Toon injury woes self-inflicted?

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Not enough help, or not helping himself?
Not enough help, or not helping himself?
Given the size of the current squad, Newcastle United can ill-afford any casualties in the coming weeks, and supporters are waiting with bated breath for signs of recruitments, just in case. But it seems like for now, either our fortunes have changed or the way our players are being looked after has, because injuries have been relatively few and the complications limited, in comparison to recent years. Or is it more to do with players and their attitudes?

Last season we had important players with long lay-offs and niggling reoccurring injuries that hampered their contribution to the cause, and ultimately that played a big part in things going pear-shaped. But the injury jinx has been around longer than just last season, at a club that has seen more than it’s fair share of injury nightmares.

Of course one of those players who suffered badly from injury during his spell at St James’ was Irish international full-back, Stephen Carr who never transferred the promise he showed before signing for us. Possibly much of that was due to his in ability to stay fit and command a regular place. Despite a relatively low fee for his services, seventy-eight appearances in nearly three seasons was not a good return and he never looked fit enough to be a Premiership full-back.

However, he wasn’t the only one to suffer from injuries, and there were particularly specific injuries that a number of players seemed to suffer from including tendonitis and hamstring injuries. Fans questioned the training methods and the quality of the facilities available. Even when Sam Allardyce turned up with his forward-thinking and scientific approach, we still suffered badly. And Carr has gone on record to say that it wasn’t necessarily the players who were the problem.

“It was stop-start. Every year I had an injury.”

“They were silly injuries that took a long time to diagnose and then I was out longer than I should be. And the last year, when I pulled my hamstring four times, summed it up.”

“Basically it was a case of people not looking after you properly. Unfortunately you’re the one that looks like you’re injury-prone but the rehab was shocking. That’s the bottom line.”

Carr retired in December 2008, but was prised out of retirement over a year later and is now resurrecting his career at Birmingham City where he’s impressed with both his form and fitness, and playing an important role in the Premiership’s surprise package this season. Carr has actually started every game but one so far:

“This is the fittest I’ve felt for a long time and I don’t see why I can’t play for a lot more years,”

“I really love it here.”

I was never very impressed with Carr, not just because he was a slouch and a shadow of the player we thought we were getting from Spurs, but also because of his niggly and cynical approach to the game. But perhaps that was down to his need to adjust, as a Premiership player clearly a long way from being fit enough’?

Either way, his words are fairly damning and echo the accusations of supporters and experts who suggested that the training methods, staff, facilities and environment were not conducive to keeping the standard of fitness required at such a high level. Not a lot has changed in recent years, and yet this season we have less injuries and less reoccurences.

So is that down to a subtle change of methods, staff or the way the players follow the instructions and their attitude to actually getting rehabilitated and getting back out on the park?

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164 Responses

  1. This was the only news worthy thing i could find today. Was gonna do something about it but bowburn beat me to it :(

    Ah well, another tinnie then.

  2. I’ll echo what batty said in the last thread. Injuries suddenly cleared up when the injured players had to stop late and do extra training under Shearer.

    What the squad may now lack in quality, is mad up by the fact the players want to play for us.

  3. this bloke is not worth a light – on more than one occasion i noticed he wasn’t putting it in on match day’s and was pleased to see the back of him , he was another signing with his best years behind him – if he ever had any good ones that is.

  4. It seems that common sense by Highton has kept our injuries to the lowest levels for many a season. After all, Graeme Souness was upset when a player wouldn’t play with a slight injury – but in retrospect the terrible injury record under Souness eventually cost him his job.
    You have to let the injuries heal and Chris has done very well this season in keeping the injuries to an absolute minimum – of course he needs to – because of our still paper thin squad. Still waiting for some signings …..

  5. I didn’t add that it’s ironic that when we’re crying out for creativity, our two main injuries at the minute are to arguably two of our more creative options, albeit Vuckic has only been on the periphery, I’m gutted he’s missed his chance to get involved and show us what he can do.

    Soz toons, out now so owt else you fancy doin knock yasel out.

    I think the Chronicle piece on the prospect of playing a strong FA Cup side is interesting and could mean a better chance of progressing. I think we’ll beat West Brom and take that advantage into the cup tie and before you know it, we’re in the 5th Round! ;)

  6. cornish – how’s your heavy gambling going ? are still chucking the odd fiver round like confetti.

