Marveaux clarifies his ‘first choice’ statement.

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...or was it?
Newcastle was not my first choice.
After yesterdays comments, Chateau Nouveau Unifie’s new signing Sylvain Marveaux, came out today in hopes of setting straight some things that may very well have been taken out of context, or as a not-so-wise man once said (I won’t name any names because workyticket deserves his privacy) – simply got lost in translation.

Yesterday he spoke exclusively to nufcTV and perhaps made an enemy of himself with some fans by claiming that Newcastle United was not his first choice of club. He also said a rather cryptic comment regarding meeting either the club or Hatem Ben Arfa at Clairefontaine without ever really specifying who this conversation was with – maybe it all happened in his head or maybe the conversation was planted in his subconscious while dreaming. We shall never know, sadly.

If truth be told, I was happy for the honesty he displayed. A lot of players read from a script and past players comments and it all gets a bit boring after a while. Hearing about how they were childhood fans and slept in their Fairs Cup replica shirt as a child that they bought from Toff’s during the families annual pilgrimage to St. James Park to worship Joe Harvey only sounds genuine to the ill of mind.

Speaking to France Football – which I think is the Evening Chronicle’s new name – he had this to say:

“Indeed, I was very close to joining Liverpool. People knew I was a free agent and I didn’t want to extend at Rennes but in January, Newcastle were the very first to contact me. Then, there was Liverpool, and I gave them my consent but I never stated it was already done with the Reds.”

“Then, last Thursday and Friday, there were some changes and I made the decision to sign at Newcastle.”

“The medical at Liverpool went off smoothly, I am fit to play and perfectly healthy. Actually, things already established had to be negotiated again.”

“So I decided to change my mind and sign with Newcastle, who never gave up. It was not a second choice.”

“That club has big impact in England, with a wonderful stadium and amazing fans. The club also has a lot of ambition.”

I know, I had a quiet giggle at ‘ambition’ too.

In seriousness, I’m in a fairly cynical mood today and just can’t shake this nagging feeling that this was forced by the backroom staff after realising that the reaction to his comments would probably be less than ecstatic.

Regardless of whether we were first, second, third or even his last choice all that matter is that he’s wearing the black and white and will, undoubtedly do the business for us and at the end of the day that is all that matters. The simple fact of it is: he did chose us.

Viennent sur ​​nos garçons!

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44 Responses

  1. I could be wrong but im sure I read these comments before the nufc tv interview came out, so in theory he isnt setting any record straight to clear up a misinterpretation?

    Many footballers have made a gaff in saying a club isnt there first choice, and in his case it is obvious he wanted to join Liverpool.

    I think the main issue people have is how blatant he stated it, on nufc tv. Its not like he goofed in a french newspaper.

    Whatever though, he is ours now, lets see how he does…

  2. Oh good. I was talking to a lad earlier who genuinely believed that we should pay off his contract and let him go on a free because of what he said. In fact, he’s what inspired the ‘script’ paragraph.

  3. Dunno mate, it popped up in RSS feeds for me and the articles were today. Maybe it is regurgitated, who knows with todays press?

  4. Thump, this is from a few days ago I am sure but I agree that some people are taking abit too far.

    Personally it doesnt bother me, the only thing that has bothered me regarding interviews with Newcastle is Alan Pardew’s inability to hold his tongue in matters that clearly have nothing to do with him.

  5. Speaking of the press and regurgatation, talksport are reporting today that we are ‘day’s away’ from signing Mevlut Erdinc.

    They have used quotes from Pardew a couple of weeks ago.

  6. I reckon Sturridge would be the best possible (semi-realistic) signing we could make. Just Hope chelsea’s new boss doesnt like him…but being a meticulous studier of players, creating DVD dossiers on all opposition – i’m sure he’ll spot Sturridges quailities and not sell….at best, maybe Loan him out.

    Either would eclipse Ba and potential Edring in my book.

