Grayson “furious” and “fuming” with Beckford for premature Toon outburst?

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Grayson: "Furious" and "fuming" say the Mail.
Grayson: "Furious" and "fuming" say the Mail.
Yesterday, claimed that 26 year old Toon hitman target, Jermaine Beckford, had “exclusively” revealed to them that:

“I’m off to Newcastle United.”

Beckford, 26, whose profile has soared since jabbing in an FA Cup goal to knock the mighty Manchester United out of the FA Cup, has allegedly been the subject of much horsetrading as Leeds United chairman, Ken Bates, seeks to raise as much money as he possibly can for the soon out of contract assassin, with Newcastle United seeming to be his most ardent suitors. Bates and Leeds will also have to divvy out a significant proportion of the agreed fee to Beckford’s previous club, Isthsmian League colossus, Wealdstone FC.

The situation has also been complicated, and the profile of the story raised further by Beckford announcing he had handed in a transfer request, with the Daily Mail helpfully using two of their favourite words, “furious” and “fuming” to describe Grayson’s state of mind on both indiscretions.

Now, in the Mail (I know, but it is supoosed to be a direct quote), Leeds United supremo, Simon Grayson is quoted as saying on Beckford’s outburst:

“It’s not ideal that it’s come out. We didn’t want to make it public knowledge because we didn’t want any disruptions.”

Meanwhile, on the bid situation, the price has been said to be hovering around the £1.5 – 2 million area.

There will, no doubt, be more developments from both camps in the fullness of time.

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99 Responses

  1. well wat can i say…a good player..needs some pace and strengt..i dont know wht nufc plan wid the youngsters frank wife,benhag,donaldson,goodsmark even ranger…i personaly want nufc to sign e.lavers…wht evr his name he playes at napoli..25 talented we have been linked wid him…but beck well a good one but not for epl..cause he playes in “LEAUGE 1”.i have tryed to tell nufc fans …why dont nufc sign playes that are known and have been linked to big clubs…we missed berbatov,woodgate, even some dud from sevil who is a he is a star but old…does any one know wht the hell nufc is planing on youngsters other than giving them a chance on reserve which have been a sham this season…

  2. “Im off to Newcastle United”

    Dont count your chickens jermaine, its ashley were talking about here he could change his mind….he often does!!!

  3. The Mail article claims that Grayson is furious over the fact that his camp leaked the information that he’d handed in a transfer request. I thought it was the papers that revealed said info?..god knows whats going on. The circus continues!

  4. Things can change quick in football, andy cole’s i’m going no where springs to mind.

  5. Ross, how do you think the papers found out about the information? Someone must have leaked it to them. I’m not a big fan of all this childish behaviour trying to force a move, it’s kinda reminding me of N’Zogbia leaving last year.

  6. @ Ross, Your right there!!

    For once id like us to sign a player where everything will be done quick and straight forward!! IF we do manager to sign beckford I bet it wont be done till around the 20th of the month and I can guess that he will be one of if not the only signing we make!!!

  7. Weres that batty cunt says:
    January 7, 2010 at 8:29 pmWeres that batty c**t who never had a job the f**king hobo
    <<<< komfort u tw@t :lol:

  8. Weres that batty c@nt says:
    January 7, 2010 at 8:29 pmWeres that batty c@nt who never had a job the f@cking hobo

  9. well if we get beckford i think he could do a decent job in the prem but we need too get a decent winger in summer to supply the crosses hes our new number 9

  10. SJT hahaha

    Has geremi not gone yet? id buy him a sleazy jet flight and make him a packed lunch!!

  11. They reckon he needs ten chances to score 1…at the minute we create 2 chances per game or something :)
    Prolific !

  12. sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 9:19 am
    Just want this one in the bag…sounds promising fingers crossed.

    You are footballs equivilent to the chameleon.

  13. I don’t know why Grayson would be so angry, everybody already knew about it so it doesn’t really matter.

  14. I think it’s just the media blowing stuff out of proportion Evar,the player wants to leave,Leeds could do with a bit of cash and we need someone to score goals.

  15. It’s friday! Isn’t friday when we do our business? Last transfer window i’m sure we we’re always going to sign somebody next friday, then next friday, then the friday after that, blah blah blah.

