Why was Pardew’s press conference cancelled?

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Mike Ashley, Newcastle
What's he thinking?
The previously delayed press conference with Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has now been cancelled.

So why has the press conference been cancelled? Here are four of my guesses:

Reason 1: Pardew may have wanted to reiterate his desire to hold onto Andy Carroll but, with offers for the player nudging up in value, Ashley may have had a change of heart about selling him, so it was felt prudent to cancel the press conference and see what the club gets offered for Carroll next.

Reason 2: Ashley may have no intention of selling Carroll but wanted to spare Alan Pardew the questions which would inevitably be thrown his way about it at the press conference.

Reason 3: the press conference was to announce that Stephen Ireland has been brought in from Aston Villa but either there’s some problem or delay with that or it is felt that all the Andy Carroll stuff would overshadow it.

Reason 4: something else altogether, possibly to do with penguins.

Latest (Sky Sports News) rumours suggest that if Liverpool come in with an offer of £35m then Ashley will crack and take the money, although unless someone has heard that direct from Ashley it is just speculation.

Whatever the reason and whatever the outcome, there’s little we can do about it. I’m sure we’ll also hear a lot more rumour before the day’s out but we’ll only know anything for a fact when there’s a formal announcement from the club.

I’d suggest ignoring Twitty, Faceberk and such – we’ll find out properly soon enough

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159 Responses

  1. £35 million is a huge sum of cash for someone of Carrol’s age especially after 6 months in the premier league and it may well be a great deal for us.

    But, what the hell are we supposed to do with £35 million!?

    People will know weve got that cash in the bank and will try and mug us in any deal, and how many quality strikers are actually out there? especially ones that will improve us, fit into the team…and cost less than £20 million.

    Show some ambition and keep the lad.

  2. If MA’s interest is in recovering his investment and selling for a profit, and using the “sell at the peak of value”, there would be no reason to sell Carroll-unless the MD’s say he is permanently crocked.

  3. It`s been reported that Liverpool have come in late for Ireland and believe we were about to announce it at the press conference.
    No real confirmation on this but looks that way.

  4. Any other time I’d jump at the money. His attitude and ego will hamper his development, his love of the nightlife and attacking women and glasses lads will mean he will just be another striker. However, he is a decent striker at the moment, and is the only one of quality we have. 35m is way over the top. We won’t have time to spend it too. If we got relegated what use is it?

    BUT! Andy Mac and Valle – you know, them two fella’s who know where Carroll is all the time, said I was talking bullshit about seeing him in Aspers saturday night after he was in Sweden on Friday. Well that should mean he can’t sign for Liverpool as he can’t get back that quickly, according to Valle and Andy Spack.

  5. NUFC have been harping on about home-grown talent and the academy ever since fatty took control. A Carroll sale, this late in the day, without any replacement would not only be ridiculously bad timing, but also totally contradict all we’ve been told from day one.

    I must admit though, fatty has been suspiciously tolerable of late. I’m expecting the worst I’m afraid.

  6. @mc-toon The only flaw in your logic is to suggest we’ll have all of that £35mill to reinvest. I find that somewhat unlikely.

    Carroll’s goals in keeping us in the Prem over the next 10 years would be worth what – about £200mill? Obviously on the other side of the coin, he could be injured forever and never score any goals. The problem with this? Ashley is a gambler, and one thing is for certain, there’s defo a massive bid sitting in front of him. He’s gonna sell.

    So much for “the days of players having to leave to further their illustrious careers are over” bullshit from last year. And doesn’t Pardew look like a right mug now?

    I know nothing is sealed yet but I have a real bad feeling about it now.

  7. Yus are all missing the point. None of this money will be made available to ‘yes man’ Pardew. we are stuck with Ranger, and at least now we know why they refused an offer on Strolla…………

  8. backward move in my opinion, unless they have someone special up thier sleeve, which I very much doubt. Rumours of Heskey? Jesus, please make this nightmare end.

