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Mike Ashley's piggy bank.
Not only does it save money, but it's also French!
Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United to much fanfare in 2007 via St. James Holdings. Opting against doing the sensible thing and lodging a formal bid, he just went out and bought the stocks, forcing the then hospitalised Freddy Shepherd into advising shareholders to sell, sell, sell!

Thus came an end to Shepherd’s reign of terror over our club. He inherited a wonderful thing from Sir John Hall and promptly ran it, head first, into the ground. That was to end with our new chairman. A young man, famed throughout the great maze of Eldon Square for his cheap sportswear and throughout the business world as being reckless in his deals.

It was all roses for a while as Mike Ashley enjoyed a [many] pint [pints] with the fans in the Strawberry and even snubbed the directors box in favour of the Leazes End. Had Freddy Shepherd had done that, he’d have been hog tied, placed on a spit and spun over an open flame in the centre circle with his, rather ample, meat donated to third world areas of our great Earth such as Sunderland and Liverpool.

Now Mike Ashley is seen in a similar vein to Freddy only his meat would come pre-marinated in lager, wine and champagne. That’s a pretty good deal in my opinion and as a result I’m sure he would make a cracking burger.

Of course, we aren’t here to discuss a history of our clubs chairman past and present which would undoubtedly be an article of biblical proportions, rather we are going to discuss the club in the transfer window.

Since 2006, under the managerial genius of Glenn Roeder, we have had a bit of a shaky time in the transfer market. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve definitely brought in quality in that time but the table here would show you otherwise.

We all know that Newcastle United was in financial trouble as outlined by Mike Ashley in his statement after the Kevin Keegan resignation where he hits on a very important point – and it is something he seems not to have learned:

“One of the reasons that the club was so in debt when I took over was due to transfer dealings caused by managers moving in and out of the club. Every time there was a change in manager millions would be spent on new players and millions would be lost as players were sold.”

It truly is sliding doors at Newcastle and every manager has a different vision yet the last manager to really get a chance to express and implement his vision was Graeme Souness who lasted just over 1 year and 3 months from his appointment to sacking.

From 2006 to 2011 (presumably not including present spending) we have somehow managed to go through 8 managers; many of which lasted just a few months in their appointment. Obviously that is also including interim manager Alan Shearer so in interest of fairness, we’ll say 7. (Caretaker managers are not included.) That’s a stark contrast from Mike Ashley’s “too many managers, too little time” comment.

So where does this leave us in the transfer table from the past 5 years?

20th. On the plus side, Arsenal is 19th and that’s the model we’re following so I think we’re doing pretty well in that department.

Money received from transfers of £112,650,000 with a comparative £63,100,000 in purchased players leaving a mighty gap of £49,550,000 between two, very large, numbers. Presumably that money would have went towards debt and every day administration, including wages and agent fees but on the same note I have a phobia of numbers, especially when it’s the amount of money I have wet dreams about, so it’s not unlikely I’m reading that completely wrong.

It is, however, worth noting that for at least one of those years we were in the second division of English football which would, of course, have an overall effect on the total numbers.

If nothing else, that table gives us an interesting view into the state of the clubs finances and exactly what they’ve been doing in the transfer market. That website also has various interesting tables regarding Premier League clubs and expenditure so have a look around and draw your own conclusions.

We all want success for Newcastle but first we need to build a stable financial heading. Hopefully that’s what we’re seeing at the Cathedral on the Hill.

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28 Responses

  1. I’m a little bit confused about what Nolan has to do with finances?

    Edit: nm forgot about the last article. Guess you got them confused?

  2. Nolan is a great leader yes but wont miss watching him slowly walk back from the oppoments box good but lazy in my eyes

  3. Lets not get carried away about the Nolan thing, he was an average player but played with allot of passion, now this is all well and good but if we are to move forward in the premier league players like Nolan have to either be on the bench or sold, no way would Nolan enjoy life on the bench so best he is sold.

    He is not a prolific goalscorer nor does he have huge levels of skill even though some deluded fans are going on like we just sold Milburn to Sunderland.

