Offers on the big no. 9? Who wants it?

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Andy Carroll, Newcastle
Liverpool interest now?
So, with mere hours to go in this January’s transfer window will there any further developments with regard to Newcastle?

We’ve all heard/read/been bored half to death by articles stating Carroll wanted by Spurs/Chelsea/Liverpool (insert name) and that he’s subject to offers from £15m-£40, currently; Spurs £23/25m dependant on who you believe and now Liverpool for £30m.

Ho hum, maybe it’s been a blessing in disguise that Andy has been conveniently ‘injured’ during this window?

Also, we’ve started to hear stories that Manchester United want Jose Enrique for a reported £8m, who knows?

In the meantime Barton has been courted by West Ham and/or others. While Xisco, apparently, is ‘nailed on’ for Coruna.

So, have we made any offers for players coming in?

Ireland from Villa is a ‘done deal’, so they say. Whether there’s any truth in that, time will tell.

Then there have been a whole host of other ‘possible’ deals ranging from Argentinian bairns to lower league players to loan deals for journeymen Premiership ‘stars’ to new deals for above mentioned current players to help ease fans fevered brows in these testing/worrying/ boring final moments. Mark as applicable.

So what do you reckon?

Anyone coming in?

Anyone going out?

Any further loan deals, in or out?

Do you care?

Do you wish it was all over?

Are you worried?


Stroll on 11pm.

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117 Responses

  1. Dogleash probably won’t last there anyway.

    Everyone, apparently wants a piece of Newcastle atm.
    If it’s not AC, it’s Jose or Tiote/Barton.
    Can we fend them off?
    Do our players wanna help build Newcastle or leave for ailing clubs &
    start all over again?
    It says a lot that so many teams are sniffing around.

  2. Whatever happens with regard to Fernando Torres, Football Focus presenter Dan Walker is reporting that he has been told by a good source that Newcastle striker Andy Carroll will not be moving to Anfield. Hooray…

  3. Latest quote on the BBC transfer news feed

    1036: Whatever happens with regard to Fernando Torres, Football Focus presenter Dan Walker is reporting that he has been told by a good source that Newcastle striker Andy Carroll will not be moving to Anfield.

  4. It’s also a blessing in disguise that Tiote has been banned & therefore kept out of the face of other potential suitors.
    Although, i read earlier that chelsea were interested.

  5. Worky… Whats your view on that AC to big for his own ego stories and drunken nights out and so on?

  6. Someone on Ed’s blog made a good point

    If Carroll was at another club say bolton would we want to pay £30m for him???? I don’t think so so it would be very tempting to sell him…… Not that I would want to though

  7. Twitter rumour: #Iandennisbbc says that Liverpool have bid £30 million for Andy Carroll.
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  8. liverpool would be – crazy – to pay £30 mil for AC & fat ash would be equally – crazy – to sell him.

  9. This transfer window lark is getting out of hand. Its just become a feeding frenzy for journo’s, agents and general low life types to dream up all manner of stupidity just to see how many times their “story” gets regurgitated around the world.

    I also find it hard to understand why a club that genuinely wants to buy a player or players thinks it prudent to wait until one minute to closing time (metaphorically speaking) before closing a deal ?

    Surely, if you’re a well run club, you have identified targets well before the window opens and then subsequent discussions with their agents take place to find out salary expectations etc ? Then on Jan 1st you sign the player/s and let the rest get on with it.

    Mind you I did say “If you’re a well run club”

  10. £30m is a lot of moola like.

    You could buy 6-8 Tiote’s and Ben Arfa’s for that.

    Don’t think we should sell now but reckon we should give it some serious thought in the summer – we could possibly build a team to challenge the top 6 with that money.

  11. SUCFan@twitter a staff member in melwood mentioned torres has given his locker key to the person who are in charge~~~

    Great that 30million bid rejected.

    But anything above 35million,is crazy.

  12. eltor i am , who could we get too replace him ,would ashley spend the 30 mill no , could we get 60 70 mil in a couple of seasons , we have the hottest property in the prem

  13. There’s always the chance that Carroll could turn out to be a bit of a one season wonder (he wouldn’t be the first).

  14. You all think we will invest those 30 million in quality players? have you learnt nothing supporting NUFC over the years?

