Newcastle United Transfers – It’s Speculation Season!

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The speculation season has started in earnest for the British football press. With the domestic season over and the European Championships yet to begin, there is still a need for footy hacks to justify their bloated salaries and write stuff that sells newspapers. And they never let the truth get in the way of a good story – even if it was made up without checking any facts or even leaving the office.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against factual, truthful reporting. I just can’t remember the last time I actually read any! If Newcastle United were to eventually sign all of the players we are supposedly linked with, we’d end up with a wage bill approaching the level of the national debt. So there must be a lot of crap reporting out there somewhere – it stands to reason.

The key to spotting made up stories is of course the lack of direct quotes. If it says “a source close to the player” or “a source close to the club” – lets face it, un-named, impossible to prove sources are reliable? I don’t think so. Treat all such stories with a pinch of salt. What makes matters worse is that a made up story by one journalist is then picked up and repeated ad-nauseum – and this is particularly easy since the advent of the Internet, it’s not just other publications repeating made up stories but online publications, blogs etc If you don’t believe me, check a news aggregator like Newsnow, pick a story and watch it get passed around and grow!

The other clue to a story being made up is easy – we know it is made up because we know better. So, for example, when a United fan reads that Alan Pardew is keen on signing a 30 year old forward – we know it’s rubbish, because we know the club’s policy is to sign ’em young, stack ’em high and sell ’em slowly, painfully and for a lot of money. A 30 year old just does not fit that policy and the story is therefore likely to be totally garbage.

It’s difficult to identify the real stories and, when it comes to our star players being sought by other clubs, identifying what is real and what is made up speculation. If you believe the press today, for example, Little Tottenham are going to relieve us of Tim Krul and Demba Ba, whilst so-called “big clubs” (whatever that means) Manchester United and Manchester City are locked in a titanic struggle over Papiss Demba Cisse. Now I know Tottenham and Manchester City get smaller crowds than us and can’t compete in terms of matchday atmosphere, but all of the clubs mentioned could offer more in wages and the Manchester twins can also offer Champions League football. So if there is indeed a grain of truth in these stories, there is cause for concern.

The press have decided that Ba will go for £7M – but what if more than one club is interested and an auction ensues? What we do know is that, apart from Ba, the United heirarchy would “do a Carroll” and prove to be very difficult sellers – extracting maximum money for any of our players who might leave. We also know we have the capability within the club to find replacements at much cheaper prices. The other thing to consider is that every time a “Champions League” club hand over their Champions League earnings to us for one of our players – it’s almost as if we earned that money!

Personally I’ve learned that, particularly with the current United owners, nothing is straightforward in transfer window terms. And given the secrecy which surrounds their dealings in the transfer market, I doubt if the press know better than we do what is actually going on.

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124 Responses

  1. lets just buy all the players, then loan them to other teams. that way they cant play against us & if their any good we keep them the following season. :-)

  2. Il believe we have signed a player when i see him there holding the shirt at st james, and il beleive we sold a player when i see them holding that teams shirt lmao til then il beleive nowt

  3. Larger wages could tempt our players, relistically Spurs will not offer that much more than us, they are also in the Europa league as we are, so why would Krul and Ba want to go to them.

  4. mick spuds have a big squad,i think they need to sell before they can buy

  5. “Understood” is usual word for this kind of bollocks.

    Such and such a club are “understood” to be planning a “daring raid / daring swoop” for the player, who is “understood” to be unhappy with his current club’s offer of (made up figure).

  6. one which i would love to see is Adam Johnson a newcastle fan from sources but a hefty fee to come with it being an england international and being with man city

  7. Oh aye, they usually “target” too, when they’re “understood” to be planning their “daring raids / swoops”. It’s as if they send out teams of special forces to snatch the players from their Bentleys and Ferraris, or abseil down the walls and kick in their windows.

  8. nufc337 says:
    May 30, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    “one which i would love to see is Adam Johnson a newcastle fan from sources”

    He’s said that one himself, nufc, and he’s from Blunderland! :lol:

  9. Some classic shite from the king of shite, Anal Oliver, about the stadium renaming last November:

    “SPORTSWEAR giant Nike are hot favourites to sign a £10million-a-year deal with Mike Ashley to sponsor St James’ Park.

    “And People Sport understands that the firm’s world-famous swoosh trademark could be adorning Newcastle United’s old stadium and the team’s shirts in time for Christmas as part of a potential five-year agreement.

