Sturridge on loan rumour – is it a good idea anyway?

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Newcastle United in Sturridge loan rumour
Should we loan him?
Rumours abound that Newcastle United might be looking to take Daniel Sturridge on loan for the season to plug the gaps in the forward line.

After having shunned the prospect of a permanent move for Daniel Sturridge when confronted with a possible £20m price tag, Newcastle are allegedly looking to take the player on a season long from Chelsea.

It’s a very tenuous ‘allegedly’ in this case as the story comes from the Sunday Sun. Furthermore, their headline uses the word ‘swoop’ and that immediately raises my hackles and puts me in a negative frame of mind for any story that follows.

The Sun alleges – presumably plucked out of thin air as there are no quotes and Deep Throat seems to be on holiday – that we have money in the kitty for a striker but that Pardew will need to sell to fund further purchases, which has limited our ability to land one of three Continental targets being considered. I don’t really know what to make of that – does it mean the Continental strikers we’re pursuing are outside the budget? I dunno.

Whilst they’re on a rumour-mongering run this morning, The Sunday Sun also suggests we might be interested in Manchester United’s 20 year-old winger-cum-striker Danny Welbeck, who scored 6 goals in 26 games whilst on loan the mackems last season. Once again it’s a rumour without any substantial evidence that I can see and, anyway, I’m not sure what he offers us above and beyond the likes of Leon Best who is allegedly no longer wanted by the club. Youth maybe? Although Best is only 24.

Going back to Sturridge, I must admit I’m not keen on the idea of loaning a player unless it’s with a strong intent to buy the player at the end of the loan period. A plain old loan just seems like short-termism to me I don’t think it’s the way to build a team for future success. Then again, beggars can’t be choosers and maybe the financial situation might force some sort of loan on us as a matter of necessity to ensure we don’t leave ourselves short in terms of striking prowess.

I see player loans a bit like some of the contractors we used to hire when I was working in the IT mainstream. You teach them all about the systems, they install and maintain loads of stuff and then they clear off with all the knowledge about the systems they’ve been working on leaving you with nothing. That’s fine for a short-term, emergency situation where you need someone fast but it does little for the long-term development of the company.

Anyway, it might all just be made up garbage by the Sun anyway.

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38 Responses

  1. We will not get him because I will not splash the cash. After all I am a tight miserable fat cockney bast@rd. A loan? Hmm… Maybe… NOT!

  2. if we do have him on loan and bags us the goals,gives us a good position in the table end of season a good bit of businesses as a plug in.Buy a new striker for the following season or better sign him from the loan deal of course i could be dreaming!

  3. The problem is that fat mike will have his 200 million loan back by making profit in the transfer window, and by taking the sky and season thicket money out of the club to get his failed investment back. We buy cheap, and then sell our best players without proper replacement. His only goal is to survive in the PL with a small and cheap squad before he sells the club. Thats why a loan is appealing, and why the AC money never will be reinveted in the squad.

  4. We should sign shane long, he knows how to find the back of the net and will put in 110% every game.

  5. Ashley is telling pardue he must sell before making any purchases. What the hell is going on down their? I think Pardew knows what he wants and given the backing he will bring the right sort of player in. I was at Darlington on friday night and was impressed with the way the team are shaping up. However, Guthrie is injures and Ferguson and we had a depleted squad towards the end of last season. Sort yourself out Ashley give the manager the moiney to do the job and I`m sure he will not disappoint. Looking forward to the new season amazing how you miss the football and everything that goes with it.

  6. I agree with signing shane long. He scored 25 goals last season in a smaller squad and when you think back to when we were in the championship our top scorer got 19 and is now an England international and a proven premier top scorer. Given the right support and determination shane could be fantastic. I wouldn’t give him number 9 shirt though. A player really has to prove himself to earn that shirt. Give him number 17 regardless if smith leaves or not I’m just worried sturridges demands will be too high and I think we should get shane nice and early before he potentially becomes an established premier player for another club with huge price tag and everything. As for the tiote to Chelsea situation it’s crap cause I’ve seen from Chelsea saying that one of there players are more than capable for covering essien

  7. The problem with mike is that he’s a fat c**t and money in his bank is more appealing then taking his club to the next level.

    I’d be surprised if we see anyone else at St james. I think we’ve finished signing players and now its time for excuses.

