Haris, Haris? Who the Vuckic Haris?

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Living next door to Smokie?
Living next door to Smokie?
OK, so I’ve been waiting a while to get that one out the locker and I hope it was worth it. I imagine the subtle reference in the headline will be lost on half the readers but if the other half get it, it’ll be worth it. Anyway, did I really just write a blog to make a witty (ahem) headline? Truthfully? Sort of.

Being totally honest, I’ve not really seen a great deal of this kid to give what I’d call a completely measured opinion on his prospects but if what little I’ve seen, plus the reports and stats I’ve read are anything to go by, then the future looks bright for this young man and hopefully for Newcastle United as a result. Signed from NK Domzale just after New Year, he’s gone from strength to strength impressing at youth and reserve level. He’s also had his first taste of first team football and looks to be in line for an extended run out at the weekend, though the likelihood is that it will be from the bench.

I might be alone in this but sometimes I watch someone on the park and make up my mind instantly that he’s either garbage or breathtakingly brilliant just by the way he carries himself on a pitch and by the body shape. To put it bluntly, some people just don’t look like footballers. This kid, however, despite my admission of not seeing much of him looks just like one. And a big, powerful, combative goal-scoring one that we’ve been crying out for. At 17 years old and 6ft 2, he looks well-built but despite being solid, his movements seem fluid and he’s graceful and skillful on the ball. In my opinon, this kid is destined for great things.

I guess the problem is, if he proves his supporters right how long will we keep him for? Already monitored by AC Milan and given a trial there, he was also allegedly courted by Real Madrid and now some of the domestic big boys apparently have their eye on him. However, I don’t want to be too negative. It’s inevitable that the vultures will flock at some point, hopefully we’ll get the most out of him in the meantime. We expected some time this season we would need to rely on our promising young ‘uns. Maybe this is earlier than expected and there’s concern we could be throwing them in at the deep end but I have a good feeling this kid will swim rather than sink.

I guess we may start to find out more about him and whether he’s ready for the step up. Hopefully come Sunday, both Newcastle supporters and Cardiff City supporters will know all about Haris Vuckic.

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8 Responses

  1. H’m I’d love to see him come straight in and make an impact but I’d still be happier to see Shola out there (didn’t think I’d be typing that !) Was impressed with Ranger 2nd half on Monday but didn’t see enough of Vukic to make any judgement at all apart from the fact he’s bigger than I thought he was.

  2. Had a trial at Milan, Real –> but they opted not to sign him. Let’s see how he gets on before we start building the pressure.

  3. A left footed attacking midfielder that scores goals. Hmmmm!
    And I just love those yellow boots.
    All we can do is wish him the very best of luck.
    He might be young, but if he’s good enough then he’s old enough. How old was Rooney when he came thru Everton?

    The question is will NUFC be able to keep him, if he turns out to be a real star?

  4. Answer to first question…..16

    Answer to second question……No chance, unless we can get him embroiled with some bonny geordie lass who doesn’t want to leave Tyneside and can twist him round her little finger……

    Unless he bats for the other side, of course…….