  16. Day 8 in the january transfer window…tension is mounting as….Nothing happens!!

    with Big Brother being cancelled anybody think they should start a new show up, based behind the scenes at Newcastle…. during the transfer window it be like when theyre all a kip….nothing happening!!

  17. Day 8 in the Big Brother Hoose…10.09 Mike Ashley,Owl heed are still snortin Troy Stavers Toot after an All Nighter at Shindig.

    Mike “Oi Owl Heed are you gonna pick up the phone and ring Jermaine”
    Owl Heed “Nah said I would give him a Bell on the 1st of Feb Mike”
    Mike “1st of Feb! he will be off to another club by then Owl Heed”
    Owl Heed “I know Boss…just following orders”.

  18. batty , it’s an imposter…..nowt to do with me m8 , anyway i know youv’e got a job – selling quality goods wherever your not being moved on from.

  19. Haha.

    The only transfers NUFC are working on are those of Simpson and Harewood. Ashley’s motto is:

    If ya can’t loan em, ne bother.

  20. Has anyone got access to Sky sports to keep updated on any transfer news?? My works blocked it and

  21. Chris Houghton must be busy…on the official site he is “reflecting” on the reading postponement…come on Chris pull ya finger out and sign some players. :)

  22. The Beckford thing reminds me of Gazza.
    I was in Walkers nightclub on a wednesday night back in the day and Gazza was playing the grand piano badly downstairs like Les Dawson but more pissed and he was saying he was “Off to Liverpool”.

  23. Hughton is happy with the squad –

    Apparently he wants to bring in 4 players – possibly three of those will be the loans we’ve had recently.


    “I would like to have the same numbers for the second half of the season,”

    “But where we are at the moment, I am very very happy with the squad. I do not feel I need to add an awful lot.”

    “I think the strength of where we are at the moment is that we have been able to stay a tight knit group. So far we have been fortunate with injuries.”

    Is he winding me up? Doesn’t the fact that he recognises we’ve been fortunate, scare him shitless?
    Isn’t that exactly why we need more players?

    Without spitting out my dummy, is that not yet another early justification for non-activity this month?

    Ah feck knas – ppfffttt

  24. Reading between the lines…I think they will huff and puff and make up a load of spin…I expect little money to be spent on the 1st team.
    Chris seems very easily pleased and is grateful for the job of his dreams.

  25. Additionally, Mr Hughton has said that if we don’t get the supposed targets then it’s “Not disastrous”…. and admitted that the situation’s out of his hands.

    That’s what I really admire of the current junta – no ambition or willingness to commpromise on anything!

    Cue Stardust for the pro-Ashley line?

  26. lesh says:
    January 8, 2010 at 10:53 am

    I have to admit the rhetoric is the same as is was under Keegan and Kinnear.

    Right players,happy with the current squad and won’t be held to ransom.

    Under normal circumstances I think that it would be right but I would hope that a massive effort is being made to get them right players.

    I do understand peoples worries as we have been here before in the last 2 yrs.

  27. The trick is don’t hold your breath during transfer windows as you will probably be a goner by the time feb comes along.

    If we got Beckford and the 2 loans back I would be pretty dissapointed…every window is the same and aI see no reason for it to change.

    Don’t see us getting promoted either if we don’t strengthen,we are cool in defence but attacking and creativity is something I would address if I was Mike and Chris,clean sheets are all well and good but if we can’t get up the other side of the pitch and bang goals in it defeats the object.

  28. SJT cheers for checking SS for me bud,

    I honestly think it would just be about vieira going to city….talk about veterans going for one final payday…he must be chortling his ass off is theyre gonna pay him the stated £130k per week!!

  29. Lesh – I think Stuart at 44 summed it up perfectly.

    On the Beckford negotiations alone – Ken Bates is one of the canniest negotiators going. It was never going to be easy to get him.

    Kilgallon – personally I couldnt care less. Young Kadar is a good player.

    I understand your sense of being underwhelmed and the frustration of not knowing. But in all seriousness I dont expect a great deal of activity – 2 signings max and a couple of loans.

    I cant see us signing that creative Mid we need either – but the formula we have has worked so far – maybe wait until the summer for quality additions.

  30. Stardust the formula is not working so far-we are not winning enough matches and most of the ones we have won have not been very convincing.

    With some pace and more goals we would stroll back into the premiership…but Mike’s way is do everything on the cheap,gamble with a bag of peanuts and it is not working.

