Delayed press conference fuels speculation

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Alan Pardew, Newcastle
Press conference: 15:30
Today’s press conference with Alan Pardew has been moved back from 2PM to 3:30PM, fuelling speculation that it may contain significant announcements about transfers in relation to Newcastle United.

Word on the street has it that Newcastle have turned down a £30m offer for Andy Carroll from Liverpool. This is to be expected as the club has insisted that Andy Carroll is not for sale many times in recent weeks.

Given some of the unpredictable actions of Ashley in the past, it’s understandable that people think he might change his mind and sell Carroll for a high enough offer, so there’s bound to be concern that today’s delayed press conference is something to do with this.

However, I would venture to suggest that the delay is more likely to allow a little extra time to plan an announcement about Stephen Ireland arriving from Aston Villa.

Or the press conference could have been delayed for any number of other reasons.

Typically, minutes after posting this article the press conference is cancelled!

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78 Responses

  1. Woohoo! I’m first!!
    I’m a bit underwhelmed with our dealings so far in the transfer window so I’m pinning my hopes on a couple of suprise signings, hopefully a left-back and a right-winger. It appears however that Ben-Arfa will be our marquez signing of the window which I suppose shouldn’t be overlooked but I was hoping for some of the following, Jonathan Legear, Tranquillo Barnetta, Per Skjelbred, Ricky Van Wolfswinkle, Erik Husslekupp, Patrick Van Aanholt etc. I would have much prefered a winger than another central midfielder arriving (Stephen Ireland) as we could have blooded the likes of Vuckic on the occassions where Nolan, Barton, Tiote, Guthrie, Smith, Gosling our injured/suspended. It certainly doesn’t make sense to me to allow a naturally wide midfielder to leave without a replacement. B’ah humbug!

  2. I hope it isn’t to announce the departure of Carroll, but I have to admit, £30m is pretty tempting. Of course, I’d rather Carroll than the money.

    I’ve had two people in my ear all day saying that he is definitely going to Spurs and that he is definitely going to Liverpool (respectively). I just don’t see him leaving to be honest. If he does, I sincerely hope we have a deal lined up for Benzema or Villa, otherwise, the owner may find himself watching matches from his living room for the next few years.

  3. Seems to me that MA does not have to sell, unlike several previous owners. The squad is small but building in quality, which should satisfy MA’s ambitions, which we hope is silver and Europe, but could just be selling the team for a nice profit. But is does not seem the team could recover MA’s outlays for a few years, so let’s hope for top team status and international competitions.

  4. sd75 – you’re third mate. And don’t know if you’ve been following the press today but not bringing in a third choice left-back or whatever appears to be the least of our concerns mate.

  5. Davies says:
    January 31, 2011 at 2:32 pm (Edit)

    When was it cancelled?


    A few minutes after I posted the article!

  6. Would just say to the one stating that Erik Husslekupp would be an interesting transfer.. That is the most hillarious misspelling I’ve ever seen :) His name is Huseklepp, but from now on I’m calling him Husslekupp!

  7. If Carroll leaves you can blame Abramovitch – my take is Torres will only leave Liverpool if a replacement deal is done.

  8. Press conference canceled mean they have another important thing to do. Maybe Ireland deal have some problem or deal accept for Carroll (hope not)or we have another surprise deal, who know ? But whatever will finish in 10hrs from now.

  9. 35mill plus ngog n iwud say yes take it but we need players in today why not try n sign benzema from madrid, or id take cash plus pavluchenko from spurs

  10. I dont think he will be sold. I recon the reason why this was press conference was cancelled is that nothing would have been talked about the upcoming Fullham match as every question will have related to the AC “situation”. And we came out often enough to say he is not for sale so what`s the point in repeating ourselfs.

  11. If Liverpool up the bid to around 35million then I expect us to accept. It is simply too good an offer to refuse. However, I don’t see that happening and I expect Carroll to be an NUFC come 9am tomorrow.

  12. sorry lads,jst had a m8 from scouseland on the blower,wor andy is off,he traveling down there now,all over the land of the liverbird,our press confrence cancelled? think i am full of it,wait for liverpool press release in next couple of hours,and once again Thankyou fat cashley for not giving a damn about wor club.