  8. I think the ‘Pardew must sell before he buys line’ is just complete bollocks designed to stir up the fans. No quotes and no evidence. The fact that we are currently bidding upwards of 7.5 mill would suggest we are in the market. If we want someone for 20 mill, young or not, they will be on a big wage and it may be if we want to bring in someone of that price we need to sell. I would try and go for Sturridge and Pat Van the left back for a combined fee of 20 mill….or 10 mill and Jose for the two of them…which is more likely. We get a decent replacement for Jose and a potentially great striker and we get to see Jose sit on the bench behind Cole, and Jose gets his champions league club. I would think the ‘massive’ contract we have said we have offered Jose would cover most if not all of the wages of two young guns who could really improve the team.

    On a side note I think we pushes most peoples buttons is that whenever we hear of another team spending 20 mill on someone etc, it is 20 mill for the trnsfer not 30 mill because they were signed for 20 and their wages will cost another 10 over the length of their contract. It’s like we are speaking a different language.

  9. DeFoe is on ridiculous money, and has peaked anyway.
    Sturridge is about to get there over the next 2 or 3 seasons.
    A season long loan with a view to permanent – yes.
    But as expected the Carroll money ISN’T going to be spent.
    No, I like most other NUFC fans DON’T believe the money is all taken on wages and agents.
    Convenient excuse.

  10. Fcuking sick of people saying Sturridge will cost 20m,that figure was in the Express 2wks ago and SSN mentioned it as a quote from the Express on their transfer news bit and now everyone thinks he will cost 20m,i posted a link for an article from the sun on here a few weeks back that basically was slagging Chelsea off for buying players expensive and selling them cheap,SWP,Parker,Cole,Shevchenko,the list goes on.He will not cost us 20m

  11. “the problem with mike is that he’s a fat c**t”,mark i think he already knows that lol.right lets nip this in the bud,”MIKE ASHLEY IS NOT A COCKNEY”,he’s from bucks,it must have been a windy day for the sound of “bow bells”,to carry that far.

  12. Trogan, good lad. I was just going to comment on that ‘Cockney’ thing.

    Really boils my piss reading people slam someone because they are from the south.

    And like you say, he aint a Cockney!!!! It’s like a Geordie being called Scottish. Being from the South don’t make him a twat, he could be from anywhere and still succeed at being one.

  13. jimbob,i wonder what true cockney’s think,when they have mike ashley lumped in with them?.

  14. jimbob,it’s an insult to cockney’s,if i was from east london,i would be devastated to have ashley as one of our own lol.
    as for sturridge on loan?yes i would take him on loan.
    if it was my money,there’s no way i would pay a transfer fee for him,at this time.yes the lad has potential,and he ripped up trees for bolton last term.i watched him during the euro u 21 championship,and i have to say,very disappointed in him.he didn’t look like the same player,now whether that was with a long prem season etc,it’s possible,and the rest of the team didn’t perform well.danny welbeck looked of the pace also,after a good season for the mackems.worth a punt on a loan,with a view to buy at a later date,but there’s no way i would pay 20 mill for him.

  15. You saw him in the U21’s tournament but he often played out of position and far too deep, something to do with Pearce I would think ?

    He’s not the finished article but if we’re strapped for cash :( he’s the best fit for this club for a season long loan. Otherwise it’ll be Best or Shola vying for the front man role with the knock kneed Ba :)

  16. I agree with Trojan, I don’t see why people are wetting themselves over Sturridge. Firstly if he is so good then Chelski aint going to sell him for a variety of reason. Secondly I resent the idea that we are a training team for their good youngsters, that idea really gets up my nose. We got plenty of our own to bring on. The only appeal that getting him on loan for me would be to play him against the leg-breaker teams to preserve our own players!!

    As for Jose, widely discussed on previous threads, he does seem to be on the way out so I wouldn’t play him in any more games. Perhaps experiment a bit with the like of Kadar and Perch until we do sign a proper replacement, you never know they might be able to do a proper job in that position. I can’t help feeling that their are a loads of decent left sided defenders in many of the the foreign leagues, Belgian, Dutch, French etc. who would jump at the chance of joining us. Surely our esteemed scouting resources must have seen some?

  17. Kadar’s injured G O-T if you note on the right hand side, hamstring apparently, and Perch I wouldnt trust in either full back position tbh.

    I’m not wetting myself about Sturridge but he is as good as we’ll get if we have no money to buy a top class striker and by “top class” I dont mean Erdinc :(

  18. Grumpy, Sturridge is class, he should be a player we are going all out to get, in the old days we would have broken the bank to get him. He is exactly the type of player we need. Proven PL striker with an immense strike rate, what more can you ask for?