  9. ashley you suck you greedy fat prick once again you and your little mate lie to fans

    “They can put together whatever they like. He is not for sale,”

    “I am going to say it one last time, he is not for sale.”

    you lying f***ing arsehole you don’t deserve to be near this club go somewhere else nobody wants you!!!!!!!!!

  10. Think too many of you are jumping the gun here.
    Let`s relax and see what it`s all about, before y`all start freaking out.

  11. If he goes and i hope not , then i wonder if Pardew will walk after saying he was not for sale .

  12. chuck
    if he has been shit on by Ashley and the sale of Carroll goes through then we could be staring at a Pardew walk out . Like him or not he does not seem like some one who would accept a broken promise .

  13. So Liverpool end up with surez, anelka and Carroll. We will have best, ameobi and loverman. I can see goals in our future. Oh wait…..
    Cant work now.

  14. Ppl on this site do my skull in. Someone commented what are we spose to do with 35 mil, are u mental we wont see a single penny of it. Just like the milner sale. It will be pocketed by ashley. I cannot believe what this club has come to. Ashley talks about building a squad like arsenal, from youth etc… and then when our youth show promise he sells them on to the highest bidder, its sickening

  15. I don’t want him sold, but now that it looks like he is the question becomes whether the Pardew will get the 35M. If he does, and it’s a big “if” in my mind”, smart buys could set this club up for a very long time. You could buy two very good players, plus 4-5 youngsters for 35M. The depth issue would be settled once and for all

  16. seem to recall lamearse saying we would be challenging at the top of the league in 5 years.not if we sell all our talent. We are nothing but a feeder club for clubs with more ambition. Lies, lack of ambition, zero investment and the fans taken as mugs again.

  17. In all honesty 35 mill is alot of money. But I don’t think we are a club who needs the money, we have no debt and are almost running completely without loss which will put us in better shape next year when the new rules come in.

    I would have accepted the money for carroll however, I would have told him the club doesnt need the money and dont necessarily want him to leave so it is up to him wether to leave or not. If he goes we get some big compensation which will help us sign players over the next few years without worrying about breaking even and if not we get to play an andy carrol each week

  18. you sell your best asset and hope for the best? This can not be true. Furthermore how are you going to attrakt any sort of player with a bit of quality if you are selling your best players to the highest bidders? What sort of ambition would any half decent player have to join NCL in the future? Further I believe if he was sold then this will not go down well within the squad. I guess we had a feelgood factor to long in this dressing room.

  19. FFS, people are forgetting that Carroll has just signed a very good 5-year deal to wear the No 9 shirt for the only club he’s every supported or played for.

    That contract, as all of them are, is a two-way thing. If AC doesn’t want to go, he won’t go.

    I’ve seen no evidence so far for any of this. It looks to me like the press have taken the postponement of the press conference and made 2+2 = the Portuguese national debt.

    Wait and see.

  20. chuck says:
    January 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm
    Erm LESH
    Exactly which sources at Merseyside have confirmed the deal ?

    erm….. dunno chuck (thwack! ouch!!)

  21. We’re checking on the rumours that Stephen Ireland has failed his medical at Newcastle United. Oh dear.

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United to Real Madrid (£80 million in 2009)
    2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Inter Milan to Barcelona (£56.5 million in 2009)
    3. Kaka: AC Milan to Real Madrid (£56 million in 2009)
    4. Fernando Torres: Liverpool to Chelsea (£50 million in 2011) 
    5. Zinedine Zidane: Juventus to Real Madrid (£45 million in 2001)
    6. Luis Figo: Barcelona to Real Madrid (£37 million in 2000)
    7. Hernan Crespo: Parma to Lazio (£35.5 million in 2000)
    8. Andy Carroll: Newcastle to Liverpool (£35 million in 2011)
    9. David Villa: Valencia to Barcelona (£34 million in 2010)
    10. Gianluigi Buffon: Parma to Juventus (£32.6 million in 2001)

  23. So why are people so shocked ?
    In Ashley`s world, thats how things work.
    You buy cheap and sell for as much profit as possible.
    It`s known as retailing.
    Doubt if he can differentiate between selling jerseys and football players, it`s not personal just the reality of his world.
    If in fact Carroll has been sold for the price mentioned it should`nt surprise anyone, there are few clubs that could resist such a fee, for a relative novice with less than a full season as a starter.
    Hey not as if it has`nt happened before, Gazza, Waddle, Cole, etc.

