someone who can manage better than Pardew is quite easy. My Granny can manage better than Pardew, and she is dead. FFS, Carver can almost manage better than Pardew – he still can’t work out who can take a free kick or a corner though.

  87. Worky @98: I think Levy and Henry are the best of the worst so there wasn’t an agenda there from me.

    Levy at least reinvested the Bale money.

  88. And another thing – why does van Persie take corners? You pay him to score and then put him as far away from the goal as possible?

  89. tunyc says:
    March 24, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    “@ 89: I know Mourinho is unlikeable but you’re hard on him. The only name-brand manager currently working with a higher winning percentage is Pep Guardiola (managed two giant clubs, been charge of 400+ fewer matches).”

    Well that’s the point, Mourinho and Guardiola have very domninant teams. When Pellegrini was at Real Madrid, he got a higher winning percentage than Mourinho (75%) and his Real Madrid had the second best season for anyone in La Liga ever, apart from the team that beat him that year, Guardiola’s Barcelona. Mourinho wouldn’t have the same win % if he’d managed Malaga and Villareal though. You have to look at things from every different angle before deciding. I never said that he was a bad manager anyway.

  90. DarthBroon says:
    March 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    “I was looking for a daft Brummie icon rather than anything else, worky. I’m a big Sabs fan so I’d never put them forward as objects of derision (well, maybe Ozzy on his own).”

    Darth, I was listening to Paranoid and Master of Reality today. Paranoid’s got to be the best heavy album ever.

  91. Yes Everton will kick our asses and I would never say that about an Everton side managed by Moye’s.

    But Martinez is a different story and if Alex Ferguson
    had not ended up picking Moye’s as his replacement, following Guardiola’s rebuff and his refusal to give the job to Mourinho, it could have been a different story.

    And Citeh will win the league this year (too much talent)

    Now Martinez will not stop at Everton, as his talent’s will be recognized by the top clubs in Europe who will come in for him.

    If Spurs have any intention of joining the elite group of sides in football, they should put in a bid for him right now, as he may be headhunted by a number of big clubs in the near future.

    Rodgers ? hell he’s where he wants to be and is doing fine and ain’t about to move, unless silly money is offered.

    The Prince of Denmark may end up returning to what was described by Worky as a revived Danish Giant, if there is such a thing, it’s similar to saying a revived Norn Iron Giant.

    And who were the sides he saved from relegation ?

    Yes he was twelfth in the league when fired, five places below what where Swansea ended up under Rogers and was sinking, that’s why they dumped him.

    Laudrup won trophies? so did Lennon in the SPL.

    As for Steve Clarke, I still believe he has a good future in football and I doubt if many Nufc fans would be upset if he were to take over from the poor excuse for a manager we have at presence.

  92. As for competing in the EURO shit league, isn’t that what most sides are presently trying to avoid, I know that Newcastle are.

    Not enough dosh and too many games.

    The Prince of Denmark’s reason for failure ?

    I’m sure most remember his rash statement referring to the fact, he didn’t require a large roster of players.

    I wonder what he thinks now, with injuries and the clubs heavy schedule having had it’s effect ?

    Yeah a case of making statement’s you cant live up to, better of keeping schtum !

  93. Chuck @106: As usual, I agree with some of what you say.

    Laudrup was probably singing the Chairman’s tune when he said he had enough players. It is company politics man. He was sacked too soon. Same with Clarke, but you have your blinkers on and decide one was justified and the other not.

    I like Martinez. He was a pundit on the World Cup and knows his stuff. He can set his team up sh@t though as evidenced when Chelsea beat them 100 nil. If it came to a choice between Carver and Martinez – Martinez every time.

    My problem with what you write is that you express yourself like you are the only one ever to have an original thought or to think Martinez or Rodgers are any good. You ask for an argument, and everything is always an argument with you unless it is about food or fishing.

