Mike Ashley’s transfer profits year by year

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Fifty pound notes.
Part of Mike Ashley’s £25 million transfer profit.
Below are a series of tables showing the profits and losses (mostly profits) made by Mike Ashley in player trading since he assumed control of the club early in the 2007-8 season.

Firstly, they are broken down season by season from 2007-8. However, it should be noted the major transfers into the club in his first season as owner were either done in the days of Freddy Shepherd, or were arranged by Shepherd and completed in the transitional period of Ashley takeover, or the first days under the club’s new Chairman at the time, Chris Mort. Players in these two catagories include signings such as Viduka, Barton, Rozehnal, Smith, Cacapa, Enrique, Faye and Beye.

The following ones then display the season by season figures from the 2008-9 season (Ashley’s first full season as owner), with the first purely Ashley signings such as Fabricio Coloccini, Jonas Gutierrez, Xisco and the rest starting to come in. Of course, these are then followed by successive seasons up to the present day.

Finally, there is the overall picture showing the total expenditures and revenues from the whole period combined.

The figures are taken from German football transfer website, “Transfermarkt” and I can’t vouch for their absolute accuracy in all cases, though they do give a reasonably fair picture overall.

Transfer profits and losses – The Ashley years (2007-).
Season In Out Expenditure Revenue Profit/Loss
2007-8 18 17 £33,308,000 £27,412,000 -£5.896.000
2008-9 24 15 £30,954,000 £36.432.000 +£5,478,000
2009-10 18 22 £5,513,200 £23,804,000 +£18,290,800
2010-11 23 17 £11,616,000 £36,740,000 +£25,124,000
2011-12 27 29 £23,025,200 £14,115,200 -£8,910,000
2012-13 22 22 £28,569,200 £13,024,000 -£15.545.200
2013-14 0 2 £0 £0 £0
Total transfers 2007-8 to 2013
Season In Out Expenditure Revenue Profit/Loss
2007-13 127 123 £132,985,600 £151,527,200 +£18,541,600
In – Total amount of players coming into the club including loans, bairns etc…
Out – Total amount of players leaving the club, whether sold, released, retired or whatever.

So there you have it. According to Transfermarkt, there has been an overall profit of around £18.5 million on transfers since the 2007-8 season, the season when Ashley took over the club. However, as I mentioned early in this piece, all the major signings of the 2007-8 season were planned by and signed when the club was in a transitional phase of ownership. Ashley’s transfers only really started after the third coming of Keegan with players such as Jonas Gutierrez, Danny Guthrie, Sebastien Bassong and Xisco. taken from this period, the overall profit on transfers has been even greater. As you can see below on my final table, it has been £24,437,600.

On the other hand, it can also be seen that there has been a marked increase in Newcastle United’s transfer spend in the last two seasons, with a deficit on player trading of almost £9 million in the 2011-12 season, rising to a deficit of around £15.5 million as the club went on a rare January spending spree in a bid to avoid relegation to the Championship.

Transfer profits and losses 2008-13.
Season In Out Expenditure Revenue Profit/Loss
2008-14 110 106 £99,677,600 £124,115,200 +£24,437,600
In – Total amount of players coming into the club including loans, bairns etc…
Out – Total amount of players leaving the club, whether sold, released, retired or whatever.


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90 Responses

  1. Strange, I don’t seem to recall the interest free loan being reduced by £24million over the same period?

    I wonder where the moneys gone? Its a mystery worthy of Scooby Doo that one. :/

  2. It will be interesting to see what happens with the supposed extra 20 million £££ from the new TV deal. Or was that the January money that is now spent? :(

  3. i think you will find that the overdraft being repaid and the extra loan from ashley in the relegation season actually excede the £24m profit from transfers.

    No mystery, common sense and pretty obvious if you bother to look at the accounts.

    or look at this this way.

    If we hadnt got £35m for carroll – the club would have lost £11m on transfers.

    It should also be noted that they list the likes of Marvo and Ba as ‘free’

    We know that cost us some where in the region of £3m with agent fees etc.

    So the figures they list are very misleading

  4. Jonathan Russell>

    I’d rather watch football than look at accounts mysefl if I’m honest.

    And be a condescending, gob-shi*e all you like but you’re preaching to someone who has worked as a financial adviser for the last 9 years and I know bullshit when I see it.

