Sunderland v Newcastle United – match banter!

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Sunderland v Newcastle - match banter
Toon take on the daydream believers
Good morning Toonsters. It’s a biggie today as Newcastle look to try and do the double over the Wearsiders.

With both Sunderland and Newcastle having been unceremoniously dumped out of the FA Cup by lower league opposition and with just 5 points and 3 places separating the teams in the Premier League, both teams start this game on a fairly even keel.

Given that they’re slightly above us in the league and have the home advantage, Sunderland are probably favourites for this one, but we do have the 5-1 thrashing we gave them at our place as a psychological ‘upper’.

But I reckon all bets are off anyway. Derby matches are unique and unpredictable and things like ‘current form’ don’t always count for much in them.

Brucie has managed to add an extra grudge into things by threatening to play a song if they win in revenge for the blast of ‘Daydream Believer’ he got at our place (did I mention we beat them 5-1?).

Rumour has it that it’ll be Gazza’s version of ‘Fog On The Tyne’, but I’m reckoning we’ll get a draw out of this one and will be spared the musical interlude. Or at least that’s what my head says – my heart says we’ll give them another thumping of course!

Team News

Sunderland: Gordon, Onuaha, Bramble, Ferdinand, Bardsley, Elmohamady, Henderson, Richardson, Malbranque, Gyan, Bent.

Subs: Colback, Mignolet, Zenden, Reid, Angelerey, Da Silva, Riveros

Newcastle: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Barton, Nolan, Smith, Gutierrez, Best, Ameobi.

Subs: Ranger, Krul, Gosling, Lovenkrands, Routledge, Perth, Guthrie

Howard Webb MBE casts his beady eye over proceedings.

Enjoy the game and howay the lads!

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162 Responses

  1. I think Pardew is starting Alan Smith…why?! He’s a liability – sure he can tackle well, but he goes in too hard too often, does nothing offensively and is in no way good enough to replace Tiote. Ill be eating my words if he scores his first goal in 5 years…

  2. dont these fu..king managers relize playing smith and tugboat in midfield makes us getting over run..joke manager still trying this 442 shit with him playing..then u got the 2 slow forwards playing in the same team..451 we should have played..smith sent off and will then pardew end his stay..

  3. im actually quite worried about this match with out carrol and tiote were gon have probs i feel plus with smith in midfield who i neva see playin its like he’s a ghost or something hope we win like last time :D

  4. thanks toonking sopcast is the best but i saw that they were doing the brum match is our derby in it 2??

  5. Alan Smith starting, Ameobi up front with Best.

    We may as well right this game off now… Sorry lads. But with Smith in midfield we are useless.

  6. In all honesty, thats about the weakest team we’ve put out this season.
    No movement, no final ball apart from Barton, and two strikers that arn’t fit for the Premiership.

    Defence looks ok, so hopefully we can hold out for 0-0, if that disaster Smith doesn’t give away too many freekicks on the edge of the box.

  7. I CANNOT BELIEVE any manager could possibly think Smith is a better option that Guthrie. Or anyone for that matter.
    He’s half the reason we were relegated. The other reason was Nicky Butt.
    Worst midfield the Premier League has ever seen.

  8. Best back to his old worst; hope he’s got some left of whatever he took before the hammers match…
    Collo Enrique and Harps going well.

  9. cracking first half. Not pretty but end to end stuff. Need Ranger or Lover on for Best IMHO. Rest working ok as far as I can see.

  10. good match so far good fight from every1 on the pitch just think we lack a bit of pace and mouvement upfront tho but colo and barton nolan are havin a cracker of a match!!!

  11. Guthrie has to stop doing that half turn back towards our goal. If he loses posession we are exposed. Play a forward pass ffs

    Some of you’s a bit hard on Best. What do you want him to do clear balls off our line, dribble through midfield then complete it all with a shot. Yes he has not been strong enough against ferdinand ocassionally but he needs service. Not long straight balls.

    Overall it is what you would expect from a derby match lots of effort and committment but lacking skill and finesse

  12. Problem is Best is sh1t and we got no one to replace him….I also say go ahead and try Ranger, his tough and the derby may suit him well.

  13. hahaha Toon_Factor

    ….yeah Best is about as useful as a not very useful thing. Ranger is a pile of pap too though. Unfortunately the only decent CF we have ain’t playing.

    I’ll take the nil nil now.

  14. Worky!

    …alreet mate. Yeah I’ve been in hibernation for quite a while. Just popped out of my cave to have a sniff around.

  15. Rodzilla says:
    January 16, 2011 at 1:03 pm


    …alreet mate. Yeah I’ve been in hibernation for quite a while. Just popped out of my cave to have a sniff around.”

    Good to hear frm you again, Rod. I knaa what you mean about the “hibernation”.

  16. I’m no fan of Strolla Stuart, but he’s had a decent game.

    Done pretty much what Carroll would have. He seems to save his good games for the Scum.