  94. Here is Martinez’s record at Wigan:

    2009-10, 36 points finished 16th

    2010-11, 42 points finished 16th

    2011-12, 43 points finished 15th

    2012-13, 36 points finished 18th ***RELEGATED***

    Hardly much to crow about, and still you do.

  95. And here is Rodgers’ record:

    2009 – Reading, left club at “mutual consent” WIN PERCENTAGE 26 f@cking percent.

    2010 – got Swansea promoted (seemed to do a good job)

    2011 – Swansea finished 11th

    2012 – Liverpool finish 7th, celebrate good times, oh yeah, its a celebration.

    This year, on the back of Henry’s money and Suarez’s genius he is doing well. I think we might be in the top 4 if we had a player scoring 28 goals in what is it, 20 matches?

  96. And Chuckles: you never, ever back anything up that you say. It is always “he is a good young manager who knows how the game is played now”. As you can see above, they have done nowt yet.

    The chances of either setting up a dynasty like Paisley or Ferguson are slim to none given the riches of Chelsea, Citeh, Man U, Barca, Real Madrid and Bayern. So, you might want to get off your high horse about both of them.

  97. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 7:20 am

    “Laudrup was probably singing the Chairman’s tune when he said he had enough players.”

    No, he wasn’t. He really meant it. Top managers don’t want a squad that is too big as things become too diffuse. I explained that a long time ago when I was banging on about Pardew in Europe. Mourinho doesn’t, Guardiola doesn’t, most don’t and I can’t remember any saying they prefer larger squads.

    Swansea had some dreadful luck with decisions and there were alot of new players who needed to gel, but they weren’t even in the shite, they were a mid season side in 12th.

    Chuck also said that Bony has been a complete failiure too, also showing what an idiot I am. He doesn’t seem to realise that Bony has scored 20 goals this season so far, which is more than Remy.

  98. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 8:16 am

    “The chances of either setting up a dynasty like Paisley or Ferguson are slim to none”

    To be fair, it was Shankly who started the Liverpool dynasty. Paisley was only ever a manager for nine years. It took Ferguson decades to win two European Cups but Paisley won three in that nine years after he and Shankly studied Ajax, Feyenoord etc.

  99. Well they have finally got the top level status for their Academy, How long has it took the useless cnuts?
    I think this will be the next thing they try to foist onto the fans in order not to spend money on players.
    Pardew is talking his usual patter about how Cabaye will be replaced in the summer.
    By the back end of August and little to no activity on the transfer front, We he then say they are looking to having young players make the step up?, Probably!
    Negotiations went on too long, Wasn’t the right fit for us, They shifted the goal posts, We are happy with the squad we have with it’s strength and depth…

    Where ever Ashley is involved there are always things afoot, And the Academy stories and young players stepping up and new contracts for said players.
    Forgive me for being cynical, But these kind of moves by Ashley tend to signify a kick in the stones is imminent!

  100. I saved another Bee’s life this morning with my Bee hospital. It was the biggest bee I’ve ever seen. They keep keep giving the kitchen windows a ‘Pardew kiss’ for hours until they collapse with exhaustion and die if there’s no one there. However, I always keep a bit of jam and a little sliver of card handy.

    If I see a dying bee, I put a blob of jam on the card and introduce it to the bee. Once the bee is on the card I put it by an open window or door so it can fly away later. The bee uses the last of it’s strength to suck away at the jam with it’s proboscis or whatever, has a lie down for a while then eventually picks itself up, shakes itself down and flies off. I’ve saved a few bee lives now in this way.

  101. Worky: I knew I used the wrong word when I .said dynasty about Paisley and Ferguson, but you cant edit on here.

    I don’t want to argue about squad size but Mourinho says one thing and does another. His Chelsea and Madrid squads had quite a few players in them.

    I will take your word for it about whether Laudrup really wanted that small of a squad or was paying lipservice to his chairman.