  13. Flash – go on son, nowt like a bit of positive thinking eh;-)

    Davy – mourinho stated he wants to play adebayor with benzema just a few days ago. That rumour has no legs.

  14. If Carroll don’t wanna go he says NO! Simple as he can’t be moved without wanting to go

  15. @Micky Toon says:
    January 31, 2011 at 2:47 pm
    Bit busy at the moment, so all I will say is Andy Cole, January 1997.

    Great point!
    That was a terrible move and this could be another one.

    Goals win games, its a simple as that. In Carroll we have a player that can score all types of goals so no matter if we are being out passed by a team and need to hit a few long balls or if we are up against a big team and try play ball to feet Carroll is comfortable with that.
    Could be a legend in years to come if we can keep him.

    Keep our best players an build, then the money will come in from other sources – Europe etc…

    There is a reason why Carroll is wanted by those teams, they have played against him and would rather have him in their team than play against him again!

  16. Exactly – if the scousers offer us daft money that is one thing. But Carroll chooses if he stays or go’s. Noone will force his hand either way. It will show how loyal he is and if he wants to stay with the club. £35million is too much to turn down, but Carroll himself will dictate his movement

  17. Losing Carroll = big mistake, worse than LFC losing Torres IMHO – plus with Ireland coming in (presumably to fill Alan Smith’s spot) I think the lads will have a bit more control in the midfield to supply Carroll with the service he needs. It would be a shame to see a great return to the prem fall apart half way through the season.

  18. carrollsinger – beardsley didn’t want to go to liverpool, ferdinand and gazza didn’t want to go to spurs. These things happen mate.

  19. Betting suspended. £35m agreed all over news sources. FECK. All bloody Torres’s fault for triggering a move. Desperately hoping this is all bullshit but if there is a price Fat Ash would accept, we should surely have waited until the summer to guarantee prem status and line up replacements, but also to sign up Barton and Enrique before they become disillusioned at us being a selling club and less interested in staying.

  20. carroll has gone to liverpool its true my scouse mate just texted me its all over merseyside £33 million and £5million in add ons

  21. if this is all true then I can only hope that AC will hold out for wages that LFC are not prepared to pay and the deal colapses in the last minute. If I where AC and beeing forced out then I would tell lfc 250 grant a week and I come otherwise forgett it.

  22. Looks like we have been sandbagged by L`Pool, seems they are going to sign Ireland.
    I recall reading recently, that Liverpool was his choice of clubs.
    And looks like they have come in late for him.
    I dont get it ? with clubs like Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, even Citeh all desperately attempting signings on the last day of the window.
    Perhaps UEFA should take a second look at the transfer system, as there has to be a better way.

  23. I sincerely hope Fatman hasnt taken this unbeaten run as some sort of pointer to life after AC because he’s gonna get a rude awakening as we cant play Wigan, West Ham and the Makems any more this season.

  24. toonboy says:

    “carroll has gone to liverpool its true my scouse mate just texted me its all over merseyside £33 million and £5million in add ons”

    So we reject £30m but take £33m ?

  25. Apparently Andy Carrol has gone AWOL! The club cannot find him after a bust up over his move to Liverpool.

    Looks like he doesn’t want to go!!!

  26. Graeme Bailey says : Ac is interested in a move to liverpool.
    so there goes Dougs story

  27. This has put a real downer on my day. Gutted.
    Hopefully it is 1997 all over again and we get “Shearer” in the summer.

  28. Carroll on route to Liverpool for talks. I feel physically sick. The only thing that could make me feel remotely good about this is the club making unlikely acquisitions in the mould of Benzema or similar. However I rather suspect we’ll end up with some donkey like Heskey. Honestly I really feel ill!!!

  29. BBC Sport understands that the Newcastle striker is keen on his proposed move to Anfield. That follows Liverpool meeting the Magpies’ valuation for the big frontman.

  30. Well that’s my season ticket ripped up even with games to go. I’ll not buy another one while Fatman is in charge .

  31. I have the same feeling as when Hughton got the sack…

    Total disappointment.. such a stupid time to make such a big change and disrupt the club!

    After turning down the £30mil I actually for a minute though Ashley have learnt something!