  15. and to those who say AC if the price is right, ask yourself these simple questions.

    1. Where are our goals going to come from if he moves on ?
    2. If we cant get enough goals to stay in the BPL how far does £30m go when you’re potentially facing rebuilding a team after the natural exodus of players ?
    3. Who can we buy to replace him that would be guaranteed to get you 20 goals a season ?
    4. What sort of message does it send out to the rest of the squad if we sell our No. 1 goal threat ?

  16. Even our disfunctional club wouldn’t sell today without a replacement ready… (and with Xisco gone too)… And with a selling club knowing we’ve got £30m in our pockets, even an average player would be an extortionate price as the deadline draws nearer…

  17. There is also “always the chance” he will follow in the footsteps of Big AL… I very much doubt spurs and liverpools scout are THAT bad, that they would pay 30 million for a one season wonder.

    There is a reason clubs will pay that much ppl… Its just the beginning for him.

  18. Toon Chicken says:
    January 31, 2011 at 11:23 am
    There’s always the chance that Carroll could turn out to be a bit of a one season wonder (he wouldn’t be the first).<< aye and ive just seen a flying pig ,oh hang on it was stephen ireland in his pink helicopter :lol:

  19. Andy Caroll probably is the best but having said that,we are still staring down the same old lane that has got us absolutely nowhere and nothing for the last 50 years or so. Talk it out as much as you want,this iconic centre forward thing at Newcastle has made us a one man band for so long that wev,e forgotten what a good performance is.
    I don,t want to loose Caroll like everyone else but will we ever see a championship TEAM so long as all we ever think about is the centre forward. Howay the Lads.

  20. This guy could be our chance to get a world class player, since we wont buy one… We can build on this and TRY to become top 4 chalengers once again… That should be our aim down the line shouldnt it?

  21. People keep saying, “We won’t reinvest” but that is just guess work. We will survive this season with or without Carroll. We could seriously develop the squad with that money.

    Saying that, I admire our board for standing firm on this. It sends out a very powerful message that we aren’t here as a stepping stone.

    30million is a ridiculous amount of money though…jheez!

  22. I feel that if more than 30million LFC make the bid for carroll,we have to sell. It huge amount to resist.

    Guys, there is always such deal that the player being bought still can play for the club till summer.

    sort now,play later or buy now loan back to the club he was from.

  23. I don’t think Andy Carroll will ever be as good as Shearer, or Torres for that matter.

    I’m sure he will continue to progress and impress, and will become a very good player.

    But I very much doubt he will ever be revered as one of the greatest strikers this country has ever produced.

    The reason he is worth £30m is cos he is young and English and therefore flavour of the month in the press.

  24. El Toro… No, you saying we WILL invest is guesswork. At least if Carroll stays, we know what we got, and thats a top striker with his best years to come.

  25. tc well i think your near enough on your own there seeing that a 30 mill bid has come in for an unproven 22 year old ,but what dus worry me i could see fergie coming in with a 35 mil bid and i think andy would go

  26. Valle

    When did I say “we WILL” reinvest? People keep saying we won’t invest, but with that mentality there would be no point ever selling any players. It’s a ridiculous way to think. You have to take risks in all walks of life and this risk just happens to be worth £30million.

  27. I would take £35 million and buy Benzema and Van Wolfswinkle for that price combined. I think whatever happens we now face a very real fight to keep hold of him in the summer. Does this mean we need to finish higher in the league and qualify for europe now to keep hold of him?

  28. Batty – everyone has their price – as was proved with Cronaldo’s move to Real!

    With £30 – £35m we could build a team to seriously challenge the top 6.

  29. @Raffo – You really think Benzema would join us? We may be able to meet his club’s valuation with £35m burning a hole in our pocket, but I doubt we could meet his wage demands and ambitions…

  30. ARROLL UPDATE: Alan Pardew’s press conference has been put back to 1530 GMT. We wonder why…

  31. Batty – not sure that mean’s much??

    Just that Liverpool are the only club to have put in a serious bid so the bookies are covering their backs.

    Probably had a lot of money on it from fans of other clubs that agree with me that £30m is daft money for a young lad who has done nothing in the game so far.