  7. It is about time we got our injuries sorted as we have normally been one of the worst teams for injuries. So I hope it continues to get better with less and less as the season progress’s

  8. Isnt that we would have normal scouts to go n see the whole 6 games on today? and im sure he has his jan targets already

  9. dear me – if that comes in you’ll have to get a wheel barrow to pick your winnings up.

  10. Steven who? Oh i remember now, the little fat lazy poser being paid a fortune to waddle around the pitch trying to chase after wingers.
    Big premier star like Caldwell, Bowyer, Hughes, Dyer, Bramble, Edgar, Duff, Owen, none of whom took their chance at the Toon but managed to get an undeserved chance elsewhere and i for one wouldnt take any of them back either.

  11. Roy hope your not still getting fashbacks about nasty Tony.
    As for scouting we dont need to go to the match we can just as easily watch them on youtube :)

  12. Ed Harrison says:
    January 9, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    “It seems that common sense by Highton has kept our injuries to the lowest levels for many a season. After all, Graeme Souness was upset when a player wouldn’t play with a slight injury – but in retrospect the terrible injury record under Souness eventually cost him his job.
    You have to let the injuries heal and Chris has done very well this season in keeping the injuries to an absolute minimum – of course he needs to – because of our still paper thin squad. Still waiting for some signings …..”

    I agree completely Ed, though I would add that it’s the way he rotates players as well, and also the way he has used the loan signings to keep our permanent players fit and ready for the second half of the season. He’s a very good long term thinker, and that’s an important part of management in any field.

  13. by cornish you how to push the boat out mind – let’s have a party.

    big dave – all’s good thanks.

  14. bowburnmag says:
    January 9, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    “I didn’t add that it’s ironic that when we’re crying out for creativity, our two main injuries at the minute are to arguably two of our more creative options, albeit Vuckic has only been on the periphery”

    From the little I’ve seen of Vuckic, he looks like he could be absolutely superb. He just looks so ‘right’ when he’s on the ball. He has the qualities of a delicate, skilful mid, yet he’s built like a brick … too!

  15. cornish-magpie I have heard of him before but never seen him play ;)
    Worky I see where your coming from but the only thing I would say about the rotation is that we are not getting a chance to have a preferred striking partnership as we seem to start each game with a different striker or 2. I would love to see Lovenkrands getting a good run in the team.

  16. Big Dave says:
    January 9, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “I would love to see Lovenkrands getting a good run in the team.”

    I know what you mean, Dave. A fast ‘gun dog’ striker like him alongside one of our several ‘big lump’ centre forwards.

  17. Just out of interest apart from Beckford & Kilgallon it doesn’t seem as though we’re being linked to half as many players as usual for this time of year. Does anyone know of any other irons in the fire, seems to be very quiet on the Simpson front, can’t remember anything being said about what’s happening there. Also we are still massively short at LB & LM/LW.

    I for one don’t believe we will gain promotion without more cover as a minimum without a fair amount of luck on injuries for the next 5 months. With the draws against Derby & Plymouth some of the fear factor may have gone against playing us too. Would be a great time to really show the other teams in the division that we mean business by spending £2-3mil on a couple of players at least. Stardust, would like to hear your views on the possibility of this. Weighing up the financial sense of living by our means vs the old saying “speculate to accumulate”

  18. Worky exactly thats one of the reasons I dont want Beckford that and the fact that I think there is a chance that he could disrupt the bond our team has.

  19. scatter cash – surely you know stardust’s oppinion he post’s it here on a regular basis

  20. cornish-magpie tbh I dont think we will see much in this window as im sure MA will think we dont really need much ( apart from a few back up players incase of injuries ) to keep the push going in the 2nd half of the season. I do think if we get promoted MA will spend on a few prem players.

  21. I remember him saying something along the lines of expecting Ashley spending in the window to get us promoted, haven’t seen that happening as yet and I can’t really see it happening either

  22. cornish – I dont think we need to lavish out on players. Stardust is right when he says we dont need to buy players for the sake of it. What we do need as a minimum is to replace or renew the loans that we have lost or about to lose. The way i see it, we are fine for keepers.

    Defence – R.Taylor, S.Taylor, Colo, Enrique. Realistically i think Kadar is the only player we have that could come in and deputise and he can only play CB, or LB at a push. I didn’t include Simpson as he is not ‘ours’ so to speak, but if we can re-sign him on loan the i’d be happy with the defence.

