Wolves’ Sam (in)Vokes loan spell at Newcastle?

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Second bite at the cherry?
Second bite at the cherry?
According to various reports, there could be a chance for us to get our hands on the loan signing of Wolves’ Sam Vokes. We allegedly kept tabs on this kid before he signed a four year deal for Mick McCarthy (ah bless ‘im) and the Wanderers of Wolverhampton. Already a Welsh international at 19, he’s played a number of games for McCarthy and scored some important goals but with first team chances apparently at a premium, he could be sent out on loan and we could be one of the interested parties.

Actually, here’s the SSN report, you can read it for yourself. As with all press speculation, who knows how much truth there is in it but as with previous other rumours, the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. Welsh international? Bring him on in.

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21 Responses

  1. christ at the moment i’d start for wales (if i qualified), all toschak is doing is playing a load of kids and seems to be alienating his more experienced players

  2. Deb – just had a bit of spare time today and saw opportunities with the headlines. Probably only me and worky appreciating them! :)

    Joseph – fair point, no idea about the Welsh squad at the minute. Heard good things about him in the past though.

  3. the lads got potential,watched him in a few games last season.
    this is probably more lazy speculation by the hacks,but i,ll stand corrected if i,m wrong.
    wouldn,t mind him here,but as soon as big mick says he wants to send him out,it,s obvious we will be linked.
    with him.
    it is no secret we are short up top,so every striker that,s available will be mentioned,i wont hold my breath though.

  4. Newcastle need a new boss NOW: Caretaker Chris Hughton panders to senior players, claims goalkeeper Tim Krul.

    ‘Chris Hughton just wants to keep everybody happy, especially the experienced lads. He doesn’t want any disputes with them – he has said so himself.
    ‘So right now we simply need a new manager. It will be better for me and for everybody.’


    Either Tim Krul is incredibly stupid, or this story is completely wrong.

  5. Good player, Vokes. I’ve watched him a few times. Wolves fans will be disappointed if he left. Wolves have a good team at the moment. I wouldn’t bet against them beating our lot.

  6. Morning Worky

    Regarding the Tim Krul artice, he needs to keep his mouth firmly shut and get on with learning his trade. He’s clearly talented but no where near the finished article. Sounds like he’s believeing all the hype being written about him. Needs to watch a DVD of the recent carling cup game where a couple of the goals were his fault, focus on how he can improve and put his time and energy into that rather than dictating to his employer as a young wet behind the ears employee what they should and should not be doing for his benefit. He should also be showing loyalty to his current manager and team mates who are working hard to keep the disparate group firing on all cylinders. Silly, silly boy

  7. geordie deb says:
    September 10, 2009 at 9:46 am

    “Morning Worky

    Regarding the Tim Krul artice…”

    Morning Deb,

    Did you notice this bit though?

    “Krul has made just one appearance in the Carling Cup since a man-SPOOF-the-match display on the opening day against West Brom.”

    They weren’t using proper quotation marks either.

  8. Was it in the Daily HateMail?

    So perhaps they haven’t quoted it properly and messed with his answers to make it more exciting? We must be boring them with all this current normality.

    MT – Good to see you around. Just as well we won’t be playing Wolves much this season then. Any joy with the you-know-what?

  9. BBM – Been too busy to post much on here lately. Hopefully I’ll have enough spare time to pen an article tomorrow. It will probably turn out to be a bigger anti-climax than the end of last season, but at least it will be something.
    I’m still waiting to hear back from two job interview I went for, one internal and one external, which I’m really hoping I get as it’s for a massive company with excellent benifits. Also just dodged the dreaded redundancy bullet. We’ve got 12,500 people working for us in GB and 6500 are at risk with at least 1200 losing their jobs. Bad times.

  10. If the quotes for Krul are accurate and it’s a big if, then i’d fine him and transfer list him. We’ve had enough of that sort of outburst from the players and if he’s not committed to concentrating on helping the club get promoted and not willing to learn from people then let him go.

  11. @ Worky, Bowburn or any of the other writers.

    I think a good article to do would be regarding the big transfers that never happened for the toon, when they were linked and perhaps a starting eleven if they had of signed.

    Obviously alot would’ve been just paper talk but many years ago we were close to signing Dennis Bergkamp and i’m sure we bid for Roberto Baggio at one point but i may have just dreamed that!

  12. Tino – We did bid for Baggio. It was during Keegans first spell at the club and I remember thinking it would be a mistake because he was past it. £10m seems to ring a bell.

  13. I remember years ago when teletext was the best place for transfer news, in fact a few players even said they only knew they were being transferred when they read it on teletext!

  14. Micky Toon says:
    September 10, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Tino – We did bid for Baggio. It was during Keegans first spell at the club and I remember thinking it would be a mistake because he was past it. £10m seems to ring a bell.
    Thought i hadn’t dreamed it! I think it would be interesting to see the big players we missed out and line ups we might of had, just for a bit fun. Rooney is obviously a big one of more recent times.

  15. As MT was making noises about an eagerly-anticipated return to writing and he’s involved in the chat, I think he should do the honours.

  16. “bowburnmag says:
    September 10, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    As MT was making noises about an eagerly-anticipated return to writing and he’s involved in the chat, I think he should do the honours.”

    Ha ha. It’s going to take me long enough to write what I was already planning on and now this!! Ok, I’ll try and knock something up tomorrow. Blimey it’s going to be a venerable feast of MT articles.