Sunderland v Newcastle United match highlights video and report.

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Highlights now updated to extended 13 minute version.

The game started off as a fairly scrappy affair in the first half. Newcastle gradually appeared to achieve some dominance in the game however, with Barton floating in some good crosses and corners into the box. After around 50 minutes, a great Barton corner found the head of Shola Ameobi, Shola’s header found the boot of an ever opportunistic Kevin Nolan for a real poacher’s effort.

Despite what should have been a fairly desrved victory for the Magpies, events were somewhat marred (for us lot, anyway) by a goal in the third minute of injury time by Asamoah Gyan, as a shot by Sunderland’s Bardsley is palmed away by Newcastle goal keeper, Steve Harper, and Gyan picks up the sloppy seconds for a looping shot into the top corner of the goal.

Very disappointing after a decent game for the lads, but at least it wasn’t a loss.

Please stay tuned for a much longer match report later.

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36 Responses

  1. does anyone else find it funny bruce accused us of having no class and then a sunderland fan hits one of our players i think bruce has foot in mouth disease he shuda known they werent gonna win as soon as he picked a song the mug

  2. How do even the mackems get the refs onside?
    You know it’s bad when that happens.

    Lads deserved the win today, & they are lucky tramps to get anything outta that game.
    They are a shit team, with a picasso picture for a manager.
    4 outta 6 points will have to do then.

  3. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 16, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    “They are a shit team, with a picasso picture for a manager. ”

    That’s a little hard on Picasso, Clint. He never painted anything as ugly as Steve Bruce!

  4. Bruce should have kept his bile to himself before the game, the fans on both sides dont need winding up and this is the second derby in a row when their fans have been disgraceful.
    How they got away with the last carry on is beyond me, spitting on players, pitch invasions, throwing coins, there has to be sanctions this time.

  5. bbb,
    If it was us mate, we’d have the book hoyed at us, last time, any time that shit happened.
    One rule(make ’em up as they go along), different rules for everyone else.
    the fa are qunts.
    & CHEATS!

  6. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 16, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    it’s the eyes & nose placement mate.
    I think you know what i mean.”

    Aye, of course I do, Clint. But even Picasso wouldn’t have gone that far!

  7. Bruce is a two faced c— but he has landed himself where he deserves to be with that scum. You deserved better today lads but I would have taken a draw before the game. Credit where it is due we gave everything today, just unlucky not to see it out.

  8. Absolutely gutted. We were all over them for 89 minutes of the game. A win would have taken us above them. Oh well, at least we haven’t lost to them.

    In other news apparently Spurs are building a £30m bid for Carroll. Pardew is quoted as saying doesn’t matter how much they throw at us he’s going no where.
    Got that from a journo’s twitter feed.

  9. We are dumb if we decline a 30million bid for Carroll. That would put him in the same bracket as the Fabregas’ and Villa’s off this world. We all know he is nowhere near that level. Spurs won’t bid 30million anyway.

  10. What’s happened to Xisco ? That second goal we never got has cost us 2 points. If Xisco’s fit and especially if he’s costing us what he’s reportedly earning, why do we never see him ? If it’s ‘cos he’s not good enough, why is he still here ???

  11. El Toro, if I thought we would spend it wisely, eg use it to get players like Charlie Adam and that Trabant fella or whatever he’s called from QPR, plus who ever else we need then I would agree. But you just know we would let one of our best and brightest leave, spend 50p in the transfer market and the rest would be “banked” :lol:

  12. This is beautiful of football.

    I saw Enrique run through their penalty area if he pass to Best I think it will kill off the game for sure after 2-0. But 1 point is OK. Prepare for Tottenham next weekend. HWTL !!

  13. antmanbee says:
    January 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    “If it’s ‘cos he’s not good enough, why is he still here ???”

    If he really is that bad, and he’s on a contract with huge wages, then no one else is gannin’ to want him either, antmanbee. That’s why he’s still here. ;-)

  14. 0-0 HT Spuds – Manure.
    Anybody else watching? Two tackles, one by Rafael, one by Crouch – both with leg off ground and actually caught the player. Result: Rafael – yellow card, Crouch – nowt. And Cheikh Tiote gets a red for missing the player by a foot!
    I don’t care about the result – just hoping Spurs have 5 sent off and the other 6 injured for next week!

  15. magpie6699 says:
    January 16, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    “I don’t care about the result – just hoping Spurs have 5 sent off and the other 6 injured for next week!”

    magpie, do you remember the ‘Spurs dodgy lasagne incident? ;-)

  16. My pub in cyprus was bustin at the seams 2day. Where all the Geordies came from , I dont know but the athmosphere was brill. Couple of them from the midden turned up and wished they hadn,t tho at the whistle, youd think theyd won the cup. Sad deluded unwashed gits.
    Now we have the 5hite out of the way, the only thing Pardew has to constipate on is getting the same frame of mind into the lads 4 the Spuds next weekend. It really shouldn,t be a problem but this is the toon. Go get them Yids lads, HOWAY THE LADS.