    Midfield – Guthrie, Pancrate, Smith, Nolan, Butt, Barton, Jonas. Arguably we are fine here aswell, if lacking a little creativity. We have young Vuckic and Lua Lua who could cover if needs be but i wouldn’t want to rely on the latter for a length of time. Lovenkrands can also play left midfield should Jonas get injured.

    Attack – Carroll, Lovenkrands, Ameobi, Ranger. 4 strikers that could all start easily for us. The one problem i find is that its unbalanced, too many big lumps if you will. If we can nab Beckford then that would balance it out more but i also dont want Ranger to be held back in fulfilling his potential.

    Conclusion – 2-3 signings, the ones we had on loan would do and that should see us till the end of the season for minimal outlay.

  23. warmish – he’d like to see a signing or 2 & couple of loans in + a dinner date with big mike.

  24. I just think the players we would be able to get when promoted will be higher quality than what we would get now. So in some ways I would rather we hold on to as much money as we can for then and just pick up 1 or 2 cheapos for now

  25. Agreed Toonsy but we definitely need Simpson, Beckford + cover for the left and at best I can see us getting 2 of these, if Jonas/Enrique get injured for 3-4 weeks that’ll see WBA or Notts F really get some encouragement to catch us up.

    P.S. cancel the bacon & eggs Roy, my accy isn’t looking to good ;-(

  26. big dave @ 33 your assuming if we get promoted then money would be invested like it would at any normal club – sorry but it doesn’t work like that at this club.

    we’ve been getting shit on by chubby people for a very long time now & i dont see that changing anytime soon.

  27. I see Beckford is getting hassled from the Leeds fans. Apparently he has been non existant today aswell.

  28. who was it that said to look out for the Leeds line up today as Beckford wouldnt be starting? lol

  29. Johno Toon cheers ;) atlest someone agree’s lol. I am 100% sure the team we have is the best team in the CCC and will go on to win it. We are half way through the season we have had some shocking games and results, plus we have had to deal with injuries and we are still top of the league.

    Roy I have never been a MA fan but I do believe he will buy what we need to stay in the prem, as he has proven before that he will buy players Colo etc before the Keegan gate scandel.

  30. toonsy-sounds bad but he could just purposly be acting the prick. Manager supposidly unhappy, getting grief from his own fans so he’s not putting the effort in.

  31. I see Beckford got a bit of stick off the Leeds fans. Grayson got a bit by all acounts too for his lack lustre performance.

    Will this hasten his exit I wonder.

  32. BBM
    Nice hatchet job on Carr, How did you arrive at the fact he had a niggly & cynical approach to the game, know him personally perhaps ?
    Slouchy & a shadow of his formal self, dont know about slouchy but give you that was not the player he was at Spurs.
    Perhaps we can put that down to injury.
    While on the subject, perhaps he`s right, could be our physio dept. was sub par.
    It appears we probably missed more man games than any team in the PL through injuries.
    Could be a problem with training ground or pitch surfaces, but my bet would be the backroom care.

    Please enough with the slavish attitude to-wards Ed. Harrison every time he posts, unbecomming !

    2 or 3 players is it ?
    That`s going to make us competitive in the PL eh !
    What planet do you live on ?
    We got goalies O`K.
    We got Taylor, Colo.,Enrique and Kadar perhaps in defense.
    The midfield, we got Nolan & Joey, the rest are shit !
    Forwards, they are all crap, maybe Ranger for the future
    As the chant goes, we are shit and we know it, obviously some have`nt figured it out yet.
    Watching the Man. U. vs. Brum. game, Carr is having a pretty good game, same as all our ex players lately.
    Must be something in the water around Tyneside.

  33. Chuck we don’t need to sign any PL players till the end of the season, this window we just need cover for areas like left back, right back, right wing and maybe upfront, so loan signings would be a good idea.

  34. aye andy – let’s get promoted with other clubs players then send them back , spend £50m on new players & we can hit the road running next season – great idea.

  35. You’re a fcuking muppet mate honestly. What is the point in splashing out on players now when we can only attract championship level players? When we’re promoted we can buy better players who’ll keep us up.

    People calling out for a whole new team of amazing signings are deluded mugs.

  36. ok andy – keep your wig on , i bow to your superior knowledge – fcuking prick !