  32. Somebody name a striker we could realisticly get to replace Carroll now?

    We are talking a striker that will score is enough goals to keep us up, but still not cost more than 10 million so we have money left to make the team a top 6 team as mentioned by some bloggers here.

  33. Maybe not Blip, but I have to say that I agree with others that £35 million is too much to turn down with the improvements we could make to the squad in general. And we are taking a big risk if we dont take the money on offer now that:

    He wont fulfill the potential
    Wont be worth that amount next few seasons
    He gets a nasty injury and we are without him anyway
    We fail to give him the service
    We fail to have a plan b and the pumping the ball to him tactics get found out by the other teams

    There will be 3 £10 million players who could do so much to improve us. For instance, if we got M Richards, D Sturridge and Wolfswinkle, would that not improve us?

  34. Carroll’s value will only increase as he continues to develop, and he is happy to be at the club, so why sell? Any replacement will no doubt want higher wages anyway. Name me another centre forward who is big, strong, quick, aggressive, scores goals and who we could buy for a reasonable amount of money.

  35. valle – I don’t think we should sell him now, it makes no sense.

    I do think we would stay up with or without Carroll for the rest of the season though.

    I would not hold it against Pardew or Ashley if they accepted a similar offer in the Summer PROVIDED most of it is re-invested, which I’m reasonably confident it would be.

  36. People on here dont seem to be rating andy carroll too highly.. why? he’s got strength, height, workrate, good in the air, decent finisher and wants to play for newcastle. all round he’s a great striker – adds a lot to the team.

    who could we realistically get to replace him? and how could 30 million get us to the top 6 with our current strikers?

    remember, with 18-24 million you can get a player of darren bents quality. it takes 50 million to get torres. good strikers are hard to come by, and expensive.

  37. Toon Chicken says:

    “With £30 – £35m we could build a team to seriously challenge the top 6”

    You’re dreaming there TC have you seen how much Spuds have spent and they’re not even a regular top 4 team ? £220m and still counting.

  38. Toon Chicken says:

    “Eh? I said top 6 not top 4???”

    Precisely, Spuds arent a regular top four team but they are top 6 !

  39. Sunderland are 6th FFS. Do you not think with a few more Tiote’s and Ben Arfa’s we could finish above them?

  40. I’m with Chicken here. Look at Sunderland’s squad. Is it really 30million better than ours? Yet they are sitting comfortably in 6th place.

  41. @TC, appreciate you didn’t say top 4, but there’s no way we’re breaking into that. Assuming City, Arse, Utd and Chelsea take those places, we’d need to be matching Liverpool and Spuds for spending.

    Don’t see that happening, £35m is not enough to build a team with, especially when (as someone said) we’ll be milked for every extra penny of that £35m that selling clubs can get.

  42. I agree with TC, but it is a very subjective thing this.

    I just wonder if the powers are considering the trouble Andy has been in and wondering if thats having any bearing on us considering offers?

  43. Raffo… M Richards, D Sturridge and Wolfswinkle

    M Richards, i rate him but i think we are fairly strong in defence.

    D Sturridge, a patch on Carroll and even more baggage as well.

    Van Wolfsinkel, could be good but could also be the new Babel who was touted as the next Henry or a Luque for that matter.

    That would be very risky business if you ask me… I have allot of faith in Carr, so if he has somebody lined up, then fine. But i cant think of a 15 goal a season player who we could get with allot of those 30 million to spare.

  44. We couldn’t spend the money on three £10m players anyway. AC is rumoured to be on £25k a week, how much would the wages of these three additional £10m players cost? People never seem to consider that, could easily be £8-10m a year in wages over the duration of their contracts.

  45. We could take £25/30/35/40m whatever, but that doesn’t guarantee that a.n.other player would wanna come to us anyway, no matter how much we hoyed at it, does it?
    Not a lot of time left either.
    & how would we survive & make it to summer?
    No brainer really.

  46. I’ve got a bad feeling about Carroll going, and I’ll be furious if he is sold.

    For the people saying we could buy world class payers with the money, there is one stumbling block. World class players don’t play for peanuts and a massive sports direct mug thrown in as a sweetener.

    Selling him would make a mockery of the ‘youth policy’. Andy has come through the ranks and has broken into the England team, as far as I’m concerned we couldn’t buy anyone better for the money we receive.

    The delayed press conference has me worried.