    NUFC got £35 million from a Liverfool’s board who had more money than sense-they sold a shadow of Torres for £50 million ffs! And spent how much on Henderson, Adam as well by the way? The Yankee morons in charge would have bought one-legged Obertan off you for £10 million that Summer if you’d told the owner he was quality.

    Ashley could have, and should have paid off millions from our ‘interest free’ loan by now if he wanted to but amazingly he opted out? Wow! Amazing coincidence that little fact isn’t it?

    On the field or off the field your argument is bullshit which ever way you look at it.

    Stick your spread-sheets up your arse and come back with something/anything worth arguing with. I enjoy football and not talking economic smoke and mirrors with the likes of you!

  5. We all know that Newcastle United is a business, Ashley will always take all the profit he can. So just forget about winning anything as the only winner will be Ashley. The first game I was taken to was some 55 years ago and I still go and support my team, so who is the fool me or Ashley.

  6. And was Ashley not largely to blame for us going down that season with his treatment of KK?

    AND was it not Mr Michael Ashley’s fault for not completing due diligence whilst buying NUFC and only afterwards finding out about the debt he inherited due to his ‘buy now pay later’ cost cutting measures?

    Cry me a river for your poor little billionaire master you pratt!

  7. Trying not read blogs on NUFC as they all the same, Ashley that, Pardew this and fans falling out out with each other, it’s not good! I fully understand the criticism but it’s all the same boring, drawn out stories on every website and the same boring drawn out arguments. Not a criticism of fans or this blog but curses to iPads etc as they make reading blogs on NUFC to easy.

  8. GeordieDan says:
    June 16, 2013 at 12:28 am

    “AND was it not Mr Michael Ashley’s fault for not completing due diligence whilst buying NUFC and only afterwards finding out about the debt he inherited due to his ‘buy now pay later’ cost cutting measures?

    “Cry me a river for your poor little billionaire master you pratt!”

    Well the club has been well and truly sweated for that, Geordie Dan, not to mention all the free publicity the club has given to his main business interest, Sports Direct. That was something which has been used as one of the justifications for Ashley’s Sports Direct “super stretch bonus” that he keeps crying about.

    This is something which has affected the club in terms of it’s commercial revenue, not to mention the damage to Newcastle United’s brand value being associated with two of the lowest brands in the UK, Sports Direct and from now, Wonga. Hence I don’t understand why Ashley the multi billionaire wants so much sympathy from the fans.

    I also do not understand why Ashley terminated what was supposed to be a £10 million per season shirt deal with Virgin Money for a £6-8 million per season shirt AND stadium sponsorship deal with Wonga.

  9. Well the last couple of Seasons he looks more benevolent, Than Malevolent!
    That will probably change when he rakes in a 23 million start, For Johan Cabaye, And God knows who else, He may line his pockets with!

  10. I have noticed whenever a manager starts going west on Ashley, He starts lining his pockets.
    Far from the stability this tawdry regime speak of, It always looks more like a man ready to do a “HIGHLAND FLIT”, And is making his money before he leaves!

  11. For all of our whingeing and whining the bottom line is that our team is a business. Ashley is a business man who isn’t going to lose money at any cost. Unless there is a philanthropic “Geordie” billionaire out there prepared to sink and (potentially) lose a fortune on the team then for better or worse we are stuck with our present owner.

    I doubt very much that the billionaires who are putting huge amounts of cash into teams like Monaco are doing it purely for altruistic reasons. There has to be some monetary gain to be had at some point, be it a tax dodge or some sort of live “Football art form” purchase.

    I’m a simple person and can only speculate on the motives of these Ogliarches, whist I sit on the by-line hoping to see our team actually achieve something.

    Most businesses are exploitive so whether we have Loan-sharks or oil barons in charge is irrelevant. Just be nice to see our team doing something good on the playing pitch.

  12. Back to boring bean counting again ,this may be the only so called football blog that has both those who consider themselves financial know it alls and those who know jack shit about finances , but are not shy in explaining how things work.
    Give it a rest lads, there’s still the transfer market to cover, the comings and goings like.

  13. Yeah, sorry Chuck. I hate it when facts get in the way of a good story too.

    And I’m no ‘financial know it all’ I just know massively more about it than most people. Sad but true. :(

    What transfer activity exactly are we to begin covering again?

    Gosling on loan? Obertan to the glue factory? Exciting stuff!