    You get my point though – that a certain contributor says stuff with no evidence to back it up (even if I am a bit sloppy sometimes in bringing up counter-eveidence :) )

  102. Joe @113: you have the world cup excuse as well, even though it is highly unlikely we would be going after many players going to the world cup.

  103. Worky, I’ll have some of what you have been smoking, Seems like good s**t! lol

  104. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    “I don’t want to argue about squad size but Mourinho says one thing and does another. His Chelsea and Madrid squads had quite a few players in them.”

    Well there’s no point in arguing with me because you’d only be wrong. :-)

    Currently Mourinho’s squad is 23 and that’s about what he likes. He always says he like a “short” squad of around 22-24, and Laudrup recalled how Barcelona won the Champions League with around 19 once when he was there. Two players for each position = 22. Pardew has had 30 in the past and still moaned about not having enough bodies I’m sure it’s less than that now though, around 25ish.

    The human dynamics start to go wrong once you start going towards the 30. Also, as Laudrup said himself, everyone in the squad has to have a REAL belief they can get into the first team. Every player in the squad has to believe they have a genuine chance of getting a run. If you have players in the squad who don’t feel like that, the whole squad starts to suffer.

  105. Worky @120: Pardew needs a bigger squad because his players sometimes go missing to Argentina or France with no explanation. Some of them even go missing from the training ground like ben Arfa, Marveaux and Obertan.

  106. I’ll read the match banter if you do it. We have the Manchesters on here and I am not sure if they are showing the NUFC game at all.

  107. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    “You get my point though – that a certain contributor says stuff with no evidence to back it up (even if I am a bit sloppy sometimes in bringing up counter-eveidence :) )”

    Well it takes no time just to throw out half baked assumptions like manure but it does take time to provide evidence so the person who just says anything is always at an advantage. This is particularly so if the person who just throws anything out panders to the reader’s prejudices and preconceptions, prejudices and preconceptions which they usually have from believing earlier bollocks.

  108. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    “I’ll read the match banter if you do it.”

    Will you comment on it though, GS? There’s always a few people reading it but I feel like a pratt if lots of it is just me ranting at myself.

  109. The game is being shown here so I will comment. What’s the betting that they start with the same lineup as started against Palace? Ben Arfa will probably be deemed not fit enough to start even though he’s been training all season. We’ll probably see him second half with Shola on at 75 minutes and probably Gosling for the last 10.

  110. @ 94: I find Mourinho to be entertaining, yes, but I don’t really like him. Kinda like Bob Dylan or Ricky Gervais. Just seems like a fundamentally unlikeable sort. But who knows. He’s very aware of his public persona. But then there’s his football…it can be so f’in dull-effective, but dull.

    @ 100: “Levy at least reinvested the Bale money.”

    (On players the manager didn’t want…I know this is nitpicking and I have no problem with Levy but I had to point it out.)

    @ 102: Pellegrini has also had stints at two clubs where his win % was under 40 and four others under 50%. Mourinho has been above 50% everywhere he’s gone except Uniao de Leiria. In fact, the only club Pellegrini has managed to a win % above 50 that you couldn’t class as a dominant club in their league is Palestino in 91-92. Anyone can win most of their games with Universidad in Chile, River Plate in Argentina, Real in Spain and the current edition of City. I guess I’ll just finish with: their both great managers and I don’t see any shame in hanging your hat on winning the CL with two different clubs including one outside of the big four leagues.

    @ 105: what you say about Rodgers reminds me of things LFC-supporting friends said about Benitez not so long ago.

    I see now that AP has admitted Lukaku is a player that interests me. Yeah, a blowjob from Jennifer Lawrence interests me too-it’s about equally likely to happen.

    @ 117: between that and saving bees…honestly, it’s a toss. I’ll read it, but I could just comment here as well. Do what you feel like…

  111. I have no idea how this game will go. At Goodison, they hammered us in the first half and then Big Mike came on and changed the game… It was literally a game of 2 halfs.

