Wigan interest in Routledge. How about N’Zogbia the other way?

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Alleged Wigan interest in Newcastle's Wayne Routledge.
Rumours abound that Wigan may be interested in Newcastle United winger Wayne Routledge. Could some sort of swap involving N’Zogbia be in the offing?

The Sun is rumouring that Wigan might be preparing a £2.5m bid for Wayne Routledge to replace Charles’ N’Zogbia if he leaves the club as expected. N’Zogbia has in fact not gone to Austria for pre-season yodelling practise along with the rest of the Wigan squad, thus creating some sort of expectation that his transfer out of Wigan is perhaps close.

Apparently a £9m bid for N’Zogbia by Villa was rejected by Wigan recently.

Maybe Ashley will quote a ‘special price’ of £5m for Routledge for non-Champions League contenders, rather like Wigan allegedly did for us when we first showed some interest in The Zog!

Rumours tend to snowball, so of course this particular one has resurrected our interest in N’Zogbia and plays to the idea of some sort of swap deal being arranged.

Personally I think that, even if we took £2.5m off the N’Zogbia’s price and gave Routledge to Wigan instead, it might still be seen as too expensive for another midfielder given that, presumably, some money will need to be kept back for a striker of some sort. I suppose there’s always the possibility that Ben Arfa could be used as a striker and another midfielder could be recruited in his place, although I tend to think we want to recruit an out-and-out striker as a priority.

Geordie opinion is somewhat divided over The Zog with some who would welcome the addition of his talents on the back of the good record he had last season, while others think he’s a petulant risk who is mercenary in his approach to a transfer and has no particular interest in Newcastle. I certainly tend to think he can show petulance when things don’t go his way, but as to the ‘mercenary’ allegations, I think we have to be aware that players’ agents play games that might not reflect a player’s personal opinions.

N’Zogbia of course allegedly refused to play under Kinnear after his ‘insomnia’ comment and, whilst I can understand he might have felt insulted, I’m not keen on players refusing to play over things like that. Yes, put in a transfer request or whatever but get on with the job you’re paid to do until you move. If I didn’t work following every insult I’d never have stayed in a job for longer than five minutes!

So that sort of thing does make me cautious of re-signing N’Zogbia, although I recognise his talents and that he has banged in a lot of goals for Wigan considering he plays midfield.

Usual disclaimers apply to this post – it’s all press speculation and rumour and we’ll only really know what’s happening with both Routledge and The Zog when they sign on the dotted line.

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25 Responses

  1. Not gonna happen, AP has already clearly stated we will NOT be in for Nzogbia, although he has lied in the past I actually believe him this time! Shame as I think charlie would be a great signing! Along with erdinc then I will be happy with this window

  2. Why are we leaving everything to the last minute again????? I can see whats going to happen here, Nzogbia wont come to us because Ashley wont pay, Enrique will leave a week before the window shuts and we wont get a replacement and any bids we have for a striker will fail and leave us short in defence and attack. Then of course we will have an injury crisis and will be scrapping near the bottom half of the table all season. It such a shame because i had really high hopes after the 1st 3 signings but if we dont get 2 strikers or atleast 1 and dont keep hold of key players were going to be in for another hard survival mission. I love the Toon and will always follow and support them but some times its so hard with a chairman who doesnt care about the Geordie people. Please get more signings starting with N’zogbia.

  3. He only lies when he talks about players incomming that need to be paid for, if players are free then it’s possable that we might get them. any player that has a fee attached to them is either a lie or we have already arranged for one of our players to leave for about the same money

  4. Last minute? I thought there was at least a month before the window closes…plus we have already signed 4 players. Hardly leaving everything to the last minute. No one has bid for Enrique soooo should if we try and actively get rid of him as that will means his price drops by a couple of mill. Not good business at all.

  5. last minute? there’s a month to go and it’s more likely players will refuse to sign as they will no doubt be waiting till last minute to see if they get a better offer elsewhere

  6. Not going to happen plain and simple im getting used to nufc being linked to players with no outcome its getting stupid really… Ashley is nothing but a bloody twat sooner he goes the better he is bleeding the club dry!

  7. Paul @ 4
    Sorry to pull you up on your post mate, but he only lies when he’s awake.

  8. The deals if any will be done last minute, because that’s the gambling nature of Ashley. Who blinks first regarding Jose, Zog…Ashley, Whelan, the player himself…?…I’m sure these deals aren’t always as straight forward as they seem, and rightly so when we’re talking about 10 million+ investments…

    By the way, why NOT wait until “the last minute” ?

  9. @10 By the way, why NOT wait until “the last minute” ?

