Gameiro likely to be lining up in black and white next season

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Kevin Gameiro interests Newcastle and Valencia.
Spain or England?
The battle to sign Lorient striker Kevin Gameiro is looking like increasingly like it’s a two-horse race between Newcastle United and Valencia.

It seems quite possible that Kevin Gameiro will be lining up in black and white next season, although unfortunately that could be the black and white of Valencia rather than Newcastle.

The Lorient striker has generated a lot of interest and apparently 12 clubs have so far enquired as to his availability, including PSG, Sevilla, Spurs, Villarreal, Fenerbahce and Schalke 04, but it’s looking increasingly like a two-horse race between Valencia and Newcastle as to who signs him.

Allegedly our 11 million euro offer was enough to persuade him to take a look at our facilities, although I can find no confirmation as to whether he has actually done so (or will do so).

The player himself has supposedly expressed a preference to join Valencia and the club’s sporting director Braulio Vazquez and chief executive Javier Gomez were due to meet with Lorient president Loïc Fery in London to discuss a transfer. However, that meeting was cancelled when Lorient discovered that Valencia were coming to the table with less than 10 million euros in their pockets, for which they won’t even consider letting Gameiro go.

Valencia are apparently quietly confident nevertheless. Gameiro is contracted to Lorient until 2012 and, given his stated preference to join Valencia, the club feels it can force Lorient to negotiate now rather than lose him on a free transfer in a year’s time and they’re prepared to play a waiting game.

However, if there’s any truth in the rumour that Gameiro is interested enough to come and take a look at our facilities, you’d have to think there was at least a chance we could snatch the player from under the Spaniards’ noses.

Valencia will allegedly attempt to negotiate with Lorient again this week now that the French football season is over, so we might get to know the lay of the land regarding Kevin Gameiro’s potential Toon transfer fairly soon.

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26 Responses

  1. Jeez Sy, yer up early fella :)

    Good twist in the story there Hugh, had me going for all of 2 lines.. lol :0

    So we have a 50/50 chance of getting him & more if Valencia can’t come up with the dosh… will they also be offering the wages we are willing to as well d’ya know ??

  2. what is the point of signing a player that does not want to play for newcastle?? move on…!

  3. Craig – To be fair there is such a thing as first choice, second choice. I wanted a Ferrari but I couldn’t get one so had to get something else…… That kind of thing.

    I just don’t buy this “if he doesn’t want to sign” bollocks. If he didn’t want to sign he wouldn’t sign, full stop. It’s not like he could be forced into it is it now?

  4. just had a thought Newcastle biding for gamerio and gervinho two players wanting higher level of football(champions league and what not) just think that we should look for other options cause these two players wouldnt really put their heart on their shirt for the cause for Newcastle only for the dosh,just a thought of course!

  5. So according to the papers Demba ba, Gamerio, and Berbatov will all lining up for us up front. Thats a decent font line.

  6. I want Gameiro. He appears to have a ruthless shearer like ability both inside and outside the box. I seriously doubt whether he would stay for long if he succeeded here.

  7. Berbatov?? No thanks. Too old and his fee will be too high, considering his age. I can see him lining up for a Turkish side next season.
    If we are looking at ManU cast offs, Carrick would be a good buy, but he will end up at Spurs. Park will leave, but needs to be cheap, ie £5m for me. Anderson and Nani might also be on their way, but they will probably go abroad.
    I also can’t believe people are entertaining Zog coming back. Do people have really short memories? He slagged us off something rotten when he wanted to go and to be fair, he’s not actually that good. What next? Milner for £20m???

  8. Not sure how Berbatov would fit in with the ‘leave egos at the door’ policy at Newcastle. He can be petulant and likes his own way.

    I think it’s a non-starter anyway TBH.

  9. Toonsy@6…. na toonsy, on this one we will agree to disagree. If we sign a player that didnt really want to come to us and wants euro footy etc then we should not sign him at all. He will only be coming to us for the dosh like many other did… kluivert etc and will not knuckle down if we are in a relegation slog (with us its always possible).
    If you fancied a chick and she said to you..’ok toonsy, i really wanna knob ya mate but as he is not up for it, you will do for now’… would that fill you with confidence about her? lol lol

  10. Craig…I can see your point, but almost every player who we are after or who we’ve signed previously would be the same. If 2 clubs are after a player, one who’s consistently in the top 3 or 4 of one of the major European leagues with Champions league football(and nice weather :-)) or us, we are nearly always going to be their plan B, all we can ask/hope is that if they do end up here they give their all for the team and fans.
    We were Perch’s first choice, who would you rather have, him or Gameiro? ;-)

  11. would love to see berbatov come to us some good names mention. micky toon from ya comment 10 tells me you know nowt about football mate.

