Match reaction: Pardew talks about Joey, Raylor and the ref

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Alan Pardew and Joey Barton, Newcastle United
'Joey had felt his thigh a little bit'
Alan Pardew has been giving us his reactions to yesterday’s draw between Newcastle United and Bolton Wanderers.

It was a game I felt we should have won both from the outset and after watching the first half, but once we’d gone down to 10 players I was happy to settle for the point.

The ref came in for some stick from the fans and that’s reflected a bit in Pardew’s comments below although, to be fair, Bolton haven’t been pushovers this season and that’s reflected in their reasonably healthy league position.

Alan Pardew first talked about Ryan Taylor’s tackle (oh I say missus):

It wasn’t high, but it was late and with that kind of take off you’re going to get sent off in this day and age.

If I go back 10 years the boy isn’t getting sent off. He might not even get a booking.

Unfortunately for Ryan he had a bad touch and tried to make up for it, but made a second mistake by going in with too much venom.

He’s not got a malicious bone in him and I’m genuinely disappointed. He just knew he had to make up for his bad touch and in doing so was over zealous and got himself sent off.

There will be no punishment from me on that. I don’t think he meant to harm the player in any shape or form.

Personally, I think it was a dreadful tackle; it was petulant, unnecessary and – some might argue – might be what cost us two points. As I’ve said in previous articles, I actually think referees sometimes react too quickly to ‘hard’ (but in my opinion ‘good’) tackles but I agreed with the ref about Ryan Taylor’s sending off.

Pardew then goes on to have a bit of a moan at the referee in general, although he stresses that he’s not actually being critical of the refereeing (which is wise considering they hand out fines for that sort of thing these days):

I thought the referee was a little bit antagonistic towards the home team.

I think sometimes the referees, when the crowd gets on them, it doesn’t work in your favour.

That is human nature. I don’t mean it as any criticism, I just think he got wrapped up in it a bit.

The crowd were booing him and he almost thought ‘Oh, that looks like another one’.

It was no reflection on the result. I’m not trying to hide behind it at all.

Pardew might have a point there. He then goes on to talk about Joey’s late withdrawal from the game and that he felt things simply ‘went against us’:

I just felt events worked against us in the end.

It all started on Friday because Joey had felt his thigh a little bit, but he turned up on the morning and everything seemed OK.

But as soon as he started hitting a couple of balls in the warm-up he just didn’t feel right.

That was a set-back, but Ryan came into the team and we didn’t really look any different. To be fair to Ryan, I thought he did very well in the first half and we created enough chances to win the game.

But it didn’t come and we then gifted them a goal, which was a bit of a blow to us. I thought in the second half we could kick on and regroup, but it changed again.

We were struggling a little bit and I took the option of trying to win the game, what with the position we’re in in the league. I put two strikers on and I thought we were better after that.

Chances came and went. There were two good teams on the pitch and I actually thought it was a good Premier League game. A draw was probably the right result.

Summing up the result and looking to approach the next game positively, Pardew said:

We had to take a point but it was a well-deserved point.

In light of the fact I’ll have Stephen Ireland training on Monday and Shola (Ameobi) will be available for Everton, hopefully along with Joey back, it wasn’t a bad result. It was probably a fair reflection.

So we go to the next game and hopefully we can get ourselves a win that propels us up the league. It is congested – it is a tight league, but two or three wins can take you to a very nice place.

I actually think Everton will be pretty tough opposition next week too. I would normally say the home advantage would tip it in our favour, but we can’t seem to get anything better than a draw at home recently so I think it’ll be a close game.

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35 Responses

  1. sorry alan pardew but ide say we looked alot diffrent withoot joey ,taylor no where near as good ,and ya wouldnt catch our joey being sent off ;)hes a good boy now

  2. Must be batty, he gave them 5 points for a draw lol ;)

    I think Raylor did ok but I also think he tried to hard with it being his 1st game back for the club, he should have taken his time & after the rash of missed chances in the 1st half, I think we may have won if he’d not got sent off….

    As for Barton, lets hope his time on the side gives him pause to rethink his contract discussions yeah & that he changes his mind & signs asap!!

  3. any 1 in the right mind knows that pardew is doing whats hes told too by fatty just like CH did ,but were playing better footy and look pretty solid ;)

  4. Toon69 says: “I think we may have won if he’d not got sent off.”

    I agree, although I was pleased that we only had about 5 minutes of ‘heads down confusion’ after the sending off before getting our act together and dealing with it.

  5. Well if Pardew is just doing what Ashley says, then Ashley is becoming a fecking great manager of the team, I mean, he’s picking the right players, tactics, subs everything… lol

    So why do we need Pardew if Ashley can do the managers job ;) ;)

  6. i agree batty that we play better looking footy under pards than we did under CH. I dont actually mind pardew either as he talks to us loads, even if half of it is total pap.

  7. we should dump alan smith in summer and use part of that money saved (he is on about 4 million quid a day) to sign up barton as we looked alot weaker without Barton in the team.

  8. 13 rich – don’t you know our 2 players – Raylor and Saylor?

    12 – you’re such a happy chappy batty!

  9. Hey i see that tiote rejected chelski during the window. thats an interesting comment i think. Cos its basically saying that newcastle didnt reject chelski. Its a good job the tiote was more keen to stay than carroll otherwise clearly newcaslte would have let them both go. It kinda takes the wind out of Pards sails when he bangs on about ashleys signs of intent signing up tiote to 6.5 years when thats only cos tiote knocked back chelski in first instance. And they say we are not a selling club ffs.

  10. Yep, sorry rich. I’m so used to using Raylor and Saylor as shorthand for the two Taylors in the team that I just automatically write it these days.

    I’m petitioning the FA to make it illegal to have two players with the same last name in any team.

  11. ON A SIDE NOTE: WELL DONE MARTINS!!! on scoring the easiest goal in His career~~~ :cool:

    Birmingham will be in europe Next. :evil:

  12. Let’s see, how many ex-newcastle players in current birmingham City team. Carr,bowyer,Martins?! :lol: :lol:

  13. never thought i would see Steve Carr captain a team to cup final glory at Wembley like. Mind boggling

  14. Have anyone having the same question in my mind.

    What’s up with ex-newcastle player doing so well atm at their club,when they are utterly SH*T when with us. :evil: :evil:

  15. angel of death@25 the reason players go on to better themselves after playing for newcastle is simple they only ever go too newcastle for the money and they dont really have to win anything. when they leave they always go to clubs with better ambitions than newcastle. i mean lets face obifami martins could have stayed at newcastle for the next 10 years and he wouldnt have won anything as newcastle are destined never ever to win anything again…….ooooohhhh sorry lads you won the “inter joko” thingy….wonder if any of the great deluded got a tattoo of it

  16. batty says:
    February 27, 2011 at 9:46 pm (Edit)

    hugh how come you only got 1 point on the predicter:lol:

    Batty, I had to do deliberately badly to ensure there were no accusations of rigging the competition.