    Because if we do wait it will be the same old story “oo we thought we had him in the bag or the player couldnt agree terms or he chooses to sign for someone else” get the players signed nice an early that way its over and done with plain and simple

  10. GD…we have gotten players signed up nice and early. Obviously the other players are proving more difficult otherwise Jose would be toast and Zog and Erdinc would all be on the move by now. Hence the last minute shinnanigens…

    Have you ever considered that it may be the players fault that the signings haven’t been made, and NOT the clubs ? There again we will never find out the truth…the doom mongers blame the club, the wide eyed optimists just accept it and carry on supporting the club…

  11. take the money for routledge but DON”T get the Zog back.he’ll bring nothing but trouble and an inflated ego to our team.he can sod off to one of them newly promoted saps,we won’t fall for the same shit twice

  12. well newcastles American tour fast becoming a nightmare hey players not having visa permitted into the country injuries and now the pitch surface for today’s game thou can take positives players getting a real workout under the heat couple of goals and good performances will take into the first game of the season :)

  13. Charles N’zogbia is a good young player who i believe would like a return to St. Jameses Park, however the likelyhood is it wont be in black and white stripes.
    A bid of £10m. plus £7.5 for Erdinc and possibly another £4 to £6m. for a decent Enrique replacement and as time passes Enriques price reduces directly.
    To bring in the three mentioned players, would make this side a pretty formidable group.
    But nah ! aint gonna happen!
    Why ?
    Obviously there’s little to differenciate between ashleys retailing business and NUFC, with the prime objective profit, I mean what happened to the £35m.?
    There will be monies spent, but only enough to build a side that can avoid relegation, therefore a mid league side, the Everton of the North East (without the decent manager)

  14. “Wigan want Routledge as a replacement for N’Zogbia”, what? Now I’ve always rated Routledge as a player and it seems so do Wigan (and Martinez, he is still their manager isn’t he?)
    Perhaps Pardew should hang onto him (and LuaLua) for a while and take another look at both of them.

    N’Zogbia appears to be throwing his teddy out of the pram as he did with us to get his “dream” move. I’d love to have him back as a player but I think his attitude stinks and would be wary of his future conduct.

  15. The reason we aquired the 4 players mentioned so early is,in my opinion,simple.
    Marvaux,Ba and Abied cost nothing so Ashley did,nt have to put his hand in his considerably deep pockets.
    Cabeye was bought with the Nolan money.
    Im not at all optimistic about any money getting spent to bolster our attacking options bcos Cashley wont part with a penny.
    I think there will be some activity on deadline day,but,unfortunately it will be outbound,just like it has in the last FOUR deadline days,leaving the manager no time to buy replacements.
    Ashley knows exactly what he is doing,and in my opinion its to the detriment of the club.

  16. Seems all we hear about is the more glamorous midfield and forwards, when our present need is to have a solid defensive back four, with backup.

    Simpson, probably the most improved player over the last season is solidifying his position as the choice RB and any suggestion that Raylor could replace hom is ludicrous.
    In fact Raylor, Williamson and Perch,are all questionable as to being PL quality IMO of course.

    Both Colo. and Saylor are pretty solid and we got some goals from them in set pieces last season, with again IMO Saylor beginning to show that earlier promise.

    But there’s no real backup (no not Willo please)
    However apparently Bassong is available,getting only seven starts at Spurs last season.

    Yeah i know there are those who take it personally when a player leaves the club, but the guys a solid defender and can play accross the back four.

    But just wishfull thinking on my part.

    Then there’s Enrique, who it seems has burned his bridges with an adamant attitude of wanting to join a Champions league side.

    Apparently no one is rushing in to sign him, perhaps he should re-evaluate his abilities or again clubs are waiting to see what he would go for come the end of the window, as they know Ashley wont let him go as a free agent next summer.

    So there’s Izaguirre at Celtic who we could get for Forster plus cash, or M’Bengue who if we raise our bid a bit more we could get.

    A part trade for both Best and Forster could also work as interest in Best has been shown from Celtic also.
    But IMO we should give Best an opportunity to see what he can do.
    But our defense is looking a bit shakey and short on backups of quality, Raylor, Perch and Willo, no thanks!

  17. Phisix…we didn’t miss out on Gervinho, he didn’t want to come. A bit like Gameiro and perhaps Edinc.

  18. Guys i think gervinho wanted champions league football so we were never really in the running

    Im also now starting to think we will not bring in a striker until we loose at least 2-3 from the wage bill ie ranger Xsco and Best?

    How i see it Pardew will manage the front line by having only one upfront as the target/holding centre forward (Ba Shola and Best) then you will have the second striker in HBA (with Lovenkrnds and Maveraux as cover) so i reckon we wont bring any one in as on paper we have it covered in reality of course i think its a bad idea if this is the clubs policy!

  19. MM,
    how mate,
    you’re wasting ya’ time trying to talk some of the theorists round man.

    Proper sensible ideas you’re putting forward though mate.
    ‘On ya’!

  20. Clint…yallright bud…

    Thanks mate….sometimes the constant “negativity” gets on me nerves. Though yesterdays result was food for the doom merchants…the panic button is being pressed big time by some fans…