  17. aye, Enrique is absolute class. Strong, fast, skillfull and hard-working. He was amazing last season and has picked up where he left off this season.

  18. anyone got a link for where the unwashed hang out to talk about the match? Wouldn’t mind a friendly needle…

  19. Game and game over Jonas proves how wasteful he is…

    We really do need Ben Arfa back ASAP… Jonas would be a good impact player but his final ball and finish is consistantly shocking!

  20. @JJ aye but his link-up with Jose is great and he runs at the opposition. Still drives me mad with his final product sometimes like :)

  21. aye JJ, Williamson has been pretty good as well. All round top notch defensive play. Think how good we might have been with Tiote and Carroll!

  22. well that’s 4-0 on aggregate. We deserved a win from that one though, thoroughly outplayed them

  23. That game summed my opinion on this world we live in… no justice, and the deserving of good fotune get screwed time and time again by a bias fate controlling us…

    Such bullshit!

  24. JJ says:
    January 16, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    “That game summed my opinion on this world we live in… no justice, and the deserving of good fotune get screwed time and time again by a bias fate controlling us…

    Such bullshit!”

    You sound just like a Newcastle fan, JJ. :-)

  25. Just went too deep and conceded them posession and territory. Still thought the way the back four were playing they wouldn’t break us down

    Hope Pardew isn’t too hard on Harper in public

  26. “Asamoah Gyan did absolutely nothing for 93 minutes today, but when his team needed him most he was in the right place at the right time. Sunderland didn’t deserve that equaliser, but they won’t care.”

    Sums it up.

  27. Well played really well today by all the players we really deserved the win just lacked that quality in the final third of the field we could do with a proven striker with carroll
    But fairplay to the lads for giving it everything!!!

  28. Reports are coming through on facebook Harper was attacked and it is kicking off in and around the ground. Any news?

  29. Another point or moan is how come joey barton gets booked for an innocuous challenge and other players kick lumps out of each other show blatant dissent yet no cards.

  30. found it very interesting that a magpie just flys onto the pitch at sundlerland after we score,someone must love us out their :D

  31. Gutted , we deserved the win . Our lads took the game to them and were by far the better team , have to say well done to Pardew for playing 2 up front but today proves we need at least 1 striker in . Best gave his all and improved as the game went on but he is just not a premiership class player and my MOTM was collo he was brilliant today .

  32. Agreed workyticket Enrique was great as well . What this performance does prove is even without some of our best players we are more than capable of staying in this division . Another striker and at least 1 defender would help us on to the next level , with Kadar out on loan i hate to think what would happen if 2 of our defenders were injured .

  33. nufc337
    Webb’s MBE stands for Magpies’ Bloody Enemy. (Or Mackem Bastard Everytime?)
    However, I am not going to get down, as my prediction that we’d be lucky to get away with a 2-goal defeat without Tiote proved wrong.
    From what I can gather (and I’ve set the match to record on Sky tonight) we played well, got a point away against the team in 6th place in the EPL, have another point towards safety (although 3 would have been wonderful) and that have taken 4 points off the Mackems with a 6-2 goal difference (Just unfortunate that fluke goals off Gyan’s huge arse still count).
    Now, when will we get the sad people on who say it was Pardew’s fault we didn’t get the win!

  34. magpie6699 says:
    January 16, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Webb’s MBE stands for Magpies’ Bloody Enemy. (Or Mackem Bastard Everytime?)”


    Not bad at all, magpie!

  35. Who was that idiot that threw a magpie on the pitch. Media reports are saying the poor bird’s wings had been cruelly clipped.

    I hope that the person(s) responsible are caught and handed over to the police. This sort of cruelty is totally uncalled for. For heaven’s its a game of football, they should be ashamed of themselves, hope to God they are’nt one of our supporters.

    If you know who is responsible report them, the Sunderland fans handed over that little tosser who tried to bash Steve Harper.

  36. toonie1949 says:
    January 16, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    “I hope that the person(s) responsible are caught and handed over to the police. This sort of cruelty is totally uncalled for. For heaven’s its a game of football, they should be ashamed of themselves, hope to God they are’nt one of our supporters.”

    So do I, toonie.

  37. Thanks workyticket, hearing other reports that the magpie was already in the ground before kick off albeit clearly injured and the Sunderland mascot was chasing the poor thing around the pitch!

    When you think about it, how could anyone smuggle a wild bird into a football ground? Hopefully the initial report was untrue.

  38. toonie1949 says:
    January 16, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I don’t knaa what happened toonie, but I don’t like that sort of thing and I really hope it wasn’t smuggled in by a Newcastle fan. I hope it was just an injured bird that hadn’t had it wings clipped, and will get taken away and looked after.

  39. Actually, its Ashley’s fault.
    Everything wrong at the club is the fat controllers doing.
    He’s a Spurs fan, so why doesnt he £&^% off and take his Chas n Dave records with him?