  14. Those barstewards at Heinz are lying through their teeth, There’s more than 57 in a tin!

  15. Ah But Jim it’s actually 57 varieties, so I wouldn’t be contacting the Trading Standards people yet. Although hang on they don’t exist anymore!!

  16. joe hawkins says:
    June 16, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    “Those barstewards at Heinz are lying through their teeth, There’s more than 57 in a tin!”

    Joe, you’ve got it wrong there. “57” is the amount of farts you’ll release if you eat a whole tin.

    joe hawkins says:
    June 16, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    “Cheers for the tunes Worky.”

    This was always one of my favourite Burning Spear songs:

  17. O’k Geordie Dan,
    Here’s one for ya !
    Perhaps, but I doubt it , if anyone here read the front page article in yesterday’s Guardian, concerning Murdochs attempt to set up a sixteen team league , which would take part in an off season competition.
    As some might recall I have rambled on about a Super League and it’s eventuality, often ridiculed by those who don’t like change and fail to see the only constant is in fact change, sorry i’m beginning to ramble….
    Anyhow the competition would consist of sixteen of the leading clubs and would be played in Asia, The Americas, and Europe.
    Of course it would be broadcast by Sky and by Murdochs other broadcasters.
    The idea I suppose to increase worldwide audiences , which in turn would put more money
    (oops !back to bean counting) into Murdochs pocket.
    This is possibly a trial horse for what could in the not too far future result in many sports becoming world wide events, teams competing on a continental basis.
    It already takes place in tennis, formula one etc.
    I’s my belief that the present inequitable system that is in place in Europe, dominated by EPL tv funding cannot be sustained, there has to be and will be change.
    And the recent fair play nonsense will only cause more discontent and solve nothing.
    Let’s see what happens, with the Murdoch deal, if change is to accur it will take a dominant figure like him to bring it about and never forget money talks and bullshit walks seven days a week.
    My point there are oligarchs, oil rich Gulf money, U S speculators, most who don’t give a damn about a corrupt FIFA or UEFA and if the opportunity arose to take their side into a super league which will dominate in audiences and earnings, wouldn’t hesitate.
    Sure you can dismiss this a fantasy , but look around at what’s happening in other sports, which are becoming dominated by those who broadcast the events rather than stage them, bums in seats plus tv money, does not equal tv broadcast revenues.
    Hey let’s see, Murdoch’s making front page news indicates something of importance, no ?

  18. Aye Chuck, we should all listen to Rupert Murdoch as he is fighting for egalitarianism and to make things better and cheaper for sports fans around the world without any thought for himself. He will be the man who makes football the world’s most popular spectator sport.

    Oops! I forgot. It is already.

  19. Chuck>

    I think eventually you will be proven right and football will become a more ‘global’ game with teams from around the globe competing regularly against eachother.

    Logistically though it would be extremely difficult for clubs to continuously fly their overpaid prima donnas back and forth across the globe. The big fairies whinge at having to travel across the UK such is their generally over-inflated opinions of themselves.

    Until flights become considerably faster or another mode of transport arrives then any global league of football would have to be held in probably one locality and over a short space of time.

    The idea Murdoch has of having the super league in the summer will never take off simply because it will interfere with every other league, not to mention the Euro’s, World cups etc.

    Even for mega-money will the ‘big’ clubs want to risk tiring our their stars(fairies) before the season even begins?

    I doubt it very much. Right at this moment I would love to have a footy fix of some sort as I’m bored out of my mind in the close season and their obviously is some kind of niche to be filled there but realistically if a tournament of this type happened it would likely be a one-off I’d imagine.

  20. From Lee Ryder in the Chronic:

    “Newcastle United have held talks to install a director of football.

    “And former Toon boss Joe Kinnear is in contention to take the position.

    “The Magpies have had meetings to restructure their back room team and it has emerged that Kinnear could make a shock return to St James’ Park.

    “More to follow.”


  21. Nice one Worky!, I’ll have to figure out the bass line.

    Bringing Joe Kinnear out of mothballs will be a huge mistake.
    No offence against him, But his health is paramount, It nearly killed him the first time around.
    Even if he is coming in a different role, I still think it will be too much for him.
    Like someone just mentioned on The Chronic’s website, He might be coming in because Pratdew is tactically hopeless.
    Give Kinnear his due, He made us harder to beat, And the defence was looking better, Hence the heroics in the draw at Chelsea.

