Brest on Roux: There has been no proposal

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Newcastle United's alleged interest in Nolan Roux dampens.
No contact
It seems that despite a lot of excitement centred around Newcastle United’s alleged interest in Nolan Roux, no contact has been made with either his current club or his agent.

Whatever you think about some of Joey Barton’s previous behaviour – and some of it was atrocious – it’s hard to deny that he was very effective on the pitch. What we could do with then is a decent incoming transfer to help us get over his exit. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as if such a transfer is coming in the shape of Nolan Roux.

There were a flurry of reports from the French media last week suggesting that we might be interested in the 23 year-old Brest striker, but Corentin Martins – Brest’s Sports Director – simply said this in relation to any alleged offers from Newcastle:

There has been no proposal.

Roux’s agent is also apparently unaware of any interest from either Newcastle or FC Schalke 04, who were apparently after Roux last season and are thought to be his preferred club.

Nolan Roux’s contract contains an €8m (£7m) release clause. If an interested club bids the amount of the release clause, the player’s current club cannot block any transfer, although the player would obviously have to want to move to the bidding club and personal terms would still need to be agreed. A player can be sold for less than the amount specified in his release clause but only at the club’s discretion and the player (or his agent) cannot be contacted without the club’s approval.

Release clauses seem quite popular on the continent – Thierry Henri’s release clause at Barcelona was notably set at €125m – but they’re hardly used in England.

Anyway, back to Roux. Whilst this comment from Corentin Martins doesn’t mean we’re not interested in the player, it does play down a lot of the rumours that were coming out of France last week.

I can see our search for a striker going down to the wire and then us ending up with Carlton Cole!

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22 Responses

  1. We WILL get a striker in in time, wether or not he’ll be effective is another matter, there simply isn’t the talent out there at the moment in my opinion.

  2. The worry is injuries, season after season we have 1 of the biggest injury lists going, any across defence or upfront and we r in bother

  3. typical we dont even have an offer in regardless…. this shower of muppets we have in charge havent a clue nearly nine months now since jusdas and we still havent got a qualty striker… Ba is utter shite how he netted 8 times(i think) for west ham is beyond me he,s useless.. nowadays if you want a qualty striker you have to spend this crap were linked with just wont cut it in the premier league

  4. @ Phisix

    Carlton Cole? Nah, we won’t even get him.

    We will be lucky if he signs but FATSHLEY wont spend and he,s crap too

  5. I agree with Belly,there is no decent strikers anywhere in any division in any country on any planet on any solar system so let’s jog on without one.

  6. The good thing about us taking our time and spending wisely in the transfer market is that we will have funds to spend in January if needs be, which is a huge positive.

  7. yeah thats a massive positive isnt it…. because all the best deals happen in january dont they?

    and say for example youre in the bottom 3 and desperate for a striker, that should make it really easier to attract someone shouldnt it…?!?!


  8. Belly – the January window is a waste of time.
    Clubs don’t let decent players go then or if they do they hike up the price.
    Either way we wouldn’t get them

  9. @ Belly

    Sorry mate but thats a load of B*ll*x.. we will need to spend in jan if we dont sign a PROVEN striker i dont care where he comes from but we need someone in and quick BA has been crap, Best will waste chances time and time again, shola is shola and lovenkrands is championship qualty.. We should have more than enough in the bank to make a proper bid for a bloody striker, as everyone knows we got 35 million for Judas surley we can make a bid of say 20 million for say Sturedge we would still be up 15 million and he would have a sell on value if and when he performs … utter b*ll*x talking about Jan already we need players !!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I can’t wait for 1st Sept! I’m sick to death of getting up inthe morning and reading that this player is not moving to Newcastle or there has been no contact, or our offer is well below the asking price, or we are being reported or we are selling another key player! At this rate I fully expect to see Bridge on loan and Carlton Cole if we are lucky!

  11. not getting a decent striker will be the “tipping” point for many supporters, including me – we have had six months to find one, dozens of promises & proposals and 100s of demands to sort it out

    it is no use NUFC being an efficient club if we have an inadequate team! we are not a small club with limited support & traditions – but if we put young average players on the park each week we will become one!

    we will fall down (and eventualy out of) the table and get reduced position payments and smaller crowds – resulting in cost cutting and player sales every year.

    OK there will be a hard core (every club has one) possibly as high as 25-30,000, but if this keeps up I can see the marginal support (around 20,000) becoming alienated & frustrated and drifting away – the spark is over due and has to be put back now or it will be too late

    broken promises and misleading club statements can only result in disalusionment


  12. Magpie4ever says: “I can’t wait for 1st Sept! I’m sick to death of getting up inthe morning and reading that this player is not moving to Newcastle or there has been no contact.”

    Bah, you think you have it tough. I have to write the bloody things!

  13. not having a match on saturday realy brings the frustration out of supporters – I hate it

  14. Hugh@14…call in special agent Toonsy, he seems pretty good at this sort of thing, he’ll help you out… ;-)

  15. @10 the thing is fool is that we are not in a million years going to bid £20mil for sturridge. Dream on! The money is getting re-invested in building a whole new team not blasting it on one player! Who do you think we are?? Man City?! The point that I made right at the beginning is that there just isn’t the quality of strikers at the moment. Who knows we my even get Erdinć in the January window for even less than we 1st bid when he realises that he won’t get a chance at PSG. Its about building for the future not just this season.

  16. @10
    Unproven players arrive in the prem every year and do fantastically well. Tiote springs to mind.

  17. Belly there are loads of strikers about, it’s just a question of getting “value for money”, cos the prices, especially for strikers, has gone ballistic… And wor lot are trying to do things on the cheap.

    At the end of the day, loads of good strikers arrived on the cheap, heck Marseille pick up Drogba for 3 million before selling him to Chewlsea for 26 mill…..