  24. spartan Chris@21 you may have a point,he did say when he arrived it was on condition they kept Carroll, but then again Pardew is a snidey so&so with no morals so he probably hasn’t.

  25. WHO THE F^&&K are we going to buy if AC goes.

    Seriously I will go livid if we’re left with Ammo, Best and Loven!!

    Going go skits!

  26. aye clint they can all fck off too me and i honestley hope he breaks a leg or both if he leaves ,suppose its just the sort of nasty person i am

  27. carroll is a gonner… we need to dig up that speach from our owner again..the one where it says , gone arethe days of loosing our best talent etc. that speach was very apt to this shambles. Its always the same shit every window. fatty sells our best asset at aslt minute and then declares tis too late to get anyone else in. fing joke man. would nto be so bad but what are we goingto see out of this 35 million?? five million tops?? nice one. i hope that we get relegated again and stay down this time. our club does not deserve to be in prem as we have zero ambition. we just sell englands brightest star, sa local lad and it disgusts me. when will it ever end?? the fee is irrelevant as it will never translate to the pitch. 1 quid or 100 million. to the fans all that matters is our future has just been sold off for ashleys casino away days.

  28. http://www.nufc.co.uk/articles/20100509/nufc-statement_2281670_2047576


    Promoting regional football

    The Board and supporters are aware that Newcastle United currently has a footballing academy brimming with talent, skill and dedication. As part of Newcastle United’s quest for a team that truly represents the values of the Geordie nation the club will look to promote, where it can, from within and for the academy to become a leading light as one of the best if not the best in the UK.

    The days when players such as Alan Shearer, Steve Bruce, Peter Beardsley and Michael Carrick had to leave Newcastle to begin their illustrious football careers elsewhere are over. Newcastle United is more than aware of the great passion for the game of football that exists locally and is intent on ensuring that every great Geordie footballer has the opportunity to play for his home team club.

    Well, there’s 6/7 hours or so to find out how much of this is utter bullshit

  29. £35m is a lot of money and I would take it and run. Come on now guys you have to admit, this would be fantastic business. I would Rate carroll @ £15m – £18m, but £35m Hell yeah!!

  30. Still say it’s down to AC if he goes.
    He’s got a fat new contract, so doesn’t have to leave no matter what the owner or anyone else says.
    Carroll stays & is a Geordie hero/legend in the making (like Shearer not going to manure) or he leaves & is a Geordie traitor-end of in my book.

  31. Lads and lasses, calm down. I’ve just sussed it.

    Sky love all of this last minute manic chaos, rush to finish type of transfer window.
    Everyone knows that nowt is going to happen now. Torres to Chelsea? Already done. That is the big story of the Jan window.
    Now as every man and his dog knew this was happening ages ago, what do Sky have to tempt us into watching for that yellow “breaking news” ticker going across the bottom of the screen?
    The answer is nowt. Therefore people will not watch SSN.

    So, they cook up a story around one of the hottest properties in the league.
    Who has the funds to offer silly money?
    Answer – Liverpool after bagging a stupid amount of money for Torres.
    Sky put that plus Ashley’s reputation for screwing NUFC into their bullsh1t blender and come up with this.
    Everyone is now watching SSN to see if it’s true or not.

    They may or may not have slipped Owl Heed and Ashley a fiver to play along.

  32. A rumour has just come out saying Padew has quit after Ashley went back on his word about selling Andy Carroll! Don’t know how true it is – It’s come from a skysports source though!