  47. Aye CLiNT, agreed.

    What about the a £35m offer in the Summer tho – what would you do then?

  48. TC,
    whole new ball game then mate.
    Though, if AC doesn’t wanna go, i wouldn’t sell him, unless he’s giving us lots to worry about, or absolutely does nowt good between now & then.

  49. NP – I guess it depends what you mean by “world class” I can’t see us buying any Ballon D’Or contenders, but see no reason why we couldn’t attract some more quality Internationals like Ben Arfa and Tiote.

  50. But,
    if we wanna build a great team, like we’re starting to do, why sell?
    We’d just be a feeder club, so phuck that.
    Why should we develop players for the top table?

  51. Good points from the two Paul’s.

    We dont need to go back to the days of throwing silly money and wages at high priced mercenaries and yes there is always the issue of attracting players to come to the Toon.

    AC likes it here, would a high priced replacement feel the same or would they just be counting the money ?

  52. The only way we’ll let Carroll go is is we get players in part exchange I truly believe that.

    Could you replace him? Well he’s almost irreplaceable where do you find a striker with the presence of Duncan Ferguson and the finishing ability of a top drawer striker? Not only that but the aggression, determination and attitude to improve as a player?

    I can only think of Miroslav Klose off the top of my head who might be able to fill that roll.

    Would I let him go for £30 million? That depends it really depends on what we plan to do in the summer. Are we building our team around AC? If so I wouldn’t sell him.

    Do we have a plan b? If we do I would seriously consider it because as some of you have pointed out it might just help us get into the top 6 or 8 if we reinvested the money.

    I like the way the club is doing business, it’s taken an awful long time for us to see things the way we are and do business the way we are now but it’s refreshing to see. Should it have been done since day one yes, however it is being done and we are being shrewd in the transfer market. We have exceptional team spirit and a real will to turn the club around and take it back to where it belongs, We have as good as a team as anyone outside the top 6 in my opinion and that’s down to Mr Carr and Mike Ashley as well as the lads who wear our shirt.

    I like where we are heading as a club right now. Would selling Carroll be a step backwards? He would be hard to replace both in the sense of the team and the fans hearts but sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Remember when Keegan sold Andy Cole?

  53. Just seen this on the beeb website – kinda sums up my thoughts…

    jockeylanc on Twitter: “Liverpool have offered Newcastle more for Carroll than Barcelona paid Valencia for David Villa this summer. World gone mad!”

  54. & defo shouldn’t be selling off potential Geordie legends before they even smash it, especially if they don’t wanna go.

  55. TC:

    They were both great cheap signings, I agree. But we bought those two without having to sell a very young England international. I kind of expect the club to be able to afford those deals without having to sell our top assets.

    I agree it’s crazy money, but we don’t need it, we’re doing okay without 30 million. I’d much rather have one of the hottest properties in the English game.

  56. Elmander also comes to mind as being a similar player. Gomez from Bayern Munich also.

    I can’t see anything happening unless we’ve been offered a quality player in exchange (or players more than likely) or we have a plan b in mind. It also depends on whether Chelsea sign Torres (this might free up a player at Liverpool or Chelsea) it’s a funny thing the transfer merry go round usually one move triggers players can instantly become unhappy and want to move when they feel they are being replaced.

  57. Whilst I realise that players can say one thing on one day and something completely opposite on another, you have to ask yourself if we sold AC would Jose be saying this in the Chronicle ?

    “Jose Enrique will commit his future to Newcastle United.

    The Spanish left-back wants to stay at St James’ Park, despite interest from several Premiership clubs.

    Enrique’s current deal is due to expire in June 2012.

    Enrique: “I am very happy here – the future can be very good.

    “We don’t look too much at the position in the table – we just need to get the wins we need to keep climbing.

    “Once we are safe we will talk about other things.

    “But I enjoy being part of this team.

    “We often go out for dinner as a team and this shows that everybody is together as one.”

  58. How much is it worth to stay up this season?

    Can Newcastle afford to sell AC & go down or at least slump into a relegation battle?

  59. What effect would it have on the rest of the team in our first season back?

    What message would send out?

  60. 35Mil for Carroll and we’d be stupid not to accept it IF he wants to go…

    I remember when Dyer was hot property and Newcastle rejected a bid of 20Mil from Leeds or Man U?