    No worries Eyeball :)

  31. Id want to see some activity aswell but….id prefer beckford in now to give him time to gel with the squad but id be happy with loans until the end of the season.

    only coz any players we could get in now arent really going to be premiership quality…but hey ive been wrong in the past!!

  32. Stardust-maybe wait until the summer for quality additions.

    Which summer Stardust? 2020?

  33. Eyeball…Mike will have to spend a fortune in the summer if we are promoted…he will probably just keep the £60m and get a few more loans in.

  34. sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 11:24 am

    I cannot deny that, otherwise we wouldn’t have got relegated.

    But what other formula can we use? If we don’t have the cash we don’t have it!

    sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 11:26 am

    In my opinion Ashley will sell up if we get promoted as he knows we will need a huge investment and I just don’t see him investing anymore than he has. I think he’s already spent more than he had intended to in the 3rd year of his ownership.

  35. morning lads,well sirjasontoon and myself broke news on site about bexford looks like the fat c—,has kicked us in the stones again,agree with you sirjasontoon must have a a midd with bit of guile,ashley knows what the word means,hes a artist sick of big punt upfield

  36. Every day now the club will spin nonsense about how great the group is,Smith is looking sharp,Barton Fighting Fit (pun intended),Carroll on the Goal trail,Ranger “My Time has Come’,Kazenga “Faster than Lightning”Houghton “Pleads with Butt to sign new 5 year Deal”,Smith-‘My drought will end soon” Blah Blah Blah…zzzzzzzzz…stretch..YAWN.

  37. 48 sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 11:24 am
    Stardust the formula is not working so far-we are not winning enough matches and most of the ones we have won have not been very convincing.

    I dont mean to be picky here sjt but arent we top of the league?

  38. Baggies and Forest game on tonight. Lets hope for a bore-draw.

    On the thread, I hope Beckford is not as trumped up as he is beginning to sound? Does anyone know what he’s actually like as a bloke? Bling King (Zog, Dyer etc) or model professional?

  39. all this fuss over a 2 million rated player eh, how the mighty have fallen, well done greenback n co

  40. I still dont see why we havent raided arsenal for a couple of their young stars!!

    I think ashley will be waiting till the summer to put the club on the market, hoping the world cup inspires some arabian oil barons to buy a football club!!

    hahaa hopefully more man city than pompey…i thought there was no way an owner could make a club more than a laughing stock than ashley….congrats pompey on a job well done!!

  41. SJT

    “Stardust the formula is not working so far-we are not winning enough matches and most of the ones we have won have not been very convincing.”

    Top of the league – we are doing perfectly well in this league so far. Only time will tell if the decisions made were right or wrong, but so far you can not argue against the form of the team. We are best in the division by a considerable distance so far.

  42. I agree with Stardust in a sense. If we are top of the leage then the current system is obviously working, however its monotonous and I think we may eventually be sussed by our opponents. Hughton doesn’t seem to be the ultimate tactician that could change things to improve us against different opposition.

    I do think we need to add something different to our team just to give us that extra edge, but whether we do it or not remains to be seen.

    Fingers crossed lads!!

  43. Andy Carroll ‘can handle the rough treatment’ ChronicleLive – Newcastle United 12:22
    Lovenkrands keen to re-ignite Toon’s title tilt ChronicleLive – Newcastle United 12:22
    Ameobi: NUFC won’t repeat collapse of 1996 ChronicleLive – Newcastle United 12:22
    Hughton happy to keep watch on West Brom ChronicleLive – Newcastle United 12:22

    The spin has started to try and distract us as usual.

  44. Stardust..the lead at the top is slipping..are you blind?
    When was the last time we beat a team convincingly? Ipswich?

  45. “Council recognises the special place of Newcastle United in our local community and the feeling of supporters for the name “St James’ Park”.

    “Council believes that it is important a stable future for the club is established as soon as possible.

    A stable future under Mike Ashley Haha having a giraffe !!

    Good comments from the council they got the stadium name mixed up though isn’t it ??

  46. Davey we have already been sussed out…defend for 80mins do a bit of aimless attacking..prerferably as slow as possible so the fans don’t miss a move.

    The TV has stopped doing slow motion replays of our attacks cos they are in slow motion anyway :)

  47. sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    IMO teams have had a good look at us now and are coming up with ways of playing against us.