  37. chuck – I said 2-3 players to get us up. Whats the point in buying prem players (none of the decent ones will want to drop down a division) when we aren’t even guaranteed of getting promoted?

    What do you want, a team of world beaters now? It’s not going to happen. This we are Newcastle big team bollocks has to stop, the fact is we are a 2nd division team. Yes i’d like to see players in, but only what we need to get up. Whats the point in flooding the squad full of players that in May will be useless really if we go up? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get back up with minimal outlay?

    This relegation has set us back 16,17,18 years, back to the point before we went up with Keegan last time. The only differences now are the facts that we have the stadium and infrastructure in place already and the league above us is far far far more competitive.

  38. now now lads no dressing room fall-out,lets just have our own points thats what football is a about is it not

  39. picture this – we get promoted with 6 loaned players , mike being mike decides to put the club up for sale again @ the usual daft asking price of anything from £250 to £400 million ( so no new signings ) carnt sell so takes it off the market 3 hours before the transfer window shuts , no new signings & the loaned players have gone back to their clubs , what happens now ? – nowt coz that wouldn’t happen in a million years would it.

    just sharing a scary thought !

  40. Why can’t Newwcastle spot players say like Forest. How many of them players are household names outside their own homes. A lot of them looked youthful. Toon not since ozzie ardilles days have been brave enough to play youngsters.
    That proves there are players out there who won’t cost fortunes.

  41. ROY;anything is possable or impossable with ashley just suck it and see,its about we can do m8

  42. Roy – Aye, that is scary! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    From our past experience though its not that far fetched.

  43. PATSY;steve coppel done in EPL,some real diamonds from paddy land cork city ect,but one mans meat is another mans p—— if you get my drift

  44. Toonsy
    Premier league is a step up granted.
    I just don’t think it is as great as people make out.
    Look at birmingham this season how well they have done. Stoke and burnley if it came on the news we were signing any of their players we would be disappointed yet they can cut the mustard as a team that is organised and playing for each other. Which no way could describe us last season

  45. What are you guys a bunch of numbers crunchers, let the bean counters take care of the financial side.
    Unless you want this to be a blog for accountants, which it appears to be lately, more fecking fiscal conservatives than footy people, all worrying about Mikes feckin money.
    Fact is this side is not good enough to compete in the PL, which begs the question, what`s our owner going to do about it ?
    Sure we could probably get promoted, but unless we survive it`s a complete waste of time and money.
    I say probably , but there`s no guarantee, in which case to bring in a couple of PL quality players now, would probably cement it.
    Gaining access to the big bucks in the PL would allow us to further strengthen the side during the next window, giving us more chance to survive.
    Following that a conservative approach, replacing and improving the side perhaps a couple of players each season, may be the way to go.
    That combined with a continuation of the youth policy initiated a couple of years ago, now beginning to come to fruition with players like Kadar.
    But without a Dien type guy to organize the club, at the top level or at least someone who has experience in the business, it will never happen.
    As long as Ashley and Llambias think they can run this side(blind leading the blind)we will be a mediocre side and badly run club.

  46. I agree bring in quality.
    I am also saying that there are players out there who needn’t cost a fortune. We have signed too many players since Sir Bobby who have came to the north east for rich pickings rather than improve as professional footballer.
    Get the balance right and you have the answer to the puzzle

  47. chuck – What if the gamble fails though? We spend the cash and don’t go up?

    We’ve just got ourselves on a reasonable financial footing and having more big wages on the books without first having the cash is asking for trouble again.

    budalovesa patsy is right when he says we don’t need that much to survive. Stoke, Burnley, Birmingham are proving that a tight knit team and a team ethic can get keep people up.

    But hey, thats my opinion.

  48. Chuck > in which case to bring in a couple of PL quality players now, would probably cement it.
    I would say your right but who are the PL quality players that we could get in now ?

  49. Toonsy
    The gamble is to “not strengthen the side”, perhaps you dont realize we can`t afford another season in the second tier.
    With the highest budget in the league and no further allowance for being relegated, it would be a financial disaster, duh !

    Do I want a team of world beaters now ?
    Erm, yeah! be nice.
    Is`nt that what all football fans want ?
    Or have i missed something about the delights of being entertained by being beaten by second tier sides like (name a club).

  50. chuck – i believe i’m growing quite fond of you & perhaps one day we may enjoy that amstel together – keep the good posts up.