    “Other leading US companies have expressed an interest since Toon owner, sportswear tycoon Ashley, announced that St James’ Park would be known as the Sports Direct Arena until new sponsors could be found.

    “Financial experts have also talked up the likes of O2 and Virgin Money with the banking arm of Richard Branson’s empire taking over Newcastle shirt sponsors Northern Rock this week.

    “But Nike – who employ 30,000 people globally – are the main contenders.

    “Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias admitted:

    “There is little money anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe.”

  10. I log into News Now Newcastle and you are right, rumours spread like wildfire, and these blog websites are the biggest culprits !!!!!

  11. Worky: I wonder how many times Mr. Oliver has used the term “magpies swoop” in his “journalistic” career.

    I always found it funny how the three main chronic “journalists” all write in the same style – Lee “Prince of Shite” Ryder and John “Emperor of Shite” Gibson.

    They have exactly the same template for each story and just substitute different names and numbers depending on the day.

    When the “Prince of Shite’ writes his own live web Q & A for the Chronic he actually appears to have some insight and opinion that he never displays in the regular paper.

  12. I might not have made that clear. The blog websites feature most in News Now and repeat these rumours time after time. Even this article is doing exactly what the Author is complaining about.

  13. The other thing about Anal and John is that they must have been partying like Keith Moon to have faces like theirs.

  14. GS says:
    May 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    “John “Emperor of Shite” Gibson.”

    Or even John “as I exclusively revealed” Gibson, GS. :-)

  15. Clint: How in the hell can Liverpool’s brand value increase 47% in the past year? Do you get the feeling these consultants just make stuff up?

  16. There’s only one Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, one Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa… Hope he signs so that we can all sing along.

  17. GS says:
    May 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    “There’s only one Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, one Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa… Hope he signs so that we can all sing along.”

    GS, Liverpool are allegedly planning a daring swoop for Borussia Dortmund’s Jakub Błaszczykowski, could you sing along to that one?

  18. liverpool planned, then executed a daring swoop to 8th last season.

    Which was nice!

  19. M’Biwa, Debuchy!
    You can forget about them, too expensive.
    We will probably end up with Clyne.

    Vertonghen, going to one of the north London clubs, probably Arsenal.
    Douglas, seems reluctant and there’s a contractual problem.
    Pieters, injured, complicates things.

    We are going down the list pretty fast, but seems that other clubs are about to compete, cetainly for the Dutch defenders mentioned.
    And as we are all aware, defense is the area we have to strengthen.
    Dont see it happening without spending some serious dough.

    I suppose Ba will be off, could we get De Jong for seven mill. ?
    Two others i would like to see are Johnson and Hoilett though Hoilett is a free agent, which does’nt mean he can be had for nowt (remember Ba supposedly cost a wedge as a free agent)and Johnson would’nt be cheap.
    But they are quality.

    I see a pattern emerging, where we sign the lesser quality or unproven players (Amalfitano) early, then concentrate on the big guys.
    Hope it does’nt end up like last year when we ended up scrambling to sign a defender at the last minute.
    Our defense has to be a priority.

  20. Slow day. If a Hatem Ben Arfa falls in a forest, does he make a sound that Chuck can hear?

  21. Chuck: who is the last minute transfer farce going to be this year? Remember Carroll, Brian Ruiz and there were others that I forget, Sibiersky???

  22. Bongo Christ
    Norman Conquest
    Creedence Clearwater Couto
    Have-A-Look Dube
    Argelico Fucks

    You couldn’t make this shit up!



  23. Bongo Christ
    Norman Conquest
    Creedence Clearwater Couto
    Have-A-Look Dube
    Argelico F ucks

    You couldn’t make this shit up!



  24. I read that ssn reckons the 2 mank clubs are paying interest into cisse wether this is true or not means nothing as im sure you cant switch clubs more than once in a single year of im right than whats the point in them reporting such a story…. Debuchy and hoillet would be nice

  25. I went to school with the unfortunately named “Ivor Girdlestone”. And yes, he said it did hurt.

    Seriously, his parents were that stupittt. Neville Neville.

  26. What would John Motson have done if Quim, Kuntz, Fanni, Minge, Muff, Licka, Fucks and Gash had all been in the same team and kept passing the ball to each other?

  27. GS,

    i know, what goes through some parents heads?
    Very little apparently!


  28. chuck says:
    May 30, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Chuck, it looks like you’ve caught us all on schoolboy lavatorial humour day I’m afraid. ;-)

  29. Worky @44: You should get “The Fiver” from The Guardian. Schoolboy humour, double meanings, in-jokes everyday and THEY get paid for it.