  33. Even if this was the beginning of the transfer window then it would be terrible. Carroll is one of the best centre forwards around who suits our style of play (sometimes lumping it or getting on the end of crosses). There are only a few players of that ilk around, with Fernando Llorente arguably the closest to Carroll, and we have no chance of getting him.

    If the reports are true then it will just be another sad example of the way football is nowadays. Money is the key negotiator and the days of Shearer type loyalty are gone. I detest Liverpool so if this move happens then I will be devastated and angry with all responsible.

    No time to sign a decent replacement, only a panic buy…I need a cuddle =(

  34. Michael 12

    I don’t think anyone disputes that… BUT

    Most people are aware that the 35Mil probably won’t get put back into the club. And thus, all that happens is Ashley gets rich… And our squad gets poorer.

    Can you really see, Ashley putting 35Mil back into the team???

    He had the Martins, NZogbia, Milner money last year… And still nothing!

  35. Selling Carroll does not contradict that statement.

    Carroll didn’t slip thru the net like the others – he got his chance at the Toon and he took it.

    If he chooses to leave now i’m guessing it will be as much his decision as the clubs.

    I’m pretty sure the club didn’t want to sell, just like Fergie didn’t want to sell Cronaldo, but £35m is daft money.

  36. Hope you’re right, Mickey. This is doing my fkn heed in.

    I used to like transfer day, about 4 years ago!

  37. It said earlier on the beeb that Carroll was keen to join Liverpool, now saying toon rejected offer of 30 mil, came back then with 35 mil – accepted.

    Unbeleivable business if it happens, probably only worth 18 million tops. Tremendous deal but devastated never the less, Shola and Ranger can’t hit a barn door…

  38. Michael12 says:
    January 31, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    £35m is a lot of money and I would take it and run.<<<< aye and thats what fatty will do

  39. Plus,
    the press would love this to be true, that’s what really wrankles.
    Dogleash tries to phuck us up again.

  40. Micky

    Its more likely Liverpool only allowed Torres to go knowing they had a replacement secured.

    When Carroll offer was accepted, they could allow Torres to leave…

    Would rather you be right, but I doubt it…

  41. The press(pro liverpool) will always try & make out AC wants to go, otherwise they’ll end up with a player who doesn’t wanna be there, bad move.

  42. We are in an age where Heroism is dying. What criteria do people use to judge a hero… consensus??? I think we have a hero but we are looking at the wrong place and that is the pitch, perhaps Mike Ashley is our Hero and only in time shall we realise this when Newcastle is financially sound churning out profits year after year and regularly competing in the champions league with home grown players. The entire agenda has plenty of possibilities all you need do is be patient to look.

  43. Oh turn it up, CLiNT!

    If someone offered you an instant down payment of 3.5m and offered to treble your wages you’d be off like a shot, just like everyone else would. Don’t blame Carroll, if the club accept an offer it means their happy for you to go. Why stay where you’re not welcome?

  44. Agree with Clint about having a hero at the club.
    Like I said the other day, what kind of supporters would want to sell their prize asset?
    If it is all true, I hope Andy throws it in their faces.
    I’ve alwasy respected matt LeTissier for sticking with Southampton when he could have had an easy move.
    Gerrard at Liverpool could have had a big money move to Chelsea, but stayed.
    Shearer gained the respect of millions when he turned down the Mancs.
    Andy Caroll should do the same and he would be cannonised.
    You all talk of no loyalty in the game and of mercenary badge kissers who would move as soon as they are presented with more money to play elsewhere and now you want to kick out a local lad? And not just any local lad, one who is tipped to be a future England regular?
    Howay man.

  45. Hey, Carroll is not the be all and end all.
    We can get young Wolfswinkle come the summer, and a coupla others and be right back on track again.
    Just gotta survive the drop.
    Think, Joey,Ben Arfa, Ireland ?, Tiote, Gosling, Nolan, Jonas and Wolfswinkel? plus a couple of others still on course for a top ten.
    Sure if he does in fact go(Carroll) it will be like a kick in the teeth, but whadda ya gonna do ?

