Joey Barton: “I love this club and everyone knows that.”

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Wants the gold logo to mean something more than a colour.
Joey Barton wants to bring silverware to NUFC.
Danny Simpson once talked Joey Barton into joining Twitter, a place to express your daily life in 140 characters or less and has lived up to his outspoken personality in such a public domain, speaking about his frustrations at Newcastle with the hierarchy and, of course, the wonderful fans.

Today after talks of Kevin Nolan being at West Ham for a medical, Joey Barton responded in typical Joey Barton style, mentioning their friendship and stating in (hopefully) tongue and cheek fashion that he was to be sold along with José Enrique and Jonas Gutierrez. Of course, Enrique was punished for stating he would not make the team due to an injury so if there’s truth to what he said, he could end up being in big trouble with the club.

Talking to Sky Sports earlier, Joey reiterated his passion for the club and his desire to stay:

“I love the football club, without a shadow of a doubt, and I think everyone knows that, I have a great working relationship with the manager and a lot of the other players, obviously the other senior players who have been through the ups and downs – the likes of myself, Kevin Nolan, Stevie Harper and Smudger.”

“I have got no ambitions to leave the football club, I don’t want to leave the football club, and I would love nothing more than to win a trophy at Newcastle.”

“It’s a difficult situation and I totally understand the club’s point of view, but on the flip side it’s hard for me to get drawn into it.”

Interesting that he should say it’s hard for him to get drawn into it after he has made himself a pivotal figure in the eyes of many Newcastle fans and given his current situation with the club, supposedly brought about by public slagging matches behind Mike Ashley’s back, this is hardly going to help his plea for a new contract and his wish to finish his career here.

Barton continued:

“I am an employee of the football club and I have to go back and do a job in the summer. As far as I know I will go back to Newcastle United and play until my contract runs out and they tell me I am no longer needed.”

“I have got no ambitions to leave the football club, I don’t want to leave the football club, and I would love nothing more than to win a trophy at Newcastle. Whether I get the opportunity to do that is out of my hands.”

“I am an employee of the football club and if they choose to do something, I would be foolish not to listen to it. If I’m not wanted then I believe greatly in my ability and I would have to re-evaluate my options. That’s the situation we are at at the minute. If that’s the situation in a month’s time then I will report back for pre-season training, if it’s not then it’s not.”

“It’s all hypothetical at the minute and I’m just trying to keep myself in shape and get myself ready for a league campaign with Newcastle United next season.”

You can see the full interview here.

There’s two primary concerns with Kevin Nolan – as is any player – and sadly it’s not quite as simple as him being replaced.

1. Squad depth.

Injuries have always been the bane of Newcastle’s season and the only way to compete with that is by having players ready to stand up and move into the starting line up with full knowledge that they can do as good a job, if not better, than the person they’re replacing. Even if Kevin Nolan does not feature in the starting XI plans, he will still be valuable for cup runs and rotational selection.

2. Team spirit.

It’s quite obvious this plays a large factor, especially with a big personality like Nolan. A team needs time to gel together and understand each others play, what they’re going to do and why they’re going to do it, they also need to be able to play for the shirt. Now look at the treatment of Nolan and Barton – both in their late 20s and both without new contracts and those they receive are heavily weighted in Ashley’s favour – what player is going to come to Newcastle if they know they’re not going to get a renewal in a few years time, regardless of their ability?

Joey Barton appears to have made his bed and seems to be preparing himself to lie in it if the statements above are anything to go by. He has almost conceded himself to defeat and accepted the fact that he may have to look for another club but again that does not solve our problem with depth. It was tired legs that got us a defeat against Stevenage and it could have been avoided with youngsters, or with rotational selections.

Either way, we can only hope that we’re getting a good deal and hopefully Joey, and the rest of the lads, will understand and accept that these things happen all the time in both football and in life.

Oh, and if any of you lads and lasses happen to see Steve Wraith at all, give him a slap from me. Thanks.

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60 Responses

  1. Thought I added it after the first paragraph of the quote?

    And you’re right, I was talking to a client from Accrington and got the two mixed up.

  2. Thump says:
    June 15, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    “And you’re right, I was talking to a client from Accrington and got the two mixed up.”

    I get things mixed up too sometimes, I’m getting old enough to blame senility now though. ;-)

  3. Thump says:
    June 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    “Aye but I’m an alcoholic so it all evens out.”

    Your avatar kind of gives it away Thump!

  4. Jimbob says:
    June 15, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    “Worky, check your email mate…”

    I was just checking it as you wrote that comment Jimbob. There was one there from you, but it’s completely blank!

  5. Jimbob says:
    June 15, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    “Ok, try now.”

    Aye, I’ve got it thanks Jimbob. I was just about to send you one anyway.

  6. Joey says the term ‘football club’ an inordinate amount of times in that interview.

    Why do players/coaches etc. do that?
    Can’t they just say club or the team?


  7. Maybe you could ‘abduct’ or ‘obtain’ a potential target?

    Worky, I had enough of ren for now, ill have a new one soon.

  8. jimbob,
    i loved that show mate, eee, i remember it before it had it’s own slot, when it was part of the def II slot on bbc2, early 90’s i think.

    Cool stuff!

  9. So,
    we now going for gardner, barnetta, Eliaquim Mangala, ba,
    pratley, erdinc, Blaise Matuidi, taylor, long, gervinho, some celts, have i missed anyone?


