Ryan Taylor wins himself legendary status! Sunderland v Newcastle report, highlights…

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Match highlights.

On a rare sunny day in the dark underbelly of the North East, Newcastle had to negotiate an early derby game full of expectation amongst the deluded locals.

Such is the optimism after shelling out a fat wedge on a new bunch of fair to middling or overaged players. As was to be anticipated, the dark ones came out with an attitude to try and make amends for last seasons poor performances and results.

Unsurprisingly, they had the lion’s share of the early exchanges. Probably right up to the 15th minute when a Joey Barton header was blatantly ‘saved’ on the line by Larsson, who, incidently, isn’t a ‘keeper.

But at the same time they were certainly leaving their indelible mark on a number of Newcastle players with some awful challenges. So, by the time referee, Howard Webb and his partners in crime (against football) had allowed the Larsson ‘save’ and the numerous hacks, it was obvious that the ‘homer’ ref had lost cotrol of the game. Had the officials been ‘up with the play’ and spotted the hand-ball, surely our opponants would have been down to 10 players and it would have been a different game, somewhat like last weeks shenanigans v Arsenal.

It must be noted that Cabaye came close to the ‘red mist’ when he arrived late on Bardseley, receiving a yellow in the process. Not long after he had a good long range effort tipped over by Mingolet in their goal. It was nice to see the lad settling in, for it was he that floated in the corner that led to the Barton header that should have led to the Penalty.

To be fair to the rabble, their French recruit, Sessegnon, was their stand out player in the first half, drawing a couple of nice looking, yet pretty bread and butter saves from Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal, for his second straight game.

As the half time whistle drew closer, Gyan turned Captain Coloccini and whipped in a shot that skimmed the Toon bar, Krul beaten.

It must be said at this juncture that Tiote was having a ‘mare in the middle, Without doubt his wosrt half of football since his arrival at SJP. >Half Time 0 – 0.

After the break, it couldn’t get any tougher an encounter surely, could it?

Well, yes it could!

Newcastle came out with far more purpose, but this only created more opportunity for scything ‘tackles’.

Jonas was starting to get on the ball more and made a great mazy run, ending with a curling shot that their ‘keeper couldn’t hold, but alas, there was no one to follow up for the Toon. His next run, equally mazy, a minute later saw him cruelly and cynically upended on the corner of their box by thug, Cattermole. How he was still on the pitch was known only to Webb and his cohorts.

Up stepped Ryan Taylor, in the 63rd minute, playing in his first Tyne/Wear derby, on his birthday too. He carefully placed the ball, took aim and cracked it into the top right corner of the net, thus writing himself into Geordie folklore forever more. It was a choice free kick and after the number of wasted efforts last week, mostly by Joey Barton, it was great to see it fly into the net.

The traveling Toon Army went wild, egged on by Steven Taylor, who, seemingly, was trying to claim a touch too. :)

After the goal, we saw a return to the hack n’ slash tactics. Eventually Webb yellow carded Cattermole for another vile hack at Jonas. By now they were getting frustrated, cue a bunch of tactical substitutions. The game was starting to be broken down now and Newcastle kept their cool to try and see it out.

There was still time for Bardesley to attempt a ‘leg-breaker’ on Coloccini though and rightly see red. It was still amazing that it wasn’t a straight red, rather than an acumulation of yellows. Looking at the slow-mo replays it’s hard to believe that it didn’t result in a broken leg for our Captain. Let’s hope he’s all good for out next encounter.

The Lads then preceded to hold on, reasonably comfortably, for the win.

It was the correct result on balance, while they had slightly more possesion, the onus was on the home team. we carved out better chances and more importantly, put the ball in the net.

Full Time 0 – 1.

So, all in all, a great away derby win, with a clean sheet.

Our first 3 points in the bag, no losses, no goals against and 2 tough opening games (home and away) out of the way.

Altogether now…Let’s all laugh…

Roll on Scunthorpe in the Cup!

Howay the Lads!

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew salutes Ryan Taylor’s “fantastic weapon”.

Steve Bruce: Ten new players, and none of ’em could score.

Quote of the day: “We’ve been beaten in a Derby game, again!” :lol:

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21 Responses

  1. I love Kasabian.

    Worky, Ru Tube always get done with copy right. Shame, Every video gets removed.

  2. Yeah all good mate. Probs change my name in your post though…

    I nearly use everyone’s name on here. Have to double check when I post. :lol:

  3. Great review mate!!!
    Very happy for Raylor, the lad really stepped up and performed admirably in LB and could possibly become a LB backup option for a more experienced LB. Brilliant free kick and credit where credit is due!!! Really awesome pic with Raylor and Saylor go racing to the crowd and celebrating like crazy (would love to get my hands on that picture… Any help???). All in all great result and with a new striker and LB, we will have the class to push on really well this season and break into the higher edge of the league:-)

  4. Cheers lads!

    A couple of typo’s, but it does the job. I think it’s a fair reflection on a tough encounter against a team striving yet coming up short.
    I rarely feel fear when watching us play them, & yesterday was just the same.
    How did they get away with so much nonsense in that game?
    Howeird Webb always looks like a shite ref in big games.
    What was he thinking about in that match?

    a win is a win, top 3 points, away at the scum & didn’t spoil the immanent
    birth of our second bairn.
    Whey hey!


  5. BTW,
    you altered my snappy report title from ‘Ryan taylor’s himself a legendary status’
    See what i did there? Ryan Taylor’s (tailor’s), oh, never mind.


  6. Clint Flick….excellent write up mate, your comments at 11 are exactly the way I saw the game too, Howard Webb is a posing postulating disgrace imo…

    Congratulations on the birth of your new child mate !

  7. MM,
    ta mate, webb is mental, isn’t he?

    Bairn’s not here yet, it’s the due date today though. I was expecting it to happen half way through the game yesterday though. Phew! Luckily i got to see most of the game though.

  8. I’m really curious what the muppet linesman said to Webb regarding the Larssen handball…..any budding lip readers out there ?!

  9. Clint, he can’t give it IF he didn’t see it. I’d be pissed had we not won mind. It’s the linesman who needs to wake up. See Larsson saying it hit me head and Barton saying “no mate you hand balled it”.

    You can tell by everyone’s reactions it was a pen.

    Still can’t get over how Colo walked off the pitch…

  10. Jimbob says:

    “Still can’t get over how Colo walked off the pitch…”

    With a walking stick or just on one leg ?

  11. jimbob,
    that’s why players shouldn’t be allowed to crowd a ref/refs ass. Larsson put it into the refs ass.’s head that it hit his head not his arm. That helped convince them not to give the pen.
    It looked pretty obvious like,didn’t it?
    You could tell by the sheepish looks on the mackems pie-holes.


    It didn’t end up costing us more than a better win though.