    Man oh man do I wish we’d accepted that now.

    Strikers that could replace him?!?

    Moussa Sow, Gernvinho, Gomez, Lucas Barrios, Pogrebnyak?

    Probably best option would be to stick with Ameobi, best and Ranger and take another look in the Summer.

  61. jj,
    but if he doesn’t wanna go, we’d be stupid to accept it.
    We’d lose that if we went down cos of it.

  62. If MA continues to reject bids for Carroll would people give MA some credit? I dont like these Heskey rumours! He is awful

  63. Raffo,
    they’d have to mate.

    Heskey, what would be the point of that?
    Auld, hit & miss, no sell on value, yet another ‘big’ one up top?
    Oooo Nah!

  64. Clint Flick,

    You know what, having looked at other striking options currently available at around 22.
    We are not gona find another target man. So I guess I’m changing me mind again…

    35Mil not enough. 40Mil very tempting though? I mean… it would basically clear half the clubs debt immediately.

    And I don’t think we’d go done anyway. We need around 10 points from 16 games.

    I’d only sell him end of the year though… Too late for a replacement of any sort right now…

  65. It’s getting to the point where even ‘big issue’ are running with the story of ‘Carroll snubs reds’.

  66. Yes it would be stupid to accept the bid for Carroll as there is no chance whatsoever of signing a replacement in time, the mackems were saying the same with a week to go in the window so message for Ashley, think of the worst gamble you have ever made and quadruple it because this will be the biggest mistake you have ever made if you take the bait.

  67. jj,
    it’s more about AC, isn’t it?
    He supports the Toon!
    If we stay up, the debt will start to shrink anyway.
    We’d still have to get replacements, so it’s not worth the hassle.
    Geordie revolt (another one), team revolt (deflation), managers nose well outta joint, no time to spend the money.
    The list goes on…

  68. I guess it depends on what you deem “success” as, Ginkoh.

    We tried building our team around one of the greatest strikers the Premier League has ever seen and yet the trophy cabinet is still bare.

  69. TC,
    we tried to buy it though, with a complete nugget in charge of the purse strings.
    Instead of ‘building’, Sir Bob had a canny try like.
    Half of the belief that MA wants to line his own pockets is down to ffs doing precisely that, for a decade, then taking the piss in the press on top.
    No wonder people are skeptical, to say the least.

  70. Sell him for £30M on the proviso that we buy another striker with some of the money. My suggestion would be Lacina Traore the 6’8 Ivorian we were rumored not so long ago to be interested in; We could build him the same way we did Caroll .

    I thought when Real Madrid wanted Rooney for £50m United should have sold him and I argued with Manchester united fans on this point that there are no guarantees now look they would be lucky to sell Rooney for £20m he is fat highly paid and cannot buy a goal in open play. They will never get that offer again at his age he is now a depreciating asset.

    My say if Liverpool have offered £30m take the money and Run!

  71. Supermac, Beardsley, Waddle, Gascoigne, Andy Cole, Sir Les, a long line of kicks in the stones for the fans, please dont add Carroll to that list.
    Just been on SSN that Torres is definately on his way to Chelski so Liverpool will be desperate.

  72. The same way others are signing Bob. I think we should give them a little credit that they wouldve thought about a replacement before now as theyve been taking calls for ages on Carroll. I just simply cant believe that they are that stupid.

  73. @BigbadBob: the chances are we might not get a replacement in on time as this Carroll negotiation may last up to the very last minute not giving us time to spend some of the money. Thus far we have done well without Carroll in the league and this would give us the chance to try out other players like ranger from the start of games. the Sale will open up opportunities for squad members as well so it would be likely we would find a replacement in the Summer.

    So we could either accept now giving us time to find a replacement or we could wait pushing up the price of Carroll for the last minute. I think between £30-35m is the most we can get for Andy.

  74. Apparently Man Citeh are in for Seb Larsson on loan from Brum, which begs the question are they preapring for SWP to leave?

  75. The red scousers are OK because if they sell Torres they’ve got Suarez to replace him. If we sell AC we’ve got F ALL.

    If you think the Fatman has diced with danger in the past there will be absolutely no place for him to hide if he sanctions Carroll’s transfer.