  10. Hey ! was i right or was i right ?
    Got my finger on the pulse of this club.
    Getting rid of the most influential players(Joey & Nolan)Smith was a no brainer (let go) and could be Jonas & Enrique next.
    As all four could bring an addition to the war chest.
    Yes sir folks you are about to experience the biggest revamping of a EPL club yet.
    Just like Joey said, they want younger ,better and cheaper players.
    For those still smarting from the AC trade, dont get too fond of players, as this is a business and this is also how it’s run.
    Nolan has left, taking care of Nolan and will be kissing W/Hams badge first game into the season.
    Ashley and his cohorts, wont blink an eye, just business !
    Why our best player are outta here?
    Nolan = can still get a few bob for him and he had too much influence, plus he’s 29.
    Smith = need you ask !
    Joey = part personal, too much influence, can, like Nolan still get a few bob to subsidise the new recruits.
    Enrique= wants outta here, Ashley’s in a win-win situation, either keep him or get big bucks for him, think he wants the bucks?
    Jonas = can still sell for a decent price and replace with a cheaper player, then there’ always Ferguson to take the role.
    Thats a fair amount of wages off the books.

    But what about the dross,

    If we manage to dump these guys, that would mean bringing in at least a total of ten players, not gonna happen, so were gonna be stuck with the same old weak bench and we know there will be injuries.
    Like i said, gonna be an interesting off season.

  11. Can’t remember what I saw it on. Think it was bbc. Ill probably have him back up soon :-)

  12. chuck,
    there’s a whole team above that we are ‘interested’ in, apparently.


  13. Might have been a good idea to have attempted to include Tomkins in the Nolan trade if possible, has the makings of a good young defender.

  14. Dunno, Ba deal has nothing to do with west ham though does it? When given left they had the chance to do a deal to get johnson in exchange, but instead, they decided to wait until the last day of the window and failed.

    But they got raylor in exchange, and cash for n’zogbia, so who knows.

  15. jimbob,
    check out the ‘headline’ of the daily fail on newsnow mate.

    Drama queens!


  16. anyway you and worky should have an avatar by now surely? How long you’s been on this site…

  17. I would rather have kept nolan, I dunno who blaise muntuidi is. May as well be honest :-)

  18. But at 29 your totally knacked though right? So I got 4 years then till im useless… :-)

  19. Modesy Blaise…Comic.

    Blaise muntuidi…Footballer.

    Barnetta…something to do with hair?

    Who is equilibrium mangala?


  20. Hey !
    Blaise Matuadi for £10m/£12
    Barnetta for around £06m
    Erdinc £06m
    Gardiner £03m
    Hoilett £01m
    Taylor £01m
    M’Bengue £05m
    Ba £00m
    Total £32m/£34m.

    Nolan £05m
    Joey £05m
    Toro £10m
    Jonas £07m
    Total £27m

    Lovenkrands £00.5
    Guthrie £01.5
    Williamson £01.5
    Perch £01.0
    Raylor £01’5
    Shola £02’5
    total £8.5m.

    Leaves us with a better team, but without a deep bench

  21. Jimbob says:
    June 15, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    “Modesy Blaise…Comic.

    Blaise muntuidi…Footballer.”

    Blaise Pascal…17th Century child prodigy, multi talented genius and proto existentialist.

  22. chuck says:
    June 15, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    “Yes sir folks you are about to experience the biggest revamping of a EPL club yet.”

    It takes time to build a team Chuck. You can’t just throw a whole team together that have never played with each other before and expect then to perform at the highest level. It could end in tears.

  23. Workey
    Why not? most International sides do it all the time.
    Look this is football not rocket science, sure some will find it a bit different from their national leagues.
    But dont believe that old nonsense, “it takes a season to get accostomed to the EPL” how long did it take Tiote ?
    Any good footballer can adjust, hell half the EPL are imports.
    Some decent players being mentioned here, which will no doubt be an improvement on last seasons side and again sentimentality has no place in professional athletics.
    I dont for a moment believe Joey did1nt know this was coming and he can’t be unaware his days are numbered.
    Hell if i projected what was about to take place, then it’s obvious to all.
    Its difficult i know not to take a personal interest in players and be dissapointed when they go, for whatever reasons.
    But it’ also nice to have a decent side to watch, a side that entertains and wins.
    The bottom line is it is a business (show business) and the players are well compensated, most becoming millionairs, sorry no sympathy here !

  24. chuck says:
    June 16, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Why not? most International sides do it all the time.”

    Chuck, International sides play international sides, club sides play club sides. Why do you think that International sides play so many friendly games?

    Adding a few good players to a squad is great so long as they gradually fit in around an existing, settled nucleus, however just changing a team wholesale practically overnight can be fraught with danger. There are many different factors in football and some take time.

    I wasn’t referring to foreign players getting accustomed to the Premier League BTW, though that could also be a factor.

  25. Incidemtally, all this stuff about players like Nolan and Barton being no loss to the team is garbage. If there are going to be new players coming in, it would probably be all the more important to keep them in terms of continuity and leadership.

  26. workyticket said:
    Incidemtally, all this stuff about players like Nolan and Barton being no loss to the team is garbage. If there are going to be new players coming in, it would probably be all the more important to keep them in terms of continuity and leadership.

    Thank you. Just… thank you.

  27. In order for any spine to be left at Newcastle, Barton should be given a new improved deal and the captain armband. Im exited about this french revolution thing but Nolan and Barton were essential in holding the spirit together- especialy with so MANY foreign players coming in with no experience of living in england.