  30. Worky @ 17

    What a remarkable co-incidence!

    If not quite as well written LOL!

    Must admit, I had to go and lie down after I read that :)

  31. So, enough of that, and back to Hatem Ben Arfa. Will he be just the star of the French side or the whole Euro 2012 tournament?

  32. What the hell, this summer window with the anxieties involved, a bitta twelve year olds lavatorial humor is OK.
    There’s a town in the North West of Ireland named Muff,
    It’s close to the Foyle estuary and has a diving club,
    They are known as………

  33. Serious question. Why did Ba’s goals dry up???

    Papisse Cisse
    Playing out of position
    Was Lucky early on
    ACON burnout
    Bad luck
    Bad Service
    Alan Pardew playing defensive when 3-0 up
    Playing as a winger
    He wasn’t that good anyway
    Harry Rednapp tap-up


  34. Are we about to settle for a defensive pair of wing/full backs, in Clyne and Santon ?
    We are aware of how big a role money plays in the club policy, with a history of going after free agents and virtual unknowns (Amalfitano)
    The exception to the rule being Cisse, who in fact was one of the best acquisitions the club has made since Shearer.
    A guy who’s asking price went to less than ten million from around fifteen , the season before.
    Obviously the club jumped on the deal and could quite easily get a five or more million profit by selling him, following his phenominal start.
    There will be pressure mounted by the moneyed clubs, for some of our top talent, which we could probably sell for more if we could hold onto them for an additional season.
    Point is, if we can retain our present side (without the Williamsons, Guthries,etc) and strengthen the defence with quality.
    We could have a banner year.
    Actually it’s going to be essential, due to the fact this is the last window, before the Fair Play rules come into effect and sides like the Manchesters, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal, not to forget Liverpool, are all going to spend heavily.
    Dig deep Mike !

  35. GS says:

    “Serious question. Why did Ba’s goals dry up???”

    He’s not an HBA type cutting in from wide positions and scoring and he’s no winger either. Taking that West Brom game away as an example he could have managed two goals in the game which Cisse scored instead. Then as Cisse’s confidence grew, Ba’s disappeared almost in equal proportion.

    If you accept that a variation of 4-3-3 is the way forward then IMO its a question of Ba or Cisse but not both. Having said that we’re in Europe plus there are two domestic cup competitions (remember those) and 38 league games to play for so resting strikers is not out of the question.

  36. Oh ! so the deal has gone through for Rodgers eh !
    Why am i not surprised and why was i not further surprised to hear Martinez was the other serious contender.
    Yuk, yuk yuck……
    Thats what am talkin bout !
    On the other hand, i believe Liverpool may have had the best candidate right under their noses, in Steve Clarke.
    Anyhow, if the news is true, then possibly Rodgers may want to bring in his own people, leaving Clarke without a role ?
    However both he (Rodgers) and Clarke worked to-gether under Morinho and i’m sure Rodgers would want to keep him at Anfield.
    If not, he would be a great addition to the NUFC coaching staff.
    As pardew needs all the help he can get there.

  37. Chuck, Clarke left when KD got the bullet and he turned us down before when CH asked him to join. However that was after Calderwood left and things werent looking good for our cockney commie so maybe he could see the writing already on the wall ?

  38. Wasnt there talk of a defensive coach being added to the backroom so we could learn how to park the bus ? :)

  39. Chuck @ 55

    Well, we definitely need a stronger defence for next season, there’s no doubt about that.

    2 more class full backs and a big, fast, strong in the air centre half I reckon….

  40. Thanks CF and soz Chuck

    “On 14th May 2012 Clarke offered his resignation Liverpool soon after Kenny Dalglish was sacked following Liverpool’s disappointing 8th spot finish in the Premier League, however it was declined”

    What i said was unproven and lesser known (Amalfitano)players.
    Even he expressed surprise at the fact he was tracked by an EPL side.

    Oh! surprise he (Clarke) was fourth on the “Fenway Group’s” list and similar to Meatloafs song, three outta the top four reccomendations aint bad.
    Guess i must Kna summat eh!

  42. Chuck @70:

    they haven’t done anything yet mate. Championship promotion and avoiding relegation are also on the Pardwho resume/CV.

  43. chuck,

    i put that link up out of interest, as a little insight into how Romain sees NUFC from a ‘in France’ perspective.
    If it collided with your post it was unintentional mate.

