Hughton hopes to make a Mag of Vaughan?

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Ready for a new challenge?
Ready for a new challenge?
Hot on the heels of the totally unexpected coup of Wayne Routledge from QPR, Chris Hughton has gone on record to say that he’s targeting Everton’s James Vaughan to fill the void left by Marlon Harewood. In view of missing out on Leeds striker Jermaine Beckford, it was expected that Hughton would turn again to the Aston Villa striker after his steady if unspectacular loan spell.

However, with news that Harewood has suffered a broken bone in his foot whilst training with Villa, Hughton has turned his attentions to Vaughan instead. Speaking to local press, including the Chronicle and Shields Gazette, Hughton had this to say:

“Everybody’s aware we’ve been looking for a striker,”

“We missed out on our main target, and everybody knows who that was, and I’d have taken back Marlon had he not been injured badly.”

“James Vaughan is a player we’re aware of, and one we’re interested in, but I don’t know if that one will happen.”

Having been injured for part of the season, the striker has made seven appearances for the Toffees, scoring once since his return. Having played at U17, U19 and U21 levels for England, Vaughan has always shown lots of promise without holding down a permanent place. However, still the Premier League’s youngest goalscorer, he is still highly regarded.

His contract with Everton was extended until 2011 but he went out on loan to Derby this year where they had high hopes for him, until he suffered a cartilage tear. Reports suggest he shouldn’t suffer ill-effects from the injury and so far so good, however Derby have already made it clear that they want him back if becomes available again.

Hopefully with the momentum we have and with some clearer intentions in the transfer market, we should be an appealing prospect for the likes of Vaughan. The Routledge transfer came out of nowhere so perhaps we should expect the unexpected, though while Hughton is cautious in his comments, we’ve already learned that words count for nothing in these transfer windows.

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29 Responses

  1. Moses, Vaughan or Best, in that order are all future stars and at this stage in their careers, could be bought for bargain prices.

  2. I have nowt against Vaughan as I think he is a canny player I just think it will badly effect Loven’s and young Ranger, I am 100% sure CH will allways start Strolla if fit,and or Carroll who is 2nd inline.

  3. Forest haven’t wasted much time have they?

    There’ll be a fair bit of pressure on the game tomorrow. Not sure whether them going into admin is good or bad for us – It might make them mopre together, or it might make them think fck it!

  4. Dave – agree, not sure we need another striker.I can’t remember what “style” of player Vaughan is i.e. out-and-out finisher, line-leader, potential play-maker?
    Chuck – a lot of people are mentioning Moses as though we can just pick him up for a bargain price, if we’d only ask. I’m sure I read somewhere that Man Citeh had had a £5million bid for him turned down. Even if not true, it seems virtually certain he’ll go to a club in top half of Prem at the very least – and for a significant sum.

  5. Midfield dynamo please.
    Then we won’t need more strikers.
    Someone to lay it on a plate.

  6. Forest really do not look like slowing down anytime soon. Surely their run has to come to and end eventually? Making 3 points tomorrow night even more vital, we need to pick up the pace and start taking 3 points where we should be taking 3 points, once again.
    Hopefully the new addition(s?) to the squad will have everyone on a high and we can get ourselves a much needed win.

  7. Big dave,i agree,but i would never pick bambi unless he was last choice never rated him one bit,when he was on loan they soon twiged him

  8. Michael Johnson at Man city who we missed out on this time last year would be good sighning in midfield he would probably be available on loan

  9. Barton,

    I think Johnson is still injured, he’s had really bad problems over the last year.

    Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Nolan and Guthrie in the middle tomorrow.

  10. I Might be wrong but i think he’s fit now started to make the team few weeks back under sparky but since mancini has taken the job he’s not been selected,dont think Nolan & Guthrie a strong enough paring in the middle though.

  11. IMO Smith plays way too deep and we don’t need that at home. My ideal pairing would be Barton and Nolan I think, but we’ve never seen them play together so we don’t really know.

    I do feel that the signing of Routledge may free up Guthrie to play more central but it may just as easy mean Guthrie doesn’t play. Would be a shame as I think he’s our best passer.

  12. sorry mate!johnson he is out for the season and injury prone we dont need players like him who would play 1 game and be missing for 3 months .

  13. Joey Barton? please NO mate he is the one toon player i want rid of one of the worst buys the club has ever made he’s up there with Marcelino,Wayne Fereday and Billy Askew

  14. I think Barton’s injuries have held him back here, he’s never had a run of games and I’m not sure he’s ever had a full pre season.

    I don’t think anyone can deny his talent, he might be a bit of a t1t but he can play.

  15. Johnson got a game for citeh a few weeks back, looked grossley overweight, having been out for a long period.
    Injured again is it ?

  16. Barton just never done it in a toon shirt NEVER can you tell me a match he’s played well in? and earlier this season befor he got injured his performances were terrible and i mean terrible,take in to account that 2 days befor the season kickoff he decides to throw the Falklands War at 2 of his team mates just shows what kind of waste of space he is.

  17. i think barton has always played injured for newcastle and when fit for city he had good energy and pace but since the games he has played for us he has been slow so when he starts playing again i want to see that energy then we got are best centre mid back which would give us a lot of energy throu the midle which we need.

  18. Unfortunately Joey , been injured so often he is beyond sick note status, almost approaching a Marcelino rating.
    Has to be rusty, can he become the player he was, who knows.
    On saying that apart from Enrique, Taylor, Nolan and Colo. is one of the few PL class players in the side.

  19. Agrea about Enrique and Colo being prem class,they are the 2 players that really have suprised me this season and i was one of Colo’s worst critics but now he would be 1 of the first names on my teamsheet and as for Enrique tell me a better left back in the country at the moment and i think we done well to keep him this window as he is one player we are bound to have been asked about.

  20. Magpie6699
    Sure, I agree but had we made an early bid, there was always the possibility.
    Appears The Arsenal are seriously looking at him and he has apparently expressed favoring The Emirates as a desired destination, ah well !

    Midfield Dynamo
    There`s Sissoko, no not the former L`pool player, but same style and physicality, not suggesting for a minute we would be in the market for him, at least not with our salary cap, if in fact one does really exist.
    Personally would have thought it closer to 20k, than 30k, looking at who we are buying.

  21. Palace in administration, what about getting hold of Victor Moses? He has scored a good few goals this season, he’s England U21, mmm we would be crazy not to put in a offer for him.

  22. CLiNT FLiCK –

    “Midfield dynamo please.
    Then we won’t need more strikers.
    Someone to lay it on a plate.”

    What about Oxford’s Jamie Cook? If he can handle the big time, I reckon he sounds like he could do the job…

  23. It was my pathetic play on words! “Put it on a plate”, Jamie COOK…

    I’ll get me coat…