Toon go Dutch for Chelsea left back!

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Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side!
Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side!
Where will it all end? Newcastle United are making doubtful fans well and truly eat their words as yet another recruit signs on the dotted line. Chelsea’s young Dutch full back Patrick van Aanholt, is the newest loanee joining us initially on a one-month loan deal.

It would seem like this signals that Enrique could be knackered for at least a few weeks, after suffering what we hope is only a strain to his hamstring and nothing worse. van Aanholt was part of the Coventry side when we beat them at the Ricoh Arena in December and has spent the season on loan there so far.

According to reports, he’s been a regular for the Sky Blues and is also an international team-mate of Tim Krul, having played in the same Dutch U21 side. The highly-rated full back could well make his debut in our televised game with Leicester City tomorrow.

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88 Responses

  1. I’ve always been critical of Ashley on here, but give him his due, he’s getting signings in now. Would have been nice this time last year to avoid going down, but no point in looking back now, whats done is done. If he can make these signings and get us promoted again, thats all that matters and a big well done to him

  2. I dont know where to blog! haha, i suppose i can live with a few articles appearing at once given the fact they’re to elabourate on new faces we’ve brought in! One decent thing about the Moses saga- We wont have to wait long. Wherever he’s going, its happening within the next 3 days. The live SSN transfer thingywhatever on their site claims Hughton is confident of having him wrapped up by the end of the week, with others saying us, WBA and Forest have all made “improved bids” for his services. Cant fault the club here, they’ve done an excellent job of moving quickly to wrap up signings in area’s needing strengthened. Someone has finally woken up at SJP!

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  4. houghton said! this is the first time i have seen houhton be confident of getting moses which would mean 2 things he has agreed to come! i hope so when he talked about beckford he said they have put in a bid but with moses he didnt talk like that as if we are close.

  5. If we go and get Moses now I’ll be amazed. I’m amazed as it is. I see Aanholt staying the season if we can extend the loan? I really hope Enrique’s HS injury doesn’t turn in to one of those recurring niggles as they so often seem to.

  6. Penalty Spot- i’m just glad we havent got lads regularly doing their hammy every time they turn up for training. It’s been a terrible injury for us as a squad over the years, lol.

  7. I’m shocked. Nicely.

    All we need now is Moses in and Geremi out and I may even raise a glass to the management team.

    Trust? Nah. Respect for the best-managed window in years? Yep.

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    Toon toon!

  9. Just swiped this straight from The Guardian, dunno where it came from. Press conference this morning perhaps? Hughton on Moses:

    “It’s been documented that we are very interested in signing the lad,” said Hughton. “Most people are also aware of the circumstances with Crystal Palace and the situation they are in, and we hope to make progress on that over the next couple of days.”It’s one we have a very, very keen interest in. He is a player who has an ability to score goals. There is a power and pace, but it is his potential. Around what we are trying to do here this season, which is the most important thing, there also has to be an eye on the future, and he is certainly a player of wonderful potential.”

  10. These are sensible signings, all our signings so far have made good sense, if we go up. We can make decissions on the loans if we think they can cut it in the Prem or not. Routledge and Williamson will hopefully be able to reassert themselves in the Prem and provide good value for money. If we get Moses, well we’re laughing, wether we keep hold of him or not.

    Why now though? Why have MA and DL woken up? Who’s advising them, Houghton?

    I still think it’s too early to want MA to stay. But not bad, not too bad at all.

  11. Interesting Ross….
    Troy may I applaud you on your excellent grammar, a bit of a give away don’t you think?

  12. Ross:

    Very interesting. Funny how this one’s public and the other stealth. Suggests confidence to me. I like the way all the ‘sources close to NUFC’ seem to have dried up in the press lately.

  13. Penalty-Spot says:
    January 29, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    It’s called experience…

    Also I believe Ashley had the fright of his life in May lastyear and he doesn’t want to gamble again – And lose again!

  14. hammy/penalty- To be honest, we’ve done all our other deals so quickly, the press havent even had a chance to question anyone on them. There havent even been rumours floating around, new signings have gone from their previous club, to the official site posing in the black and white- the way it should be done!