  51. chuck – No point in getting ratty just becasue we share a different view is there?

    Thing is, what PL quality players would we get in now? You still havn’t answered that.

  52. Hey ! Big Dave
    Well I would say one of our targets Killa. would fit well in the PL.
    There are guys like Johnson, glad to have either or both from Man. City or Boro.
    Would venture a bid for Moses at Palace, young kid @ Everton, Coleman, can play RB or on the wing.
    There are young talented players out there who cant get into the first teams of our top sides, who may be interested in joining what looks like a PL bound and youthful side, where they could strut their stuff, rather than getting hemorrhoids sitting on a cold bench.
    There are also plenty of talent on the continent especially the Balkans, just have to have a scouting system.
    Possible opening for a former blogger Tom-Toon.

    Could we conduct business on the blog in future without dealing with the financial side.
    Stick with football !

  53. To add to above – What premier league players would/could we get in now? Bearing in mind its already been said by fatman and throbbin that they will look at layers “around the £1 million or so mark”

    We are operating in very different times now, teams like Birmingham are even making the transfer market inflated, or Sunderland with their £11miilion for Kenwyne Jones, even though he sells watches on the beach.

  54. Chuck – As the finances and the football are linked then probably not. Fact is we have a budget, like all teams.

  55. Toonsy
    Sorry, no offense intended, sometimes I say things tongue in cheek that are taken literally.

  56. chuck @ 70

    Killa – Doesn’t want to come apparently
    Moses – Palace want £5 million
    Coleman – Starting to break through at Everton, doubt he would be sold. Everton are bigger than us anyway at the moment.

    Players on the continent, yes there are some bargains to be had but i very much doubt our scouting network is set us to find them right now.

  57. chuck @ 73 – None taken mate, i appreciate that everyone has different views. Ultimately we all want the team be in the same place but have differing ideas of how to get there.

    Im just fed up of getting marquee players that promise the earth and deliver sod all, and i see this relegation as an opportunity to clear the club of them and its debt thats been built up. Once that is done the we can look at younguns like Arsenal do. Its hard for us to do though as we can neither compete with Arsenals prestige or scouting network and, at the risk of sounding financial ;), to cath up with them on that scouting would take investment.

  58. are u moondust whos post on eds blog if u are own up and be a man if not except my appoligies

  59. Look the point is it`s all well and good saying we have to work within a budget, but how many teams in the PL (and I believe that`s our goal)are at present living within a budget.
    Most are in debt, sure there is a few like Arsenal who do in fact stay profitable (not to say overall they still owe a large amount on the Emirates Stadium)
    But in general it`s a fact of life most clubs are in debt and some like Liverpool and Man. U. extremely over leveraged.
    Even Arsene paid 17m for one player, Arshevin.
    I am not advocating debt here, but ridicules offers like those being made by NUFC for players they believe can compete in the PL are nothing but fantasy and we will be unsuccessfull in our efforts.
    Look it takes money to make money and you just do not compete in the PL without spending.
    An thas a fact jack !

  60. because his arse is always leaking because of what he gets upto when hes visiting the queer clubs :lol:

  61. batty says:
    January 9, 2010 at 9:43 pm
    right iam going too eat me mixed grill 8 slices of bread and a pint of milk

    you must be peckish

  62. komfort says:
    January 9, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    didn’t realize he took deliveries at the back door like…
    <<<aye he dus stardust told is :lol:

  63. dave a cannit eat a meal without me bread m8 just how a was brought up me fav meall when a was a kid was jacket pots bacon leeks mushrooms and peas pudding mmmmmmm

  64. Carr useless fat git- looked like he was pulled off a bar stool and given a strip-tosser. Please don’t do articles on people like him and babayaro worst full back pairing in our history. They got Roeder the sack as he did not have back up for the lazy g-ts.

    Slow Drip drip drip in morpeth!

  65. tom tomb , i agree …but at least it got stadust back to the footy games…

    drip drip drip….

  66. so thats to big dates now Jan 10th + April 10th lol. I hope your right and I do think we are well capable of it.

  67. Hi Batty aye the boats are ready for the next flood mate! One of me mates was flooded and took a year to get back home, his sister in law bought him a dinghy for Xmas!.

    Ha ha Komfort- also the drips are slower in morpeth>

  68. i think we need to get out a bit more…..staying in the odd night isn’t doing anybody any favours..