    I’m not sure why people are so down on him. Even if Ashley was free with the cash we wouldn’t be able to get anyone truly world class as they will always end up at Barca, Real Madrid, Man U, Chelsea, etc..,etc..

    I would be very, very happy if I had to settle for someone of Sturridges stature.

  19. This is bullshit, ashley & c**ts aren’t going 2 get any1 else,, they put little rumours bout decent players, so we get off there bks, then nothing happens & they,ll cum oot with the usual sh*te , we tried but just couldn’t get there blah blah, its fkn heart breaking 2 watch & read wats happening 2 our club, don’t get me wrong if I’m wrong IL run doon scotchy rd bollock naked ?? But I think I’m pretty safe

  20. mickytoon,i’m not down on sturridge,i just wouldn’t want the club to spend loads of money on him.saying that i think we’re safe on that score,cannot see billy bunter putting his hand in his pocket,to the tune of 20 million.
    looking at things another way,has mike ashley dropped a clanger,by selling carroll for all that wedge?.the market now for young british players is taking the slash,has ashley knacked any plans for buying young british talent in the future?.

  21. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 17, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    “MIKE ASHLEY IS NOT A COCKNEY”,he’s from bucks,it must have been a windy day for the sound of “bow bells”,to carry that far.”

    Aye Trojan, he was brought up around there, but he was actually born in Walsall which is even further from the bells of Cheapside.

  22. that’s right worky,i remember seeing it somewhere,i hope they dont sing”YOU FAT BRUMMIE B*****D,GET OUT OF OUR CLUB”,lol.

  23. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 17, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    “that’s right worky,i remember seeing it somewhere”

    Most places, including his Wiki entry, say that he was born in Burnham in Bucks, but this is incorrect.

  24. It was reported on the NUFC official site last week that Kadar is all fixed & looking to make his mark.

  25. TROJAN 69 says:

    “mickytoon,i’m not down on sturridge,i just wouldn’t want the club to spend loads of money on him”

    How likely is it that this club would spend loads of money on anyone Trojan ? It aint gonna happen and the £35m is now history and we all need to get used to that.

    However if AVB decides Sturridge is worth keeping but doesnt have room in his striking department for the likes of Aguerro, Torres, Anelka, Drogba and Uncle Tom Cobley ect etc then he’s right for us on several levels.

    1. He’s young with pace and would fit the lone striker role preferred by Pardwho.
    2. He’s ambitious and wants to play at the top level (dont they all) so has everything to prove.
    3. He’s demonstrated, playing in a mid table mediocre team, he can get goals.

    The alternative, so it would appear, is for us to sell Barton, Best, Enrique, Perch, Smith and Ranger so we can buy Shane Long :(

  26. There is no way the toon will buy Sturridge outright cos he’s overpriced (if 20 mill can be believed).

    A loan deal would work imo.

    In years gone bye, players tended to be loaned or borrowed from clubs when someone got injured, and even then the loaned players tended to be fringe players who weren’t getting a game regularly. Nowadays, because of the size of some clubs squads, good players, who would and could play for other clubs cannot get a game…i.e. Sturridge at Chelsea. I sse nowt wrong with borrowing a player WITHOUT a clause to buy inserted. Don’t necessarily think we are helping out rival clubs either. Get the lad in for one year, he will improve the team, then we’ll see what next yar brings. Way to go imo…ffs half the makkem team were rent boys last season, sever al of whom have been returned to there parent clubs or just disappeared elsewhere…

  27. Munich Mag says:
    July 17, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    “There is no way the toon will buy Sturridge outright cos he’s overpriced (if 20 mill can be believed).

    A loan deal would work imo.”

    Have Chelsea even mentioned once that they would sell him though Munich? They ain’t Blackpool or Birmingham and the one thing they need in the midst of new regulations for clubs is very talented home grown players rather than yet more fancy foreign imports.

    I think you’re right that a loan would be the only thing that would work, because I suspect that a loan would be the only thing that any club might get, though anything can happen in football and I may be wrong.

  28. Interestingly although people say Sturridge had a poor competition in Denmark he was named by the UEFA Technical Team as part of the 23 best players. Smalling and Kyle Walker were the only other English players chosen.

    My mate Xherdan Shaqiri was one of five Swiss players selected. Why we havent bid for this boy is a mystery to me. Oh wait we’ve got a skinflint owner now I remember why :(