  46. Brilliant, the merry go round is about to stop and who is left with three parts of fck all, us, just waiting for Ameobi to start shouting about being the Geordie to fill the no 9 shirt but wait, ive heard that bullshit before, what a set of shysters and amateurs

  47. We may not make the cut ’til summer chuck.
    That’s what fans think.
    It will/can totally demoralize the team, the fans, Geordieland.

  48. Stuart79 says:
    January 31, 2011 at 4:33 pm
    Oh turn it up, CLiNT!

    If someone offered you an instant down payment of 3.5m and offered to treble your wages you’d be off like a shot, just like everyone else would. Don’t blame Carroll, if the club accept an offer it means their happy for you to go. Why stay where you’re not welcome?<<<< stu if 1 man says your not welcome and 52 thou say you are who would you take notice of ,if he leaves hes a greedy traitor so stop spouting you shite plz

  49. The thing that gets me is the ‘quote’ that Carroll keen on a move to the reds…I think that’s BS !!

  50. @JJ certainly not the entire £35m will be splashed out @ once that would be poor business. I would imagine of the £35m about £4 – £8m might be spent now on a replacement if not then in the summer.

    let us agree two years ago real Madrid wanted Rooney and tabled £50m United refused and now look Rooney on performance alone not reputation is worth no more than £10m but with reputation they may recover to £20m. I would like to keep Carroll but the offer is too good to refuse.

  51. TBH, I don’t think SKYSPORTS has a clue…

    The second they type Sky “understands” or “have it on good word”…

    It means their reporters are jumping on news from elsewhere…

    They used to be reliable, but not anymore. So this is still very much up in the air.

    The only thing worrying is the silence coming out of St James Park. Because usually that means something bad.

  52. Sell your best players and you get nowhere.

    The only thing that would make me feel Ok about Carroll leaving would be a series of injury ravaged seasons for him. No one spent too much time condemning Freddy Shepherd for selling Woodgate.

    However, I couldn’t wish injury on anyone, so let’s hope that he fails the medical and gets back on track with us.

  53. Time to get Robben(bust up with muller recently on pitch) and eto’o in,if Carroll is set to leave.

    is apparently rising to 40million. 8O

    Nolan is in the car with Andy carroll? both going liverpool? 8O

  54. if carrol wanted too stay he could end of ,so dont give me all this shite blame fatty and not carrol there all in it together spineless c@nts the lot of them

  55. Funny to see Oba back in the Premiership. Kind of ironic that he would have been a perfect foil for Carroll.

    If Carroll does go, I’d be tempted to play like this when everyone is fit.

    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    Barton Gutierrez
    Nolan Ben Arfa

  56. Talk of Carlton Cole and Johan Elmander that wouldn’t surprise me one bit if those deals went through it’s only on sportingo though :D

  57. A twist in the tale. Sky Sports David Craig, who is basically big chums with Mike Ashley, is now reporting that Newcastle have REJECTED a second Liverpool bid for Andy Carroll. LMAO. :lol:

  58. Those trying to put a positive spin on things are Kidding themselves.

    You all are gutted to see him go.

    35 million could have been gotten over the summer may be more.

    & then it could have been reinvested.

    It will affect harmony amongst the squad, survival is paramount.

  59. Oh wow…hope these reports of rejection are true! I’ve been feeling as sick to my stomach as I did the day we we were relegated. T

  60. Im not building my hopes up!

    Like Shergar Craig stated, all the club said was the second bid had been rejected….there was no NOT FOR SALE comment.

  61. Been looking at who Liverpool could offer us in a swap deal + cash to up their bid…

    Boy their squad is cr@p! Only Gerrard is quality, the rest are very average or past it.

  62. I wasn’t being serious about SSN making this all up you know. :lol:

    The fact that it could be read as such says much about the reputation of the channel. :lol:

    Like I saidIt’s 1997 all over again!