  7. Quite correct, he shouldn’t have to walk back his statement. If we were his first choice he wouldn’t have done a medical at Liverpool.

  8. Well that’s the thing, Jay. He says Newcastle was the first choice here but then says that he’s been talking to the club for 6 months? Just doesn’t sit right.

    Either way, he’s here and he’s ours.

  9. Important thing is, NUFC knew the status. if he behaves like thorough professional then i have no Qualms

  10. I like his attitude and his eagerness to prove himself, in fact, i wrote a poem the other night that i hope will help him:

    Howay! Howay!
    Captain Marvellous –

    Bring us Silky Football that keeps us awake at night, And press the Ball for a future Bright,
    Cast off your marker with Blinding pace,
    Sow your passes in fine French lace,
    Delve into the box you fine French Stallion,
    Wear your heart, as if Medallion.
    For when the day cometh brother,
    And you score That goal,
    Those that hold dear, will stand to cheer:
    Marveaux! Marveaux! Marveaux!

  11. C’mon guys ! does anyone really give a shit who was first second or third choice, leave it be.
    The fact is he’s here, a NUFC player and apparently a skillful one to boot.

    He ( apparently speaks english well) was’nt your average kiss the badge signing, stating he wants to get a shot at playing for the French national side and in order to do that has to put on a decent showing for NUFC.

    And it appears the recent number of French players being signed has causd a certain attraction, for others to join them.

    It’s been said Charles N’Zogbia likes what he sees and would’nt be adverse to a return (as long as Joe Kinnear is’nt in Ashleys Plans)and i would like to see him in black and white again, always thought he was a good young talent, that got played out of position and generally screwed around when he was here.

    What i’m saying here is i was in favor of the original French revolution and this one too, we could when finished, have gone from a not that good(twelfth place is about right)a side to one that is pretty competitive, perhaps top six, definately in the top ten, lets see!

    I rate this as the equivelent to the KK, SBR, rebuilding efforts that got us to challenging for the league title.

    What i’m not happy about is the guy who has to mold these players into a side that is tactically sound, as we know most french players are technicall good.

    Perhaps being Hiddink could be left out in the cold, with neither the Chewsea or Turkey job, could he possibly be tempted to Tyneside ?

    Thats only if Ashley figures out he cant do it alone and is willing to give hiddink a free rein, cause i just can’t see Pardew getting it done and we all know Hiddink is no yes man.

    What the hell Ashley go the “Full Monte” and get yourself a championship.

  12. Milner says:
    June 23, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    “I like his attitude and his eagerness to prove himself, in fact, i wrote a poem the other night that i hope will help him:”

    Have you done one for Whey Aye Cabaye yet Milner?

  13. He has openly come out and told the truth, unlike others saying we were their first choice or we are better. He says he is happy to be here so I believe him on that.

  14. I don’t care what choice we were. He’s here now and if he does a good job on the pitch for us then that’s fine by me.

    It’s a bit like if the Minogue sisters popped round for a night of debauchery and told me I was their second choice. I’d live with it.

  15. Of course we were first choice. Liverpool were never a serious threat.

    S M was nervous about not passing the medical with us first time and therefore the risk of not playing for the Toon his boyhood favourites.

    He therefore had a dummy run with a dummy club just to get some practice in so as to improve his chances when he took the real medical a short while later at NUFC.

    Simples really.

  16. Worky @18: just found this written on the back of a pair of French lace panties…my french lace panties.

    Cabaye, Cabaye,
    Joined an army,
    And waved France Goodbye.

    The North welcomed with open arms,
    The countryside filled with honest charms,
    And the spirit and fight of every Geordie man,
    Laid forth the follwing plan:

    Play exciting, dear boy,
    And attack with pleasure,
    Stroke the ball to Tiote,
    And combine at leisure.
    Score a Goal when you roam,
    And forever call,
    St.James’ home.