    Where is Physix? He is always good for a laugh and he wears his emotions on his sleeve.

  112. Worky: the bees are supposedly dying out here. The scientists pretend they don’t know the reason but I suspect the chemical and pesticide industries might have something to do with it. The nutcases on Murdoch TV want to defund the Environmental Protection Agency as well. NO AMOUNT OF JAM WILL SAVE THE BEES IF THAT HAPPENS.

  113. Worky

    Quite touching actually, the bee story.
    There are those who’s first thought would be to kill that f***ing bee, before it stings me.

    Anyway, concerning squad size, there is more to it than numbers alone.

    There has to be a balance between the various roles, so as not to have say an abundance of one type and an insufficient number of others.

    Plus the difference in the actual quality of those available is important.

    Then there is rotation of the squad (non existent at Newcastle) where players can maintain match fitness and those with minor injuries can rest.

    So in fact I would suggest a number between twenty two and twenty five would certainly be sufficient for most clubs needs.

    The difficulty is to please everyone, face it most players have generous sized ego’s, otherwise they wouldn’t be who they are.

    I suppose the job of a manager these days, is both to have quality to call upon, from the bench, yet keep the players wage bill within the limit’s set by the owner.

    Plus have everyone on the same page, in a tactical sense
    and most important, play a modern version of the game, with horses for courses.

    One wouldn’t for instance use the same side and tactical approach on a one side fit’s all basis , like Pardew.

  114. GS says:
    March 25, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    “At Goodison, they hammered us in the first half and then Big Mike came on and changed the game… It was literally a game of 2 halfs.”

    Iron Mike has been our messiah this season. Only one voice defended him in the wilderness.

  115. In regard to the academy, or the idea of developing youngsters.

    I’m not that sure it’s something that really pays off.

    I mean how many PL sides can boast of perhaps more than one or two local lads who have successfully navigated through the system.

    (no google searches Puhleez!)

    And the fact is most kids in the UK, spend more time like ourselves staring at a computer screen/smart phone, etc., rather than outside kicking a ball around.

    Where are to-days footballers coming from ?
    Many are from Africa both North and sub Saharan, or are
    children of immigrant’s to Europe.

    Some European countries (France) have organized national academies (yeah I know St. Geordies) and have developed some very good talented players, which Mr. Carr is well aware of and made good use of.

    But it’s getting a bit over the top, with clubs vying for twelve year olds, most of who never make the grade.

    Better to find the near developed youngsters who undoubtedly will make it and keep only a reserve side, where they can fully develop their skills, or loan them out.

    Hopefully the recently opened St. George, academy will be successful, but IMO, the fact that to-days youngsters are pretty much into things other than football, is obvious and St. George’s Academy can never pick up the slack in that regard.

    Resulting in a dearth of UK talent, which due to that lack, has become totally overpriced.

    Ah well!

  116. For those with Time-Warner Cable in the NY area,
    The Newcastle vs Everton game begins @ 3:35pm on channel 371 #.
    With the Manchester Derby starting at 4pm on channel 122# which will be rebroadcast at 11:30 pm., for those who want to watch both.

  117. In regard to Acquiring players, there’s a well entrenched system of relying on college sports sides to fill the ranks, or minor league sides in the case of Hockey and Baseball.

    One would imagine that role could be filled by the lower leagues in the UK, but doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Hell I think it would be a great idea for Ashley to buy the Gateshead club and stock it with it’s young talent, forging a seamless transition from one club to the other, for those who have the talent to make the move.

    Of course it would take some planning, with the junior side and Newcastle’s first team playing a similar style of football.

    Which of course doesn’t mean “jobs for the boys” plus managers with some talent and an idea of what’s required would have to be employed in order for it to work.

    Plus could give the fans an opportunity to watch Gateshead’s young up and coming talent, when the BIG team is away, why not, may fill the ground plus attract youngsters if the entrance price is right.