Nolan and Carroll issue rallying call.

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Carroll: "Raring to go for Palace".
Carroll: "Raring to go for Palace".
Good words today coming from two of our players, Andy Carrol and Kevin Nolan, with both of them saying the best thing to get over a defeat is another game, and that comes in the shape of Newcastle United’s home encounter with Crystal Palace on Wednesday evening.

Both lads are understandably annoyed with being eliminated from the FA Cup on Saturday, but are determined that it won’t affect The Toon’s promotion push and are seeking to use the defeat as a springboard to pick up the teams league form. Scouse Nolan said:

“Going out (of the cup) is a blow, but we can only look to our next game.”

“The fans were great at West Brom and that can only drive us on, as can this result.”

“We are still top of the league and we’ve got to finish off the job. This can inspire us to do that. We’re going for it.”

With the injury to Shola Ameobi, the onus could now be on Andy Carroll to help score the goals to keep us top of the league. His 2 goals on Saturday were excellent, and could be just the confidence boost the Gateshead born hitman has needed. Speaking of ending his 3 month goal drought, Carroll said:

“I just need to keep playing games, stay fit and I’ll score goals for this team.”

“If you are playing week in, week out, you can score goals.”

“I hadn’t scored for a while – it’s my first since November.”

“I have been disappointed with myself, but I’ve been playing well in training and scoring goals there.”

“I got my chance and took it. I’m unhappy to lose, but on a personal note glad to be back on the scoresheet.”

I’m glad to hear a bit of selfishness in there, it’s something all strikers need a element of on the pitch! I just hope his off field antics and general radgieness are firmly in his history and he can now concentrate on improving his game and start hitting the back of the net on a more regular basis. Looking forward, Carroll added;

“Achieving our main aim is still looking good – we want to be back in the Premier League. All the lads can focus on that.”

“We’re not happy to be out of the cup, but there are no other distractions now. We’re raring to go for Crystal Palace.”

Sound words from both of them, but I can’t help thinking thats it’s just more drum-banging form the players, the same sort we had last season when the players came out before every game to say things like “we’re up for it” and “we owe this to the fans” only to give a lack-lustre display. I don’t think many fans can say that current set of players aren’t determined and they seem to have a team spirit this season that was lacking in last season’s doomed campaign. Whether relegation has spurred the players on to do well for the club, or if it’s for the benefit of their own bruised ego’s – who knows? As long as it gets us promotion I don’t really care either!

Still, we can’t change the past and that’s where our relegation is now. I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating so to speak, so lets see if the team can match these words with a performance on the pitch that will inject a bit of optimism back into the fans, even if it’s only temporary. West Brom are away at Ipswich and Forest are at home to QPR on Tuesday evening, so the fans and the team will know where we stand come kick-off on Wednesday.

Here’s hoping for 3 points, and getting another one over Neil Warnock – The guy everyone loves to hate!

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27 Responses

  1. we should beat palace at home but i have a bad feeling ambrose could haunt us, wouldn’t mind having him on the right of midfield now.

  2. we will beat palace then some of the negative comments mite stop ,i dont mind slagging the owner but a cannit slag the team iam still 5o 5o on hughton but seeing he was kks choice ile give him a chance lol promotion on 10 th of april

  3. Agree 100% batty, off the field things are sh1t, but we had no chance of winning the cups and i couldn’t care less about them this season and we’re still top with a bit of a cussion, we’re not the only team who will have injury problems and we have the best midfielder in the league to return soon. Things won’t be so bad.

  4. batty says:
    January 25, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    “i dont mind slagging the owner”

    And I’ll bet you’ve given a full blast slagging to every single one in living memory too, batty! :-)

  5. stardust divent class me with him go take a look at my comment it was a dig at him not agreeing with him ,any ways ur the 1 that has been crawling up his arse he dus my fckin head in

  6. worky me and my brother were laughing the other day aboot fat fred and what a stare we would be in right now if he was still here , but i still cant and never will like ashley ,but when we get promoted we should be in good stead thanks too errrm sorry i cant say his name

  7. jay jay aye iam hoping barton was playing shite because he was carring an injury he could still play a big part

  8. Come on Batts – youve been caught out in the open fields with your pants around you ankles and Stuart behind you – you might as well admit it – youve been sleeping with the slug!

    He was only saying yesterday – he calls you Battywatty and thats nice – everyone needs someone (or a slug)

  9. just been on the phone too willimsons uncle he reckons its nearly done beleive me or not its true

  10. batty says:
    January 25, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    Stuart79 says:
    January 25, 2010 at 3:49 pm
    Hope all the idiots who obviously know cock all about football are embarrassed by their views over the last few months.
    <<<<< i know what u meen them idiots that were saying give the fat c@nt another chance hideous they are .
    <<<< there it was a dig at him

  11. Folks how about a Vote – What does Batty call Stuart when they are cuddling

    1 – Steweypooey
    2 – Stewalicious
    3 – Stewsiewoosie
    4 – Or a suggestion of your own……..

  12. Just saying it as it is batty – you on the other hand – how could you stoop so low. Agreeing with Stewiwooie is like eating a poo sandwich – but you two are an in love so I will stay out of it.

  13. Stardust says:
    January 24, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    To be fair at 142 was almost 100% true.

    The problem with a significant number (not all) of our fans is that they cant see what they have become and what a laughing stock they are outside of Newcastle,
    and i would just like to say workyticket is the biggest instigator of them all.<<<<< and that was low lol

  14. Stardust says:
    January 25, 2010 at 11:02 pm
    Just saying it as it is batty – you on the other hand – how could you stoop so low. Agreeing with Stewiwooie is like eating a poo sandwich – but you two are an in love so I will stay out of it.
    <<<<< fck off now u irritable little tw@t

  15. batty says:
    January 25, 2010 at 10:39 pm
    stardust divent class me with him go take a look at my comment it was a dig at him not agreeing with him ,any ways ur the 1 that has been crawling up his arse he dus my fckin head in


    You carry on having a go at the owner and singing them hideous songs to him at the match – That can actually have an adverse effect on the whole club if he decides he doesn’t like the piss being taken out of him by idiots.

    I on the other hand have my opinions, negative or positive on this blog. I’m only ever positive at the games, helping my team – Do you think your actions towards Ashley are a positive for the club?

    Thought not – Hypocrisy