    Cabaye! Cabaye!
    Joined a club,
    And waved France Goodbye,
    Then scored 18 goals,
    And made the fans cry:


  17. Gives him enough time to get used to the PL before we first play Liverfool, then looking forward to him out playing them! :D

  18. I forgive him.
    Silly thing to say and stupid for the club to put that on the website.

  19. This should prove an opportunity for the singing section, to come up with Chants with a French vibe.
    We will see how clever they can be ?
    Perhaps we can have a competition on the blog, i’m sure our Foreign Legion would be impressed on hearing the crowd’s franglaise rendition of chant’s to traditional French songs.
    Unfortunately most chants lose somethimg in the translation
    (the rhymeing) “un Charles N’Zogbia, seulement un Charles N’Zogbia, un Charles N’Zogbia” does’nt come out quite the same.
    How bout, “S’avancer Nouvelle-Chateau” Nah !

  20. What fuggin singing section.
    It has been systematically disbanded by the club.
    Dont bother complaining when there’s little atmosphere next season.

    I dont see what diff it makes what his 1st choice was.
    Its where his signature goes that counts.
    Personally I think he has seen the light at the last minute, and has sold his soul to the French revolution on the Tyne :lol:

    Perhaps he had seeds of doubt over liverpoo sown by HBA and co. I couldn’t give a sh!t.
    He’s a Geordie now bottom line.
    Show him the luv and make him feel at home.
    A bit of entente cordiale and all that.

  21. Beardsleys Boots says:
    June 23, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    “What fuggin singing section.
    It has been systematically disbanded by the club.”

    Because they kept singing a rather uncomplimentry song about Mike Ashley.

  22. Who gives a flying fck who he wanted to join first? Would anyone blame him for choosing Liverpool over us at the minute?

  23. First choice, 51st choice? So what!
    The fact is, he’s here, nicked from our scouse friends’ smarmy paws!

  24. If anyone should be upset by Marveaux signing for the Toon, it should be the Liverpool fans for missing out on a great player.

  25. It’s ya’ duty to sing at the game where ever ya’ sit!

    Bollox to segregation!


  26. he uttered the words not first choice but in response to a question about joining the french revolution, i think he meant joining other french players was not first choice (main reson) for joing the club

  27. that’s based on me actually listening to the interview, he was asked about liverpool after and said he had nothing to say about liverpool

  28. irish_al says:
    June 23, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    “that’s based on me actually listening to the interview,”

    Irish, ‘Thump’ transcribed the whole interview on here. This was the bit:

    RS: “How important is it to have people like Hatem [Ben Arfa], fellow Frenchman Yohan Cabaye – a bit of a French revolution! How important is it to have them here to help you settle in?”

    SM: “First of all, it was not my first choice but now I’m very happy to be here with Hatem and Yohan because I know [Yohan] very well so we can speak French so the adaptation is good!”

  29. It’s the Newcastle way to split the atom over splitting the atom, based on hearsay & gossip.

  30. I’m sure John Beresford failed a medical at Liverpool many years ago and we stepped in and signed him, so we wern’t his first choice – don’t think many people can question his commitment or value to us can they?

  31. Chris Houghton has told peeps to expect an exodus of Birm players: leaving me to wonder if we should/could be going in for defenders Dann and Johnson, or keeper Ben Foster?

    Meanwhile, NUFC has rejected Celtic’s 1.5m bid for FrazerF. and claim he’s not for sale. If it’s not a bargaining move, then hopefully he’ll be around next season and can make a step into the 2nd choice role – leaving me to wonder if KRUL CAN REALLY STAY?? – his clean sheet record is abysmal –

    I’d have been happy if we got Schmichael’s son, but that boat has passed unfortunately.

    Harper 1st choice for all next season?

  32. im kinda with you on the gk position milner, dont think krull is all that, made a few blunders that cost us goals last season. have only read about forster, nd see thats a split decision as well, lol. i would stick with harper as no1, krull/forster as cup keeper