  44. Amalfitano, i believe was something of a late bloomer, are football players like boxers ?
    Do their careers last longer the later they start.
    Talking bout the wear and tear factor.

  45. AndyMac says:
    May 30, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    “Anyway your point about Clarke Chuck was that he could make a good manager but I seem to recall he had a go at managing the Toon and covered himself in the opposite of glory :) ”

    Aye Andy, he was caretaker manager for a whole game!

  46. Experience grows & they get to know how to get the best out of themselves, if they’ve learned anything.
    Their positional sense gets more efficient & therefore more effective. Which means they don’t have to run as far.
    So, it slows the wear & tear down a little.

  47. AndyMac @62#

    Our cockney commie, Hmmm !
    Andy he (Clarke) was offered a coaching role at NUFC, which proves our cocknet Commie knew what he was doing, init ?
    Unfortunately he had a better offer, or as you say, things were not exactly stable at the club then.
    With (our cockney commie having to deal with interference from top management)and never in a stable role, though he did a good job with what was always going to be, nothing but a caretaker role here.

  48. UTD111,
    I dont think he is useful on the left and his knees are ticking bomb.He is a good striker but we might better players now. We have to win EUROPA LEAGUE,man.

    Who`s wiz me?

  49. Clarkey didn’t fancy a risk, he thought liverpool with dogleash would be nailed on…he was so wrong, huh?

    CH is a commie, nowt wrong in that!

  50. de Jong-aye, johnson-not so sure like.
    Would cost ower much, would want massive wages & expect the moon on a stick.

  51. Perhaps Clarke, jumped, before he was pushed.
    And who knows, perhaps having worked with each other previously, they may not get along.
    In any case it’s normal for a manager to bring in his own people.
    Livrpools loss could be our gain, as Clarke is recognised as a good coach.
    And who knows, when Woy gets the axe, Pardew may see the writing on the wall and go for the Engerland job, in which case the job could fall to whoever is coaching.
    We know Ashley hates to spend on managers as well as players.

  52. UTD111 @ 82,

    We need to invest,i don`t know why we have not make an offer for hoilett and one of the best players for newly relegated teams.

    We might get them on better price and why not exchange players like lover,best in the deal.

    I think we can do a montpellier and surprise man city next year.

  53. chuck,

    we have a perfectly good coach/no. 2 in Carver.
    The coaches seem to be in place, why change it just for the sake of it?

  54. big b,

    are you worried that Ba is on his way, so you’re just trying to adjust to it now so it’s not such a loss?

  55. Most on here appear to agree Ba may very well be gone before the window closes.
    Can you blame the guy?
    Not on big bucks, his role undermined by his fellow countryman, a bum knee that could blow up anytime, the fleshpots of London beckoning, with a bit of anonimity, face it he’s gotta be recognised wherever he goes in the Toon.
    With the knee problem, he has to maximise his earnings and i’m sure he will be offered more than we are willing to pay.
    We have to get on the ball and replace him.
    We could bring in Hoilett, who would do a better job with the wing/second striker role.
    And anyone know what Johnson would go for?
    Think of the possibilities of ….

    Hoilett Cisse Johnson
    Marveaux Cisse Ben Arfa
    Ferguson Cisse Amalfitano
    Sammi O Cisse Abeid
    We got horses for courses, that can be mixed up in any combination, league games, cup games, European competition, and we are gonna need the depth.
    Chuck Shola in on occasions and perhaps use Hoilett as a center forward.
    But then what do i know ?

  56. “Most on here appear to agree Ba may very well be gone before the window closes”.

    ‘most & may’!

    So, ‘cos there’s speculative ‘pressmongering’ saying it?

    Ya’ worry, ya’ die.
    Ya’ don’t worry, ya’ die.
    Why worry?


    Carver had his shot and blew it, a management job in Canada, sure no doubt he’s a decent coach, at least SBR thought so.
    But i’m thinking more about the possibility of him (Clarke) as a coach/manager in waiting role.
    Who knows he may be hired by Villa or W/Brom, would’nt surprise me.

  58. Carver ain’t blowin’ it.
    He’s a no. 2/assistant & doing a good job right now.
    So you’re saying unsettle a settled situation by bringing in a manager in waiting?
    Recipe for catastrophe that mate.

    If i were a betting man, my money would be on him leaving and for the reasons i stated, which have no relationship to pressmongering.
    I sedom say shit off the top of my head and generally back it with what i consider reason.