  22. This will be another kick in the plums for Pratdew, He’s being undermined before a ball is even kicked
    What a great show of confidence they are displaying for their manager.
    So Pardew keeps his job as the Front Of House Man, And chief bulls***er, And Kinnear as the tactician.
    So this is the “Dream Team”!, I’m thinking more of the film of the same name!
    He’s all ambition is Michael Wallace Ashley!

  23. I’m not even going to bother commenting on Kinnear coming back!

    I’m so sick of what Ashley and CO have down to OUR club I could scream! X(

  24. Seriously! Joe fookin Kinnear is back boys the ambition ashley and co have is beyond our wildest dreams!! champions league here we come……………..

  25. Apparently it is true, He’s signed a three year deal.
    Reckons he in control of the transfer side of things, And he’ll help Alan all he can.
    Pardew knows about it, And they are due to meet for dinner, To discuss the coming Season.
    He’s saying they want to get back to where they were 2 years ago.
    He’s says he’s fighting fit, And he’s been working out in the gym, God help us!, That’s all i can say…

  26. I was laughing my cock off when I heard this bullshit tale, and then the grim reallity dawned, its true. Break out the newcastle oxo.

  27. Joe Kinnear:

    “It’s absolutely done. I signed it with Mike today and that’s taken care of.

    “I intend to meet Alan either tomorrow or within the coming week to discuss the future and go through the team itself.

    “We will discuss where it’s glaringly clear we need to improve and that will be my job, to go and find those players.”

    I thought there was something brewing that alot of fans would be not too pleased about when they did the stunt with that “historic” gate from the 1990s.

    This is it, seemingly.

  28. JFK’s back. Unbelievable.

    And I was just starting to remember him fondly as a proper character who gave us a bit of a laugh as he held is own against all the odds (well, almost).

    This is all the proof I need that fatso’s so sick of all the jibes over the last few years that he’s determined to make us a fukkin laughingstock as revenge.

    Even if Pards discovers a backbone from somewhere and walks, who will we get to replace him with JFK as director of football?


  29. DarthBroon says:
    June 16, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    “Even if Pards discovers a backbone from somewhere and walks, who will we get to replace him with JFK as director of football?”


  30. “I’m in charge of transfers and looking at the strengths and weaknesses of what we’ve got. I’ll help Alan Pardew as much as I can.

    “Alan Pardew knows – not spoken to him. Hoping to meet Alan tomorrow over lunch to discuss forthcoming season. Would like us to be out of blocks early.

    “Our target is to push ourselves up and try and do as well as we did a couple of years ago.

    “I’m fit as a fiddle now. I’ve been working out in the gym – in best physical shape I’ve ever been in. Waiting for opportunity.

    “I think I’m ideal for this. I’m looking forward to doing this.

    “I’m looking forward to meeting media. I got to know NUFC inside out. I didn’t realise before I went up there Geordies are Geordies.

    “Because I wasn’t a Geordie that went against me. My record is there for all to see. Maybe I reacted over the top but half of stuff written was disappointing. I think its all water under the bridge.

    “People in and around that club were trying to omplicate me in fact we got relegated. That was load of crap. We wouldn’t have got relegated.

    “I intend to make NUFC far better than they are now. I have no agenda than making NUFC better than they are now.

    “I’m in charge of transfers and looking at the strengths and weaknesses of what we’ve got. I’ll help Alan Pardew as much as I can.

    “I’m director of football, he’s the manager. I’m not picking the team, I’m there solely to ensure he gets best players on the pitch.”

    “Deal is done. Signed it with Mike Ashley at lunchtime. Will meet Alan Pardew in coming weeks to discuss future of NUFC and go through team itself.”

  31. if we are keeping pardew this can only be a good thing right? ?? Let’s face it if pardew had half the tactical nous of jfk we wouldn’t be falling apart in every second half and playing hoof ball, surely now we will have a plan b?

  32. This cannot work, I think most fans in Football have seen this sort of thing happen before, And it always ends with the manager walking, Or being sacked.
    Ashley must be insane!, He’s not going to be happy until he recreates a Jock Stein Scenario, At St James’ Park.
    No offence to Jock Stein, But this is going to culminate in one monumental disaster.
    There’s no way i want to see Joe Kinnear on the touchline, Ever again!, But this latest gaffe by Ashley, Will probably bring about that very thing!