  69. batty , the youngster who lives near me is going tomorrow….he’s not looking foward to it after seeing many of his friends badly injured & killed …. terrible state of affairs without doubt.

  70. komfort divent worry hes well up for it i tryed and tryed too talk him oot of it before he joined but sort of used too it now hes taking the signed s taylor shirt what a barnsley player ryan shotton got for him after the match with him

  71. All the very best to him and his mates.
    I took my 6yo to his 1st match v derby, we got on the train to come home and a squaddie was getting off. The people waiting to get on the train were patting him on the back and supporting him. My 6 yo said he is one of our heroes dad isn’t he. The lad was visibly moved by us all giving him the supportive words. very humbling it was and you should (and I know you are) be very proud of your lad. As I said all the very best.

  72. tom i am like but u know if i tell him he just reckons hes doing nowt special but i told him i couldnt do it

  73. aye mate nowt special-phew they are something else!
    Maybe when he comes back from afghan you can take him on the morpeth boats. You might just miss the floating chinkies! It was like good morning vietnam when the floods were here.

  74. Pleasure batty keep winning mate and see you later, cheers Komfort hope it keeps dripping.

  75. komfort u and ur fckin drip drip iam sitting here in bed all that a can here is drip drip oot side comin from the drain pipe just checked as a thought it might have been stu

  76. Ha ha with the drips batty night mate. Cheers Komfort! Don’t let the thaw keep you up as well mate-top man.

  77. Under KKs reign out of the second division, NUFC trained at a cricket pavilion and shared open lockers with the public and didn’t have half the injuries we have now under top medical and training facilities.

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  78. Does Anyone here still remember one of our strikers out on loan???? Xisco!!!!!

    Maybe He can play if we dont get beckford here…..^,^

  79. The funny thing about life outside the Prem is the dramatic reduction in long-term injuries. I don’t know what it is and can only assume Prem players are softer than their lower league counterparts.

    PS. Hurry up and sign Becks so we can get Hooper in and carry on with our march back up the leagues quietly! Haha

  80. Thump – Didn’t we spend a ton of cash relaying all the training pitches aswell a few years back?

  81. Just had a sunday trawl through newsnow the latest scources reckon Mike will sell the club in the summer if we are promoted and we are now in for Micheal Chopra Hmmm the plot thickens.

    I think we can safely say NUFC under the guidance of Ashley are heading nowhere fast.

  82. i’d like to offer belated bithday wishes to the king of rock and roll – albert presley 75 & still greatly missed.

    i’ll be having a couple of boxes of chocolates today to honour his memory.

  83. Roy Cropper says:
    January 10, 2010 at 10:25 am
    i’d like to offer belated bithday wishes to the king of rock and roll – albert presley 75 & still greatly missed.

    i’ll be having a couple of boxes of chocolates today to honour his memory.

    Wouldn’t a burger be more of a tribute?

  84. Was just going to paste that Stuart WTF are they playing at?
    One of the most important windows in years and they are pissing around in vegas.

  85. If it’s true that Killgallon has knocked us back, Hughton should try and sign Jos Hooiveld of AIK Stockholm from under the noses of Celtic. We could get him for £1 million, big, strong player who is dominant in the air and as good as Killgallon.

  86. I can just hear them at the Poker table – “I’ll raise you a Marlon – there’s now a Beckford in the pot!”
    “OK – I’ll raise you a Danny Simpson and call your bluff!”

  87. Saw the Sunday Sun story about laurel and hardy being in Las Vegas all week and yet Hughton told us everyone was working flat out during the transfer window to bring in new players, i could smell a rat this week when there was no progress.
    No wonder Kilgallon told them to sling their hook, no matter what certain posters say on here, our board couldnt give a toss about the club or the supporters.

  88. No. they’ll be working hard – don’t forget the phone or e-mail – a lot can be done.
    For example,
    “Sorry Chris – we’re cleaned out here. Had to sell Collocini”

  89. Hopefully they will get caught cheating and some ex pat geordie on security will get the chance to beat the shit out of them

  90. magpie6699 says:
    January 10, 2010 at 1:21 pm
    No. they’ll be working hard – don’t forget the phone or e-mail – a lot can be done.
    For example,
    “Sorry Chris – we’re cleaned out here. Had to sell Collocini”
    <<< :lol: magpie