    Obviously Hughton was going to be probed regarding Moses in the press conference, but he’s handled it well and he seems confident. Pretty sure we’ve all learnt the hard way not to build your hopes up when it comes to our lot but at the end of the day this has been a very impressive window so far and i’ll be struggling to stay off my seat if i see “Moses completes move to Newcastle” in the yellow ticker over the next few days.

  15. Well stone me. Looks like Solano might debut against us tomorrow. Who’d a thunk it? We’ve got to cheer the man on, I still think he’s a legend.

  16. Lesh

    OK who’d you prefer Huseklepp or Moses.

    Where will it end indeed. Mondy, with a brand new 1st team :-)

  17. David Craig has said we’ve put in a substantial bid and sources close to the player have said that he’s desperate to come here.

  18. the thickness of some of you’s amazes me! We have got rid of 3 players and 3 have come in. A total cost of almost zip. . How can you, and why are you, praising ashley?
    You ve hardly seen these players play. Pancrate was the new saviour a few months back after his debut. Calm down and assess the situation in a few weeks .
    All we are getting are other teams scraps.
    Please explain your reasonings.

    And yes troy i will be there. You speak more sense than these radgies!

  19. Rangerman:

    Sources close to thing: Don’t trust em, unless it’s HP next to your sausages. I hope it’s true though.

  20. I heard Owl Heed’s numbers came up at the ritz bingo doon Byker last neet so he rings up wor Troy “Scout” Stavers and gans “Whoooo Troy ya daft radge fancy tekkin Uncle Dekka doon to Palace to pick up Moses”

    Troy gans “whey aye Decka ya daft Owl Heed Coot, I’ll get some Monster Munch and Chang and be reet owa like”

  21. Bobby Shinton number 9

    I haven’t seen them play that’s for sure. They’re just sensible signings/loans for the situation we’re in at the moment. Considering where we could go, up or not, who we can attract at the moment, the wage cap and Ashley’s previous transfer window record they make more sense than not. And making sense of the goings on at our club is not something I’m used to so I guess that’s why I feel more excited than you think I should.

    You’re right though a few weeks will say alot more than a few hours. Personally I’m optamistic.

  22. I wouldn’t trust HP Sauce…robbing foreign bastards put loads on the dole…stick with Netto Nice and Saucy…bit runny like.

  23. Don’t rule out Moses being used as a distraction while we get another player in under the radar, a-la-Routledge.

    Bobby Shinton – ok, I see your points, but don’t quite get what you would like to see. Assume you’ve bought the club from Ashley, it’s your money, and you’re not a super-rich arab. What would you be doing in this window?

  24. I think the Huseklepp thing is wide of the mark. Not sure why; just sounds like more speculation to me. The Moses thing has more beef to it, especially given his club’s insistance that he’s going in this window come what may.

    I’d like to think that the player’s preference will play a big part and we’ll get him. CH’s summary is a good one – yes, he’ll be useful, but it’s the boy’s potential which makes him a good acquisition.

  25. Going to be like having a whole new team at this rate,some sensible signings indeed.We get a decent striker in that is going to bag us 10/15 goals we will be laughing all the way to the prem.

    I think Big Micky and Owl Heed have just started to realise how good things could be if the just try that bit harder and start taking us seriously.

    Very Pleased.

  26. it wasn’t long ago all the donkey’s were screaming for mike not to spend any money in this transfer window but to save it for premier players when we get promoted ??? – now he’s decided to splash the cash the same people are running around slavering at their mouths – make your minds up idiots.

  27. C’mon Bobby Shrimpton – need you to provide some balance and banter in here! It’s all a bit weird and boring everyone being pleased with things!

    Can’t quite get my head around it, me. Feels like I’ve taken some dodgy pills or summat.

  28. Bobby Shinton-A bit harsh to open by calling people thick. You claim 3 have came in however if you bother to include loans, we’ve brought 5 players in. The likes of Routledge are not “another teams scraps”. Routledge was one of the most sought after players in the championship, he gave us a rotten time when he was at SJP earlier this season and for the money is an excellent signing. a 19 year old left back on Chelsea’s books brought in purely to cover a position in which we’re experiencing injury, isnt a stupid signing or other teams scraps, if you ask me.

    I Dont quite understand what type of signing you expect. Should we somehow manage to snap up Moses, will you still complain?..Everyone on here was just saying the other day that it’s not a case of anyone liking Ashley, but at least applauding his efforts when he gets something right. Why not? All it shows is that when they put their mind to it, the club is capable of going about things such as this, properly.