    At home in particular teams are just sitting back and relying on our lack of creativity and hitting us on the break.

    Away teams seem to have realised that were not as brilliant at the back as our record suggests. When teams have a go at us we do look a bit nervy ie Sheff Wed.

    I just don’t think this current squad will see the next half of the season through the same way it has the first half.

  48. Never mind dealing with rought treatment on the pitch, Carroll will do time from the rumours I’ve heard.

  49. Agreed Stu…Mike is pulling a similar stunt to the last window…all huff and no puff.
    Watch all the spin I mentioned earlier-got back in before looked on newsnow and the same old waffle that Keegan had to do during his last window.

  50. BBM – its disgusting that a councillor with no knowledge of business, raising finance or the implications of such a scheme tries a popularist load of crap. Its disgusting.

  51. Looks like it has already started.. Hughton talking about Carroll… Ameobi and Lovenkrands both coming out today and talking the talk! We’ve heard of of this before!

    Also how much would we get for winning the champ along with promotion and the sky tv money? Surely that is worth spending ten million or so now!

  52. I knew the spin would happen..I went out at 1130 came back 1230 and low and behold the spin had started…Keegan done exactly the same and I remember pointing it out on Ed’s old blog.

    Watch there will be loads of interviews,Chris bigging up every player individually,battle cry’s….all a total distraction.

  53. Stardust-I think when the City’s local councillor has to speak out at the destruction of a great football club by some cockney barrow boys it certainly does get alarm bells ringing.

    This security,hope,strong foundations crap you keep spouting is only visible to you and a couple of others…my dad a proud geordie has supported newcastle since he was 6 and is now 61 and he has not hated or mistrusted an owner in all that time more than your Pal Mike.

  54. sirjasontoon says:
    January 8, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    “Stardust-I think when the City’s local councillor has to speak out at the destruction of a great football club by some cockney barrow boys it certainly does get alarm bells ringing.”

    Yes, about a complete abuse of power by a local councillor, Sir Jason.

  55. Yep SJT – and you dad obviously stood by and happily watched the Halls and Shepherds remove every penny of our futures from the club too.

    I apologise for taking sides with the man who has put in almost 300mn to NUFC over the band of that creeps took all of the money.

    Observant fella your dad.

  56. I can’t help feeling that some comments on here are by people who are in denial.
    Denial that we aren’t a premier league team anymore.
    Denial that the players we have are not premier league standard.
    Denial that we cannot attract players to our club becuase we are in the championship.
    Denial that players like Beckford are exactly the types of players we can attract and should be signing up.

    Stop living in 1996 and accept that we are a good championship level team, pushing for promotion.
    Did you really think we would go all season undefeated?
    Change your perceptions of where we are at and you might actually start and enjoy supporting NUFC instead of moaning at EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DISCREPANCY.
    We are going to lose more games, no doubt. But we will also win many more.
    Not long ago people were saying on here, 1st or 2nd it doesn’t matter as we still go up. It seems a little bit of competitiveness has started creeping into the fan base, which is good. So, yes, we aren’t 10 points clear any more, so what? We are still top. If we go up in 2nd by one goal I’d bee happy. Obviously I’d be happier if we went up as champs, but it’s the same result, isn’t it?

  57. Well said Micky Toon.

    SJT what is it like to live in your negative world? I don’t think I have ever read anything positive written by you. People get a grip and take some chill pills, you will have worked yourselves into a right frenzy by the end of January getting into this state already.

    To the comments regarding Newcastle City Council – they are a complete disgrace and I agree with Worky they are completley abusing their power. They need to learn more about it then they will realise that fan ownership schemes have been around in the UK for quite sometime with pretty disasterous results – typical councillors talk a load of bull. Stick to focusing on keeping the paths and roads clear.

  58. geordie deb says:
    January 8, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I think they’ve turned their attention to NUST as their bot particularly good at keeping paths and roads clear!

  59. deb, you are being a bit hard on sjt, i have been a supporter since 1967, i try to remian positive but struggle at the moment. It doesnt help when we are promised this that and the other without delivery.
    If they have nowt to say then shut up, instead they have again built our fragile hopes up with prospective signings at the beginning of the window which so far have failed to materialise.
    At least in the McGarry days, we knew where we stood and are hopes were not built up.
    As the window drags on, we will all be at each others throats but a couple of decent signings will invoke a ceasefire, we all want the club to progress but the current owner has a lot to do to convince most of us that he is on our side.