    “So, sally can wait, she knows it too late as your walking on byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….”

  63. batty, first time today i have laughed. Nice one. Stuck in hotel with no ssn, and relying on this blog for info.

  64. i’d make the deal a 3-way thing;
    sturridge to us plus bunce,
    carol to liverpool,
    torres to chelsea…

    however, it sounds like carol will stay…and i hope the talk of carlton cole replacing him is just hot rumour..

  65. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiig Daaaaaavid. Knows nowt. The one thing that Ashley and his cronies are actually good at is not letting the press in.

    The more this drags on the more I smell bullsh!t. I wonder how happy the scousers would be if their club sold Torres for £50m and bought Carroll for £40m?
    Torres has a much better rep than Carroll and onlyt £10m more? Howay.
    Perhaps my joking about SSN isn’t too far from the truth. :lol:

  66. “Will he stay or will he go” ?
    Sound`s like the Clash number, but thats the thirty five million quid question ?
    Apparently there`s no real confirmation either way,as of yet.
    Would certainly help Ashley recover some of those millions he has laid out and if we survive the drop, would allow him to reap some more of the profit available to EPL clubs.
    Perhaps the cancellation is simply due to Ireland jumping ship and heading to L`Pool instead ?
    But i fear there`s furious numbers crunching by the beancounters taking place as we await the final decision.
    After all it`s about business, no ?

  67. @ Indian Magpie

    Conference was cancelled because Ireland cancelled. Now Pardew and team are looking for another loan midfielder.

  68. My god, we’re a gullible lot. Read all the panic, anger, paranoia, assumption and general twatting about. All because Sky – and others – put out some B.S. to cover themselves for the lack of real stories. No official confirmation of anything on Carroll all day – just little seeds thrown in by journalists.. and we’re like a pack of braying dogs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find there had been no interaction between NUFC and ‘pools at all, and that NUFC have been happy to let it all go on so they can focus on whatever last-ditch attempts they’re making at deals to get players in.

  69. Toon Chicken says:
    January 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Naive idiot!

    batty – Stop talking shite. Money talks and shit walks, you know it!

  70. Hopefully reports that the bid was rejected are true. Just wish we could hear what Andy really thinks from his mouth.

  71. If Carroll does stay (and I’m still firmly in the ‘yes he will’ camp) then hats off to Ashley and co for being true to their word. Oh, and for not being so utterly stupid as some of the people on here that thinking selling your best scorer with no time for a replacement when you’re only 8 points off the relly zone is a good idea.

    £35m is a fraction of the cost of another relegation, and they know it. They’re no longer as green as they’re cabbage-looking.

  72. Gonzalo – let’s face it, nobody’s had a quote from anybody all day. It’s just the media having a great laugh seeing how big a fib they can tell and turn it into national news.

    Has anyone else on here noticed how the word ‘gullible’ isn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary?

  73. I’m just waiting to have it confirmed that we have signed Charlie Adam, Connor Wickham and Tarbaat using the money we had from Milner, Martins, etc..

  74. Off Topic, but – Worky, glad I delayed that piece I was writing on “January” could turn out to be meatier than I thought. :D

  75. Stuart79 says:
    January 31, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    Toon Chicken says:
    January 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Naive idiot!

    batty – Stop talking shite. Money talks and shit walks<<< aye and if he goes hes a shithoose and you know it

  76. @ 110

    You will never get anything from players and staff on transfer day. Its just another day at work, press making stories up to get readers and viewers.

    Andy is probably – like EVERYONE else at SJP – waiting for this stupid day to end.

    p.s imagine how many people have been watch SSN today who wouldnt normally watch it – all because of BS being churned out.

    the only true bit of transfer news is the Torres thing – but everyone knows that virtually a done deal and isn’t the a surprise. However AC would be…

  77. Whumpie @ 108/11:

    Bang on, mate…it didn’t even make business sense, never mind football sense.

