Non-news about Mevlüt Erdinç and real news about a 3-2 win over Utrecht

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Newcastle United bid for Erding accepted?
Non-news IMHO
News about a bid for Mevlüt Erdinç may not in fact be news and Pedro’s boys get a result in Holland.

I’m a bit confused. News is doing the rounds that Newcastle have had a £6.5m bid for Mevlüt Erdinç accepted and that Alan Pardew was informed about the situation in the States.

I thought we’d already had a bid accepted by PSG anyway and that it was just the personal terms where things were being held up, so that bit saying that Alan Pardew was informed about matters threw me as that made it sound like a new thing.

The French press – which, rightly or wrongly, I tend to see as more reliable in terms of truth than our own – has nothing new to offer in relation to our potential interest in Erdinç and is only quoting the rumours in our own newspapers here and there.

I’m therefore of the opinion that this is a bit of a non-story. What I mean to say is that I’m pretty sure we are indeed pursuing Erdinç’s signature but that nothing has changed to prompt the ‘news’ appearing in the Sunday press.

On another subject entirely, whilst our game against Orlando resulted in a disappointing 1-0 defeat (see Thump’s excellent match report), our ‘bad boys’ (as far as the US visa authorities are concerned) did somewhat better in Holland.

This was the line-up for the game against Utrecht:

Ole Soderberg; Michael Richardson, Jeff Henderson, Mike Williamson (C), Yven Moyo; Brad Inman, Greg McDermott, Ryan Donaldson; Sammy Ameobi, Phil Airey, Joan Edmundsson.

Subs: Aiden Grant, Paul Dummett, Joey Barton, Wayne Routledge, Xisco, Nile Ranger.

Despite going 2-0 down, we came back and won 3-2, with goals from Joey Barton, Michael Richardson and Ryan Donaldson.

Pedro was pleased with the way it turned out and said:

It was very unjust for us to be 2-0 down because from the first minute to the last minute they were outstanding, they really were.

Not everything is perfect in pre-season but the attitude was sensational. We pressed them high in their half, caused them problems and thoroughly deserved to win.

It was a really good game. The Dutch play good football, we knew that, and Utrecht won the Dutch Reserve league last year so we knew they’d be decent.

At 2-0 down we almost felt like we’d had the dirty done on us because they didn’t deserve to be two goals up.

But the character to come back from 2-0 down with less than half an hour to go was brilliant. And in the end, it was going to be four or five rather that 3-3.

It’s two-in-two on this tour for Joey and two-in-two for Ryan, who has done very well.

I thought Michael Richardson was really good. Right-backs sometimes score from set-plays but for him to end up, in an attacking move, right in the centre of the box was great.

And it was very clever play from Phil Airey, who played the pass to him.

Jeff (Henderson) was really good alongside Willo, Yven was outstanding and Sammy Ameobi for an hour was really, really good.

But everybody was outstanding and it was one of the best performances in my short time – 14 months or so – that I’ve seen from us.

The effort to get the ball back, the commitment – it was outstanding.

Sounds like Pedro’s having a better time of things than Pardew!

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23 Responses

  1. Pardew dosen’t know his arse from his elbow never mind who we are signing, I ll be shocked if we spend money on a striker, I’m even more shocked we aren’t linked with the Argentine striker pimping himself round Premier Leafue teams (Swansea and Blackburn) as he is free with no club – sorry can’t remember his name

  2. None of them could lie straight in bed. Won’t believe anything till it’s in the bag.

  3. Pedro could be first team manager one day-he has a great footballing brain and knows his stuff-hes a really intelligent lad aswell-nickname in the eighties was ceefax as he knows everything and more-aswell as everything about any sport-test him out-its frightening! Having said that, no manager will or can do much under this lot’s constraints-wish Mike would sell us to some wealthy bloke who will spend whats required to push on-whilst i agree with some of the new approach-you need to spend to strengthen-its a long season and we will get injurys- We need 2 goalpoacher’s like Long and Berbatov-aswell as better defenders-and a better keeper-has to be some good keepers abroad better than Krul and Harps-keepers are dirt cheap!-Strengthen or sell Mike-fans pay for tickets and love the club-taking their families for decades to be conned and watch us leak goals and throw away 3-0 wins isnt what we wana see!