  12. Comment 10… Wow, just WOW.

    First ever comment on this site… and you say Nani is a cast off?? He’s been there best midfielder this season. IDIOT! I even think he’s top of the assist pile in the league too.

    Get a grip.

  13. Darryl, Nani has underwhelmed at every possible opportunity whenever I’ve seen the red mancs play.
    TOORNARMYELITE, in what way? Please elaborate, but I don’t think you will as you are just trolling, looking for a bite.
    Anyone can see that Berbatov would not be able to do a job for us, far too old.

    If the people I’ve mentioned in my post at 10 are still at ManU next season I’ll turn mackem. They are all on their way out along with Owen.

    So, if I’m right that would make me as knowledgeable as Sir Alex. If that’s the case then I’m happy with that.

  14. Micky,
    wouldn’t have carrick for nowt mate, soz. He completed more passes to barca the other night than any barca player, how he got on the pitch that night is way beyong me. & he’s too auld, rudolph had him in the shop window is all i cn assume. I agree with the nani thing though, well over-rated, he’s done ‘alright’ this season but that’s it. anderson, Eeee! sad player. Most of manusa team is past it, as barca showed, they only won the league by ‘default’ cos no one else actually wanted it, right down to spuds.

  15. craig chisolm

    For god`s sake grow up man, this is not Roy of the Rovers.
    They are all here for the f***ing money, yes ! every single one, get used to it.

    Now! seem`s were looking at some decent strikers,
    Debba Ba (free agent) Ashley loves those guys!
    Juninho, doubt it !
    And rumor has it Gameiro is close?
    Berbetov, no way !
    Personally like to see young Routledge, but “hae ma doots”

    It was rumored we offered Wigan ten big ones just before the winter window closed, I`m sure we could still get him for the same price.
    If we add M`bengue how many French speaking players will that make ?
    I realize there are priorities in strengthening the side, but on hearing little in the way of rumors about defenders, other than M`Bengue, i wonder who we are looking at for the back line, which needs strengthening also, not just the more glamorous attacking end.
    Like to see Bassong back, plus would prefer Izaguirre to M1Bengue.
    According to rumor we are about to make wholesale changes in the side (no pun intended) bringing in some young prospects to fill out the side.
    How did we get so lucky ?
    We should be a shoo in for the league the FA cup and we may not beat Barca. in the champions league final, but we will give them a better game than that club from Manchester.

  16. Micky toon

    Ooooh ! did N`Zogbia slag us off! you also have to grow up.
    This is Professional athletics, has`nt been sports for decades and stop reading Roy of the Rovers, or you may grow up to be a romantic!
    Same goes for all those who take personally, players leaving the club or making statements they disagree with.
    It`s show business, nothing else, just enjoy!

  17. Clint

    You watch the same game i did !
    Default you say ?
    Listen, this Barca side are better than any side that ever was.
    Yes better than the great Brazilian sides, better than the great sixties Real Madrid sides, better than the great Liverpool and Man U. sides, the Ajaxes and the Hungarian fifties team.
    Give them credit, they made Man U. and Real Madrid look like they were from a lower league.
    And anyone who does`nt understand that, knaas nowt aboot the game.

  18. On that note it`s time for a cold Amstel, don`t take it serious, just craic !
    Will be at St. James park for the beginning of the season, may even take in a Sunderland game.
    Can`t wait to see our re-vamped side, question is at one time newcomers “hadda lorn geordie”,i hear the club has recently hired a French teacher, as French will now be the clubs “Lingua franca”

  19. chuck what you on about mate?

    All i said was carrick passed more times to barca than their own players did & that manusa’s present team is ower the hill. Where did i slight barca?

    Saying that, manusa totally played into barca’s hands playing a slow, bad passing game, while dropping back too far, not pressing them & allowing them way too much time on the ball.

    barca with & under Cruyff was a better team for me.

  20. “Listen, this Barca side are better than any side that ever was.
    Yes better than the great Brazilian sides, better than the great sixties Real Madrid sides, better than the great Liverpool and Man U. sides, the Ajaxes and the Hungarian fifties team.”

    Chuck, In many ways, the current Barcelona team are a continuation of the Ajax team of the early ‘seventies, when Michels decamped to the Camp Nou and eventually took his greatest protege, Johan Cruyff, with him to start a journey. That Ajax team is still my favourite though, because they really originated the model and the tactics that Barcelona play today. They really changed the way that football is played just as the ‘fifties Hungarian team did.

  21. worky,
    agreed mate.
    Also, it takes more than a handful of twirls to float my boat in footballing terms.
    Spanish football will always be skill at a slower pace, interspersed with little bursts of speed, diving, whining, cheating & long periods of paint drying.
    Oh! I forgot rolling around on the floor for brushing past ’em too.