  33. workyticket says:
    June 16, 2013 at 5:54 pm – ‘I thought there was something brewing that alot of fans would be not too pleased about when they did the stunt with that “historic” gate from the 1990s.’

    Don’t forget the official sites piece about the gallowgate roof being painted back to grey at almost the same time. I thought something shifty was going on as well. In fact, this sort of thing used to go on when JFK was in charge, his idea?

  34. Please say this is all a hoax and it’s not really going to happen.
    It seems the longer Ashley remains in charge , the less he understands .
    Bringing back retreads from the nineteen nineties is really absurd, no matter how many times they yes you.
    We should be looking not at ex footballers but people with financial expertise like Diene at Arsenal someone who has both an expertise and knowledge of what is affordable as far as players are concerned plus a knowledge of expanding the brand, the role of buying players should be that of a combination of Carr and a younger coach/manager who understands the modern game.
    If we leave this in the hands of Kinnear and Pardew it’s a step backwards , if that appears possible.
    Again this only confirms my opinion of Ashley as someone who is unwilling to hand any control to those he hires, a complete control freak, who hires on the basis of both getting the cheapest and most pliable help on the market..
    Not to mention useless.
    In which case it we will have JFK on stand by to replace Pardew who Ashley has seen as a liability.
    Hell it ain’t what I want, but Kinnear sounds better than Pardew, FFS anyone sounds better than Pardew.

  35. DJG says:
    June 16, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    “Don’t forget the official sites piece about the gallowgate roof being painted back to grey at almost the same time. I thought something shifty was going on as well. In fact, this sort of thing used to go on when JFK was in charge, his idea?”

    DJG, I put that one down as the final stage of the last stunt to make Wonga more acceptable. I know the gate was supposed to be the same thing too, but in hindsight, it could have been timed to kill two birds with one stone.

  36. bifftoon says:
    June 16, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    “if we are keeping pardew this can only be a good thing right? ?? Let’s face it if pardew had half the tactical nous of jfk we wouldn’t be falling apart in every second half and playing hoof ball, surely now we will have a plan b?”

    I would imagine that it will still be Pardew doing the team selection and tactics, bifftoon.

  37. More Kinnear to add to the statements above:

    “The transfer kitty, I am going to assess that next week with Mike. I will sit down with Alan first and once I find out what needs to be shifted out of the club.

    “Maybe we can get some money back if we need to shift four or five of them, then so be it.

    “We can then look at the targets and present a business plan to Mike to say ‘This is what it’s going to cost us, this will make us a better team and this will put us up in the top 10.”

  38. workyticket says:
    June 16, 2013 at 6:06 pm


    Maybe. Or maybe the likes of Bobby Gould. Or Dave Basset. Or ‘Marmite Man’. Christ knows :( The most likely scenario is that Pardew won’t have enough about him to know when he’s being shafted and he’ll stay put.

    We should have a competition to see who can come up with the crappest management pairing in football – starting with one half (and possibly the other) being JFK.

  39. Geordie dan

    Look I’m only putting forth that which was stated in Saturdays Guardian, whether Murdoch can make a success out of it is speculation.
    As for travel, at present Pro US athletes cover a continent, with schedules from over ninety to more than one hundred and fifty scheduled league games per season.
    Covering vast Distances, in which case sides could travel to certain areas for games , like an east coast Basketballs west coast schedule, no problem.
    What I’m saying is there are big changes to come in regards to football and I would’nt rule out

  40. Nor am I stating any preference, just stating something interesting (which is not bean counting)
    Let the chips fall where they may!

  41. I says:
    June 16, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    “– starting with one half (and possibly the other) being JFK.”

    Scrub that. The answer’s obvious:

    One half JFK. The other half Pardew.

  42. Sunday’s are bad enough without sh|t like this.

    Friday night at around 20:30 in the closed season is the time to let fly with this kind of sh|te.

  43. People seem to be hoping that Pardew will walk out over this…. I’m not sure i’m too keen on the idea because Kinnear will probably get the managers job.

  44. How can this be any worse than leaving everything to Pardew who has made so many wrong headed decisions on his own? Even in the transfer market. When he has an input, he signs Obertan.

    At least they say we have a transfer kitty. I am sure most of this will come from player sales, but if the money is “reinvested” into new players that will be more than I expected.