  4. aye Witters….the positives are only one injury this time round, and that was to Ryan Taylor, but that can be taken as a positive imo…cos the bloke is gash…

  5. MM…one injury is good news! ;-)

    Interestingly I heard that Danny Simpson flew hone cos his missus was having their baby…how come he’s in the US of A and Williamson is in holland?


  6. Surely would have been more worrying if we’d won 5-0? Then the glass half-empty lot could have revelled in saying – “Now Ashley and Pards will be saying we don’t need more players / new strikers”!!

  7. pre-season friendly…Hull 3 Liverpool 0. Now THAT is a great result !…one for the doom mongers…!

  8. Witters @ 6

    Simpson flew home because his baby girl was born 6 weeks early. Good of the club to let him come straight home to be at the birth.

  9. Didn’t see Cabaye mentioned?

    I wouldn’t get too fussed about the Orlando result, nor if I was a LPool fan, the Hull one.

    I said before the game the result was meaningless, also it’s nothing like our starting team for the season will probably be, so even the performance aint that relevent.

    Don’t forget Leyton Orient, we went on to have a brilliant season and please don’t anyone say it was only the championship, it was still bl**dy good.

    On a completely different note, does anyone know owt about the Buckingham Palace Geordie, mentioned by QI?

  10. summerof69 says:
    July 24, 2011 at 10:24 am

    “He must be good if we are this determined to get him.”

    If we were that determined to get him, surely we would have got him by now 69? ;-)

  11. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 24, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    “On a completely different note, does anyone know owt about the Buckingham Palace Geordie, mentioned by QI?”

    Aye Grumpy, I’m a big ‘QI’ fan.

    Tunnels underneath

    There are secret tunnels under the streets of London connecting Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, and the Houses of Parliament.

    The Queen Mother once explored the lower levels with King George VI. In the basement they found a man whom neither of them had ever met before. He wasn’t employed in the palace, but “a friend of a friend” who had been living there for some time.

    The Queen Mother recalled he was “a Geordie” and “very courteous”.

  12. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but apparently Man U are after……Barton!!!

  13. Micky Toon says:
    July 24, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    “Don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but apparently Man U are after……Barton!!!”

    Aye Micky, based on the word of some journalist with some silly season copy to write.

  14. Agree with that Worky. Taggart and Barton are a match made in hell. He’s just not their type of player at all.

  15. Joey Bartoon – Legend :) (see what I did there :))

    When you look at the crap on the pitch yesterday you kinda wonder why Pardwho isnt nailing all his colours to JB’s mast because he needs him like he needs air to breathe next season !

    If JB does go I sincerely hope the phuckwit cockney is not far behind !!!

  16. BTW Thump well done for putting that report together so quickly after the event !

    I would have waited 24 hours before filing my report, in the hope that I could dig out some positives, but I’d still have incorporated “dismal” in the headline somewhere :(

  17. Defender Dummett Heading Stateside !

    Just buy a fecking LB Fatman and stop pissing about.

    We all know Jose’s on his way and the Gooners will probably try to leave it until the last minute to bid for him. So take the fecking bull by the horns and get our man in so we cant be taken for a ride at the last minute and whoever it is gets a chance to bed himself in before the real stuff starts.

  18. Haha no bother, Andy. I was half asleep when I was writing it mate. I was going to leave it until the morning but Lord Worky had given me orders and I figured it gave me some time for an egg sarnie ;D

  19. I hope Dummett going stateside is just a precaution due to the injury sustained by Enrique but I can’t help but think that Enrique will go at the end of the transfer window with this lad filling in for the season. Hopefully I’m wrong and we can get someone like Van Aanholt in on a permanent deal