  32. The Club are spouting crap!!
    This fella does not want to leave for any money!
    Ask any of your contacts at the club and they will tell you what his resonse was when this was mooted!

  33. I will hedge a bet and say we will get either Kuyt, Anelka or N’gog on loan as part of this deal due to it being so late in the day.

    Unless we buy a player swiftly through someone like Ben Arfa’s agent on the recommendation of the player and with his influence etc.

    It’s sad to see Carroll go if he does but every player has a price. It was the same when Cole was sold to Man United and the same when Shearer was sold to us.

    Remember 1997? We sold cole and..

    This could strengthen the whole team in terms of strength in depth, granted Carroll will be hard to replace and I am proud of the lad. I think he has great ability, he’s unplayable at times and has a great future probably a regular in the England team from this point on.

    However if we use the money wisely then we can move forward. I can’t see any reason why we won’t.

  34. I agree, he actaully has to want to go to be transferred, he can simply reject their terms. As far as I see it he only wants to play for one club and he should stick to his guns, this could also be just a smoke-screen too, they may have other targets.

    However, my mate works at SJP and he has heard rumours that he’s gone for £35mil but thats just the rumour mill at the moment.

  35. I cannot understand how anyone can think Carrol leaving is in any way a good thing!!
    This bloke is a proud Geordie and is Unplayable!
    If we sell him, this sends out a message that Toon are a selling club and will completely ruin the team spirit that took Hoots over a year to build.

  36. batty,
    i’m with you man.

    Does AC wanna play for the Toon?
    If so, just play for the Toon.
    If not, he’s leaving us, his team, in the brown stuff, without a paddle.
    There’s no way this is good for us, it’s like chopping off y’best swordsman’s good arm, then giving him a really great sword.

  37. Absolutely devastated. Cannot understand anyone saying the money is too good to turn down. This guy will score 20 goals a season for the next decade and can be England’s top scorer for the same period. Also likely he can be sold for MORE at any time in the next 6 years.

    Fat Ash gonna have to sign some serious players in next 8 hours if I am to remain an NUFC fan whilst he remains in charge. There has to be a final straw.

    Only desperate hope of a miracle collapse of the deal remains…

    *tick… tock…*

  38. aye clint spot on its pisses me off he gets the number 9 shirt then gans and shits on us ,this will show if hes a true geordie or just a wanabe

  39. Doug, denial isn’t healthy, mate.

    We’re losing Torres – that’s life.

    He’s with Kevin Nolan and on his way to Liverpool for talks.

    An insider says he wants the move – sorry but these things happen…

  40. Scouse Billy,

    Sorry mate your wrong.

    Just looked and AC is still in my kitchen making the tea!

    He is refusing to go, sorry mat!

  41. from the editor at sky…

    The Editor:
    Newcastle have broken their silence on the Andy Carroll saga – and have said a second bid from Liverpool has been rejected.

  42. Carroll for 35 million plus add ons. Ashley learning from Milner deal. Pardew searching for potential replacement.. Please not Carlton cole

  43. Mike Ashley is arse raping NUFC and laughing all the way to the bank.When he has got his money back and a sizeable profit he will go and leave you sore and abused.The Toon fans can get at him by boycotting all home games and following the team away only.It is risky ie club finances but if the toon keep their nerve Ashley would see no future and so he would cut his losses and run,this could be as well as a total all out get Ashley out campaign.Bombard local radio stations with Ashley out,silent,peaceful protests everywhere he goes make life uncomfortable for him.If there is one thing directors dont like it is being 100% hated and got at lawfully of course or you risk making him a martyr.Do not spend any money in the supporters shops.When the revenue does,nt come in watch Ashley swet.If however you continue to go to games then you deserve everything you get.A st James park with no home supporters in it would bring ridicule and scorn on to the fat twat and the pressure would get to him.At the same time if all toon fans went away in such numbers that they could not get in to away grounds the media would also have a field day and get at Ashley.Constant pressure would crack him eventually,a few moaning fans on sites like this does,nt bother Ashley as he has got 35m in his back pocket and he does,nt read these sites all he reads are pie shop menus.Im not a toon supporter but i hate seeing the old traditional English clubs arse f***ed by the likes of Ashley and there are others around the league destroying our national game.