    I fully expect to be flamed for not screaming and running around flailing my arms in the air while posting on forums and blogs that we should hang Mike Ashley but I do hope some people start being more realistic about how good or bad certain players we have or have sold are.

    I like Nolan as a person and a character but as a footballer I am afraid he is a superb championship player and an average premiership player and average players in the premiership very very rarely help you move forward and more often than not help the team to stagnate.

  4. I see the rags are starting to regurgitate the old Jonas & Jose to liverpoop stories again, due to Joey’s little outburst.

  5. Team spirit going going gone! New players we want will think twice before signing for us if another club is wanting them because players won’t expect a second contract with nufc if they will be approaching late twenties

  6. Mark,
    i think not mate, you’re reading too much into it man.
    They aren’t sat hovering over the net for any scrap of info like we are.

  7. Mark@8 the club is only showing the same sort of loyalty to the players,that the players show to their clubs.Unfortunatly the game is full of money grabbing ba****ds

  8. my whole problem with the selling of the senior players,may create a similar problem to the one that was created,when we went down.we’ve done our best to foster a great team spirit and togetherness.the year in the championship,and the unity of the squad pulled fatboy out of the s** he wants to rip the guts out of that,he could shoot himself in the foot again.we could end up with a bunch of strangers,who will not pull in the right direction,if things dont go well.

  9. Nice article Thump, do those figures above take into consideration the AC £35M?
    If they do and we remove it as a one off freak piece of business, it basically means we have broken even over the said period. Or have I got that wrong? I think we would swap places with Arsenal. So pretty good from a business point of view. Hardly satisfactory from a footballing perspective tho.
    Also how sustainable this policy is in the long term is yet to be seen.

  10. BB,
    well the old policy of trying to buy success in the most haphazard FFS way certainly wasn’t sustainable & was actually causing damage to the enviroment.


  11. Nolan has been leaving for weeks. I work with a lad that nos him. He’s goin too west ham cos of allardyce an on similar wage with a significant promotion bonus. Ah well it’s clear now cabaye too replace Nolan. Gardner too replace Barton. Barnetta/zog to replace jonas an Taylor too replace Enrique. If only we could find sum1 to replace lover an shola

  12. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 15, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    “now he wants to rip the guts out of that,he could shoot himself in the foot again.”

    Trojan, he already has shot himself in the foot, again, it just takes a little time for events to catch up, that’s all.

  13. I know a lad who works with the groundsmen who works with the contractors who works with Ashley who reckons we’re going to win the league.

    You heard it here first folks!

  14. i fink those figures add up and i like the current transfer system, tiote was what -4.5 million, cabbage a similar price – and players leaving like Nolan for a similar amount (or perhaps a million less – we’ll have to wait an see).

    I LOVED NOLAN – and i’m gonna miss that chicken dance (hopefully cabbage can do one, or a gorilla dance, or somethin), but i’ve taken shits that move faster than the fella, and that just aint gonna cut it if we’re to keep these euro promises we’re making to potential foreigners.

    cheers for the good times Nolan, but the times’ they are a changing….

    could rob green be included in the swap??

  15. Would sooner get Foster if we’re raiding Brum. Gardner I probably wouldn’t mind but would much prefer Nolan in his place – he has more to offer.

  16. Foster said he was happy at brum and family happy there, plus he retired from int duty so not sure if it’d be in his plans to leave….

    not mega keen on Green, he does bungle, but just wondered if that wss the player we cud be getting in the swap deal with Nolan.

    or Hitzlesperger (good player, scores goals from midfield which we want)…

    or Piqueonne??

  17. We’d be better off with groundsman from wetspam than r green. He’s like wet spam & looks like a slapped ass when he drops yet another clanger.


  18. I love my nufc.. For the first time i feel good.. Topp 7 its a good thing.. Pls let them make us proud.. My blood is black and white..

  19. Im the guy what like lua.. Fast and young on the left.. MA pls use all the 35m… But dont sell that.. Toon..