  60. Has Sigurdsson signed for Swansea yet? If not, be interested to see if it goes thru if Rodgers leaves!! I know we have a good splattering of decent midfielders but if we need strength in depth on several fronts next season, his certainly one worth keeping our hat in the ring for!

  61. So,
    even though he’s stated he’s happy, you think money & london lights appeal to him & his knee may blow?

    islam & judaism, could work, i suppose!

  62. CLInton
    I did’nt say Carver is presently blowing it, i said he blew a managerial role in Canada.
    Why would it be a catastrophy, having them work to-gether?
    Yeah SBR liked Carver, but if he has any input into how the club has played all year long, i’m not convinced he’s doing such a great job.
    But then perhaps his input is limited.

  63. Here’s my ’70’s team in the now fashionable 3-5-1 Martinez style:

    Peter Shilton

    David Cassidy, Danny Bonnoduschibag, Susan Dey

    Donny, Jay, Wayne, Merril, Little Jimmie

    Gary Glitter

  64. “So you’re saying unsettle a settled situation by bringing in a manager in waiting?
    Recipe for catastrophe that mate”.

    As above…

  65. CLINT
    Do i think in general most young Foreign players, if given the opportunity to play either in London or the farthest northern province, would’nt choose London ?
    London plus more bread !
    You really want me to answer that?

  66. chuck,

    a team effort is built on the idea that there is no ‘I’ in team, so if no one sticks out as a bigger personality than any other, it means it’s working.

    It’s collective mentality, co-operative/socialistic.

    It’s not a dirty word over here in jolly old commie england.

  67. chuck,
    you asked for my reasoning when i’d already posted it, so repeated it.
    Although it’s a bit rich coming from you bud.

  68. In that Amalfitano piece i posted Romain explains his thinking why he chose Newcastle over other parts/clubs.
    Read it mate, it’s interesting.

  69. CLINTON @ 108

    Yeah Clint i dud read it and he’s here because we were the only ones in the EPL who wanted him, ok!

  70. Clinton
    Guys been here for about five minutes (Roman) and already you are on a first name basis, or is Amalfitano too difficult to to get your heed aroond ?

  71. Cocktail hour approaching in the city, where the temperature is hovering around the mid seventies, but with the humidity at eighty percent.
    Let me know when we sign Hoilett !
    A coupla ice cold Amstels would be very agreeable at the moment.

  72. chuck,

    get ya’ liver checked mate.

    psychobabble, a common complaint as a final retort i’ve found on my travels mate.


  73. It’s Romain, not Roman & no i just couldn’t arsed to write Amalfitano. It’s logical, though it could be construed as psychobabble i guess.

    Both go down as easy as Amstel on a sunny day though.
    But anyhoo, you made me write all of this as an explanation so i shoulda just put Amalfitano in the first place, huh?
    Any old port…

  74. On the transfer rumour front. I remember seeing blurry pictures of Ben Arfa at Newcastle airport before he signed. Seemed like a made up story, so you never know.

  75. Fookin hell. You sad kernts really think I have the time and inclination to copy something, whilst I’m at work, in France? Call it coincidence if you wish, because that is all was.

    As has been discussed before, I’m dyslexic (sorry it’s not as well written oh great uTD111 :lol: ), so it takes me a bit longer to get articles out. It was a comment by CC which inspired it though, made some hours before I managed to get round to it.

    Worky can back me up on how long it takes me to write. He used to have to sort my typos out for me! :lol:

  76. In fact, my article revisions….

    30 May, 2012 @ 13:04 by toonsy
    30 May, 2012 @ 13:02 by toonsy
    30 May, 2012 @ 12:56 by toonsy
    30 May, 2012 @ 12:52 by toonsy

  77. Lighten up Toonsy Man! It’s just banter.

    I’m happy to call it co-incidence as you suggest – but nowt wrong with turning it into a giggle!

    I see lots of digs at this place on your blog, but I don’t react or take it personally – I move on, as I say, to me it’s just banter.

    I’m just an ordinary United fan writing stuff, and I can’t see any reason why United fans should be arguing about nowt – if we want an argument, there’s plenty of Mancs, Mackems, Scouse and Cockneys out there ready and waiting to give us one!

  78. Definition of “HISSY FIT” ?

    “toonsy says:

    Fookin hell. You sad kernts really think I have the time and inclination to copy something, whilst I’m at work, in France? Call it coincidence if you wish, because that is all was”

    Once a big girl always a big girl :lol:.