  60. bigbadbob

    I understand what you are saying, but the transfer windown only opened 8 days ago, we are just over a quarter of the way through and everything is doom and gloom or hysterics because we haven’t signed a 3rd division petulant 26yr old striker, who may or may not do a job for us. Unfortunately SJT has long form in jumping with glee on anything remotely neative to do with the club. Definetley a glass always empty kind of person. Just becomes a bit monotonous

  61. Agree with BBB its a case of fragile confidence when ever the transfer window comes round, was listening to the legends driving back from work last bloke said with ashley you always wait for the sucker punch coming in, ie buying nolan but selling milner. I keep thinking ok lets get some players in but what Mike ashley is thinking is beyond me!

  62. bigbadbob says:
    January 8, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    “If they have nowt to say then shut up,”

    …and be constantly berated for “poor communication” by the fans.

  63. why would anyone call Beckford promising? He’s 26 and never played above the 3rd division. He might do a decent job in the championship, but he were really all that he’d have already been in the prem by name. He’s no spring chicken.

  64. Micky Toon & Deb.
    Yeah sure ok, we are doing better than most would have expected and yes a bit of optomism as opposed to constant whining is fine.
    However we must also face reality.
    What do I mean ?
    Do you recall the time we were challenging for silverware in Europe, with a team assembled by Sir Bobby, a team unafraid of anyone and in the top 5 .
    Now compare those teams to where we are to-day, not only that, look at the quality of those we are attempting to sign.
    Face it regardless how to-gether the team is, without the horses we are going nowhere, certainly not in the PL.
    So money has to be spent, whether it`s to ensure we make it to the PL or to be competetive if we get there and to survive.
    There`s really no excuse as the funds generated from PL membership can help buy you some decent players.
    Truth is every fan is now a fiscal conservative worrying more about funds than the quality of those we sign.
    How did that happen ?

  65. Guys, read a lot of these comments but lets be realistic. It is 2010 and we can not afford to live in the past. A few facts:-
    We are top of the Championship
    We are scoring goals(albeit we have not performed well over the last few games we are still unbeaten in those few games)
    We have no money and neither has anyone else, except Man City. Even Abramovich has not really had his wallet out for a while and before anyone comments I know they have a transfer ban.
    Clubs are going into administration and I think Portsmouth in Premier League is the tip of the iceberg
    I do not like Ashley but at least he has not put us in administration.
    We were relegated last season.
    Whilst lest we not forget Sir Bobby, those seasons were a few years ago and we have been in decline for the last few years.
    It was Shepherd who appointed Souness and Alardyce and it was those appointments who signed money grabbing tosspots who had no heart and got us relegated in the first instance.
    We were a laughing stock and easy meat for the newspapers long before Ashley came to the club and he just added to it.

    On the plus side:-
    We are top of the Championship
    We are not conceding many goals
    We are not in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons
    We are in the newspapers for the way us fans have pulled together to support the club
    We have the highest attendance ever in the Championship and the only team who will beat that will be us
    Our finances appear to slowly becoming sorted out
    Our young players are being given a chance and the likes of Carroll and Ranger are showing glimpses that they may just make it in the future

    As far as spending money, what money. I can not believe I am defending Ashley, my skin is crawling, but I think us football fans forget one thing. We put our money into the football club, bad management throughout the whole premier league not just at Newcastle, has spent that money and then took out credit to buy further players. Credit eventually has to be repaid and if all the clubs had taken a hard line with the dillusional demands of players wages, then they would not be in the debt they are in. If Ashley had not bought the club, then I dread to think where we would be now under Shepherd because he is the one who really created the debt and I do not think he would have had a clue how to service it.

  66. you sell him to wigan. easy done. and then in turn they will probably sell him to sunderland.

    thought he retired that tinnitus branble anyway.

    wrong blog if you want to come here and whinge about the mackems im afraid

    and yes i agree hearing and eyesight were a problem of his.
    he cant hear the word NO! could score an own goal for 100 yards.
    and personaly he probably has sh=t smaell and taste how hes been spending time up the road in that hell hole.