    I suppose everyone wants an ideal situation with someone with experience of developing a club’s financial side. Ashley doesn’t work that way, he hires his cronies. At least Kinnear has some experience at the club. I didn’t really follow his time closely, but I know Worky has made favourable comparisons to Pardew.

    So, even though it is not ideal it may be a step forward. And reducing Pardew’s power might not be a bad thing.

  45. I notice that Cockneyism / Cockneyophobia has made a swift return since the Kinnear news, just like Islamophobia after the Lee Rigby murder. Some Geordies really need to get out of the North East more, and learn a bit about geography too.

  46. GS says:
    June 16, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    “The Independent seems to think Kinnear is manager in waiting:”

    GS, Martin Hardy’s a c**t, just like Simon Bird.

  47. It has livened things up a bit. I didn’t think we would see any transfer activity until a purple was sold. Now, we may be more proactive. Who knows? And what is Derek’s role now?

  48. Worky @54: most journalists are, it is a measure of degree of cnut. They all seem to have it in for NUFC, or am I being paranoid?

  49. DarthBroon says:
    June 16, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    “We should have a competition to see who can come up with the crappest management pairing in football – starting with one half (and possibly the other) being JFK.”

    Darth, when Joe Kinnear was in his prime, he was far better manager than Alan Pardew could ever be.

  50. workyticket says:
    June 16, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    “Darth, when Joe Kinnear was in his prime, he was far better manager than Alan Pardew could ever be.”

    I think you’re absolutely right, worky. He probably still is. But I think we can all agree that this isn’t the way we should be going.

    We’ll be seeing Dennis Wise and Tony Jiminez back at this rate.

  51. Will Kinnear have a say in who the first team coaches are? I would expect so.

    All I know is something had to change after last season.

  52. GS says:
    June 16, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    “They all seem to have it in for NUFC, or am I being paranoid?”

    You’re being paranoid, GS.

    They don’t reserve their poison a certain region, just wherever they find an opening (and there’s been quite a few at Newcastle). Swansea City seem to have been getting the treatment over the last few days.

  53. GS says:
    June 16, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    “All I know is something had to change after last season.”

    I think so too, GS, but I’d rather it was something MUCH better than the return of JFK.

    I just don’t understand it at all. The more I think about it, the more it seems to me like chubs might have swallowed a spider to catch a fly – some people have suggested in the past that Pards’ eight year contract has a get-out clause that chubs can invoke if he chooses to, but maybe that isn’t the case.

    Maybe he’s looking to make Pards’ position intolerable in order to get the guy to walk.

    I dunno. I give up. I’m just staggered at the obvious lack of ambition in terms of this and just about every other backroom appointment they’ve ever made. Maybe I’m seeing some kind of deep Machiavellian plotting when it’s just a case of not a great deal of thought and imagination being applied at all.

  54. I hate to break into the Joe Kinnear love-in with some none football news that has apparently evaded all of the big media somehow.

    But Martin Luther King Jr.’s family have just won a court case where there has been an admission that the U.S government were conspirators in his assassination.

    Thought it was worth mentioning.

  55. Grumpy, I was just listening to the speech that got him assasinated the other day, though I’ve heard it many times before. It was his best, and one of the greatest speeches ever given.

    “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – My own Government.”

  56. Well some of Newcastle’s “Great and Good”, Were just interviewed on Sky News,God It was like an open audition for “deliverance”!, But non of the mutants, Seemed too averse to the idea.
    Maybe Kinnear can save Pardew from himself, And rein him in, If it looks like he’s starting to think for himself.

    I’m not against Kinnear personally, But i do fear for his health, If he’s mad enough to involve himself with “The Son Of Sam” And “Dracula” again!
    It also remains to be seen whether Pardew’s ego can handle the intrusion of Kinnear’s?
    They both somewhat arrogant and deluded, And i cannot see this being a match made in heaven, And it may throw the transfer plans for the summer into turmoil, Unless that’s the plan, And he’s being brought in to sell off the family silver, Under the pretext of them not being any good, And Ashley lining his pockets.
    I think we’ll get a clearer picture if Shola Amoebi and Jonas are singled out for praise, And offered new deals, And players like Sissoko,Cabaye etc, Are shown the door!
    Then i’ll know we are bang in trouble!

    Speaking of Dr King at a time like this, Reminds me of that speech of his, “I may not get there with you, But we as a people, Will reach the promised land”.
    Every time i hear that, It brings a lump to my throat, Because it was so poignant and portentous.
    I hope i do get there with rest of the fans, And we reach the promised land, Minus Ashley & Llambias!