  29. Roy Cropper – I don’t remember anyone saying we shouldn’t sign anyone. Lots of us were – and still are – saying we should sign players for the job in hand and not spend more than necessary.

    That’s what’s happened, and I, for one, am very impressed.

    Of course, Ashley could still sell Enrique, Jonas, Smith, Nolan and Colo on Monday…

    Only joking. I think.

  30. 13 Penalty-Spot says:
    January 29, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Why now you asked…… because he’s used the first half of the season to monitor progress both of the team’s performance and Hughton as a manager, before commiting to spend. He’s clearly better than confident of promotion and has released the spend to increase the chance of getting there.

    Good stewardship I’d say.

    To answer your other question, why not Huseklepp and Moses??

    Hughton does sound failrly confidednt on the Moses matter but we’ll have to wait a see. The lad surley couldn’t have been more than impressed with the atmosphere of SJP on Wednesday and, well…. fingers crossed eh?

  31. Moses in, Geremi out. Moses in, Geremi out. Moses in, Geremi out. Moses in, Geremi out. Moses in, Geremi out.

    If we all chant together, maybe it’ll enter the psyche of those involved.

    Hey. It’s Friday. I can dream.

  32. @Roy but Enrique and Taylor arguably our best defenders were not out then with long term injuries, what would you do?

  33. Ruddy hell i get a couple hours kip and we get a couple of new players in,do i sense a bit of softning towards Mike Ashley or am i still dreaming

  34. whumpie – yes there were loads of people (you included) saying fat boy should only get loans in and forget about signing players until we get promoted.

    we are now signing championship players on 3+ year contracts , so how can you claim that is just for the job in hand ?

    these type of players will ensure our status as a yo-yo club , and i , for one , am not impressed.

  35. mail are reporting about moses is waiting for real madrid to make a call! they are the worst reporters some 1 should report them for being shit! but i hope this is not the 1 they get lucky with .

  36. Roy Cropper @41

    these type of players will ensure our status as a yo-yo club , and i , for one , am not impressed.

    There is just no pleasing some people

  37. Stuart 79:

    Brilliant. Moses should grow a massive f’in beard and lead the team to salvation.

    Sorry getting carried away again :-)

  38. Penalty spot, comment 19 no we don’t, unless he scores a few own goals.

    What happened to Skelbred has he gone off the radar.

    And it is nice to see bums on seats (no I’m not talking about some blog members down the local park with a bottle of White Lightning) some of them look like they might even do a decent job for us.

  39. Roy Cropper @41

    AGAIN..with what we’ve got and where we are who the hell else do you think we can get? Good sensible signings for once. Jeez man. Cup half empty or what?

  40. life’s full of losers excepting any old shite that comes their way – barton12 your obviously one of them.

  41. Lesh – nice analysis. I hope you’re right, and I can’t think of a better explanation.

    I don’t think this team is going to run away with the title. I think it’ll be an ugly, inconsistent scrap with the odd purple patch. But I think we’ve now done enough to mitigate the risks we had and any more spending should really only happen if it ticks the ‘investment for the future’ box. (e.g. Moses)

    So – 4 more months of ugly play but good results? I’ll take that.

  42. Roy Cropper to use your language – FECKOFF and get the Bacon sarnnies on! why bother supporting the toon or is the truth your from Wearside (bloody may as well be)

  43. ffs,i thought it was bad on here last saturday,this is what we,ve been wanting ashley to do for some time,show some intent.
    the first time he does,it,s still not enough for some folk,you have to give credit where credits due.
    i,m not an ashley fan by any stretch,but howay it looks like he,s having a go to ensure promotion.
    the signings so far are good one,s imo,just what the doctor ordered for this league.

  44. barton u sound like joey barton full of shit! these players are loans to get us up we are not buying them u clown!so u telling me if moses comes u wont be happy u cant get 11 first teamers who are great tell me in world football who has.

  45. penaly-spot

    toon supporter & season ticket holder = contributer to the transfer kitty – unlike you who spends a couple of pence for a dodgy internet radio conection to listen to the game.

  46. Roy – ok, understand that you were referring to permanent rather than loan signings. Must admit I was calling for the latter, but to be honest I’d assumed that this lot were not capable of making sensible permanent deals.