  17. Message to Bruce, ” Dont wipe your arse before youv’e had a shite”, and get some humble pie into yourself you gobshite.

  18. Yeah, I see the logic in that Worky…just a bit frustrated at our lack of striking options despite having…er…so many strikers.

    We seem to lack cutting edge, esp. when Carrol’s out, West Ham result aside.

  19. antmanbee says:
    January 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    “We seem to lack cutting edge, esp. when Carrol’s out, West Ham result aside.”

    But when you look at the stats, antmabee, we have scored quite alot of goals for a midtable side. The thing is that we’re erratic ATM. For me, that’s quite normal for a club at our stage of development. We’ve been through alot of upheaval recently, and the team still needs to build up confidence and consistency, which can take a long time. I do take your point about us needing another real top quality striker in a perfect world. Then again, every team wants that.

  20. f**kin’ steve bruce looks like colin montgomery after a severe kicking,it’s still debatable,who’s got the bigger set of tits though.

  21. Nice one Worky…think you’re right about in an ideal world…maybe in the next f’/night even a loan…but longer term, think we all know we’ve got to ship a couple of the strikers on and add that quality replacement…around the 5m+ mark for someone canny young with potential.

    You hit the nail on the head with the point about consistency…and we can’t really expect much more at this time…s’ going ok at the mo’…HWTL !!

  22. antmanbee,
    alreet mate,
    ‘suppose you know about Beefheart, hey?
    Sad or what?
    Though not as sad as them mackem tramps.

    You’re right worky, building again.
    Great performance by the lads today, even with a depleted squad, away.
    Is that hell-hole the only place where you see plastic bags floating about on the pitch?
    Tacky gets.

  23. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 16, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    “Is that hell-hole the only place where you see plastic bags floating about on the pitch?”

    Na Clint. Haven’t you seen all the shopping bags, bin bags, polystyrene fast food containers etc blowing around at the Rivershite during a game too?

  24. Hey Clint, how you doing ?

    Aye, what a loss…been half expecting it for a while, though…think he’d had Parkinson’s for years. Not sure as to what his quality of life was at the end…haven’t read much about the circumstances…( no pun intended )

    Bugger of a sting in the tail today, mate !!

  25. ant,
    mate, it was MS not parkinsons.
    He was still making a lot of art mate.
    Maybe he’ll get some recognition for that, now he’s deed?
    Yea, it was always gonna happen soon enough like.
    Still waiting for a tribute on tv to him like, it could be a long wait, hey?
    Aye, it stung today alreet, drat, double drat.

    aye, i forgot about that poo-hole there, crap, you made me remember it.

  26. where any of you actually at this game? surely not your talking out of your arses… was a poor derby all round by both teams, true we were lucky to get the draw but to behonest your all chatting shit! same old same old from typical half arsed geordie fans, leave your blog comments out of it and try going to a game once in a while!
    Steve Bruce’s Red and White Army!!!!!

  27. Mackem 123 says:
    “w(h)ere any of you actually at this game? surely not your talking out of your arses… was a poor derby all round by both teams”

    To be fair to M123 it was a poor game but that was mainly because 75% of his team didnt turn up :)

    With our two most influential players sidelined I was concerned we’d get seen off but as usual half the Makems were still in the dressing room mentally.

    How come your £27m strike force got outshone by a Geordie who cost nowt ? Your midfield were absent for most of the time and we should have won by at least 2 goals. Yes it was a poor game but it takes two teams to play a football match so dont slag us off when your lot couldn’t even raise their game for what is allegedly your “Cup Final”

    Best part of the match was singing this to the unwashed with NO response whatsoever.

    “I wanna go home
    I wann go home
    Sunderlands a shite hole
    and I wanna go home”

    PS Let the Level 7 boys know we were singing
    “Cheer up Stevie B” as it scans better with “mean”

  28. PPS Dont even get me started on the toe rag chav who needs returning to the the secure unit he grew up in with his inbred cousins. As alleged fans you should all be ashamed of yourselves. At least sixer seems to think so.

    “As for the morons who ran on at the end and pushed Steve Harper over, words fail me. What on earth do they hope to achieve by such behaviour? All it does is give fuel to those of a black and white persuasion who seek to belittle our club”

    Doesnt take much to belittle you lot nowadays even though you’re the top club in the North East. (Yeah right, you werent even the top club in the NE last season when we were in the CCC)