  57. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    June 16, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    “some none football news that has apparently evaded all of the big media somehow.”

    Not wrong there, Grumpy. I can’t find anything on NewsNow.

    Do you have any links?

  58. Gs, There’s no surprise there, These sort of DOF appointments have historically been a disaster, And the manager who has one put over them, Tends to go the distance.

  59. Just like to say MLK was a hero to me and I don’t hold many in that status.
    Does it surprise me the U S Government was in any way responsible, For his death, hell no !
    Hey there are still those who put their personal safety as secondary to getting across a message.
    We should also respect the actions of Bradley Manning and more recently Edward Snowdwen, who knowing the possible retaliation of a pissed off bunch of thugs which constitute the US CIA, NSA and FBI, not to mention a bunch of right wing politicians.
    Putting themselves on line as whistleblowers, in order to make people aware that the Patriot act introduced shortly after 9/11 changed America from a country that had a constitution and a certain amount of freedom, to another East Germany of the cold war, where the government spied on their own people, through technological means that made the Stasi look like amateures.

  60. Chuck, the worst thing about totalitarian police states is not that the Government spies on us, even in today’s world of communications technology that is a huge stretch. The thing that is most abhorrent of all in the totalitarian state is that the Government persuades US to spy on each other. Demonise, divide and rule.

  61. Can you believe these guys ?
    They guaranteed Pardew his job was safe not too long ago.
    But the real story was, having seen Pardew was unsustainable due to the majority of the Newcastle fans recognising he was a one trick pony and wanting him out., they began a search for a replacement.
    Of course the word is probably out about managing at this club, where you have to be a yes man and work for possibly the lowest wages paid by any club in the EPL.
    Which is not something that would attract many decent managers, if any ?
    Well I guess one footballing genius said to the other , what about Joe, he recover from the heart attack we gave him ?
    Hell we can probably get him for less than Pardew, let’s bring him in as a Director of football, and either wait until Pardew self distructs or put pressure to try and get him to quit (which ain’t gonna happen, because he may never get another job in football) either way he’s outta here and we have Joe to take over.
    You don’t know how orrible we can be ! Perhaps not, but we will never be surprised by how dumb you can be.
    I just can’t believe this shit, really beggars belief, what a cheap pair of ignorant idiots we ended up with, I’m stunned !

  62. Darth, my son mentioned it to me today and I found the relevant info by googling Martin Luther King Jr.’s family court case.
    This is the link I found

    or this

    I did mention the Oliver Stone series the other day when people were getting a bit fed up with non football talk but it is one hell of an eye opener and a d*mn scary.

    Especially as much of the sh!t is still happening.

  63. Pardew will get another job. Others have not watched him as closely as we have. If you are a casual observer (or even worse, a stupid football club owner), you will not really know that a lot of his substitutions were crazy etc.

    His CV/Resume includes a fifth place finish, double manager of the year, and an FA cup final. Not to mention the Johnson Paints Trophy.

    He can also point to Ashley’s record of having a revolving door for managers. Pardew will get another job and he now has an excuse that his authority was undermined and Ashley created the UNTENABLE situation of NUFC effectively having two managers in conflict.

  64. This is a very strange quote from the Shield’s Gazette about when Pardew was told that Kinnear was being hired as Director of football:

    “Before I had a meeting with Mike, Derek said he’s informed Alan, and Alan said ‘great news – I’m delighted with that. At last I’ve got somebody who’s a football guy’,” Kinnear told the Gazette.

    Isn’t Alan sort of implying that Ashley and Llambias know nothing about football and that was the problem?

  65. Agents fees, player signing on fees, increased wages etc etc – not hard to see where the moneys gone – the table only shows actual transfer fee so all the other crap you have to pay

  66. Still not sure about a 66 year old taking a wage out of NUFC and what is his value long term ?

    It reeks of Dennis Wise signed up a while back as some sort of nUFC ambassador , his tenure was cut short very quickly …

    I give this kinnear thing aboot 9 months max sorry !