  78. I for arguments sake the club do not want to sell but Carroll wants to go? What would you do?

  79. The press conference was only the Fulham pre-match presser. Pardew would instead be fending off questions about his own future

  80. @ 119 – Andy doesnt want to go… his AGENT does though. Thats what agents do, look for the best deal for there clients.

  81. What you on about now Spewey??

    Fat Ash has rejected the bid so if anyone has been made to look like an idiot it’s you…

    And maybe Craig David too! :lol:

  82. Wow ! so in fact my guess that it was because of the Ireland about turn was right ?
    Hmmm ! guess i can stop speculating who we could buy for the thirty five million.
    In which case Carroll has now assumed massive expectations, for a prolific future.
    Poor guy no one should ever be subject to such expectations.

  83. Transfer request accepted

    Reet now feck off Spew u fcuking thick twunt.

    For once and all this shows you to be the total arse wipe you are!!

  84. Why not tell him to shove his request and stick to his contract? Worst case, he spits his dummy for a while and drops to the bench.

  85. I’m sure people will still try and blame Ashley for this somehow.

    Don’t see what more we could do…

    Give him the no.9 shirt. Check.

    Give him a new long-term contract on decent money. Check.

    Refuse stupid money offers from “bigger” clubs. Check.

  86. Wwe’re gonna get some duffer like C. Cole. Selling club! Set up to survive in the prem and nothing more!

  87. If it’s true then he’s not welcome back in Newcastle.
    Judas piece of sh*t. Wouldnt hurt him to have a bit of shearers loyalty.
    Fair play to Ashley and Pardew for how theyve handled it so far, massive respect for rejecting bids that big. As for Andy, at the very least he couldve put a transfer request in a few weeks ago. Not even time to replace him now. Brilliant. Dont believe it.

  88. £35million.

    The world has gone mad.

    Where was the tooth and nail to keep key players that Pardew promised?

  89. Must admit, I thought he had more about him than this…where did that transfer request come from?? FFS!!

  90. Sat 30th April. Put it in your diary folks – the day Andy Carroll terrorises Colloccini and Williamson.

  91. Agreed, Clint…just am in shock. Half expected Fats to crack @ 35m, but didn’t see the transfer request coming.

    Still nowt on our site like…

  92. Adios Torres – Abramos getting a new toy(boy).

    You can blame him for kicking this off…

    Meanwhile Carroll and Adam plus Luis Suarez will do nicely for us.

    Sorry, Doug, tried to tell you…

  93. What did I say about Carroll wanting to go?

    Well good riddance! Players nowadays disgust me. If Coloccini and Jonas can stay and play for us in the Championship then why couldn’t Carroll stay and play for the club he supposedly loved?

    Isn’t being a toon fan difficult?

  94. From BBC Sport’s David Ornstein: “Just spoke to Gerard Houllier: Stephen Ireland move to Newcastle still ON despite rumours of a failed medical, Aston Villa and Newcastle in talks as we speak.

  95. Hope Tiote breaks the c***s leg in a bone crushing tackle when we play them . Have too agree with some of the above , Ashley is not at fault this time , he got a new contract and the no9 shirt and fatty refused 2 massive bids before the traitor put in a transfer request .

  96. i never believe a thing published by the club. Ashley is akin to a dictator and has probably manufactured this transfer request. Carroll said in the chronicle he wanted to stay. Now i trust neither of them. However the fat cockney’s record in the transfer market cannot be altered. Gone martins, milner, given,duff, nzogbia and now carroll to name but a few, no window has seen investment in financial outlay, only profit for the fat a**ehole, we will be sitting here in the summer bemoaning the loss of enrique, next jan and it will be collocini or ben arfa or substitute whoever is our star player, most saleable assett. There will still be those who say not ashleys fault. He is the worst owner in the history of newcastle united. Fact. This is the end for me, not another penny to him, i will see out this season then just go to away games where there are tickets available on general sale. If liverpool got rid of their disliked owners why cant we? A sad day for nufc.