Injury watch: Taylor out, but Ameobi and Butt “50-50” for Wednesday.

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Shola: "50-50" for Palace clash.
Shola: "50-50" for Palace clash.
In an update to our earlier story, more news has come in from Chris Hughton on the Newcastle United injury situation with centre back, Steven Taylor, midfielder, Nicky Butt, and striker, Shola Ameobi.

As reported earlier, the three hapless unfortunates were all knacked in the two titanic encounters with the butchers of West Bromwich Albion, with Shola’s shoulder, Taylor’s knee and Butt’s calf all under the spotlight.

Speaking to NUFC tv, the Stratford Supremo reported firstly on Taylor, saying:

“Steven will miss Wednesday’s game. He tweaked his knee last Monday and we’re still assessing the injury”

Although things are far from certain until all the test results have been assessed, the current Taylor situation seems a long way away from the prognosis of the Times’s North East football scaremonger, George Caulkin, who confidently asserted that the centre back had knee ligament damage that would keep him out for the rest of the season.

Moving on to Ameobi and Butt, Hughton said:

“Shola’s injury isn’t too serious and he’s probably 50-50. Nicky, too, has a chance of being involved on Wednesday.”

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31 Responses

  1. I’m more concerned about our rb position. R. Taylor is banned for the next match, Simpson is injured and as is S. Taylor… typical that our first serious injury crisis has to wipe out an entire position

  2. Is there no word of us appealing the Taylor red card? Im sure on the replay there was a defneder coming across to cover? Also, how long is Simpson out for?

  3. Thump if I remember rightly, Coloccini is actually more of a sweeper/defensive midfield and i’m sure RB wouldn’t be too unnatural to him. Plus if we get the Williamson deal done soon that will shore up a position for Coloccini to go to RB.

  4. Well cameroon have been knocked out of the ANC today , lets hope that gives us enough time to get rid of Geremi before the window shuts

  5. Look at Ameobi’s picture, right in between the eyes, is that a scar? I knew he atleast had a complete lack of a footballing brain but christ…

  6. Team for Wed:
    Guthrie Collo Kadar Enrique
    Jonas Nolan Loverman
    Carroll Ranger

    I would prefer to see Lover up front with Carroll.
    The problem is clearly the right, other option is Kadar at RB if Williamson signs in time and Guthrie on the right.I would not start with Pancake.
    Give me your thoughts……

  7. TGS – Its hard, we struggle on the right but are immense on the left. If we spilt Jonas and Enrique who knows what will happen.

  8. Hughton has always got the option of Jonas at full back. He reverted there on Saturday before Donaldson came on and i think has played wing back for Argentina, but it means we loose so much going forward.

    Would rather have a centre back there, maybe Kadar (who was very impressive saturday) or Williamson(?).

    And on Shola…what a pathetic substitute appearance that was.

  9. toonsy says:
    January 25, 2010 at 8:53 pm
    TGS – Its hard, we struggle on the right but are immense on the left. If we spilt Jonas and Enrique who knows what will happen.
    >>>>>>>>>The rationale of playing Jonas on the right is that he would offer protection to Guthrie at RB. I agree it would not be ideal, but what does Obama do?

  10. I’d prefer to play Jonas at RB if we had to. He and Enrique can bomb on down both sides and support Guthrie on the right and possibly Lover on the left.

  11. Lovenkrands should play cf, not on the wing.
    We should definitely appeal R Taylor’s red card too, as mentioned earlier.

  12. just a thought but how about 3-1-3-2 ?

    you never know it might work with instructions to go high tempo from the start

  13. CliNT – Generally i agree about Lovenkrands but needs must. Defo appeal the red card aswell!

    I wonder how Pancrate is on the left? He can’t perform much worse :)

  14. I meant 3142
    Kadar –colo—–Enrique
    its beeen a long hard day :)

  15. Toonsy

    Earlier you asked how long Simpson is out for – I read a quote from Chris Hughton somewhere today saying in addition to Palace he will probably miss the Leicester game but could be back for Cardiff

  16. toonsy,
    by that token, needs must, what about geremi at the back, at least he has experience. yea, yea, i know.
    & also i think y’right about Pancrate, no point binning the lad, i’m sure he wants to make a mark.

  17. When’s JB back?
    We could just stick him on the line flayling & screaming ef off, get back, to the opposition, for a laugh.

  18. geordie deb says:
    January 25, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    “I read a quote from Chris Hughton somewhere today saying in addition to Palace he will probably miss the Leicester game but could be back for Cardiff”

    Deb, where was that?

  19. Probably already been mentioned but Williamson’s apparently flown into Newcastle with his family, meaning that will hopefully be wrapped up.

    Batty-never heard of that lad like but according to wiki he’s scored 22 goals in 78 appearances for them.

  20. SS is saying Williamson is as good as signed like.
    batty, that’s an interesting story in the times, about time like.

  21. Bit controversial like but,
    i’d see if we can get Healy from you know where, i feel he’d add a different dimension to our attack.
    Dive, dive, dive.

  22. Clint, if the fella wants to become clean again, we should be more than happy to oblige ;)

    I’d love it if the banks called in Man Spu’s debt… Love It!

  23. sbr,
    funny mate. :)

    That would be very cool if uefa stopped heavily leveraged teams playing in the CL. :)

  24. Cant ever see it being legal – thered be legal challenges everywhere.

    As much as I would like to see it – to enable football to be a levelish playing field – it just wont happen.

  25. Stardust,
    & uefa are wet, spineless mongs too.
    So i doubt it would happen, they’ve got no belly for a proper fight. They like easy targets.

    On the legal thing, how is buying/selling players ‘legal’.
    & sepp-tic bladder definitely ain’t legal.