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Les Euros – How is it for You?

June 13th, 2012 | 118 Comments |

Maria Sharapova.
Maria Sharapova.
So, the Euros then…On the plus side, two footy matches every night on the tellybox can’t be a bad thing! (Although Mrs UTD has, at this point in time, stopped speaking to me, as it were) …Staying with positives, I can’t think of a game yet that I haven’t enjoyed watching. I’ve watched them all, and I’ll watch all of the rest.

It’s a great warm up act before Maria Sharapova graces our screens once again when Wimbledon starts – and of course, there’s the women’s beach volleyball at London’s Olympics to look forward to – but I digress!

I always like to get “into” these big tournaments because it’s a change from domestic footy. It gives us an insight into how other national teams shape up, how other fans look and behave, and generally how things look on the wider European (on this occasion) stage. We get to see loads of players we wouldn’t normally see. In spite of what the UK media might lead us to believe, not all of “the best players in the world” play in the English Premier League. It’s a big world out there. (more…)

The Perfect Job! – Graham Carr Signs on for 8 Years

June 7th, 2012 | 81 Comments |

Carr, Ashley and Pardew.
Onwards And Upwards?
Imagine you’re 67 years old, and the Club you’ve supported all of your life, your home town club, offers you bucket loads of cash, plus expenses, to travel abroad and watch football – lots of football. Stay in nice hotels, eat at the finest restaurants – but best of all, watch loads and loads of football. A dream for most fans, but it just came true for arguably one of the biggest United fans of them all – Graham Carr, superscout!

And of course when you’re not away on United business, you can watch the mighty Magpies – without having to buy a seasons ticket!

Graham Carr has just signed a new contract with Newcastle United for the next 8 years! This is excellent news for Newcastle United fans everywhere. Graham, of course, has been digging up diamonds for the Toon ever since he came here. Apparently, he got a phone call from Derek Llambias asking if he could pop in and chat to Mike Ashley about transfer targets. This invitation turned into numerous chats over a few days, then Graham was hit with the contract offer! According to the NUFC Official website, he signed on the spot! (more…)

Chris Hughton for Norwich City? A Geordie View!

June 6th, 2012 | 46 Comments |

Chris Hughton - Norwich bound?
Norwich bound?
Today’s Independent newspaper is reporting that Chris Hughton is in talks with Norwich about their managerial vacancy, following the defection of Paul Lambert to Aston Villa.

At one stage it was thought that Chris was in the running for the West Bromwich Albion job, but that all cooled down and it looks like Norwich could now be his destination.

This could be a really good move for Chris, who has once again proven himself to be a good manager by taking Birmingham to last season’s playoffs on a shoestring budget due to limited resources. Birmingham’s financial problems are well known, and Norwich must be a better opportunity for him. And of course, the catering is better at Norwich given that Delia Smith makes all the pies personally, erm allegedly! ;-) He would also be taking over a good, competent squad left behind by one of the English Premier League’s up and coming managers. And to be fair, he currently fits into that category comfortably himself.

Birmingham City released a club statement this morning which read: (more…)

On the Transfer Front – The Latest Mischief and Speculation

June 5th, 2012 | 51 Comments |

Papiss Cissé.
"I Want To Stay"
First the good news – Papiss Demba Cisse wants to stay at Newcastle United for “many years”. And what’s more, that news is actually backed up with direct quotes from the player speaking to Sky Sports. So this isn’t “a source close to the player” or “a source close to the club”, this is Cisse himself, on the record, saying he wants to stay.

He told Sky Sports:

“I am very happy in Newcastle and I want to stay there for many years.”

“We were close to a Champions League position so next season hopefully we will qualify for that and everyone will taste the Champions League.”

“I am looking forward to next season.”

This news is particularly heartening given the recent press speculation that clubs like moneybags Manchester City are apparently keen on stealing our star forward. A bid might still come in of course, and it might be of sufficient size to tempt the United “Board” to cash in. But it’s always a good start if the player himself wants to stay and is happy here. (more…)

Ashley for England!

June 4th, 2012 | 25 Comments |

Now that the Newcastle Evening Chronicle has had it’s “Mike Ashley is a lovable cuddly owner and doesn’t eat babies after all” week, and everybody swallowed it (aye right!) I suppose it’s safe to have the odd Mike Ashley story on this venerable blog? Woah! Who hoyed that rotten tomato??

Mikey’s company, S_____ D_____ (hereafter referred to as “SD” or there’ll be lines all over the place!) is reported by The Scotsman to be in the hunt to buy the Umbro brand – wot makes the kit for the Ingerland team. The brand is currently owned by US Company, Nike (the one with the big “tick”), who bought it for £285M in 2008.

Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but I would have thought that any brand associated with Ingerland would have to be carefully marketed. Y’know, the same way they do with the footy team, tell everybody it’s top notch when really it’s crap. It’s amazing how many people swallow that rubbish every time a big tournament comes along LOL! But if anybody can market the brand, Mikey can. Luckily, Umbro is also associated with other, more notable (and successful) organisations like Glasgow Rangers, Livingston, Manchester City and the mighty Republic of Ireland – the best national team in the British Isles, but then I’m biased! (more…)