  67. Pardew would have to realise by now , he’s on that slippery slope leading to the dole line and thank goodness for that.
    I’m not that certain that Joe is going to be much of an improvement, but willing to give him a shot, hey who the hell knows and who else wants to work for these clowns.
    It would be interesting to hear what’s been said about this appointment among those who possibly had a shot at the job, but we’re not interested.
    In other words what people who have a good understanding of football, think about these two clowns who obviously reinforce each others ignorance about the business.
    Pardew is now swinging in the wind, where what he sez matters little, as he’s on his way.
    Of course he will have someone or something to place the blame on, as usual.
    Do I think he got screwed., nah, just dont like the nasty way they do things though, a real lowlife pair these two.

  68. Where’s the Kinnear announcement then?

    Maybe they’ve thought better of a full press conference starring the man himself after c**tgate, or perhaps they are setting one up. However, there isn’t even a little story about it in the news section of the club website, which is odd.

    Is this real? What gannin’ on?

    Has anyone heard anything vaguely official from Sid James’ Park yet? Or is it all just Kinnear so far?

  69. Worky’s

    Who the hell knows with these clowns
    They are flying by the seat of their pants, you really think they know what they are doing.
    This is amateur hour FFS this whole magilla may have been cooked up a couple of days ago.
    Leaving Joe to pick up the pieces and run with it, hell he seemed positive enough, describing what and what not he’s gonna do.
    Selling and buying and all kinds of nonsense, it,s a circus, with mostly clowns, unbelievable, you couldn’t make this up.

  70. One wonders what kind of effect things like this may have on the players, they must be looking at each other in puzzlement, both about the club and the country they have landed themselves in.
    Perhaps someone should explain it’s reall not the same at all clubs, there are some that are well run.
    I would like to be a fly on the wall when Joe takes over and gives them a speech full of words they can’t find in their dictionaries.
    Though they may have already become inured to Pardews nonsense by now.
    With all of the available clubs in th PL, why did Ashley have to pick on Noocarsel, does’nt he think the fans here have gone through enough pain over the years.

  71. Kinnear is talking as much as Pardew usually does while Pardew is strangely silent. When Pardew’s mouth starts up again it’s going to be impossible to keep up with all the bollocks now it’s in stereo.

  72. Chuck says:
    June 17, 2013 at 11:49 am

    “I would like to be a fly on the wall when Joe takes over and gives them a speech full of words they can’t find in their dictionaries.”

    Chuck, I was watching Carr at work and he’s even worse than Kinnear for swearing. They’ll get a real education in the more Anglo Saxon side of the English language from those two.

  73. Always felt JK would come back either as manager again or swearing poltergeist :lol:
    Bizarre move but I am way past giving a fook now anyway.

  74. SJT

    I ken what you mean, by now if most fans don’t feel the same way, then I would suggest a trip to their shrink, as it’s become as bizarre as it could possibly be (I hope)

  75. Chuck,I just think we are now a million miles away from a club that may become slightly successful.
    So many steps backwards and the decision making is just offensive…Joe Kinnear,Wonga,Alan Pardew….It was never nice under this regime but it has gone far beyond my worst nightmares :lol:

  76. A couple points:

    -to the “FEES! MY GOD, THE FEES!!1!” crowd: that’s a level playing field, it’s called cost of doing business. There’s a reason that for all transfers discussed, anywhere, the only figure that is mentioned is the transfer fee.

    -Using AshleyCo’s recommended way of thinking of these things-that is, fees & WAGES-I have no doubt that far far more than 25M and perhaps something on the scale of 100M has been added to this club’s revenue over a period of 5-7 years from their takeover. We have shed a WHOLE LOT of high wage earners during their tenure, not least Carroll right after he signed an improved contract (also: Luque, Dyer, Parker, Martins, Duff, Given, Beye, Smith, Barton, Jose Enrique). These players were almost invariably replaced with retreads (Guthrie, Williamson, Obertan), players from the lower divisions (Perch, Eliot), foreigners (duh!) or the kids. Spanning several of those groups are the malcontents (Ben Arfa), sick notes (Marveaux) and the occasional unsettled player (Gosling). All of whom will be making significantly lower wages. The only guys AshleyCo have brought in who might be on significant wages are Colo, Jonas and maybe Cisse (though I’ll bet he’s paid less than most if not all other similarly experienced/effective PL forwards).

    The only thing more ridiculous than AP’s preemptive surrender over transfers if any other club gets involved (“we’re not City…sniff” – as if every other club is) is that this excuse is used at all at the club. If NUFC does’t spend on transfers it’s because its directors decided not to, end of. Now, just what does that mean?