    All of these guys fit the bill if you are trying to be sensible, i.e.
    – Reasonable purchase price and (one assumes) salary
    – Reasonable confidence that they’ll fit in and do a job for us; not come for the money
    – Probably sellable for at least what we paid for ’em.

    I’m really surprised that we have permanent players in. Not all of ’em will come good, but if most do, that’s good business, I suppose. I just thought it wasn’t an option.

    But yes, I understand your point now.

  47. asim lad i’m a clown its idiots like you and wor Roy who belong in the circus and dont tell me i’m full of sh*te my Sh*te has got a larger IQ than your good self

  48. barton12 – the thing is i’m not blinded by a couple of two bob signing and say my piece and when it all goes tit’s up i’ll still be here saying my piece unlike you who will cower away to your bunker.

  49. Roy Cropper@55

    Cheap. If I could get there I would, if I could afford it I would. I can’t. I don’t give a rats ass if you’re a season ticket holder, lucky you, you still sound like an arseh0le.

  50. penalty-spot@60

    dont take it out on me because you haven’t got a pot to piss in – i completly sympathise with the have-nots of this world but in your case it’s pure jealousy and you deserve none.

    for you the internet connection is as good as it gets i’m affraid.

  51. howay man ROY fatty has spent at least 3 mill this window so at least h,s nearl spent half the cash he got for zogs :lol:

  52. Roy, you’re being a tool and ruining this thread. (With help from others who can’t help but rise to it.)

    I’ve yet to hear your answer to my question, though: what would you do in this window if you were the boss?

    Seriously – I want to hear it.

  53. whimper – your the tool , i think you’ll find you asked bobby shinton that question – spanner.

  54. Whumpie do u not think he is getting loan players in because he is ready too sell up at tghe end of the season

  55. Yep, Friday afternoon toolness, admitted. But I still think you should have a crack at it.

    What would you do?

  56. Batty – yep, that may well be part of it, and fair enough. But buying anyone right now who will only justify their cost NEXT season is a bad idea IMHO.

    Whether it’s Ashley or someone else in the summer… IF we go up, of course… you’d want as few recent, players as possible so you can then design and build a prem team with the maximum flexibility.

    If you buy a prem player now, you run three big risks:

    1. You don’t get promoted and have to sell at a huge loss in the summer.

    2. You do get promoted, but they’ve either not fitted in or haven’t delivered… for result, see number 1.

    3. You get promoted but they don’t really fit with the system or style you’re trying to go with. But they’re too expensive not to use. Result: see last season.

    So I see the logic, but I’m surprised at 3 permanent signings. Pleased, because they look shrewd business – but surprised that this lot are capable of that.

  57. Batty where have you been me old sparring partner i thought someone had kidnapped u, or Hitman put a contract out on u. the way things are going and when we get promoted i wouldnt be surprised if the Fat man hangs about.

  58. whumpie – so i’ve bought the club from fat boy and i’m not a super rich arab – ok give me a bit back ground on this hypothetical charactor (finances ect ) and i’ll tell you what i would do.

  59. batty – the shyster was crying like a baby last night , i wouldn’t speak to him again he’s stardust’s bitch.

    he’s obviously replaced spew79

  60. 76 Roy Cropper says:
    January 29, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    batty – there’s only one cardiganed crusader – i post under nothing else.
    <<<< ok whoops i nearly slipped up then roy

  61. i felt sorry for dibble lastnite he was running about looking for his buddy barney and it was left to me to tell him poor barney got run over by a cho cho train. as for Roy cropper go easy on him he is still suffering and getting flashbacks from when nasty Tony tried to drown him

  62. Per SSN, Wigan, Fulham and West Ham now in the race for Moses, cant win them all i suppose

  63. i wonder if he will be on later as he was getting some abuse lastnite even wor Worky shouted at him i tried to explain to worky that the old radgie was suffering from the loss of his m8.
    Roy >batty – stadust can have him , but wickywoo woo is all mine.
    im surprised with u roy i thought u a hayley baby were so close u didnt need anyone else, but if u want i can look after hayley for a while ;)

  64. dont worry Roy i will be gentle with her :lol: just make sure she brush’s her teeth ;)
    catch u’s later